Softball All-Almont League: Keppel’s Medina honored


Lauren Herman, Schurr

Alashanee Medina, Mark Keppel

Natalie Gutierrez, Alhambra
Carmelita Wimberly, Alhambra
Ashly Lopez, Bell Gardens
Brittani Hirose, Mark Keppel
Cecily Ramirez, Mark Keppel
Brianna Becerra, Mark Keppel
Anisa Carrasco, Montebello
Valerie Aguilar, Montebello
Jaquelynn Hilton, San Gabriel
Jacklyn Zacarias, Schurr
Megan Coronado, Schurr
Aishia Ruiz, Schurr
Monique Troncoza, Schurr

Brittanie Garcia, Alhambra
Donna Lara, Alhambra
Lisette Cruz, Bell Gardens
Angelica Pena, Mark Keppel
Vanessa Mendez, Mark Keppel
Amanda Ruacho, Mark Keppel
Jacqueline Lopez, Montebello
Michelle Contreras, Montebello
Brandy Torres, San Gabriel
Lauren Coronado, Schurr
Jaimee Rivera, Schurr
Jessica Rivera, Schurr
Kandace Mendez, Schurr

Mollie Zorrilla, Alhambra
Vanessa Juarez, Bell Gardens
Breanna Jimenez, Mark Keppel
Sabrina Cerventes, Montebello
Gabby Rivera, San Gabriel
BriAnna Bolanos, Schurr

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  • how can it be

    how can you give the girl from keppel the pitcher of the year when the schurr kid beat her twice !!! whats up with that ?? the keppel girl is a stud but she was not the pitcher of the year in the league !!!

  • chkyrslf

    These awards are given by thecoaches, not Miguel.

  • how can it be

    i know that , i was venting toward the coaches in the league ! the schurr pitcher wins two head to head meetings , out pitches the keppel girl in both games !! this was just a case of jealousy on these votes !! not cool !!

  • fanz

    Well…..since this award obviously hit a nerve for someone to take the time to post this…i think it’s fair to say that League Pitcher of the Year isn’t defined by the pitcher who’s team won league, it’s an award given to a pitcher who LEADS their team through Victory and Loss….. one who shows passion, fight and team spirit!

  • how can it be

    no nerve struck , none at all ! im sure medina has all those traits and is a team leader ! but are you trying to say jackie z. does not also have those traits ! a freshman that also had passion , fight and team spirit ! you don’t think jackie z. had passion when she out- dueled medina in that 1-0 game ! like i said in the first post im not knocking medina she’s a great player but the pitcher from schurr deserved this award . schurr went 10-0 and jackie was the ace all year ! she did not allow in a run in either keppel game and also shut down a good hitting montebello club ! the votes should have gone to the schurr girl thats all im saying , medina is a sure 1st teamer but was not the leagues best pitcher !

  • setting the record straight

    It is not always the best pitcher. Its more like you scratch my back and I will scratch your back.

  • MTBOiler

    According to a person close to the Almont League Awards, the post below is perfectly accurate. The Schurr coach didn’t fight for Jackie as Pitcher of the year because she fought for the Player of the year award for her only senior.

    Since Herman got the POY award, she agreed to give the pitcher first team to Keppel. Sad, but true. This is what happens when awards don’t go to the most deserving players. Its all a farce and beauty contest all the way through. If you think the Schurr Catcher is better than the Montebello catcher you’re nuts….come on. That first team is just laughable.

    This whole thing is a joke and the Schurr coach should be ashamed not to fight for a pitcher that didn’t lose once in league and beat the 1st team head-to-head twice.

    Now you can tell why the mighty spartans went so far in CIF….just look at the list above and how their coach fought for them


  • how can it be

    putting the schurr catcher in over the montebello catcher is not on the schurr coach ! that is on the montebello coach ! first place team gets four players in , second place three , third place two and so on ! looking at the team there a a few that could be changed but not that much !
    the pitching could have been co-pitchers of the year . schurr had a couple 2nd teamers that could have been first and so did montebello ! im sure the schurr coach fought for her kid as much as Madrid or Capps did for thiers !
    shoot , don’t pick any BG or SG kids and settle the problem !!

  • Count To 3

    How Can It Be…

    I think it is great for the league when the awards are spread out.. It gives everybody a chance. Just because there teams aren’t good as a unit doesn’t mean these individual players shouldn’t be on the teams. Not to mention yes maybe the Schurr pitcher did beat Keppel’s girl twice but she also had the better team which was proved twice correct. Now ask yourself if they played on the other team meaning keppel’s picther on schurr and vise versa who win. O Keppel Alashanee Medina would so just relax and be happy that schurr got all the girls on that they did not to say they didn’t deserve to be on there but don’t be greedy spart..


    YAY!!! I MADE FIRST TEAM AND I’M A SOPHOMORE!!!! πŸ™‚ okay….First of all Alashanee Medina from Mark Keppel and Jacklyn Zacarias from Schurr are both great pitchers. I should know b/c I faced both of them. I’ve played with Alashanee in travel ball and she is a great player. I even play with Jacklyn on my travel ball team right now. For a freshmen she is really talented and a great pitcher too! The coaches are the people who pick these awards out. I’m not picking sides , but I’m clearly stating what I think. Jacklyn carried the Spartans all the way to league which is a great accomplishment! Even though Mark Keppel didn’t win league they had a pitcher who pitched every single GAME. Jacklyn didn’t pitch every single game. In fact, she and I were just talking about this Sunday saying that Alashanee pitched every single game and that Jacklyn didn’t. So every coach got to see her pitch and were obviously impressed. So when Jacklyn didn’t pitch not every coach did get to see her pitch. So there was no way for her to impress every coach and show off her talent. Just b/c a school won league doesn’t mean that that school has to get get every award. If Jacklyn would’ve pitched every game… then it probably would’ve been a different story. So congrats Shanee(Alashanee) I’ll see you next year!!! Congrats Jax(Jacklyn) you did an amazing job. Also congrats to Lauren πŸ™‚ miss MVP!!! haha AND TO ALL THE OTHER GIRLS THAT MADE FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM AND HONORABLE MENTION GREAT JOB!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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    shanee from keppel is better then any oiler moor and schurr pitcher just stop hating plus she good looking

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  • Keppel Playerr<3

    its funny how their hating on shaneee!
    Shanee deservedd thee all league award && she got it! thats that! She got it for a reason! Simpleee Stop Hating<3

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