Baseball: Maranatha stymied by errors, miscues in loss


NORTH HOLLYWOOD — Maranatha committed three errors and Dylan Covey was hit hard in the Minutemen’s 9-3 loss to Campbell Hall in the quarterfinals of the CIF-Southern Section Division 5 playoffs Friday afternoon. Covey gave up six earned runs and seven hits in the final high school baseball game of his career. Campbell Hall’s Logan Markley connected on a 1-1 pitch in the first inning for a three-run home run to give the Vikings an early 3-0 lead. “That first home run happened early and we failed to put it behind us,” Maranatha’s Danny Beckwith said. “There were a lot of things that didn’t go our way.” Maranatha’s Matt Chavez conncted for a two-run home run in the fifth to pull the Minutemen within 4-2. But the Vikings exploded for four runs in the fifth. A defensive miscue and an error led to those runs. Maranatha coach Brian DeHaan said there was a lack of intensity that’s not expected from a team with seven seniors. “We didn’t come out with the intensity that’s required in playoff baseball,” he said. “We put up two and they answered right back. We made a couple of mistakes, and in playoff baseball it comes down to who executes in key situations.” The difference for Campbell Hall was getting ahead early. “(Covey’s) a future big league pitcher, but I don’t think he was at his best today,” Campbell Hall coach Juan Velazquez said. “When we got ahead we knew he was going to be out of his comfort zone. The important thing was it ended up going our way early.”

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  • Get Em

    With Covey on the mound it will be tough for anyone to beat MHS. He can bat as well!

    Go get them guys!

  • Realist


  • Goldenarm


    dude – the traffic is a block wall out there…hope you at least a cold one near by because it is sweat city and nobody is packin any patience tonight. Thank God I b home with a NY prime bone in on the grill with a Negra Modelo in hand. Only thing missing is the Laker game.
    Up 18 and the dudes almost dropped one anyway. what up with Bynum and Shannon Brown? I like Brown but he is lookin lost out there. Since when has Sasha been packin such a tude…be b playin angry…. Phil is gonna get him more time for sure. Also when you needed a hoop desperately – it was Fisher late in the 4th that brought it. Fisher been hearing alot of heat lately from my circle of friends.
    Artest after the game was so adrenalin overloaded his interview was babbling semi-nonsense – he was pissed about being asked why the 3 pointer on a fresh 24…him and Kobe had the major hug thing goin on along the 3 point line…
    Looks like a great final coming…Odom, Powell or Bynum, somebody is going to need to give Gasol some consistent help inside
    the trade for Gasol – still one of the best in many moons!

  • This is Why

    Why would a coach do Mig favors after he uses the term “self destructs” Imagine you are the coach or worse a Senior and the local supportive paper uses this term. Maybe they did not play well, they know that….but to have it thrown at you like that blows.

    It’s rarely “surprised” or “went down swinging” its something negative or sensational.

    Good luck next year to all local teams.

  • Anonymous

    Goes with the same territory as “Carries SGV on their Backs!” like that held water..

  • Miguel Melendez

    This is Why:

    I’m not here to pile it on by any means. Think what you want and say what you want, but I’m sure the guys at Maranatha know me well enough to know that’s not my intention. Maranatha committed three errors and had some mental breakdowns. It wasn’t their best game.

  • 4Bagger


    You have been very fair to Maranatha and all of the SGV teams. I was at the game today, and you certainly didn’t pile on. To say that “wasn’t their best game” is being kind. Kudos to Campbell Hall for taking advantage of it. They played a solid game. It was hard to watch, because Dylan and the whole team are capable of much more. Give Dylan credit. He has pitched this year under pressure that not many high school kids will ever experience.

    That is also the most bizarre field I’ve ever seen. All astroturf, with football yardage lines down the middle. 240 ft down the right field line, and about 550 ft to left. And about the area of a large bathtub for all of the fans to sit in. Not an excuse, it just added to a bizarre and forgettable day at the ball field.

