Baseball: Monrovia edges La Salle, 2-1, in Division 4, but the big shocker is in Division 2 where Arcadia again is handed a first-round exit, loses 1-0 to Valencia.

It happened last year, and I couldn’t believe it. Six of seven area teams lost in first-round action on the same day, leaving only Alhambra, Maranatha and Pasadena Poly as the lone teams standing. On Thursday, Alhambra, Maranatha and Gabrielino each won their respective first-round games. We’ll cover three games. Our Keith Lair will be at Arcadia, our Nathan Cambridge will cover Pasadena Poly and I’ll be at Monrovia. I urge all coaches/boosters to text me final scores so we can update them, or do it yourself and post scores here.

Also, check this out from Robledo’s blog. Very interesting …

South Hills wins protest — CIF officials denied Montebello’s protest of Thursday’s Division 3 first-round playoff win by South Hills, 3-2. The Oilers argued the Huskies conducted an illegal batting practice before the game. After watching video of the incident provided by Montebello, CIF ruled there was in fact a an illegal batting practice, but it was not enough to warrant a disqualification of South Hills from the playoffs. The rules allow CIF to make a judgment call in situations such as this.

“At the end of the day, nobody is here to penalize kids,” Southern Section Director of Information Thom Simmons said. “Did a penalty occur? Sure. Did a team gain a competitive advantage? No. Did they (South Hills) win on the field? Yes.”

“In the rules, it says a ‘may’ be removed from the playoffs for something like this. Not that they ‘will’ be. The rule allows us that leeway. We don’t think it was worthy of removing a team from the entire playoffs.”

The Huskies knew of the protest before the game and the stress of the situation sent one of the two players involved in the illegal batting practice to the hospital with chest pains, according to a source.


Valencia 1, Arcadia 0
Savanna 5, South Pasadena 0
Oaks Christian 3, Temple City 2
St. Paul 10, La Canada 0 (corrected)
Monrovia 2, La Salle 1
Flintridge Prep at Capistrano Valley Christian — Flintridge Prep
Pasadena Poly 12, Nordhoff 2
Rio Hondo Prep at Bloomington Christian — Bloomington Christian

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  • featherhead

    Needed more horses out yesterday bro…Acosta cut up a very athletic Pairofcleats team and Valdez came up with a momentum swinging knock late to seal the deal- can’t wait to saddle up for Sun City and uncharted waters. Go Eags!

  • Baseball Fan

    Hey Miguel,

    There were three teams playing yesterday as well.
    Why did Alhambra get the only coverage?

    I’m hoping that you’ll cover Gabrielino and Maranatha next week and leave Alhambra alone to be fair right??

    (let’s see if the Moors can keep silent on this one)

    Probably not.

  • Arcadia just lost 1-0

  • Anonymous

    got any scores?

  • baseball mom

    T.C. lost 3 to 2

  • Baseball mom

    T.C. lost 3to2

  • Anonymous

    Poly won 12- 2

  • lancer fan

    any word on la salle monrovia?

  • Anonymous

    LC won 10-0 WOWOWOW

  • SChalupa

    South Pas (L) 0-5

  • Archangel

    Monrovia over LaSalle 2-1
    Lancers hung in there the whole game but couldn’t generate much offense, getting a solo homer but otherwise never really threatening.

    Pitching was good on both sides with #32 Murphree going the distance for the Cats, getting win #11 for the year.

  • Anonymous123

    Well, Well, well.. Looks like the RHL teams turned out to be much more competitive than first thought. ST. WHO?….I’m sure everyone in Apache Land is in a state of SHOCK after their Areas greatest Ball team losees a nail biter to a team that wonders how it made it here in the first place. Good news is theirs always football to look forward to. Good luck to the rest of the teams in the playoffs. Great going LC, You’re scaring people.

  • Archangel

    Wow!The Big Story here is LaCanada destroying St.Paul!

    The same St.Paul that took a game from Amat Last Week.

    When we left LCHS after that last game I was saying they could really do something in CIF with all that Pitching and Hitting if they got in.

  • Anonymous

    correction st paul 10 la canada 0

  • Anonymous

    Arcadia lost in the first round again, is anyone surprised?

  • baseball dad

    Coach needs to grow a set. Same old same old at TC.

