Softball Semifinals: La Salle’s Forillo, Shuster lead Lancers to 3-1 win over enthusiastic San Gabriel Mission; South Hills ends La Caada’s season, 3-1.


SOUTH HILLS 3, South Hills 3, LA CAADA 1

“I’ve got a message for Miguel. Tell him he’s got a free weekend now that La Caada’s out because I read his little thing that La Caada was going to keep him busy. So I hope he enjoys his time.”
South Hills coach Scott Fisch

“I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. I’m overjoyed. I’m just so ecstatic and so happy.”
South Hills sophomore Sydney La Follette

“You let this team hang around and they’re going to pay with their bats. (Lauren) O’Leary did a phenomenal job. They just played better and beat us.”La Caada coach K.C. Mathews


“They had a great year and they’re well coached. They are riding a big high with two big wins against two big schools. They played with a lot of heart and made it a close game. I congratulate them because they gave us everything we wanted, and more. They came out here with a lot of school spirit. I was really impressed by that. They’re a class act.” –La Salle coach Rich Diaz

“We’ve only just begun.” –San Gabriel Mission coach Jaime Preciado

San Gabriel Mission coach Jaime Preciado can walk with his head high, and the boisterous Pioneer faithful will agree. Here they are below, cheering San Gabriel Mission after an incredible season.

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  • ojrjr

    mission..not bad for only having a little more than 200 girls on campus..imagine if they had 400 kids on campus..

  • Anonymous

    ojrjr, Are you not happy with the girls you have? They seem to have done fine with the group they have. Why would you down-play the current kids you have? The current school size is very appropriate for Div. 6.

    Be happy that is the case because their are many other schools 1/5th the size of some of the other schools in their division.

    Then again, and “ace” pitcher can effectively nuetralize competition from a school of any size.

  • Anonymous

    I am completely confused about the last or I should say the only 2 comments. I think ojrjr tried to compliment Mission in a sacrastic manner. And the anonymous person, took it to the next level and went on a rampage. Miscommunication, perhaps?
    Eitherway, Mission is in the playoffs playing against La Salle. That should be an interesting game to watch. Good luck to both teams!

  • ojrjr

    was taken in the wrong direction by Anonymous..i meant that in a good way for mission..having only 200 kids in a school is tough..and having an elite team to come out of that group is even tougher..

    be there tomorrow to see a great game or be square..

  • SGV Fan

    School size is still different within CIF divisions. For example, division 6. Why is Arroyo with more than 2,000 students in the same division with teams like San Gabriel Mission and other teams with only a few hundred students? Same way in soccer for Mission Valley League. Mission Valley league in other sports usually doesn’t get out of first round because the teams are in division 2 or 3. MVL softball and soccer get a major benefit that they play in division 6.
    Anyway, the main topic is good luck to all the student-athletes at all the schools in the playoffs as they make memories.
    To Miguel, thank you for giving a little coverage to the little schools.

  • SM Softball Parent

    Good luck to La Canada! Let’s go Rio Hondo League!

  • SG Mission Parent

    It was great game! It was a privilege to play against La Salle. I have complete respect for La Salle’s softball team and their school. Therefore, I was shocked and frankly disappointed to hear that a fan on La Salle’s cheering section would have displayed such poor sportsmanship against one of our players. In addition, to his inappropriate comments, I am extremely sick to my stomach to know that the parents/fans/coaches for La Salle did not ask him to stop. It took a player on our team to inform the umpire about his behavior. Shame on you, if you witnessed this poor excuse for a MAN and did nothing to stop it!!! Although, you may have not made those comments, you are just as guilty for allowing it to happen!! We (Mission) would have NEVER displayed or allowed anyone to disrespect another player on the opposing team. I will not repeat the comments made. But, I will say it was extremely hurtful and beyond unacceptable!! Hopefully, the coaches/parents at La Salle do not overlook this incident and take further action to address this issue.

    Mission High School along with coach Jaime will continue to walk with our heads high, GO MISSION!! Good luck to the teams in the finals!