  • Baseball

    Covey is overrated. Six earned runs in a playoff game when he’s supposed to be the savior? Rediculous. Good pitcher, yes. But great? No way. Not the best pitcher in the valley afterall.

  • Seriously…


    Dylan not the best pitcher in the valley? Come on man be real. This kid has had a great year under the pressure of being a first round draft pick. He had a rough day, something that all pitchers have. He was a huge part of leading his team to two championships, winning one, and the playoffs all 4 years he was in high school. I mean I know you know a ton about baseball, but there what 22 teams in the Major Leagues that are willing to invest a significant amount of money in Dylan, last time I checked, that makes you pretty damn great. It’s a shame you are judging a GREAT pitcher based on one bad game. Congrats to Dylan and Maranatha on a great season and lets lay off Covey. He’s a great kid, incredible pitcher, best in the valley…period.

  • Get Em

    Dylan, Danny, EJ and the crew, we are all proud of you. Good luck to you all in your future and take note of the haters, the best revenge is to live well and happy!

    I’ll be watching the draft in June to see where the “overated” player goes. Gotta love the fat old guys who went no where huh?

  • realist

    So, Maranatha talks trash and then loses to a dorm room (Campbell Hall). If you guys want that title you guaranteed, perhaps you can still join the tournament my daughter’s softball team is entered in (but beware of the Silver Bullets and Mike’s Mashers). Covey, good year and enjoy your life riding broken down buses from Tuscaloosa to Peoria.

  • cooool

    yeah he’s so “overrated”, major league scouts have no idea what their talking about when they go crazy about him. people on these blogs would know better right? yeah right

  • why so jealous….

    All you Covey haters:
    Say what you want about this young man, overrated savior but guess what, come draft day he will be an 18 year old millionaire and the rest of you couch potatoes will still have your $35k a year 7-11 grave yard shifts to go to. Whos laughing now

  • realist

    If Covey was smart, he’d do like Rob Rasmussen and go to college to prove himself in a real program. Playing in Div 12 HS doesnt prove a thing. He’s no Trevor Bell – who played in a competitive league, was touted by scouts, and is now bouncing in and out of the pros. As for the scouts drooling, see Ryan Leaf. Big difference between facing Calvary Chapel of the Blind and the Philadelphia Phillies. Get a grip on reality.

  • Goldenarm

    Congratulations Maranatha coaches and players on another exemplary year.

    Why such a high percentage of negative comments after such a sucessful year? Difficult to fathom.

    Good luck to all those headed for graduation.

  • wake up


    Last time I checked Maranatha played some pretty good competition this year. Damien, Newburry Park, and many more schools in higher divisions. Not only did they play these teams, but they beat many of them as well. Dylan shut down Newburry Park, a team that only lost to Mater Dei by 4. I mean seriously wake up and stop hating on the kid. You want him to face real talent, how about striking out 17 in Jupiter, Florida against one of the best travel teams in the nation a year or two back? I know your upset because in a few weeks a kid three weeks out of high school will be making more than you ever had or will, but ease up, Dylan’s a stud and they’re tons of people who actually get paid to scout talent that would say the same thing.

  • tcchamps

    Hey Realist, I think you just got Buzz Sawed. Bummer about the game and Good Luck Dylan.

  • Baseball

    Did Covey get it done when it mattered? No. In fact, he got drilled. He can beat the bad teams but when his team needed his best effort he failed. That is not a major league pitcher. Maybe we can watch him play in Bakersfield or Rancho Cucamonga because that’s the closest he’ll get to the bigs.

  • Give it a Rest

    Perfect Games comment on Dylan Covey whom the have the 10th highest player in this years draft. It is what he had done outside of HS that has separated him from the pack. I am sure you guys on the blog know better.

