Baseball All-Area Nominations: It’s that time of the year

Player of the Year:
Coach of the Year:

Pitchers (2):
Catcher (1):
Infielders (4):
Outfielders (3):
Utility (1):

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  • The Lance

    Player of the year: Dylan Covey
    Coach of the year: Arcadia’s Lemas

    Pitchers:Murphy and Tuck

    Catcher: Harmon from La Salle (Monrovia kid didn’t impress me at all)

    Infielders:Johnathon Larson, Bubba Derby, Kai from Monrovia (sorry I dont know his last name), maybe Dusty? Beckwith? You pick the last one miguel!

    Outfielders: Beltran? i dont know who else…

    That’s my take tell me what you guys think!

  • RHL fan

    P: Murphree
    P: Beltran
    C: Velasco (sorry, but Harmon doesn’t belong here)
    IF: Sanderson
    IF: Bueno
    IF: Tuck
    IF: Larson
    OF: Pultz
    OF: ???
    OF: ???
    Ut: Derby

  • anonymous

    I don’t care what position you put them in, but here are the players that deserve to be on the list.

    Acosta – Gabby
    Clapp – Gabby
    Covey – Maranatha
    Murphree – Monrovia
    Velasco – Monrovia
    Bueno – Monrovia
    Tuck – Arcadia
    Larson – Arcadia
    Sanderson – TC
    Pultz – TC
    Merryman – Pas Poly
    Derby – LaSalle
    Beltran – Alhambra

  • For the Love of the GAME

    This subject is foolish and is another miss. Can you say popularity contest?

    Nuff said….

  • Archangel

    Pitcher-Aaron Murphree
    Pitcher-Jonathan Beltran
    Catcher-Adrian Velasco
    Infield-Kai Nakamura
    Infield-Nick Bueno
    Infield-Dusty Sanderson
    Infield-Garret Tuck
    Outfield-Brandon Pultz
    Outfield-Jonathan Larson
    Outfield-Justin De La Nuez
    Utility-Bowden Derby

  • Anonymous

    1st team
    P: Beltran(moors)
    P: Covey(minutemen)
    Inf: Tuck(apaches)
    Inf: larson(apaches)
    Inf: Bueno(cats)
    Inf: Sanderson(rams)
    Of: Pultz(rams)
    Of: De La Nuez(cats)
    Of: Kutzer (panthers)
    Ut: Baxter(panthers)

    2nd Team
    P: Acosta(eagles)
    C: Clapp(eagles)
    Inf: park(apaches)
    Inf: Merryman(Poly)
    Inf: Derby( la salle)
    Inf: Kai Nakamura(cats)
    Of: Saldate(moors)
    Of: Bradley(cats)
    Of: Saldate(moors)
    Ut: Campbell(2b,3b,ss,c,p)(eagles)

  • Anonymous

    POY- Covey
    Pitcher- Murphree
    Pitcher- Tuck
    Catcher- Velasco
    Infield- Bueno
    Infield- Sanderson
    Outfield-De La Nuez
    Outfield- Pultz
    Outfield- Bradley
    Utility- Derby

  • Anonymous


    No way does Beltran beat out Murphree!

    Murphree has a lower ERA,more Strikeouts,more Wins.

    He also has a higher Batting Avg.,more RBI’s,and 3 HR’s

    Pitchers in order would be:

  • no bias


    infield-acosta(pitcher also so i like him here)

    names also think of for second team and honorable mention
    Temple city-Copping
    Monrovia-De la Nuez,Bradley,Calver,Velasco
    La salle-Derby
    Pasadena Poly-Merryman, Baxter
    St Francis-Berglund, Bramshchramer
    La canada-Kim

  • Anonymous

    Goebel is better than Derby during league play. This IS a populatrity contest. stats don’t lie.

  • Baseball

    By the numbers that matter (wins and losses) Murphree should be the player and picther of the year.

  • Someone with a great idea that would be fair!

    Miguel why don’t you have and under classman all area team and an upper classman all area team then you wouldn’t have to leave anybody out who deserves to be there.

