Football: When is it too early for All-Area nominations?

With our PrepXtra Magazine in full motion, we’re cranking out stories and top 10 lists, etc. One of the things we’re compiling is a preseason Star-News All-Area team. This ought to be interesting and I will be curious to see how different our pre-season All-Area team is compared to our final one in December. This will be a first-team offense and defense, so we’re taking suggestions. If you want to fill in the blanks, this is what we’re looking for …

DE, DE, DT, DT, LB, LB, LB, DB, DB, S, S, Punter

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  • !stang!

    Kevon Seymour from john Muir is the top returning player . He has been impressing college coaches at campus and he shut down the areas best WR Dennis Rufus ( charter oak). 7int 2 return for td, 800 recieving yards , 200 rushing 8td . and he only a junior.

  • !stang!

    Howard vaugh DL/LB/FB his highlight tape speaks for him. he has to be on this list


    A top vote getter for All Area RB/DB will probably be
    Charles Quintero from Rio Hondo Prep. He is incredibly good at both offense and defense. If you want to enjoy him, come out and watch a game this season and you will not believe your eyes!! He is small but really hard to stop on offense and he puts some mean hits on guys on defense. Check it out for yourself.

  • Coach

    Hey Miguel and Staff,

    I know football has a huge following. Did you forget about all area teams for your spring sports? I know you got the usual ones. Baseball and softball. I hope you don’t neglect the others. Be nice for the kids in the other sports.

  • TigerFan

    Watch for conor bednarski from south pasadena to make things happen. he was out for several games last season with a knee injury which is why he has been slightly under the radar but expect him to bring full intensity for his senior season.

  • Aaron

    All I gotta say is Nick Bueno.

  • Arcadia

    Taylor Lagace and Rodney Arnett.

    Nick Bueno, though I am an Apache fan, is going to be nominated. Nobody can deny that kid’s talent.

  • I’m In

    SG will have at least 3 maybe 4 on that team this year. Mark DB Artie Brown- All Purpose Andreas Fernandez- WR
    and Carlos Purser OL or LB, Alex Villalobos DB

    With some 2nd team guys as well Steven Park LB, Chris Perez OL, Hunter Garcia DL

  • mr moor.

    alhambra has the two best DT/OL in the area Dominic Gonzales and chris salgado.these guys are big and quick these guys did good at all the big man camps it will be fun to see these guys dominate this year.o yeah they got offers

  • mtb

    those two guys from alhambra are good

  • mtb

    those two guys from alhambra are good

  • Goldenarm

    Bednarski – isn’t this his 5th year??

    If he doesn’t get some support this season, his talent does not much matter…and he does have talent.

    He took a season-long beating last year, despite putting on some body mass from the year prior. So Pas has got to find a running game and that means a line that can push people around and a coach who refuses to give up on running the ball and not resort to total predictability. Without fear of the run any and all D lines are just going to t-off on Bednarski and blend helmet paint with him all night.

    So Pas needs a defense to keep them close, and the offense above. Quick outs and slants are great, when combined with a tackle to tackle run game and a little outside burst now and then. That pass or die approach is not what So Pas fans need to see again, and neither does Bednarski’s ACL/MCL and rib cage. Give the kid some help and Bednarski will do his part in helping the Tiger’s to field an improved crew this year.

  • Hanibalthedestroyer
  • Realist

    The best reciever in the area is Taylor Lagace. He is pretty much unguardable. He has been to all of the big time combines there is to offer and he dominates. And Myles Carr is going to be a great quarterback. Hes young but he got the size and stregth to play d1.

  • Muir

    Kevon Seymour ( muir) locked down Taylor L. During the Glendale passing league

  • Anonymous

    travis talianko.
    patrick carroll.
    ryan jenkins.

