BREAKING NEWS: Arcadia finishes perfect 14-0!!!!!


GLENDALE – Perfect at last.

For the first time in Pacific League history, the Arcadia High School baseball team became the first team to go undefeated in the regular season with a 6-2 victory over Crescenta Valley on Friday night in front of a capacity crowd at Stengel Field.

The Arcadia (22-3, 14-0) faithful watched KJ Edson go the distance for his eighth victory. Senior Garrett Tuck barehanded a grounder to shortstop and fired to first for the last out, leading to a celebratory mobbing on the pitcher’s mound.

“You couldn’t have asked for a better end than that,” Arcadia coach Nick Lemas said. “It’s good to be able to look back and see something that nobody’s ever done before.

“To do something like that is pretty special.”

Edson struck out six and allowed six hits and two runs, both coming in the third inning. He walked only one.

The Apaches now await the CIF-SS Division 2 playoff pairings, which will be released Monday.

Tuck also set the school record for most hits in a career.

He went 2 for 4 with an RBI single in the first to score Jonathan Tom and give Arcadia an early 1-0 lead. He then broke Tim Smoley’s record of 106 career hits when he singled to right field in the fourth inning. The game briefly was stopped so that Lemas could retrieve the ball and give it to Tuck as a souvenir.

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  • Realist

    Not surprising. They are the definition of a team. They play for each other. Thats how a baseball team should play. Thats what makes this team roll. Great job Arcadia. This season will never be forgotten.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Try Arcadia! when you win 48 League Games in a row to pass Amats Streak then you can say you made history..until then it’s only 15 minutes of Fame and it’s already fading.

  • Greeper

    Look another anonymous coward afraid to post his name to the blog.

    Way to go Apaches!

  • Maranatha HS Fan

    Congrats Arcadia, what a great way to finish the regular season and a record breaking league season!!
    Good luck in the playoffs!

  • Baseball Mom

    To all of you who chose to belittle these athletes, their efforts and accomplishments, rather than celebrate them…..

    “I’m a high school player. I’m a team player. I play with my friends and with some of my enemies, but I respect everyone when it comes to my sport. I know I’m not going to get a multi-million dollar contract to play professionally. I know I may not even get my name in the paper. I play for love of the game. For the pride and honor, for the blood, sweat and tears it takes to make the team, to earn the spot, to win the game. I play because I can, I play because I know that my life would be empty without the sport I play. I would have a lack of everything my sport gives me… integrity, courage, talent, fearlessness, pride, strength, stamina, will, and the heart of a champion. If I didn’t play, I would lose a part of me. I’m an athlete. I’m a person. I’m a champion, not because my team always wins, but because when we don’t, we learn from our mistakes. We try to fix them, and most of all because we have fun. I have built lifelong friendships and memories because of my being an athlete. I leave everything on the field and continue to push myself. I am never happy with second place, but I have learned to accept it. I have learned to get over and through my anger and be the athlete and player I have always dreamed of being. I don’t play for my parents, for my family, for my friends; I don’t play for my coach or my teachers or my school. I play for myself but when I’m playing I represent them. It isn’t about winning or losing, but I hate to lose. I won’t settle for a tie, and I am not satisfied with 100%. To play, you have to sacrifice everything, your body, your time, your sweat, blood, and tears, everything… for your team. I am a player, and athlete and a champion, not because I know what it is like to win, but because I know what it is like to lose. I know what it is like to feel the anger and pain that comes along with “second best.” I have been that athlete with tears in my eyes, walking out to receive the second place trophy and clapping as the other team, my opponents, receive the first place one. I know what it is like to lose, to win, to want to quit, to want to cry, to not want to get up. I know what it is like to hear the cheers and yells for you. I know what it is like to feel the pressure of everyone on your shoulders, and I know what it is like to choke under that pressure. I know what it means to be an athlete, a true player, and that is why I play. I AM AN ATHLETE, A CHAMPION, A TRUE PLAYER.”
    —“An Athlete’s Pride”

    Good game, good season! To all the teams in League! Congratulations Arcadia! And good luck in CIF!

  • Jz Arcadia

    Thanks Miguel Melendez for the Prep Sports baseball coverage during this season. I look forward to the CIF baseball excitement. Congratulations to the young men and coaches of the Arcadia Apaches. Also, good luck to all the other hardworking young baseball players heading in to the CIF playoffs. Baseball Lives!

