Softball All-Area Nominations: The toughest year ever!

NOTE: Baseball nominations thread come Sunday …

Inevitably there’s going to be someone very very good left off this year’s first team. With so many talent in pitching alone, it’s almost impossible to get every deserving player on the team. But we’ll have to make some tough decisions when the time comes, and we’re going to wait until the end of the playoffs to make our picks. But you guys have seen so many games, and it’s no surprise you have your own formed opinions, biased or not. It’s always nice to bounce off ideas to get an idea, but I can’t remember in my nine years picking All-Area teams having this tough a year. I’ve received All-League selections for one league so far, but I’d like to get all of them, so if you have them e-mail them to me, and I promise not to post them until you tell me when to do so. Have at it, but keep it classy. If this turns out of control I’ll just shut off the comment section.

Player of the Year:
Coach of the Year:

Pitchers (2):
Catcher (1):
Infielders (4):
Outfielders (3):
Utility (1):

  • Softball

    I hate to say this but zzzzzzz

  • chkyrslf

    You don’t hate to say that. You do it every year. Remember? Hater.

  • Anonymous

    I see no reason why O’leary doesn’t win player of the year. She started every league game but one (where lc lost to Monrovia) and led her team to the rio hondo league champions. After pitching in every single league game for lc she gave up no walks, home runs, or walks. She is the team captian and very supportive of everyone on her team, even Cox. Quite a player, leader, an teammate. She is the obvious choice to me.

  • Anonymous

    or earned runs**

  • Softball

    chkyrslf I take it you’re voting for a La Canada player. It’s a shame when the top team in the area is powerhouse Poly. Anybody going further than club ball on the next level?

  • Softball

    Did I miss something or did local teams do well in the CIF swimming? Didn’t Keppel win CIF? No mention on here. Why do the sports where no area teams are successful make the blog and the ones that win CIF get no mention?

  • chkyrslf


    Welcome back. Just so everyone knows, this guy shows up about this time every year and tries to hijack softball. He doesn’t like the sport and really doesn’t like women sports in general. I am not sure what his motivation is but he is back. He talks about how boring it is and how other sports are ignored because of softball and can really get nasty. He once started a whole website dedicated to hating softball where the title was, “softball, zzzz”.


    I am not a La Canada fan, they just so happen to be the best team in the area, but go ahead and think of that way if you want.

  • Softball

    I hate women’s sports? Were you aware that Keppel’s girls team won CIF again? You wouldn’t be by reading this blog. Yet softball teams that go one and out get all the press.

  • Anonymous

    really, why the hate?

  • Bob Anon

    I don’t understand, why are people trying to hate on the LC softball team? What did they ever do to the haters here? If anything, Miguel has given most of (or equal amount of) the press to the prep schools and to San Marino.

  • Anon

    Be fair and remember the the BEST players aren’t always on the best teams. A quick look at the League Leaders at Max Preps for the various leagues represented in the SGV is a good place to start.

  • Fan of SM

    I don’t get the comment about more press being given to the prep schools or SM. Heck, the Star News hasn’t even put in the box score for the SM/Costa Mesa game where SM beat Costa Mesa in 10 innings with Floyd having 26 strike outs. Scores for other leagues and other cities are put in but not for SM. Even the last game before the SM/Costa Mesa game with South Pas didn’t make it in.

  • Bob Anon

    Does SM report the scores to the Star-News? (Specifically the Star-News, not MaxPreps)

    My comment was more to try to show that Miguel has covered softball fairly evenly. Miguel has not written exclusively about LC. For some reason, some person/people here are upset that neutral chkyrslf compliments LC. I don’t get the hate, that’s all.

    It’s almost like, LC players can’t get any of these awards, because if they do, the Star-News and Miguel will be accused of “playing favorites”.

  • Justice for All

    Can we get back to the original questions?

    Who are the nominations for All Area Players and Coach of the Year. If you have someone in mind make a case using stats, examples or anything else. I prefer to hear about players from the Almont League or Prep League or any other league that have lead their teams this year.