  • Anonymous

    Travis Talianko

  • Anonymous

    St. Francis’ new quarterback, left-hander Brett Nelson, appears to be a dependable, solid passer and leader. He transferred from Los Angeles Loyola before last season, and now it’s his team.
    The big surprise was seeing how good 6-5 senior quarterback Hunter Merryman looked for Pasadena Poly. He passed for 18 touchdowns with only two interceptions as a junior. He was all-league in football and baseball and All-Southern Section in basketball last season. Considering he’s playing all three sports this summer, his timing and velocity on his throws was impressive.


    — Eric Sondheimer

  • Realist


    Kevin Seymour allowed Taylor Lagace to score 2 touchdowns on him. If you consider that “locking” someone down thats fine with me. But my standards are a little higher. Taylor’s numbers from last year speak for them self. His numbers were amazing, AND his team was 2 and 8. Thats saying something. Not only that, the kid is ONLY going to be a junior. He is a special talent that only comes around once in a great while.

    p.s. There are very few individuals that can lockdown Taylor 1v1. It just doesn’t happen. Speed + Size + Strenght = Pretty much unguardable. He is a D1 prospect for sure. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Elephant


    Lagace is talented, a natural athlete. He needs to work on the mental aspect of the game. I believe he was called for three unsportsmanlike conduct last year and once walked off the field after an interception without giving pursuit. As far as D1, I’ll wait to see how he does this year. Keep in mind part of the reason his numbers last year was amazing was because they were 2-8. Meaning they were down a lot and had to throw more than average to catch up. I just didn’t want you to think he had amazing numbers spite being 2-8. But he is good. And if he can match his numbers last year then he’ll definitely be someone to be reckoned with. Let’s go Apaches!

  • !stang!

    Realist, sorry but t.lagace score on a sub ,it was a blow out. The subs played a lot. TAylor is good I saw in him in the glendale tournment. Oh yea kevon is only a junior !

  • Realist


    Im aware that Kevon is only a junior. And in the game where he apparently “locked” up Taylor, they were double teaming him. It wasnt just 1v1. All im saying is 1v1, Taylor is probably the hardest guy to cover in the area. He is also the most complete wide out in the area. He can do it all. He is physical, fast, and he has great leaping ability. Which makes him a threat on every play.


    I feel you. But just because you are behind in a ball game doesn’t mean you start throwing automatically. Maybe in the last 5 minutes of the game you will start airing it out. But this Arcadia team just played their run first style, even when they were losing. Which makes Taylors numbers look even more amazing.

  • Apache Joe

    Realist –

    Lagace is a pretty talented kid. Watching him in games last year, he still needs to develop a burst of speed, something that he lacks and I think he will eventually grow to have.

    To be a quality Division 1 receiver, he needs to at least run in the 4.6 and below range. I hate to put a number on speed with a good football player, but speed is what makes kids successful at the college level.

    He has great ball skills, some of the best I’ve seen in a while and that is where he makes his mark. If he continues to grow from his 6’1 height to about 6’3, I can see him being pretty highly recruited as long as he develops his speed and route running skills. He needs to put more work in the film room, it’s what makes all good football players great.

    He is a good kid, comes from an amazing family and here’s to hoping he continues to produce and stay healthy in the coming years.

  • Dan

    Dang Miguel I thought you were a football fan,
    Can you put up a new thread already? This one’s been up for ages.

  • stangfan!

    Danny Huerta(MUIR) would of been one of the areas best O-linemen in the area hands down. but he’ll miss part of the season with a broken fibula

  • Anonymous

    Eric Sondheimer of the L. A. Times had nice things to say about St. Francis quarterback, Brett Nelson and Pasadena Poly quarterback, Hunter Merryman. Does anybody know how the two teams fared in their passing league game against each other?

  • Bronco7

    Anonymous, saw both of them play in think Poly won SF defense was not sharp but Merryman looked good.
    Nelson has a huge arm and according to some sources at St. Francis he has a couple of ACC and Big 8 schools that are interested but they are waiting to see some numbers since he has never been a varsity starter

  • Anonymous

    Poly beat Saint Francis in sudden death. Poly lost to Moorpark by an extra point and Saint Francis beat Moorpark in the early round. The SF quarterback is very good as is the Poly QB.

