BREAKING NEWS: Vailele Peko transfers to La Habra

A while back I wrote that Vailele Peko would be the more suitable player to run the deception-based offense that is the Wing-T offense, recently installed by first-year Alhambra head football coach Lou Torres. I had written that Peko’s speed, agility and athleticism made him the obvious choice to head the offense. Well, you can throw all that out the window. We’ve just been informed that Peko has transferred to powerhouse La Habra. The news came this morning and was delivered by Torres in an interview this afternoon. This is a big loss for the Moors’ football team and baseball team, but a huge gain for the Highlanders. To what extent this news will affect the Moors is still uncertain. The fact of the matter is there will be a new face and some dry feet taking snaps in the backfield with a sophomore likely to take the reigns at quarterback. The benefit Alhambra has going for itself is the fact it returns an experienced line that will provide protection in the pocket and on the run as well.

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  • Don

    With all respect due Mr. Peko, did his family know that the Highlanders play Bosco, Servite, and OH! Lu this year before they moved?

    Not at all like Montebello and Wilson.

    Good luck.

  • Schurr Spartan

    Reaaly sad that such a player would leave The Moors. Alhambra should have hired a NEW coach. La Habra hit the lotto. IM JUST SAYING..

  • LH Guy

    His cousin already plays for LH and this transfer is for athletic purposes only. Something smells fishy…..

  • Moor parent

    They are not moving because of football or because of the other teams they’re going to play. This is a move they HAVE TO DO for other personal reasons.

  • The Truth

    The Wing T offense is a JOKE, just ask Gabrielino

  • realist

    Of course it’s fishy. Can you say “reggie bush”? Is it really worth it.

  • I wonder why?

    Is it just a coincidence that Peko packs his baller bag n’ heads out to Highlander land the same year coach Rudy retires and NO Ruedaflores’ on the staff allowed back???
    What a joke Administration, and to shame with and all those involved. Vai Peko is a great kid period. Aside from his talent, his love for life and just competing is just second to none. I wish the best for him and his great family. He will do great for La Habra and yes indeed the Highlanders got themselves an all around great Football player. I remember some haters last year on this blog that couldn’t wait for the so-called “Ruedafores family”,
    to be gone and turn a new leaf, well, there you go hater people good luck w/ out your best player this year! ha
    Oh yeah…you should be very careful what you wish for!

  • moortime

    All due respect Senor’ don,

    I’m quite sure The Peko family was aware of their
    schedule next year and your right about the caliber of teams he will be facing. Vai Peko can compete at ANY high school level. Especially with some HUGE guys upfront.
    He’s a hellava athlete at TB/CB!!! On anybody’s team.

  • Aiga One

    Talent has to be tested and LH will be a GREAT Test for him and will help remove any doubts of scouts…This guy is awesome…Hes a PEKO and its in their Blood…Congrats to him and his parents…BTW-Always a good move if you want to get used to sportin Championship RINGS!!! Alofas..

  • stop dangling

    Get off his jock already. Those teams will smack him around. ” Can you say “reggie bush”? ” ARE YOU SERIOUS ??????? LMAO this kid is ok, but going from almont playing teams like MHS, san gabriel, schurr, ……GIVE ME A BREAK…….you will see. He will be average. This SHOWBOAT is in for a rude awakening. Guess he realized he wasnt gonna be pampered anymore. Poor baby.

  • whats going on

    Every time i come on here it feels like this is a Alhambra High Booster club. No matter what sport or topic. Even if were not talking about you guys. Don’t you people have lives… get over yourselfs. Your athletes are not the greatest in the world.

  • Peko MOM

    To those of you that support.. thank you for your well wishes and sticking by Vai no matter where he goes.. To those others coming up with your own conclusions.. get over it.. we are leaving because we have to.. not because of the football team. You should be giving Kudos for him to be able to play with such an outstanding team. And what kid wouldn’t want to play with their cousin. We have lived in Alhambra for 16 years and its very upsetting having to go, but at the same time we are excited about the new location. Being able to play with such an awesome team is a bonus and Vai will work his hardest and adjust also. We thank ALL coaches that helped him grow into the player he is today and appreciate the coaches that will continue to help him do better. Whoever you “haters” are out there.. you should be supporting the kids.. not putting them down.. Keep your stupid @$$ comments to yourself..

  • featherhead

    kid is an athlete-he will be fine

  • VaiAllTheWay

    he will do just fine…

  • Goldenarm

    the Moors will be fine.

    I enjoyed watching Peko compete over the years. He was often mistakenly put in the shadow of Crockum…but in fact was more dangerous, because defenses were bent to blanklet Crockom. leaving the quick, elusive Peko to find easy receptions on the slant, out or quick post.
    Once ball in hand, he was a tough target to bring down one on one.

    He will have his hands full learning a new system, fitting in and getting comfortable surrounded by a sea of strangers at LH. Best of luck to the Peko family.

