Baseball All-Rio Hondo League: Monrovia 2B Nick Bueno, pitcher Aaron Murphree earn co-MVP honors


Nick Bueno, Monrovia, Junior
Aaron Murphree, Monrovia, Senior

Chris Calver, pitcher, Monrovia, Senior
Calvin Copping, pitcher, Temple City, Sophomore
Adrian Velasco, catcher, Monrovia, Junior
Jairo Jiorge, infield, Monrovia, Junior
Dusty Sanderson, infield, Temple City, Senior
Robert Nakamura, infield, Monrovia, Senior
Justin Smith, infield, Temple City, Senior
Stevie Yortsos, Infield, San Marino, Senior
Jimmy Bradley, outfield, Monrovia, Senior
Tim Kim, outfield, La Caada, Senior
Justin De La Nuez, outfield, Monrovia, Senior
Brandon Perry, utility, South Pasadena, Junior
Julian Jarrard, utility, Junior
Branden Pultz, outfield, Temple City

Brett Smith, pitcher, Blair, Senior
Chris Warren, pitcher, San Marino, Senior
Anthony D’Oro, pitcher, South Pasadena, Junior
Robert Bauelos, catcher, Blair, Senior
Ruben Jara, catcher, Temple City, Senior
Tyler Ryan, infield, South Pasadena, Senior
Michael lee, infield, La Caada, Senior
Doug Mayberry, infield, San Marino, Junior
Niko Horwith, infield, La Caada, Senior
Scott Stetson, infield, La Caada, Junior
Alec Vigil, outfield, Temple City, Junior
Jonah Jarrard, outfield, Temple City, Sophomore
Brian Swanson, outfield, South Pasadena, Junior
Tarik El’Abour, outfield, San Marino, Senior

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  • Archangel

    I know it’s just a tiny thing in the Oceans of Info your dealing with everyday, but Bueno plays 2nd and Nakamura was the Cats Stud at short.

    Thanks for Posting these Lists it’s great to see the Boys hard work be acknowledged.

  • tcchamps

    Hey, I think both kids are great players, but Sanderson leads Bueno in: Batting Average, Home Runs, Slugging Percentage, Fielding Percentage, and RBIs. Not that it should count, but he is also a Senior.
    If you are incapable of only picking one MVP (Murphee deservingly), at least have the baseballs to get it right.

  • confused fan

    uhh isn’t Nico Horwith from San Marino, not La Canada?

  • Shane Silva

    These are very good selections, but I think Roger Bustillos deserved a spot on the first team selections. He was a very good presence with his 4 at bats in the season.

  • Ex-Cats Watcher


    That’s exactly what was being discussed when we heard about Co-MVP’s. At first we thought it was Co-MVP between Murphree and Sanderson. Dusty had a better season and hit 6 HR’s, nothing against Bueno the kid is phenomenal but I think the Cats still could have had a Winning season without him but not without Murphree on the mound and his 3 HR’s and 19 RBI’s.

  • HORRAY!!!

    Great…… the last thing we needed is more ammo for miguels man crush on Nick Bueno, wonder what hes going to do after this kid graduates….

  • Anonymous

    ummm horwith is from sm

  • RHL fan

    Bueno was the offensive catalyst of the league champs. Without him, they don’t have any offense. He was the unanimous vote amongst all the coaches. The decision was between Murphree and Sanderson. It’s not all about stats fellas, but about wins.

  • darthvader


  • Cats Fan

    Without Bueno, they don’t score and without Murphree, they get lit up. So, they got it right!!!

  • Anonymous

    TAAARRRIIIKKKK atta baby!

  • forgatchfan5

    Many bad decisions have littered sports throughout time, sam bowie over Jordan, Aundray Bruce Being first overall by the Falcons and of course Witichta State Legend John Gulick being denied in the 1996 MLB Draft. But the denial of Joe Forgatch in this All league conversation is nonsense. Joe Forgatch is a phenomenal athlete and leader. He is going D1 next year to Miami (FL) in academics. Joe was presented several JuCo offers for his rocket arm on the gridiron, his slippery jumpshot in basketball and his gold glove on the diamond. History need not repeat itself again but it has.

  • Anonymous

    It is about Wins! and the Majority of the Cats wins were because of Great pitching keeping the opposing scores low not because the Cats great run support. Look at scores most games were 3-0 or won by 1 run.

    They Beat LaSalle with Murphree on the Mound 2-1 and lost to Sonora 4-0 because nobody could get a hit.
    Litchfield dropped 12K’s on the Cats and Calver Pitched a Damn good game. Oh and Mr. offensive catalyst went a clean 0 for 3

  • RHL fan

    anonymous: Why don’t you take that matter up with all the RHL coaches who voted for Bueno unanimously!!! Sounds like somebody’s a little jealous!!!

  • tiger for life

    congratulations to murphree and bueno. both are very deserving. looking forward to a better season from my tigers. just glad we don’t have to hear that obnoxious and annoying monrovia dad anymore, because his son is graduating this year. yeah, that’s right! the one that sits in the front, behind the backstop. he sure knows it all!!!

  • just a question

    How many guys from the Rio Hondo league are moving on to D1 schools or any college not a a JC?

  • Just A Thought

    Answer to Just a Question


  • Anonymous

    He knows your Grrrreat! Tigers didn’t score a single run against Monrovia in 3 games this year!

  • tcchamps

    Qustion and Thought:

    I believe Sanderson will be playing at Azuza Pacific.

  • Reality

    Azusa Pacific is NAIA. The answer is still none.

  • Anonymous

    Just for you reality

    C’mon…somebody ask how many from the Arcadia..Doh! I mean Pacific League C’mon ask me..just ask me..I’m ready go ahead ask me..c’mon I know this one pick me..

  • Just an Idea

    Okay Anonymous let’s see if you really know what you’re talking about, go ahead name the Pacific League players going D1 or D2

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t got a clue and don’t care but I betcha Reality does just ask him… go ahead..Idare you…

  • featherhead

    just be thankful that jaba won’t be parked behind any more rhl backstops or posting stupid shyt on this blog!

  • let’s get something straight

    I wish a few of the jerk coaches in this league got evaluated at the end of the year for their unsportsman-like conduct…we know they didn’t play anywhere!

    And they should be ashamed of themselves for even typing one word on these blogs….so pathetic

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