Baseball: Maranatha wins, 5-1; Alhambra, Monrovia lose


Paloma Valley 9, Alhambra 0
Sonora 4, Monrovia 0
Heritage 3, Gabrielino 2, 8 inn.
Maranatha 5, Hesperia 1
Rosamond 3, Pasadena Poly 1
Crossroads 5, Rio Hondo Prep 4

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  • Area Coach

    Text me the final score? Bacon was the only one to do so. Why should we? Give me break. Do your own homework!

  • Golden Bear

    Area Coach:

    That’s the collaborative spirit! Working as a team as usual. Also, it’s give me “a” break.

  • Rio Fan

    Hey, “Area Coach”, relax. It was a polite request, made politely. And given the level of coverage that the Star News has given to SGV prep sports since Miguel took over, I think you could cut him some slack.

    Besides, getting the coaches to text him the scores is doing his own homework.

    Baseball isn’t the only sport going on right now…

  • 4Bagger

    Area Coach: I continue to be amazed at the lack of class and basic courtesy that exists in some of these posts. Yours in particular. If you really are a coach, then it is particularly disappointing. Hopefully your players don’t mouth off like that. You should be thanking Miguel and Keith for their tireless efforts to cover our area, rather than making childish comments like your last post.

  • Spartan Fan

    To Area Coach: MM did ask politely and acknowledged that only 1 coach sent in their results [and Barry did in a losing effort–kudos to him]. So be a compliant coach and keep us readers up to speed with the information as requested by MM. The way you opened the blog is shameful.

  • Another Coach

    Maybe these coaches have had their words twisted and used against them like I have. I don’t trust the PSN at all anymore and am afraid to say anything other than “my team played well.”

    There are always two sides of every story and at the PSN it does not always get printed.

  • featherhead

    Area Coach,
    U probably want him to upload to MaxPreps too. PSN does the best they can with limited resources. Pick him up

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Covey is starting today?

  • Tom S

    Don’t think Covey starts today. Will cut down on the number of spectators. He’s scheduled for Thurs. Might come in for relief if needed

  • featherhead

    Eagles come up short 3-2 on a bad hop would be double play ball in bottom 8

  • Baseball

    At least Maranatha will win a title this year. I think they play Peanut Butter High Friday for the right to face Cupcake. But a title is a title.

  • fan of baseball

    Poly los to Rosamond 3-1 and Rio Hondo Prep los to Crossroads 5-4

  • Anonymous

    So YOU’RE the one… leading the Maranatha jealousy wagon THIS time! Sounds like someone who’s sore about his team being knocked out in the first or second round AGAIN!!!

  • Here we go again

    How about those Minutemen!! Last ones standing once again. I guess we’ll see you on Tuesday then Miguel since there’s NOBODY else left.
    Imagine that…the Minutemen actually won a playoff game and Dylan Covey didn’t even pitch! How many of you said that Maranatha was nothing without the big man on the bump.
    Oh the shame of such a thought!!
    Go Minutemen!!!
    Bring on the whining!

  • Anonymous

    Geez dude sore winner much!

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