  • Actually Plays HS Baseball

    Player of the Year: Jon Larson (Arcadia)
    Coach of the Year: Lemas (Arcadia)

    Pitcher 1: KJ Edson (Arcadia)
    Pitcher 2: Dylan Covey (Maranatha)
    Catcher: Adrian Velasco (Monrovia)
    Infielder 1: Dusty Sanderson (Temple City)
    Infielder 2: Garrett Tuck (Arcadia)
    Infielder 3: Nick Bueno (Monrovia)
    Infielder 4: Danny Beckwith (Maranatha)
    Outfielder 1: Branden Pultz (Temple City)
    Outfielder 2: Jonathan Tom (Arcadia)
    Outfielder 3: Jonathan Beltran (Alhambra)
    Utility: Haram Park (Arcadia)

    Other Names that deserve to be Mentioned:
    Kristian Noguchi-Salazar (Arcadia)
    Chris Lucas- (Arcadia)
    Aaron Murphree- (Monrovia)
    Greg Saldate- (Alhambra)
    Frankie Wright- (Alhambra)
    Juan Crespo- (Alhambra)
    Justin Smith- (Temple City)

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to guess you are from arcadia because you metioned 8 arcadia players and 4 of them don’t belong there.

  • Anonymous

    Actually Plays HS Baseball

    Although I am sure your view from the bench gave you numerous opportunities to watch the “Talented Players”

    You can’t simply vote for the players that are your Heroes and not base your choices on reality..Oh and congrats on membership in the “One and Done Club”


    Coming from the del rey league you have to respect La Salle’s stats because 6 times this season they had to play St. Paul and Bishop Amat which are teams that are WAY better than any team in the area! But you have to also tip your hat to Monrovia and Arcadia on great years…here is the most accurate All-Area team:

    COY-Lemas (undefeated in league isn’t easy)
    POY-Larson(vital to team)
    P-Covey(great at what he does)
    P-Murphy(11-1 says it all)
    C-Harmon(Best leader I have seen in High School in years)
    IF-Tuck(Great Year and also a great pitcher)
    IF-Nick Bueno(Defines a two-sport athlete)
    IF-Nakamura(plays the game the way it is supposed to be played)
    IF-Derby(Sophmore has all the tools, but he could be replaced on this list)
    OF-Beltran(also a very good pitcher)
    OF-Beckwith(good player who needs a spot on this list)
    OF-Pultz-(has showed signs of being good)

  • For the Love of the GAME

    Again…lemme say….Popularity contest debate….

    Here’s a thought, how about list the players in the local area who smashed, throw out games against sub-par teams and then list seniors who get to go on and play at the next level…this might help in deciding who is on your team…

    You can start by evaluating this as an example…for pitchers, look and see how many innings they threw and their ERA…it might help you understand who pitched well; ( i.e. Dylan Covey, 66-innings with a 0.40; KJ Edson, 58-innings with a 1.08 ERA…)

  • Anonymous

    what happened to all the st francis boys. Bramschreiber espically, he dominated the so called top teams in the elks tournament, and if he had some kind of offense behind him or a bullpen. he would be 9-1 or 9-2, which i remarkable thinking about pitching in the mission league

  • Realist


    Shut up… Murphee doesnt deserve either one of those awards. Player of the Year should go to Jonathan Larson of Arcadia. And the Pitcher of the Year is a toss up between KJ Edson of Arcadia and Dylan Covey of Maranatha. Wake up.

  • really??

    remember how covey is going to be picked in the top 10 in the MLB draft…. do u see larson or edson or any of these players getting that for that matter?? idk is it good to throw 96 and be looked at by 22 of 30 major league teams?? i mean come on covey screams player of the year try googling his name and see what u find then google jonathan larson and u know what you find? the guy who created the musical RENT

  • Archangel

    If you are going to use stats to prove a point, use them all! Let’s Compare shall we..

    Murphree ERA-1.25 IP-67.1 K’s-79 W/L 11-1

    Edson ERA-1.08 IP-58.1 K’s-62 W/L 8-1

    Murphree Bat.Avg -.364 RBI’s-19 HomeRuns-3

    Edson Bat.Avg -.182 RBI-1 HomeRuns-0

    Edson has a slighty lower ERA and then Murphree has the edge in every other category and Edson doesn’t come close to a toss-up with Covey.

    There is No-Way anybody beats Covey for POY just accept that as a known quantity.

    Larson had an Awesome year so 1st Team Outfield or Utility.

  • Baseball

    According to Maxpreps Murphree is tied for 4th in the state with 12 other pitchers with 11 wins. The other San Gabriel Valley pitcher with 11 wins is Paul Paez of Bishop Amat. You have to go through 157 pitchers before you get to Covey’s 7 wins. Last time I checked 11 is higher than 7 and against tougher competition. Covey better develop another pitch if he wants to go pro.