    10. DYLAN COVEY, rhp, Maranatha HS, Pasadena, Calif.
    SCOUTING PROFILE (3/1):Covey has solidified his standing as a potential top-half of the first-round selection with his performance early this spring at Maranatha High. But he really made his mark in the eyes of scouts at the World Wood Bat Association fall championship in Jupiter, Fla., in both October, 2008, and October, 2009. It was in that first appearance, as a high-school junior, that Covey really jumped out, striking out 17 hitters in a game against one of the top teams at the tournament with a 91-94 mph fastball and a hard-breaking, 81-mph curveball. After winning 11 games for Maranatha High during the spring, a tender arm kept Covey out of action for the early part of last summer. But he was still selected as an Aflac All-American, and quickly showed the scouting community that he was healthy at the Aflac All-American Game in August at San Diegos Petco Park by topping out at 95 mph. He then came back, in a return trip to Jupiter, to push his stuff up another notch, topping out at 97 mph with a nasty true curveball in the mid-80s. Covey also throws a changeup, but its his combination of fastball and curveball velocity that enables him to stand out. In his 12 innings of work in Jupiter the last two years, he never threw a fastball under 91. Covey is a good all-around athlete, and his athleticism enables him to repeat his somewhat-complicated delivery very well and pound the strike zone. His tools and hitting ability would make him a two-way prospect at the college level. Though Covey has signed with USD, his pending draft status makes it highly unlikely hell ever play in college.DAVID RAWNSLEY
    UPDATE (5/15): Covey has been consistently dominant all spring, while maintaining his plus/plus stuff and staying healthy. His record through mid-May stood at 6-0, 0.24 with three saves, although in fairness to his ERA he had allowed 12 unearned runs. Coveys command has been especially impressive as he had walked only 16 in 57 innings vs. 116 strikeouts.DR

  • Realist

    Thats wasn’t me… someone took my name… but i do agree to a certain extent to what he said. I mean, Covey is a great pitcher, don’t get me wrong wrong. But playing at a high level of D1 baseball will make him that much better. If he goes straight to the pros, chances are hes going to get lit up. Just like Trevor Bell does. Trever Bell got the exact same kind of hype as Covey. Now Bell struggles to get playing time on the Angels. It would only be logical for Covey to play college ball first.

  • MHS Fan

    I do not know much on Baseball, but I have met and know Dylan. A very well put, down to earth young man that is likeable.

    These people know more about baseball than anyone on these blogs.

    The MLB scouts like em’ – and for some unknown reason you seem to think you know more than them. That cracks me up.

  • Seriously…


    Again another ignorant statement. It’s not like Dylan led his team to two championships, and won one of them, oh wait he did. He had a great year under tremendous pressure. One bad game does not define a pitcher and it’s a shame you can’t seem to get passed that. It just shows you have no idea what your talking about and I can’t wait for Dylan to prove you wrong. I don’t understand why we can’t just all back up a kid who has the chance to represent the SGV in a way not many get to. He’s a great kid that doesn’t deserve people ragging on him because he had a bad day. I guess you’re right though. That ring he won by shoving in the championship game last year proves he didn’t show up when his team needed him…

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of losers!
    The one person who really could care less about any of this BS is Dylan. I pity the lot of you!

  • mhs observer

    I am sure that the decision for Covey and his family, as to whether to go pro or go to college is a very difficult and personal one. I am also sure that either way he goes he will find success, because of who he is. Most kids and their families opt for “better” situations, when they find themselves in his type of situation. Covey has always pitched better away from high school when he is surrounded by players of his caliber. In those venues he just pitches. He doesent have to make adjustments like any pitcher with his talent does at a small school. Lucky for him, most of the seasoned scouts no about all these things. What they see in him, besides the obvious, his his mature demeanor, his genuine love of the game and his love for his fellow teammates. He is an absolute bulldog on the mound and does not cave in under pressure. How would you all do pitching into 25-30 radar guns, with umpires many of which squeeze any pitcher who throws as hard as he does, a catcher who is young and talanted but is by no means ready to handle Dylans type of stuff, and an infield that makes more than it’s share of errors, particularly when he pitches. Add to all this the knowledge that your performances at this time are going to effect the order in which you are drafted. Most of you would would totally cave under that type of pressure, but he doesent. He has never once raised his voice to his teammates, or treated them with anything but dignity and respect. He is a true team player, and these are some of the intangeables that scouts see in him. He is a sterling young man and some of you on this blog should be ashamed of yourselves. It is very obvious that you do not possess Dylan’s character.