    This arguing about who gets more publicity is pointless. Pick a player and make your case!

  • Fan of SM

    I checked and the scores are sent into both the Star News and Max Preps as quickly as possible.

  • chkyrslf

    Pitcher: Lauren O’ Leary (La Canada)
    Pitcher: Allie Forillo (La Salle)

    Catcher: Catherine Horner (La Canada)

    Infielder:Anna Edwards (La Canada)
    Infielder: Shelby Gogreve (South Pasadena)
    Infieldier: Annie Sommers (Maranatha)
    Infielder: Jessica Loicano (Temple City)

    Outfielders: Brooke Cowell (Monrovia)
    (Help me with the rest)

    Utility: Alexis Watanabe (San Marino)

  • Anon

    Here are your consistent league leaders:
    Almont – Herman, Gutierrez
    Alpha – Sommers, Zeronian, James
    Camino Real – McWilliams, Gomez
    Prep – Hernandez, Kilmer
    RHL – Edwards, Watanabe, Gogreve

    Most of these players are in the top 5 of their league stats on Max Preps, some in all. I’ll make my case for Zeronian over Sommers – she outranks her in every category except stolen bases (not reported by Marshall)and in league home runs (overall was higher). Strength of schedule was pretty comparable and she homered in both games against Maranatha.

  • Softball observer

    I think the All-Area PSN athletes should be ones that helped their teams get to playoffs and advance through CIF. There are many excellent athletes in our area, but this should really be about ones that help their teams rise up and find a way to win in the post season.

  • Anon

    Agreed and the players listed below are on teams that are going into the 2nd round (except S. Pas). To your point though, S. Pas didn’t advance to CIF and had a loosing record. Should that take something away from Gogreve? I don’t believe so.

  • Love The Game

    Player of the Year: Allie Forillo (La Salle) – .400 batting avg, 3 HR’s, 27 RBI’s, 306 K’s, 0.58 ERA. The complete player, with Anna Edwards a close second.

    Pitcher: Allie Forillo (La Salle) – See above.
    Pitcher: Lauren O’Leary (La Canada) – Only pitches, but what a pitcher!

    Catcher: Catherine Horner (La Canada) – Solid hitter and great battery mate for the best pitching combo in the valley.

    Infielder: Anna Edwards (La Canada) – Awesome power numbers!
    Infielder: Shelby Gogreve (South Pasadena) – Steady, solid player on a bad team. Great stats.
    Infielder: Annie Sommers (Maranatha) – Breathtaking athlete! Makes plays that other players can only dream of.
    Infielder: Jessica Loicano (Temple City) – Professional hitter. or Alexis Watanabe (San Marino) – Future star. Speed, power, and improving fielder. *Tough call between these ladies.

    Outfielders: Brooke Cowell (Monrovia) – Consistent and graceful.
    Outfielders: Colleen Mc Williams (La Salle) – Led team in hitting the entire year, can run down shots to the gap, and great arm.
    Outfielders: ??? – Would love to put one of the talented infielders in this slot.

    Utility: Michelle Floyd (San Marino) – How can you leave her off. Hits, pitches, etc.

    Great players can only take a bad team so far, unless she happens to be a dominant pitcher, so please keep that in mind when evaluating who deserves to be recognized.

  • chkyrslf

    I agree with the winning team thing, but mostly when it comes to player of the year. It should only be considered as one of the factors with the other players. It also has a little bit to do with what grade they are in. That may not be popular, but when a player produces year after year, (the numbers must be there this year, as well) that factors in. That means that you are getting it done even when teams have a plan for you.

    As far as Gogreve goes, it is hard to blame her, because SP lost their top two pitchers early and had to let some new pitchers figure some things out.This is the first time they didn’t make CIF in a long time, for a reason, and that wasn’t Gogreve. And, although someone may have competing numbers with Annie Sommers, she has done it for three years. Both of these players also are going to be playing on the next level at D1 programs for a reason.