  • MOORS!!!

    My only pick to be on this list is a hard working catcher over at Alhambra Christian Alas. Stud behind the plate and has a loaded cannon. He is also a commit to CSUN for baseball.

  • goteamgo

    Covey would have had more wins if his team could have held the leads he left them with….. The kid can throw.

  • really??

    according to baseball america covey is up with bryce harper….. i dont see paul paez there…. if coveys team finished games at the beginning of the year he would have 12 wins or so

  • Minuteman

    Let’s keep it positive, these are high schoolers, not pros. Number of wins does depend on stuff beyond pitcher’s control. Covey’s stats, and the scouting mob that follows him, show he’s in a category all his own.

    Poly’s Kutzer should be in the mix. Threw great against us, D1 recruit, and pitched most of Poly’s non-league games against larger schools. His two losses were against Covey and against Arcadia, but gave up only 1 ER in each game. Strong hitter.

  • PantherPride


    Hunter Merryman should be the POY!!! His stats are more impressive than Larsons’.

  • wow

    panther pride,

    Are you serious about merryman look at the league they play in, it is absolutely terrible, its like little league do not compare these two players for player of the year

  • Anonymous

    First, yes, Covey gets POY. The kid is a phenom, will be turning pro and anyone who doubts his ability is lacking any common sense and who said he needs to develop another pitch; uh have you ever stood in on a 96-MPH Fastball or anything above 90? Are you a GOOF?? BTW, after throwing a 96-MPH Fastball, he comes with a breaking pitch that’s pretty SICK last I heard. Please know what you’re talking about before you post on a BLOG.

    Second, if you are measuring a pitcher, you are not mesuring his hitting. I DON’T CARE if he can’t hit; his job is to PITCH and hold the opposing team off the bases. There are 8-players in addition to the pitcher to score runs and 9-players if you DH.

    So again, the best pitching is who has the best stats. ERA by far speaks louder than words when you measure a PITCHER; it’s not like he only threw a couple innings here. Edson did enough to make the 1st team, don’t be foolish about your decision. Oh, and he only surrendered 32-Hits….Murphree 58-Hits…so let’s remember, PITCHING does not include HITTING and measure ERA to measure peformance. Scouts do not look at PITCHERS for their At-Bats, I think it’s what they do on the MOUND. Nothing against Murphree, he’s a quality player, but not better than Edson on the mound, not at this level.

  • The Lance

    Kutzer lost to SOUTH PAS!…he shouldnt even be in the conversation with the rest of the area pitchers.

  • For the Love of the GAME

    To pather pride via WOW’s comment…..


    was on the floor……sorry panther, but WOW is on the money…some of the players from Poly are at a disadvantage from their league, but I saw them play, and they have some quality, but POY???? You’re reaching at best….not a chance.

  • Long Time Poly Dad

    The Lance,

    Kutzer came out of the south pas game at the end of the 5th with the score 2-2… btw, he was pitching on 3 days rest and maxed out his innings for the week. both runs were unearned and he had 9 Ks against them… so he definitely didn’t put in a losing performance.

  • Archangel

    Anon Edson Fan

    Based just on “PITCHING Stats” Murphree still has Edson beat! More K’s More Wins, a higher winning Percentage, pitched in 14 games (the same as Edson) and played in 10 more, only sitting out against the final game against Blair.

    You’re wrong about being able to hit! Not only did Murphrre Hit allowing the Cats to DH for a weaker hitting player thus adding to their offense he also played first base when not on the mound and led his team to the Playoffs. Basically he did everything Edson did on the mound and more plus contributed to winning games with his offense and defense.

    Edson was just another pitcher in Arcadias rotation that pitched when his turn came up and then sat in the dugout and rested until his next turn.

    In High School Baseball, being the “Ace” Pitcher on your team is more than coming in for an Inning here and there and then starting some games, but maybe he’ll be that guy next year.

  • anonymous

    If we’re talking about leagues here, then the Pacific (1 and done league) and Alpha leagues were also pretty weak. So can we take any stats from those leagues seriously?

  • Anonymous

    only if stevie yortsos were healthy…

  • Baseball

    If we’re talking player of the year Murphree is the best overall player. Sure Covey can strike out 10 against inferior competition. That’s great. And in terms of his fastball nobody’s denying it. But he won’t be pitching to lower division hitters on the pro level.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Baseball, Covey has a four seam fastball that he has run up to 97, a two seam he throws 93, a slider 80-89, a curve 78-81 (by the way, the curve and slider are considered by those in the know to be amoung the best in the nation), a cutter, and a change up. He can’t throw them all at this level because the catchers have a hard time with some of them. Just how many pitches does a pitcher have to have in his arsenal to meet your (ignorant) expectations.