  • Goldenarm

    Sorry to hear Huerta of Muir broke a bone.
    I thought he graduated last year.

    Not many 4 year varsity linemen anywhere nowadays and this looks to have been a very positive year for the Stang line. Best wishes to Huerta on a return to the line-up – come back, but not before you know you are ready. Stangmates – lend the kid your support!

  • I know D1

    WR NR NR Taylor Lagace (SO)
    (Arcadia HS)
    Arcadia, CA 6-0 177 4.89 7.29 9-4

    SORRY APACHES just the facts from
    I’m sure he’s a great high school player, but 4.89 40yd
    just won’t cut it. He will not get a D1 look maybe after
    couple years of JC ball and WORK on speed. He also chose not to do VJ(vertical) in combine. The kid Seymour db from MUIR will get a look cause he’s faster than 4.89 first of all, and is already on college scout radar.

  • I know D1

    Most recently Lagace’s results….listen people the kid is talented and still young but way to pre-mature to start talking D1: Schuman’s National Underclassmen Combine
    he ran 4.9 40yd/ 29inch vertical???
    Those are NOT D1 #’s people for the wr position just keeping it realistic!

  • Anonymous

    Josh Jones
    Chris Cornell

  • Dan

    Hellloooo, are you out there? Miguelll where are you.

  • Anonymous

    2 guys from blair.for DT/OL theres donnell wilson who is a huge guy making a name for himself for college scouts right now.

    and for DE there is olufemi aaron who tore up linemen last year but didnt produce too much. now is his year to step up

  • Anonymous

    and Muir’s jv team beat Blair’s varsity 46-0 in a passing league tournament on Saturday. why are thsoe guys still on the that team? too sad

  • Moneytalks

    I know D1,

    Taylor Lagace does need work on his 40, vertical etc.. He also needs work on his routes and that will come with watching more film and becoming more aware to details. He is still fairly new to football as he started to play only as a freshman and ended up starting at corner on varsity by the end of his freshman season. If you seen this kid play then you would not care what his 40 is, it is called field speed. Somehow, some way, he breaks people off and scores on punt return and kick off returns. If he was slow, why can’t anyone get to him? He is a lights out kid with unreal coverage and ball skills for a high school kid. He might be 6’3″ or even 6’4′ by his senior year.

    You cannot deny his great sophomore season. 12 TDs 895 yards at receiver and 30+ tackles and 2 ints on defense and he played defense half the year.

    Not to mention, he is a good basketball player. Played varsity ball as a freshman.

  • Moneytalks

    SoCal WR Top Performer at FS Skills Camp


    Writer Mario Gomez wrote “Over 120 prospects competed, and no one was more impressive than Arcadia (Calif.) WR Taylor Lagace was”

  • Apache2010

    I know D1,
    You don’t know anything about D1…after what you have just said. Have you seen taylor play in person? I doubt you have because you wouldn’t be saying that if you have. Those statistics you showed were after his freshman year…he’s now going to be a junior so he has potential for more development and growth although he’s already proven he’s a gamer. Do a bit more research before you start bagging on a player

  • prep fan

    hands down-Charles Quintero will be on the All area list this year

  • Kitty Pages

    Great post, thanks. Needed more pictures though.

  • Realist

    I can not believe that people are doubting Taylor Lagace. The kid is unreal. Yet he is only a JUNIOR. It is not always about top speed. Taylor is a very physical wide out. So when he is 1v1 on the outside with a corner chances are the corner cant tackle him. There is a reason Taylor gets invites to all these combines and camps. Hes that good. “Knows D1” i think you should learn a little bit more about D1 before you open your mouth next time. Look for this Arcadia team to be very good. They are returning alot of key players and Coach D has them working very hard. Look out for Arcadia.


  • San Mateo Plumber

    Excellent job.