  • Anonymous

    Always sorry to see a San Gabrel valley team lose.

    I can’t help but ask the question. When you live with a two pitcher system you die with the two pitcher system. It is the same in football where virtually no one at a reasonably high level splits quarterback time anywhere close to equally.

    The question is the following: Did the la Canada coaches make a mistake by switching pitchers?

  • Anonymous

    I never saw what Scott Fisch wrote and don’t care to.

    I laugh when I read LC faithful’s comment. You are right, LC faithful that the game is about the kids, for the kids, etc.

    Practice what you preach. You guys at La Canada feel free to talk down all the kids from other programs with all the vile and disdain your self entitled crowd feels it deserves.

    If you are an example of positive influence, the La Canada program is in worse trouble than even I had thought.

    Speak nice, LC faithful,defend your players by not putting other team’s player’s down, and the LLa Canada program might one day earn some respect.

  • Miguel Melendez

    LC Faithful: I deleted your comment. No personal attacks on players. If you have a problem with the South Hills fans, fine. But leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t La Canada parents act like the class act San Gabriel Mission faithful were. Congrats to San Gabriel Mission on a heck of a run. We know you will hold your head high, unlike the La Canada losers.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel will spend all that time he was planning to spend on the La Canada program on La Salle instead. They deserve it.

    Best wishes, La Sal;le, in your quest for a title.

  • Anonymous

    to the peron about the la salle fan he did nothing wrong he was just sayin rally rally the pitchers name is sally i dont know how that is disrespectful so please do not bring this down on la salle

  • ojrjr

    Tough loss for our Lady Pioneers..they went down swinging with all their hearts..they lost 3 to 1 to La Salle this afternoon..ending a winning streak of playoff games and ending it in the semi finals for the very first time in Mission history..

    Nicole Holguin pitches one of her best games ever and Clarissa Reyna hits a bomb to left center for their only run..

    Congrats to our Mission Coaches, Jaime and Molly, for all their time and effort and a season of awesome memories..I hope through this fine experience Mission benefits and learns for next time..

    Thank You Mr. Collins for getting the entire school out there to support our softball squad for this very special time it will be a win for Mission and a CIF Championship!!

    Thank You everyone who showed up to rally our girls on..

    Congrat to La Salle..good luck in the final..

  • La Salle Fan

    la salle today played a great game. Mission played a wonderful game you girls had a great season I am sorry for your loss but great season. Good win la salle championship game yet again here we go

  • SG Mission Parent

    Anonymous response to my comment. Ummm, NO! Rallying is completely different than insults, my friend (respectfully). Again, I won’t repeat what was said to protect our team and player. But, I will assure you it was not in good taste and several different comments were made and none included a Sally!! Perhaps, we are talking about two different people.

    As far as bringing La Salle down, I would rather the issue be address than ignored. Unfortunately, his behavior directly reflects onto La Salle. Maybe, addressing it with him or the coach who was asked to redirect him will be a better option than accussing me of bring La Salle down.

    We are a community that needs to demostrate respect for others. Especially, for a young athletes!!

  • softballmommy

    Hey Anonymous, That is not all that guy was saying….I normally don’t play little back and forth games with comments. But, I will say this he was making very disrespectful comments towards our pitcher. I didn’t want to repeat it but…i will….He would make comments to her about her pitches such as”is that all you got” and ” whats up with those cleats….why are they nike and you socks under armour?” When she would look at him he would say “yeah i’m talking to you Nicole” I think that is disrespectful and childish. You must be the chic that was sitting next to him! Unfortunately,one fan can make you all look bad. Either way much respect and Good Luck La Salle softball team.

  • SG Mission Parent

    To softballmommy: I heard that and much more!! Honestly, I think an apology is appropriate. How did all those comments happen with La Salle present?? At some point, you would think, a person would shh him!!Other things were said that were extremely hurtful and attacks were made personal. No need to insult players!!

    On a lighter note, Who the heck gave him a fashion police badge. They got the win and we got a fashion critique. HAHA!

