Football: Talent in SGV continues to rest in the East


By Steve Ramirez, Staff Writer

BALDWIN PARK – The best talent in the San Gabriel Valley continues to rest in the East. That was made abundantly clear Friday night.

Diamond Ranch’s Gus Viramontes had 208 total yards and threw three touchdown passes and South Hills’ Geoffrey Vaughns had 66 yards receiving and two scores as the East won for the second consecutive year and stretched its series lead to 19-10-2 with a 40-0 thrashing of its West counterparts during the 31st San Gabriel Valley Hall of Fame Game at Baldwin Park High School.

The 40 points scored by the East is the most in the series, and the East registered the fourth shutout.

Viramontes, who threw for 150 yards and rushed for 58 more, earned East MVP. Monrovia’s Josh Lowden was West MVP.

The West looked like it might get the early advantage after Azusa’s Kendrec McDade laid the ball on the ground on his own 37.


The West nearly took advantage, moving the ball to the East 5 on a 32-yard pass from Temple City’s Rocky Moore to Mitchell Crockum.

Moore, after a sack, then tossed nine yards to Darrian Cazarin to the 1, but Max Ruckle lost two yards on fourth-and-goal.

The East then took control late in the first quarter, driving 91 yards for the early advantage. Viramontes, who had 62 total yards in the first half, sparked the drive with completions of 5, 4 and 11 yards to the West 38. He then followed with runs of 13 and 8 yards, which, coupled with a face-mask penalty, gave the East a second-and-2 at the 10.

Bonita’s Deron Holmes took it in from there, running up the middle for 10 yards and a 7-0 lead with 9:19 left in the second quarter.

The West threatened twice during the final nine minutes of the half, but an interception by Baldwin Park’s Jerone Cox at the East 10 ended one chance before a personal foul following a 16-yard run to the East 38 pushed the West back to its own 46, eventually forcing a punt.

Viramontes then helped the East seize control early in the third quarter. The former Diamond Ranch star sparked an 84-yard drive that was started when Jacob Ammad of Chaffey tossed 26 yards on a half-back option pass to A.J. Powell to the East 42.

Viramontes then tossed 18 yards to Geoffrey Vaughns of South Hills to the West 41 before the quarterback rushed for 24 to the 10. He then tossed 9 yards to Vaughns to make it 13-0 with 8:25 left in the quarter. La Puente’s Ernesto Martin, after a personal foul moved the ball to the 18, missed the conversion.

Vaughns and Viramontes then hooked up again on a 48-yard pass and catch to make it 20-0 with 5:25 remaining in the quarter.

The West failed to gain a first down during four of its first five possessions to begin the second half.

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  • Goldenarm

    Rocky Moore is from La Canada not TC….but if he is interested in a 5th year of high school – I am sure the Rams would listen to the idea.

    Stang Fan,
    if you are out there – the real difference in this game was having one or two explosive individual talents on the offensive side of the ball. In other words, a couple Muir explosive talents.

    Don’t be fooled by the 40-0 score, the West played a hard nosed 1st half with the 1st quarter ending 0-0. Early on, a good West hit caused a fumble,West recovered inside the 20. Ruckle tried to stretch out a run from the one and get in…but the East speed smothered him..I know he wished he would have chopped it off and cut back…cause it would have been six for sure. Later the West had what looked like a safety for 2 points…but the ball was spotted on the 3 yard line…bizarre.
    Crockom and the right corner later looked confused and Viramomntes easily lobbed 2 TD’around and through them, one while scrambling- which began to demoralize the West a bit. Viramontes is a big time run / pass threat.
    The West was GROSSLY UNDERSIZED compared to the East, but don’t ever doubt – we got some tough football players over here. Brandon Wilson of Alhambra was outstanding and either he or Matt O’Malley from TC easily could have taken home the MVP over Lowden. Great effort. They were plenty of scuffles all night as well.
    Bummer ending for Keith Jones, but his kids played well, especially I. Valdez who comes to win, and ain’t scared to go toe to toe…amazing when his toe is 12 sizes smaller than the East dudes are. Arredondo of Shurr is all they say he is, just needed more touches.
    V Dominquez of TC played well, and Moor D Carrazin just needed more opportunity. Overall, I wish the West would have thrown downfield more and crossing routes…

    Even doing that, it would not have mattered though, because in the end we had the balls, but definitely did not have the horses to get it done.

  • Anonymous

    Where are all the TC fans??
    GA, etc…
    Did I hear that right…40-0, wow I guess “Backus” really knows his stuff! LOL, and the great running attack of TC (Max Ruckle) lost yardage on the goaline?
    Cant wait to hear…LOL

  • Goldenarm

    I keep flashing on the major size disparity between East and West. Yeah, the West had the 6’8″ 325 lb kid from Montebello at OT, but he was getting smoked by quickness and inside moves and was not much of a factor, at least not in this game.
    The East had 2 sets of guards that were in the 6’2 260 range. a couple more looked 290, and then the behemoth NFL body tight end to cap the line.
    Considering this, the West hung tough, stood ground and pursued well, particularly in the 1st half when the East run game was pretty much nil….to the point of frustrating players on the East.
    Nobody was getting blown out in the least. It wasn’t until the secondary got unraveled and lost – that points started going up. Viramontes scrambling freed recievers right and left and it was lights out.

    Keith Jones is and has been a great coach, who has snuck victory from the jaws of defeat many times by good preparation, and play calling that swirls around what the defense will give him. SG ran more motion than I like, and it earned them enough flags over the years to fill the United Nations building no doubt. But playing on that flooded swamp field, you never knew when the onsides was coming or when some quick 5’4″ 135lb vato would be bubble screening your ass all night long, catching you back-pedaling into coverage and out of position to make a play.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the TC fans are in hiding, lol

  • Kitty White

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