  • unbiased

    guys… cmon
    covey is a great pitcher who will have success where ever he ends up

    it seems a little distasteful to insult prep athletes btw

    *cough* realist *cough*

    cmon man… they’re still in high school

  • Baseball

    Covey got the loss in the finals in 2008 although Maranatha’s staff took the stats off max preps. And he lost last week, so two of the last three seasons he finished the season with a loss in the playoffs. Big pitchers win the games that matter. And let’s face it Covey isn’t have the pitcher Rasmussen was.

  • BigFatFan

    thats a bit cheesy to pull the kids stats off of MaxPreps. some schools dont use MaxPreps, but maranatha does, so why drop the stats for that last game now.??

  • anonomyous

    campbellhall is a great team, they play great teams, beat notre dame, lost to crespi by 3, they battle. the field size dont matter and they played their best game of the year friday and you caant take that away from therm. And covey is a great pitcher, playing D5 in socal is better than moast places in the coutnry and all you haters can keep talking but he will be fine . he playes against great competition outsdide of high school too. Campbellhall is legit though

  • Anonymous

    MHS Observer said it best. You guys are right when you say that Covey is no Rasmussen or Bell. Not taking anything away from two talented players but Covey is better than both and the draft location and future results will prove that.
    As a parent who knows him, I am very excited for his future. He will, from now on, be able to used his best pitches and have the confidence of a more mature and skilled catcher. He will also have the defense he needs. I’m sorry but Maranatha was clearly not a good defensive team this year. They survived on timely hitting and solid pitching from mainly 2 guys.
    Good Luck Dylan! Those that know you are so proud of you and look forward to a very bright future!!

  • The End

    Stats from the 2008 final were never up because the coach flew to Nicaragua after the game and never put them up. Stats from this year are not up yet because the coach’s wife had a baby and he has been with her in the hospital since the game. Now you know. Covey is an All-American and will receive many post season awards this year. Oh yeah, and he will be drafted in the 1st round. The people who know talent recognize Covey as one of the best in the nation and those who don’t bash a KID on a public blog. I’ll refrain from further comment but some people never cease to amaze me when publically commenting about KIDS.

  • Goldenarm

    The continual negative, somewhat derogatory statements about a talented young man from OUR San Gabriel Valley – remind me of the two seasons of verbal flak which pounded former Arcadia linebacker Todd Golper on this blog not long ago.

    Do people prefer to see an area kid fail?

    The same low blows about being overated. Weak league, soft competition and as always – the threat that the next level will swallow him alive. This is not a constructive review of the kid’s talent or potential – that would require some knowledge and an unbiased eye to write.

    Wishing him well seems a better path.

  • Jordan Kutzer

    As a player who has played against Dylan, I’d just like to share a point of view that most of you don’t get.

    In the game Poly played against Maranatha, Dylan was beyond good. He had great composure for a man being evaluated by 30 pro scouts along with several ML GMs. I couldn’t imagine the amount of pressure that he had on him during that game. But, he didn’t have that pressure just for that night… it is a constant every time he takes the field. That kind of pressure, plus school and having a life is unbelievable for an 18 year old, and he seemed to handle it like it was nothing.

    Along with being under all this pressure, Dylan still went out and topped out at 96 mph, threw a no-hitter and did so without being arrogant because of his tremendous talent. He has shown this level of success over the past few years and I’m sure that is something that will never change.

    He is clearly head and shoulders above many MAJOR LEAGUE pitchers and everyone knew that getting to watch Dylan Covey throw in high school was something special. This level of composure, talent and performance demands our respect and I hope you guys realize that too.

    Good luck to Dylan, I’m sure we’ll see him playing in a big league ballpark pretty soon.

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