    Now, that we are somewhat in the newspaper. Maybe, we can raise some funds to have matching name brand uniforms, so folks like that will not insult our players.

  • Anonymous

    Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!!!

    Okay … things were said by one individual that shouldn’t have been said. Let’s just chalk it up to ignorance. Why doesn’t everybody just move on!

    I didn’t notice any of this. What I saw was great enthusiasm by both sets of fans and mutual resect between both teams. To highlight the issues of one ignorant individual is silly.

    Let’s just celebrate what a great game it was. Great season for both teams and good luck in the championship game LaSalle.

  • SGV Fan

    I wasn’t at the game and from what I’ve heard from people both teams played well and showed respect for each other. Coaches should coach. And, this is a free country. However. keep in mind if a student said those things on campus during the day that would be bullying and should not be tolerated. Perhaps a administrator from La Salle could have asked the person to refrain from trying to embarass their own La Salle team with comments that shouldn’t be allowed. Did the church know these comments were being made on church grounds?
    High school sports should be about good sportsmanship, regardless of which team wins. From everything I know about the game and both schools, both schools promote good sportsmanship and respect for the other team and for the sport. These young ladies both had a great game, La Salle celebrated appropriately, San Gabriel Mission congratulated La Salle appropriately and both teams went home. The players showed the how it should be done and hurray for all the players, especially mission’s pitcher for keeping her composure for her team and the game of softball while being yelled at. This was a great game by two great little schools. How wonderful! That will be the memory for both teams. Good luck La Salle and thank you San Gabriel Mission and La Salle for good character.

  • chkyrslf

    Sounds like we have a rivalry brewing.

  • Anonymous

    Where is chkyrslf, our famous La Canada coach who has a comment on everything? I would love to her his comments, as he speaks both as a coach and a defender of all things La Canada.

  • chkyrslf

    Well, unfortunately, I was coaching the La Canada game at the time… just kidding. It is time to end that nonsense, by the way. It is not fair to KC and the boys/girls. But, I still think it is funny.

    Anyway, parents and fans get carried away and it is up to umpires and coaches on both sides to control them, and if they don’t, this is what you get. There is a thin line between enthusiasm and idiocy. It sounds like it was crossed in the stands of this game. But that being said, this how rivalries are started.

  • Anonymous

    Easy Dan, you seem bitter.

  • SG Mission Parent

    SGV Fan: Well said!! It was a great experience. Your right, the players from both teams demostrated appropriate behavior. Both sides, left the softball field feeling accomplished. Mission left with a memorable experience and a sisterhood they will forever cherish! They made Mission history. La Salle moves to the finals in their journey to the championship. Both teams, won yesterday!!

    Rivalry Brewing, no way! (at least in my opinion) It’s about the basic principal of sportmanship behavior or sports etiquette. Which, I am not revisiting since I already addressed it. Are you trying to stir the pot? I see your tactic, using our game to move away from addressing the other game, nice :)!

    Anyhow, This blog is old and time to move on. Good luck to all the teams in the finals!!

  • Lancer Parent

    Wow SG Mission. When did you all become so PC. “Your cleats and shoes aren’t matching brands” and “is that all you got?”. Those are polarizing remarks! How about the fact that you sent a Hells Angel type over to OUR side to intimidate that student? That’s alright, right?! It was a great game on both sides and the energy was pumping. Let’s leave it at that and not make careless remarks unless we are also going look in the mirror.

  • anonymous

    To the La Salle Parent who said we sent a hells angels over there to speak to the spectator..#1 He is a proud parent of a Misson Player and not a hells Angel..#2 You as a parent should have spoke up and advised him not to be making those remarks as I am sure you would not have liked it if a Mission fan did that to your child..What kind of example are you showing your girls by keeping quiet. #3 Mission Fans and players were very respectful to the LaSalle players..Parents were going up to them and wishing them Good Luck on thier next game..I have nothing bad to say about LaSalle students and parents but 1 bad apple can cause spoil it for everyone..Yes I will be writing a letter to the school because of this 1 bad apple..and last but not least I am very Proud of Nicole Holguin no matter what she was wearing…

  • SJC

    Great job to both teams on an incredible Season.