  • anonymous

    So did La Canada win or not?

  • different direction

    Another one and done in Apache Land, i’ve had enough. Time the admin moved in a different direction with Lemas, long overdue.

    I’m sending my kid to a school that really cares about winning league AND cif. Like Bishop Amat. Like South Hills. Like Northview.

  • 4Bagger

    Dear Different Direction and Baseball Dad:

    Do you think maybe its time you grow up a bit – or at least lighten up a bit? Is this the model your seeking for your son? Things don’t go your way so you point the finger, give the finger, rant, whine. You win every game during league, and lose a game 1-0, and your so upset your going to change schools so you can win in CIF. Are you kidding me?!

    This is high school. Its about getting an education. Maturing into a young man. Making friends. Learning to deal with difficult circumstances and not running from problems so that they can deal with life when they leave the nest. Quit making it so hard for your sons to do that, and start leading by example. Your missing a great opportunity for a life lesson here, and your own pride is going to screw it up.

  • Archangel

    Darn! Should have known it was too good to be true!

    Better luck next year LC

  • Goldenarm

    baseball dad

    can you elaborate on what you see wrong with TC’s strategy in losing to Oaks Christian?

    Rams – I am bummed, a one run loss –

    for you seniors – it has gotta hurt, so hang tough-
    banquet is pretty quick – remember the highlights from a year most thought would not have been this strong, damn – was hoping for one more shot to see a game

  • Anonymous

    Wow..5 area teams go down again in the first round.
    Looks like the Rio Honda should probably go back to division 5 or 6.

  • Tough Break

    It’s a shame that Arcadia lost but it’s not like they lost to a school with no baseball tradition. Valencia has always been good in baseball from a tough league. Hold your heads up high Arcadia.

  • Archangel


    The RHL is fine where it is! At least the Rio Hondo Teams are “IN THE PLAYOFFS” Loser!

  • The Lance

    La Salle and Monrovia both played great. It was a great game to watch! If La Salle has a coach with half a brain they win the game! But I tip my hat to Monrovia who played flawless baseball and capitalized on La Salle’s mistakes. Hopefully this game makes a name for La Salle and how hard all these kids worked this year.

  • Greeper

    different direction, you’re a coward yes we’re calling you out, show some courage and post your real name. Do the Apache program a favor and leave your kid wouldn’t contribute to the program anyways.

    Lemas great season you’ve made the Apache Baseball Family Proud!!!

  • Greeper

    Lemas great season you’ve made the Apache Baseball Family Proud!!!

    Ignore these knuckleheads that show no class or pride!

  • CatPride

    The Lance,

    What did the LS coach do to warrant your take? M-town didn’t hit like they usually do, but didn’t see any mistakes on the coach’s part. The LS players did though.

    As usual, go CATS!

  • Arcadia Alumni

    Different Direction is right and wrong. Kids and parents get a bad rap when they leave a poorly run program. But parents have to make a decision concerning what is best for their kid. This isnt a dress rehearsal. A bad coach can ruin a kid for life.

    Arcadia losing 1-0 to a far inferior team should not surprise anyone. While winning isnt and shouldnt be everything, Lemass approach to the game and his game time decisions, as evidenced over 4 painful years, are better suited for a Division 7 program where he would be working with little to no talent. Of all of his awful decisions packed into a single game, putting in a leadfooted freshman to pinch run in the 6th inning when you are down 1-0 – and who proceeds to get picked on a school yard play – should be his epitaph.

  • Anonymous

    why surprised? Arcadia has no talent. It plays in a weak division. Favoritism by the coach did it this time. Better players on the bench. No wonder you lost.

  • Over it

    I am so tired of reading these comments bashing the coaching staff. The coaching staff is not what makes up a baseball team. They can only do so much. Do you see the coaches running bases or swinging the bat? Do you see the coaches playing outfield or pitching the ball? NO!!!! They make the calls and it is up to the players to play the game.

    Great season Arcadia. Do not forget about the wonderful season you had! League Champs and going undefeated in League… you have so much to be proud of. Do not let one game dictate your entire season!!!