  • Big Dave SAM

    Apache Pride !!
    Well Done but still more to do

  • Big Dave SAM

    Apache Pride !!
    Well Done but still more to do

  • To the Anonymous Coward


    Newsflash!!! Arcadia beat Bishop Amat 13-1 during the preseason.

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia beat Arcadia 12-8 the week before season started!! Tuck & Company got ripped for 3 HR’s including a Grand Slam! I guess that makes them better than everyone…stupid!

  • Apache Fan

    Listen Mr. Monrovia, Those Apache boys had just come off of a grueling weekend with the Marines when that Scrimage (not a game) was played against Monrovia. I bet your chubby grandslammer wouldn’t have even been able to walk after a weekend with the Marines let alone get a hit! Get over it, and give the Apaches the congratulations they deserve.

  • undefeated

    Hey Anonymous,aka Steve Nebraska, aka Big Fat Baseball Fanatic; jealous?

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah and AMAT just got back from their Special Ops Mission in IRAQ!

    They were really Jet-Lagged!

    You guys are the ones making comparisons I just respond to your stupid excuses..

  • Anonymous and not a coward

    everybody just relax you guys get so worked up over this. Arcadia went undefeated in their league fair and square. They weren’t handed the undefeated league season they earned it.Congratulations go get em in CIF.

  • To Mr. Arcadia Hater


    I love how you have gone to comparing Bishop Amat and Arcadia to comparing Monrovia and Arcadia. It sounds to me that you are not a fan of either school, rather just a hater of the Apaches. If you think that Monrovia could hit KJ Edson, then you really need to get off your butt more and actually go watch baseball games rather than blindly comment on them.

  • reges

    arcadia plays the purest form of baseball in the pacific league…look at their team..they have no individualistic players. all of them are selfless and will do anything for that team. thats y arcadia has been so successful this season.

  • Moley

    Amat has to recruit kids and they still are horrible.

  • So Cal Baseball Fan

    To compare teams by saying “Newsflash!!! Arcadia beat Bishop Amat 13-1 during the preseason.” is ridiculous. It’s the preseason. IT MEANS NOTHING!!! I’ve seen both teams play and Arcadia is no Bishop Amat. If you don’t trust my opinion, take a look yourself.

    Baseball America ranks Amat #2 IN THE NATION!!!

    I guess they don’t know anything, nor does, which puts Amat #19 in the NATION and #2 in the STATE. Arcadia’s rankings: #1221 (nation) and #140 (state).

    Ask anyone around and they will tell you Amat is better then Arcadia.

    With that said, it’s an awesome accomplishment by Arcadia and they should be recognized for it.

  • Anonymous

    I was not saying that Arcadia was neccesarily better than Bishop Amat… just deserve to be in the same discussion.

  • Steve Nebraska

    SoCal BBF
    The reason for the difference is your poll was on 5-11-2010 and Max-Preps was on 5-13-2010 and in between Amat lost to St.Paul, which dropped them back down in the Polls.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem I see in the future for Bishop Amat is that they are losing Paez and McNitt

  • Moley

    Why isnt arcadia ranked by the LA times?

  • Anonymous

    Because the Times said it was a list of the “Best” High School Teams in the Southland.

  • The Game

    Stop crying and let the kids play ball, it doesn’t matter what records you set and where your ranked, it’s where you finish and the end of the season! Peace and God Bless, my brothers.

  • Someone with a life

    You people never learn do you. Miguel I would like you to eliminate comments on the blogs you post. I think it will be the best thing for the fans, players, and schools. There are some people that are ridiculously stupid and have no lives and spend so much time arguing over something that is pointless. That being said if I were you I would eliminate the comment postings on every blog FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!. GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

  • tcchamps

    Someone with a life:

    If he eliminated comments, it would be an article and not a blog. Miguel simply chums it out there to see what’s biting. Sometimes you can jack pole one in and sometimes you can get spooled. I actually find most of these comments quite amusing.

  • With Nebraska departing the Big 10 the likelihood of the mass exodus of the South is near certainty. I hope the remaining Big 12 North schools negotiate a deal with the Big East.

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