    To Allie, Sterling and Colleen, Best of luck in the Finals. Go “V”.

  • chkyrslf

    What’s wrong with the Hells Angels?

  • SG Mission Parent

    I’m addressing the comment by the lancer parent. Finally, one speaks/writes. Why is mission trying to be PC? What are you trying to imply? Your comment displayed AGAIN the lack of sportsmanship. The generalization you made about the Hell Angels is a form of stereotypical behavior. How Dare You?? Perhaps, it was your child who was making those polarizing comments. La Salle has two bad apples!! By the way, if you would have read the comments you would have figured out that those were some examples the disgraceful comments were kept private. At this point, I think you have proved all our comments right!! Now, there is a poor excuse of a Man and poor excuse for a PARENT. If in fact it was a student, there is more of reason this should receive proper attention. Why wouldn’t a La Salle fan correct a student? Maybe, they felt his behavior was acceptable. Shame on you!! I am amazed that such bravery is diplayed behind a computer. I’m sure you feel big and bad by labeling someone a member of hells angel. Too bad, you did not use that same bravery to approach him.

    Now, I feel embrassed for the La Salle community. You did not help the situation by your remarks. WOW!!

  • Anonymous

    Again …

    Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!!!

    Okay … things were said by one individual that shouldn’t have been said. Let’s just chalk it up to ignorance. Why doesn’t everybody just move on!

    I didn’t notice any of this. What I saw was great enthusiasm by both sets of fans and mutual resect between both teams. To highlight the issues of one ignorant individual is silly.

    Get over it!

    Let’s just celebrate what a great game it was. Great season for both teams and good luck in the championship game LaSalle.

  • Come on!

    Where is the coverage of Jenna Rodriguez and her great efforts to propel her Hawaii team to their first ever college world series? So few kids move on to the next level let alone do well.

    Miguel, I know you have a strong bias toward private schools but come on!

  • SG Mission Parent

    Stick and stones person: I purposely ingored your comment. But, since you seem so strongly about stick and stones. I will shed some light. Stick stones saying is based on several types of abuse. Therefore, when you use the saying and write get over it or chalked up to ignorance. It really sounds bad!! Which, I know you probably don’t mean or at least I hope you don’t mean. This blog as surprised me so I wouldn’t be shocked. Several reasearch has shown that words do hurt!! That is why we have terms like “verbal abuse”, “bullying”, etc…

    As far as moving on, The reasons it contines #1 it happened to a great kid #2 the negative response by the other team (that really doesn’t help) #3 they continue to deny that the comments were made or were as bad #4 no apology or a sense of remorse to the player that had to endure this behavior without a single person on their side to intervene #5 Mission had over 150 fans majority of them students and not one student demostrated a lack of respect towards La Salle. #6 Now, a new development someone admits it occurred but called the remarks polarizings #7 and a lancer parent calls a mission parent a hells angel type.#8 you can stop reading this blog at any time. But, I think you enjoy it, So, shhh!! 🙂 Gosh, I thought I would have 3 reasons.

  • chkyrslf

    I am the king over-stating a case and even I am thinking this is too much. Calm Down, the more you focus on it, the more damage it will do.

  • SG Mission Parent

    Your right, chkyrslf! BTW, I like the name. I enjoyed this debate or whatever you want to call it. Time to move on until the next person decides to add more fuel to the fire.

  • Anonymous

    Alex Aguirre (Temple City) hits a HR for Hawaii in her first at bat in the WCWS on ESPN. Time for a story Miguel, this is a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    As a matter of fact there are three players from our area in this one game on ESPN. Jenna Rodriguez (Arcadia), Alex Aguirre (Temple City) for Hawaii and Kathryn Poet (Flintridge Sacred Heart) for Missouri. All of them are former All-Area Players.

  • chkyrslf

    Sorry, those last two were from me.

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