  • Apache Fan

    Anonymous: No talent? Are you kidding me? 22 and 4 record. 11 Straight wins before this loss. 3 starters with .400+ batting average. A team ERA of 1.58. Undefeated in Pacific League. Call it a weak league if you want. But to say there was more talent on the bench than on the field is an ignorant statement. And to say this team has no talent is more laughable. Great job Apaches! Coaches and players can hold your heads high!

  • Arcadia Alumni

    Over it, are you seriously pinning this latest first round loss on the players?

    First Inning: 1st & 2nd no outs. Lemas, who crafted this team to play little ball, doesnt sacrifice. Result, force at third one out. Next play, fly ball to center, Third base coach (Lemas) misjudges the ball and sends runner from second. Result, ball caught and runner doubled up at second. No runs.

    Second Inning: Lead-off double. Inning ends in double play with ground ball to third, out at first and third out when runner at second attempts to advance to third on the throw. Lemas is the third base coach. No runs.

    Sixth Inning: Lemas pinch runs with a freshman who is picked off second on a trick play that never works, well should never work. Lemas is third base coach. No runs.

    Edson pitched well and deserved better. Defense played well. This was a coach loss.

  • Archangel

    Monrovia Wins the coin-flip and will take on Sonora at-home on Tuesday.

    All fans welcome…bring chairs and shade if you got’em

    Parking fills up fast and you have to negotiate the Maze that Construction has created, but it’s worth it!

    Go Big Green!

  • The Lance

    Cat Pride,

    If you didnt notice he started a freshman in left field who made a very costly error, and then he pinch ran a freshman who got picked off. You havn’t been with him the whole season so you wouldn’t understand…
    And the reason Monrovia didnt hit well was because Garry Goebel pitched great! Give the kid some credit! only 1 earned run against a good hitting team

  • Anonymous

    Patrick Guthrie, from La Salle drops bombs!

  • bottom line

    The Lance,
    He was smart enough to put Goebel on the mound and smart enough to bring in MacDonald but not smart enough to keep (good) freshmen out of the game? Doesn’t make sense. He’s a good coach.

  • Anonymous

    Guthrie finally hits ball!
    Batting Avg. SkyRockets up to an unbelievable .200 for his Sr. Season!! (Or..Just Lucky?) Uh Yeah…

  • VeeTee

    I see everyone knocking the team that just beat Arcadia, Valencia had one 9 of its last ten ballgames.
    No shocker here, Thier pitcher allowed 5 hits in a complete game victory and will be riding his scholarship to SDSU.

  • Arcadia Alumni

    VeeTee,no one is knocking Valencia in these blogs. Carl Robinson pitched a good game for Valencia. But he should have lost. K.J. Edson out pitched him. Robinson was in trouble in 4 of the 7 innings and but for the incompetence of Arcadias head coach, Arcadia, not Valencia would be playing tomorrow. By the way, Valencia placed third in their league, were 18-10 and are about to get hammered when they play Upland tomorrow. Good luck!!

  • Greeper

    Hey Arcadia Alumni if you truly are a fellow Apache then quit being a coward and post your name to the Blog…

    If you feel the need to bash Lemas on a Blog then atleast so some guts and post your name!

  • Vee Tee

    Arcadia Alumni,
    Really not much to say:

    Valencia – 11
    Upland – 7

    Thanks for the Good Luck

  • lower line

    bottom line-
    does not matter how good freshman are they are a lot more inexperienced then sophomores, juniors and seniors. that does make sense. its a risky and bold move to put them in and when they draw errors it should not be reflected upon them it should be reflected on the coach. i could see putting freshman in a normal game would be alright, but during a playoff game is just a “what were you thinking” move and putting goebel and macdonald on the mound is a pretty obvious choice. la salle should have been active in the playoffs every year since he has been a coach, but he beats himself. we will see what happens next year

  • Anonymous

    Hey Lance,
    Why not play freshman – if they’re good enough to play? So, there were a couple of errors made. That is not why they lost the game. They didn’t exactly rip the cover off the ball. I watched La Salle play a few times this year and there was more than 1 ‘upperclassman’ that stunk it up. As a matter of fact, La Salle won’t be any good until it gets rid of the players that show no sac! Maybe these freshmen will bring that attitude to the program.

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  • Uhm… I don’t really know what to think… but I have a question I’d like to ask you in private, ideally by email. How can I reach you?

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