    I also agree about adding another infielder to the list, there is an excess of talent in that area this year.

  • scsoftball1

    Miguel is right that it will be more difficult this year to make first team all area. I believe the players to be named to the first team must be great players both offensively and defensively. They must be players that contribute to their teams in many ways at the highest levels. To make first team those statistical levels must also be better than other prospective first teamers. Here are my picks with an explanation following:

    Player of the Year: Michelle Floyd, San Marino (.40 ERA, .391 batting average, .857 fielding)

    Coach of the Year: Bob Ellingsworth, Temple City (much criticized at the beginning of the year, he took a young team, turned them into good hitters, and made the playoffs)

    First Team Pitchers: Allie Forillo, La Salle (.50 ERA. .400 batting average, .864 fielding percentage) and Lauren Cox, La Canada (.40 ERA, .310 batting average, no fielding percentage available).

    Catcher: Catherine Barth, San Marino (.345 batting average, .406 OBP, and most important, the throw out percentage of .769)

    Infielders: Anna Edwards, La Canada (.582 batting average, 14 steals, .653 OBP, fielding percentage not recorded), Amy Zeronian, Marshall (.543 batting average, 10 steals,.614 OBP, .930 fielding percentage), Shelby Gograve, South Pasadena (.440 batting average, 6 steals, .500 OBP, and a .945 fielding percentage), and Annie Summers, Maranatha (.490 batting average, an incredible 39 steals, and a .868 fielding percentage)

    Utility or Infield: Alexis Watanabe, San Marino (.574 batting average, 20 steals, .649 OBP, and .889 fielding percentage)

    Other considerations when preparing the above list:

    Regarding infield, Jessica Loicano, Temple City is worth considering. (.383 batting average, 1 steal, .432 OBP, and.938 fielding percentage). Both her and Gograves batting averages seem low, but it must be remembered they both had to face both the La Canada and San Marino pitchers.

    Regarding catcher, San Marinos Barth was chosen because of slightly better numbers than Catherine Horner, La Canada (.333 batting average, .375 OBP, and .647 throw out percentage) Barth threw out 76.4% of would be stealing runners, compared to Horner’s 64.7%. As important, Barth had to catch Floyd, with her overwhelming power.

    Regarding pitchers, I placed importance on the Earned Run Average. Ultimately the measure of any pitchers worth is how many earned runs did they allow across the plate. Floyd and Cox tied at .40 (although Floyd threw twice as many innings and maintained the low average), Forillo and OLeary tied at .50, and Katherine Clancy was a distant .79.

    Why not Lauren O Leary? She is not even the best pitcher statistically on her own team. Cox not only has the lower ERA, but she has 146 strikeouts in 70 innings of work versus OLearys 141 in 97 innings of work. OLeary bats a paltry .200 while Cox bats .310. OLeary has not proven she can go seven innings against a quality team. Take the Oak Park game, when Cox was not available, and OLeary gave up five runs in the fifth and sixth innings and was pulled. To be first team you must prove you can go the distance regularly. OLeary has not done so. .

    I must admit it was hard not to bypass Cox when chkyrslf, a La Canada coach, picks another pitcher on the team to support. The statistics are too one-sided to ignore Cox, however.

    Why Floyd over Forillo for player of the year? Floyd had the lower ERA and had to face the La Canada batters three times. Forillo has the slightly higher batting average (.400 versus .391) but a closer look shows just how much easier La Salles schedule was. In their games against St. Bernard, Flintridge Prep, Baptist Christian, Sierra and Boron (nine games total) La Salle won by a combined score of 148 to 1. Yes, 148. It is not a typo. You just cannot reward even such a talented player when she plays half the year against extremely weak competition.

    Floyd carried on her back a team that went 1-11 in league the year before to a 9-3 record this year. She threw almost every pitch and was the person who stared down the opposing batters in too many games that ended 1-0. In many of the victories she either had the hit that scored as the winning run or had the RBI that pushed the winning run across.