  • Goldenarm

    great to see randy backus as part of the west all star coaching staff!!

    the west is gonna need defensive miracles to even get close….game is the 25th in Baldwin Park


    You are leaving because you HAVE to…..did you hear that CIF ….they HAVE to….LOL…i’m sure she’s not just saying that… just in case anyone from CIF is listening…they HAVE to…wink wink…… YEAH RIGHT. this kid better not get no breaks….he SHOULD have to sit out 1 year. So what ..he’smoving to play with his cousin..or whats the deal..? And this kid is a showboat and he isnt that great…no hating…just the truth, sorry u cant deal with truth.!!!


    welcome to the VAI PEKO fanclub website

  • Peko MOM

    So why hide Ms SURE LADY… if you know whats going on so well . Don’t speak on something you don’t know anything about… IDIOT…

  • Big Mamma

    For all of you big talkers out there, we will be sure to invite you to the moving party next week. We will be expecting you to bring your big trucks and will be serving you a BIG SLICE of HUMBLE PIE! Talk about something you know to be fact. I know one thing, this kid is an exceptional football player that will be playing with other kids that give it their all, 100% of the time. He is going to fit in perfectly,cousin or no cousin. And when we see him out there rockin and rollin we will know that God had a plan all along and not some conspiracy that you all made up in your minds. Remember who is an adult and who is a kid here. Vai welcome to La Habra, now show them what you got!

  • Sam32

    To the guy who keeps saying “he’s not that good” and “he’s a showboat”. Your an idiot! Nobody needs to stoop down to your level and argue cause you’ll beat them with experience.
    The Peko family doesn’t need to explain a damn thing to anyone. He’s moving from the area with his family so it is what it is. Assume what you want but you know what happens when you assume.

  • Hannibalthedestroyer

    To the Peko family good luck and thank you. Will miss you in the stands. Had the pleasure of watching Vai the last 3 years, good kid, very athletic, great family. The Moors will miss their teammate no doubt, and The Peko’s will alway’s be ALHAMBRA MOORS!

  • MOORS!!!

    Please have respect for the young man and his family. Vai gave us three years of loyalty, respect, and committment. he showed what it was to be a high school athlete. times are tough and everyone of you on this thread know that. His family IS moving for personal reasons. to show him and his family the same committment and respect that they gave Alhambra, i wish them the best of luck! we will be following him as a former Moor, and not as a Highlander. He knows he will always be a moor, whether at la habra or any other school. Good luck Peko’s!

  • keannaCUH

    cantt wait tooo watchh my TWO cousinsss playy next yearr! love you guyss!

  • Coach O

    I’ve had the privilege of knowing Vai since his freshman year, and coaching him for the past few seasons. It saddens me to see him go for ANY reason. I absolutely wish him and his family the best on both this upcoming season, and in their future. Vai is an outstanding young man, and more than just an athlete. His personality, smile and competetive spirit will all be missed on the practice field. I hope with hard work in the classroom, and on the field, we will see him playing D1 football next year. Vai will always be a Moor in my heart.
    As for the Moors, as the saying goes- “The show must go on.” We are getting a great, young group of kids ready to play Roosevelt and will go out and compete to the best of our abilities.

  • VaiPeko32:D

    ok so first of all, why do u guys think i WANT to move to la habra just cuz my cuzzin goes there and cuz they have a great team? you people act like im moving just for the football team, i think youve forgotten i play 3 sports. i wouldnt want leave alhambra baseball because we have suck a great team;D alhambra baseball will be the best baseball program i will ever play for, thank u coaches for everything, if you ever want your kid to play baseball take him to alhambra cuz thats the best baseball staff there is. you dont know whats going on in our life so why assume? you haters need to be the bigger person in stead of me being bigger then u!!;D we have to move for personal reasons, i would never want to leave alhambra cuz ive been here my whole life. i grew playing ball in alhambra. being here for 16 years gave me a lot of memories. i rather would have wanna graduate at alhambra buh wen things come up that force u to move, u cant do nothin bout it. im gonna play hard at la habra no matter what i give 100%. its my luck that i get the privilege to play with an outstanding team, and a plus if they won c.i.f 3 years in a row. so what my cuzzin plays with them that dont mean nothing. is there a reason why you guys care that i HAVE to move? i bet you guys would still cry if it was crockom that left at my age right. things happen for a reason. only the people that have lives can realize that, but for those of u who dont, thats all u know how to do is hate. so grow up please stop making a fool out of you self, its pretty sad how a youngin is the bigger person here. thank those of you who respect me and my family and for all your support.

  • Quaker

    Is this another jordan canada situation? It’s not smart for the mother and son to get on this blog. I suggest you guys lay low.

  • My head hurts now

    Damn, this kid should spend some more time in the classroom, maybe catch a couple of English tutoring sessions or something. I feel dumber after reading that post. Not to bash, but GEEZ!! New meaning to the word MEATHEAD. Seriously Vai, u made “you self” look like an idiot. Take that other guys advice and stay off the blogs…..or at least have someone else write for you.

  • vaibestfriend

    those are some baby arms! i love you vai

  • moorfan

    hey “my head hurts”… This isnt an english session idiot.. Get off this blog…

  • Goldenarm


    don’t get sucked into the negative.
    look straight ahead and work hard –

    as far as football…..
    concentrate on first catching the ball and then protecting it – the running part is instant and instinct for you, don’t sweat that part.

