Baseball All-Del Rey League: La Salle sophomores Bowdien Derby, Chris Williams earn first-team selections


Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, So.

Paul Paez, Bishop Amat, Sr.

Paul Paez, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Jerry McClanahan, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Brandon McNitt, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Joseph Eusebio, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Adrian Franco, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Jay Anderson, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Bernardo Zavala, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, So.
Nick Oddo, St. Paul, Sr.
Gabriel Encina, St. Paul, Sr.
Evan Sanchez, St. Paul, Sr.
Anthony Gonzalez, St. Paul, Jr.
Bowdien Derby, La Salle, So.
Chris Williams, La Salle, So.
Eddie McLaughlin, Bishop Montgomery, Sr.

Andrew Chico, St. Paul, Sr.
Tim Gonzalez, St. Paul, Sr.
Chris Wilson, St. Paul, Sr.
James Harmon, La Salle, Sr.
Michael Bottala, La Salle, Sr.
Brian Hill, La Salle, Sr.
Garry Goebel, La Salle, Jr.
AJ Kissinger, Bishop Montgomery, Sr.
Johnny McLaughlin, Bishop Montgomery, Jr.
Christian Sarabia, Bishop Montgomery, Jr.
Andrew Garbe, Bishop Montgomery
James Morgutia, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Jr.
Chris Montero, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Jr.
Alex Avellaneda, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Fr.
Francisco Hernandez, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Sr.

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  • Anonymous

    Do they use overall stats or in league stats to determine these picks?

  • Real Housewives of Hollenbeck

    My word it must suck to be the one kid from the Bishop Amat team that didn’t make the list.

  • al anon

    It is supposed to be based just on league stats.

  • softball dad

    What about Del Rey softball All-League?

  • Anonymous

    I think its based on favoritism by the coaches. Look at those kids from Cantwell. Chris Montero and James Morguita. Montero in league play is eith overall in average. (only kids from Amat batted better-but they didn’t face their own pitchers) Morguita batted over 400 overall. Ask the LaSalle coach about theses guys, he’ll tell you they are legit. Too bad they play for a school that didn’t produce much. I guess giving up 15 runs a game will do that. That shouldn’t affeect their outstanding offensive effort.

  • Amat softball dad

    Why do we always have to ask that the girls be given the same recognition as the boys in all sports? Please publish the Del Rey all-league softball team as well. Parents subscribe to your paper, and some of us have sons and daughters that we would like to be recognized equally. Thank You….

  • Al Anon

    It’s up to the coaches to submit the lists. I know in some cases the coaches wait until they’ve awarded the kids their league patches so they don’t find out through the paper they made all league.

    The Star News publishes what they get.

  • Anonymous

    ive seen Freshman Alex Avellaneda play at Bishop Montgomery this kid can pitch! i hope to see him in the future with the big guys.

  • Anonymous

    aj kissinger on second team? thats highway robbery

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