    Perhaps the impact of this proposed Player of the Year is best illustrated by their recent ten inning win over Costa Mesa in the first round CIF playoff game. The San Marino people I have spoken to can not even remember the last time San Marino won a first round play off game. Floyd did all to avoid a loss. She struck out 26 (yes, 26) in ten innings. She went three for three at the plate. This is what you expect from a Player of the Year.

  • Softball dad

    I haven’t seen O’Leary play, but to give up no earned runs or walks in all of league play? Geez Miguel, that deserves an award on it’s own.

  • For Heavens Sake

    Can we stop with the chkyrslf being an LC coach? He’s not. If you truly believe he is, then out him.

  • chkyrslf

    I’m not, but it is funny.

  • Softball observer

    Congrats to the teams that advanced today — it’s so exciting that several local teams are still playing!

    While Love the Game and scsoftball1 make some thoughtful points re: who should be named to All Area teams based on season stats, there are four (or five?) local teams that are advancing in CIF that are loaded with great athletes — these teams are doing something special, finding a way to win together.

    Athletes that are going on to play “at the next level” (college) get a lot of exposure, accolades, etc., and I know they have worked hard to get those scholarships –that is certain. But if their regular h.s. season was a bust and they were unable to reach playoffs for whatever reason (injuries, young talent, etc), that’s just the way sports go sometimes. They will get to play again when high school is over.

    Maybe the All Area team acknowledgments should be less about who is playing in college, and more about who helped their teams play better/bigger than the players could ever have imagined during the regular season and beyond. What do you think?

  • chkyrslf

    I would agree with you for the most part, but there are players out there that deserve individual recognition and frankly are the best players, despite their team record. It sounds like you may be trying to exclude certain people because of team records and that is not your call. Its all about if you are putting a team together, who are the top 11.

  • Softball observer

    Actually, I would like to believe that I am doing the opposite of ‘excluding’. I was merely trying to expand the discussion and suggest the possibility of INCLUDING players for consideration that at the beginning of the season, may have not been on anyone’s radar.

    I will admit that I don’t really know the basis for selection to the PSN All Area teams. Maybe Miguel can fill me in? Hey, I am not an expert (obviously) and I am not a coach. I am just an observer.

    In any case, good luck to the Lancers, Titans, Spartans and Minutemen!! We are proud of you and thanks for reppin’ the area!

  • Just a Thought

    Do Sam Miller .462 and Emily McQuaid .333 both playing for a very average Arcadia team out of their normal positions, and both playing at the next level(Sam Utah State, Emily UC San Diego) deserve All Area recognition…Just a thought

  • Food for thought

    Lets be sure we factor in the division these girls are playing in …Hitting .490 in D6 isn’t the same as hitting .350 in D3 or even D5. There is a HUGE drop in talent from D5 to D6 ! Especially in the pitching you face day-to-day.

    You can’t compare Summers hitting .480 at D6 to what The 2 Arcadia girls have done or to what a Cogreve has done at the D5 level for 4 years. She didn’t get to pad her Stats going 3 for 4 playing multiple games against schools like Windward, Crossroads and Marshall. Toughness of schedule/opponents should factor in. She earned her stats against some pretty tough pitchers like the 2 studs LaCanada and the Freshman phenom at San Marino.

    What would their numbers be had they played in the ALPHA or SUNSHINE leagues?

  • chkyrslf

    Gogreve not Cogreve

  • Al Anon

    FFT, using your measuring stick then Allie shouldn’t be getting all the press she is for example? The last time I checked, La Salle was a Div. 6 team in a pretty weak league. Why all the front page news for Div. 6 at all? Because there are stars at every level.

    The reality is that great players will play great regardless of the league or division they are in. You can’t hold it against players just because they are in a weaker league or lower division.