  • really??


    THANK YOU…. at least someone has somewhat of an IQ on talent… last year dylan face the best players around the country and florida and guess what he did… struck out 13…. idk is that good??

  • Anonymous

    Been reading all this talk about Covey this an Covey that…the kid has ability no doubt about it.

    But lets give some props to all the kids that can’t throw 97 mph but still managed to get wins for their teams. These Boys throw in the mid 80’s for the most part and get the rest of the way on Guts and Heart!

    Covey’s Gifts make him better at Baseball but that doesn’t mean he’s the Best Baseball Player!

  • Another Annon

    Covey is the most valuable player in the area.!
    Anyone who disagrees is just plain ignorant!
    I agree with the second part of what the last Annon said.
    There are many, very talented pitchers in the area that are smart and know how to keep kids off balance by living in the mid 80mph range. The Maranatha #2, Danny Beckwith is certainly one of the better ones.

  • Anonymous

    Actually in Florida Covey struck out 17 and set a tournament record, against a very talented Kansas City scout team that had players representing 12 eastern states.

  • Just a Thought

    Dylan Covey is a legitimate Blue-Chip 1st Round Draft pick that we will be watching for years to come. But the award is Player of the Year not Pitcher of the Year. Jon Larson not only led the Pacific League in Batting Average, he was in the top 5 in the Area in Batting Average, Hits, RBI’s, Runs, OBP, and Slugging Percentage. He played 7 different positions, all of them as well as anyone in the area,(Just look at other peoples teams, some have him in the infield, some in the outfield, and some at utility!) and he was THE HEART AND SOUL of an Arcadia team that went 22-4 and set a Pacific League record that can never be beaten. (Heck I’m told he even gave pump up speeches to the team before the C.V. games!) Dylan Covey is a Superstar in waiting, but Jon Larson was the best all around high school baseball player in the area in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    Larson had a great year but it doesn’t say much for our “Area” that he didn’t even make the top 100 in Southern Section.

  • Knows the Game

    Why must you be so negative about these high school kids. Jon Larson had an incredible year. Just because some kids in Division 5 or 6 hit 20 points higher and kept him out of he Southern Section Top 100 means nothing. In Division 1,2,3 and 4 he is in the Top 50. (I’ve read your posts all year and I know you are way to baseball saavy to compare Division 1 and 2 with Divisions 6 and 7) Give credit where credit is due.

  • Here’s a thought

    We should wait for the play-offs to run it’s course before we anoint a POY! Maybe we should pick from the players who lead their respective teams deep into CIF.

  • Anonymous

    Knows the game

    Some of those players may come from lower divisions but the Teams they faced couldn’t have been any worse than Burbank,Hoover,Glendale and Muir!

    Just because Arcadia is in Div II doesn’t mean the Teams are automatically better. For example the best team around the SGV is Amat and they are Div IV

  • Anonymous

    What college is the almighty Murphee going to?

  • Anonymous

    “HS Baseball” Blogger has to be a La Salle Coach – Don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Kutzer’s final stats…

    Pitching: 53 IP, 73 Ks, 1.32 ERA W/L 6-2 (losses came against Covey and Arcadia but only gave up 1 ER in both outings)

    And hitting for those of you who mentioned it…

    BA: .470, 18 RBIs, 4 HRs

    Not a bad season. I asked around and found out that the kid topped out at 91mph this year and sat high 80s… Not bad for JUNIOR with a lot of room to fill out.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a thought said:
    We should wait for the play-offs to run it’s course before we anoint a POY! Maybe we should pick from the players who lead their respective teams deep into CIF.

    May 25, 2010 2:02 PM

    So much for that! No one went Deep!

  • CDawg

    Pacific League (D2) and Bishop Amat’s Del Rey (D4) should trade places.

  • Just a Thought

    C Dawg, not a bad idea. How about moving moving Amat and St. Paul into the Pacific League and moving Muir, Hoover, and Glendale into the Del Rey League? That would make for some pretty good match-ups.

  • First reaction when i saw the before and after: awesome.

  • I think all of the fans may like it too.

  • Hello, I just wanted to take the time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for all your work!