    Good luck…..

  • VaisLilSister

    Hatterrss! ;DD
    gooodluckk lele i loove youuu! cannt wait too see youu nd cousinn playy togther (:

  • Now my eyes hurt

    I see it runs in the family….yo all a bunch of english haters. Hope u know they dont teach Ebonics at La Habra.

  • CIF watch

    CIF better check this out VERY carefully……this kid WILL need to sit out a year of varsity.

    D1 next year?? Dream on coach. I’ve seen this kid play many times. Only D1 he’ll be playing next year is NCAA2011 football on PS3!!

  • Enough Already

    Where does this leave the other new RB transfer who’s chasing a championship? Nothing like good ol’ competition!

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t see a CIF issue here, looks like a valid change of address that Alhambra will not contest. Neither Vai nor his mother have said anything that would change that perception though it would probably be best for them not to comment at all. Good luck to him next year as it will certainly be a challenging step up in competition both with his new team and against the teams he will be competing against.

  • Norco

    This is what a D1 RB looks like…Norcos 4* Kelsy Young committed to Stanford & is ranked as the # 23 RB in the Country…Norco puts out D1 running backs like there going out of style…

    Kelsy Young

  • Nervo

    Guys, guys, calm down; he isn’t leaving for the football team, just read this quote from his post…

    “you people act like im moving just for the football team, i think youve forgotten i play 3 sports.”

    it’s for football, baseball, and the third sport that he’s moving…

    if he isn’t transferring for sports then why and how did the news make it to this venue…

  • moneytalks

    Norco, that is a solid highlight against good comp. The Kelsey Young is going to do damage in the pac 10

  • A-TEAM

    hey guys why is it such a big deal that Peko is moving. i didnt think he was that important and you guys cared so much about him. i mean this kid has talent you got to admit. but why bring down a KID. no matter what we should have respect for all players. hes moving for personal reasons. so just let him strive for his goals and be respectful to the kid. why would you want to ruin some kids life and not want him to play no more. i know for a fact Peko would never leave AHS. he is a great kid. just let the kid go. get over the fact that he moved. he will have to compete but im sure he will be just fine. he will fit in well with the tteam.

  • TigerFan

    vai is an amazing player with all kinds of talent. I for one personally believe that he is moving for personal reasons. People are saying that he should lose a year of eligibility because they are afraid of what this kid can do. If he puts a good season under his belt he could easily play at the college level. Many of you out there reading this know that once your opportunities to play football run out you never truly get another chance. Why would you want to take away this players chance to partake in the game that we all love. Despite all of the animosity between schools and team, we are all united by this amazing game that is football.

  • SGV Style

    Regardless of all the comments, Blood is thicker than water. Peko and his family had to do what they had to do, where ever you go VAI handle your business !!! You do not owe the haters an explanation, most of them are couch bums anyway….have nothing else to do. I have seen you play both baseball and football, you have a bright future where ever you go!!!! Make your family proud and your MaMa….

  • Good post, thanks

  • Dunki

    Good luck Vai, your a great inspiration.


    La Habra is a great team with or without Mr. Peko…that being said, they just increased their great players. Since we don’t play then, we can only root for them…we got nothing to lose if they win another CIF, which they have done 3 times in a row without Mr. Peko…so lay off him unless you want to wish him and his family well. Its not the Pros dads and coaches, its just high school so take it down a notch. Kuddos to all you who gave him praise and best wishes…shame on you to you skeptics and those who ragged on him.

  • VaiPeko#32

    Okay truth is im movin’ cuz coach ruedaflores retired and i can’t stand coach torres, hes lame ignorant an obnoxious and has his favorites,i wanna go to La Habra & play wit my cousin play wittta 3 time cif in a row champion team and im gonna play D1 football my senior year so forget y’all i love the moors players && ochoa & ruedaflores but not Mr.Lou Torres

  • MitchellCrockom#22

    Much Love To The Homie Vai!

  • Sam32

    To the fake Vai peko #32 don’t post stuff to make the real Peko look bad. I know for a fact that what was said didn’t come from him.

  • football parent

    wow.. Whoever the POSER “VAIPEKO32” is… SHAME ON YOU for making him look like he would say something like this… get a life.. This blog was months ago.. MOVE ON…

  • alhambra basketball

    vai is great and best of luck

  • alhambra basketball

    vai is great and best of luck

  • The reel i have is an ABU 6500. Its not a mag or anything special, just a plain old 6500 with a levelwind, which i bought from a friend for 20quid.

  • VaiPeko#32 Da Real

    Y’all gotta get of my jock and quit obessing over me and like wat the hell i hate lou torres tht fool stupid. y’all dont know my personal life cuz y’all ignorant

  • football parent

    TO the FAKE “VaiPeko#32 Da Real” … you must really be jealous of Vai.. he must have taken your position at Alhambra or something. Whoever you are.. step it up kid.. do a little better and you won’t have to be leaving idiot messages on these blogs..

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