    BTW, we’ve all seen awful and great teams at every level, so your “huge talent drop” comment doesn’t carry any weight with me – its just a way to knock the small schools. Take PHS for example – a school of 3000+ with an unfortunately awful softball team. Arcadia wasn’t much this year either. SG Mission would have easily beat either of those teams.

  • chkyrslf

    Al Anon,

    Everyone has to play where they are and that is a fact, but it is those people in charge of awards and accolades to figure out the relative nature of teams being in different divisions. Mission certainly would have beaten PHS, but Arcadia, I can’t say that for sure.

    It wasn’t long ago that Alverno was dominant in their division and would crush teams like Mission but would lose regularly to higher division teams. They eventually stopped playing those game because they would mess up their record playing them and the likes of Flintridge Sacred Heart. And unfortunately Mission is still only dabbling in their division mostly. I know that you beat FSH this year, who really had a down year, but you lost to La Salle who lost to Arcadia, and split with Temple City and South Pasadena, who also had a down year, in double headers. They get that respect because they schedule those teams, but it does show the relative nature of these match-ups.

    Anyway, that can be resolved by making efforts to schedule these teams and show how you hold up in that environment.

    And to answer your question, Allie Forillo is getting the attention she is getting because she has been an excellent pitcher for four years, playing against multi-levels of divisions and getting attention as an excellent pitcher in that environment. The fact that her team takes those chances gets her that attention. Remember, there was a time, and it will soon again be the same, where LaSalle played in a higher Div and didn’t get all of the wins, but they continued to match up well against other teams in the area.

    Congrats, Mission and La Salle on your success this year!

  • Al Anon

    chkyrslf, you misunderstand, I’m not making a case against Allie, that was a rhetorical question to FFT. I’m making a case for the smaller schools and some of their very talented players (who play top level travel ball, etc too, just like the big girls).

  • sftballchick

    I think you should also consider Courtney Dunlap from South Pasadena. She just like the other girls has had an amazing 4 years. A 4 year Varsity Starter who has started in 9 out of the possible 11 positions in all 4 years. She has had an impressive batting record and is a good defensive fielder as well. You guys mentioned girls going off the play in college, she is playing college ball for the Rochester Warriors in Michigan. This title always happens to be a difficult one to handout, in my opinion i think the majority of the girls selected should be seniors unless there are outstanding underclassman players such as Floyd, Watanabe and Edwards. I wish the girls the best of luck.

  • chkyrslf

    Courtney is a heck of a hitter!

  • The Commissioner

    We’ve had some very good agurments about All Area Players.

    What about the All Area Coach? Who is deserving of this coveted title?

    The Mission Coach who took his team to the Semi’s.

    Or how about the Temple City Coach that willed his team to the CIF playoffs after a slow start.

    Or there’s the San Marino coach who took her team to the quarterfinals after going 1-11 in league last year. Hmmmm…


  • chkyrslf

    My vote would for coach of the year would be Bob Ellingsworth. He took a lot of criticism early on, but continued to develop his team until they were successful. He did the most with the least. He is a steady influence on that program and turns out great players and people.

  • Just Gotta Say Something

    Three best choices for Player of the Year in alpha order

    Anna Edwards (La Canada) (.580/9 HRs and took team to CIF Semifinals) (clearly “offensive player of year”)
    Allie Forillo (La Salle)(K record and took team to CIF finals)
    Lauren O’leary (La Canada) (No earned runs or walks in league play, took team to CIF Semifinals)

  • hs softball mom

    Pitcher: Lauren O’ Leary (La Canada)
    Pitcher: Allie Forillo (La Salle)

    Catcher: Catherine Horner (La Canada)

    Infielder:Anna Edwards (La Canada)
    Infielder: Shelby Gogreve (South Pasadena)
    Infieldier: Annie Sommers (Maranatha)
    Infielder: Jessica Loicano (Temple City)

    Outfielders: Brooke Cowell (Monrovia)
    (Help me with the rest)

    Utility: Alexis Watanabe (San Marino)

    Coach of the Year: Casey Mathews

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