  • !stang!

    Realist, what do you think the final standings will be for pacific league?

  • MoneyTalks
  • Anonymous

    Poly beat St. Francis in the passing tournement

  • new guy

    umm i like tim sanderson from TC. the kid from muir kevon s. aaron simpson at phs is pretty good.

  • mr Don

    all those guys seem fine and dande those wr,& db, come play dorsey dons .the wr will get lock down.the db will get burn too munch speed

  • Realist


    I dont know what the standings will be this year. If i were to guess, i would guess that in the Pacific League it is going to be Muir and Arcadia playing for the 1 spot. I dont think anyone gives this Arcadia team the credit they deserve. They are returning almost everyone from last year. Which makes a HUGE difference. And coming off the terrible year they had last year, they are hungry. Muir lost alot of players. They have a good corner and a good LB/DLman but thats not gunna win a game for them. Muir has alot of holes. Like a qb. They dont have an established qb. Which is going to hurt them in the long run.

  • the Don

    hay stang your team is not that great we beat you in passing league at S.F.high your QB isnt that great we lock down your WR what happen too your lineman at the lineman competition pacific league weak dont get me started with arcadia last year 2-7 come on now

  • ramfan4life

    sf offensive line is returning 4 starters. those kids performed last year and didnt get enough credit. as of right now i view them as the top line in the area. the left tackle is a future d1 player with all the accolades. the guard and center are returners who played varsity as sophomores; kristion grbavac and joe marrone. the left side is strong and deserve the nod

  • Realist

    the DON-

    You are comical. All everyone does is talk about how bad Arcadia was last year. But no one concetrates on how many young players they had on that team. They were starting 12 underclassmen. TWELVE! That means that all of those players now have a year of experience and another year in the weight room. And last year they were competetive. So you cant come in here talking about how bad Arcadia is, when you dont know anything about them. they have one of the best QB’s in the area and the best WR in the area. Not only that but they have a great tandem of running backs.


  • are you kidding?

    You are talking about Carr, right? Just checking. I thought Tuck was granted a fifth year. In any case, that’s pretty funny!!!

  • anonymous

    Having game experience doesn’t mean a player is good.

  • are you kidding?

    Just curious, but how many experienced O-linemen does Arcadia have coming back? Their small runningbacks took a pounding last season. They better hope that they can establish the run or Carr will be running for his life.

  • Realist

    Are you kidding-

    Actually, Arcadia is returning 2 or 3 of their offensive line. And size doesnt matter. Its all about technique. And Arcadias o line has Technique. Thats all you need to be a successful offensive lineman. And the running backs are tough. Small and quick. Very tough to tackle. Like I said earlier, dont knock Arcadia until you see them play.

  • MR Don

    To are you kidding i saw arcadia play in a passing league you guys arent that great you guys were too small and the other teams were too BIG and fast for you guys as for linemen size dose matter give me a big o linemen anytime better then a small linemen with technigue big linemen will allways win 4th and 1 give me a BIG linemen on D side or o side

  • moor fan

    alhambra has 2 big DT in the area. Dominic Gonzales and Chris Salgado their big and quick last year they Dominate this year they will do the same.they did well at all Big man camps o yeah they got offers.

  • moor fan

    alhambra has 2 big DT in the area. Dominic Gonzales and Chris Salgado their big and quick last year they Dominate this year they will do the same.they did well at all Big man camps o yeah they got offers.

  • Realist

    MR Don-

    Im not going to argue with somebody that doesnt know anything about high school football. Everyone is overlooking Arcadia, watch they are going o be a good well rounded football team. End of discussion.

  • mr Don

    to mr realist even you say everybody overlooking arcadia look at your comment its must be true

  • Realist

    MR Don-

    What are you talking about.. When you overlook a team its not good. Im saying that Arcadia is going to be good. And nobody else is recognizing it. You said you saw them play in a passing league game and that they were too small? Why did they only lose like 6 games out of all the passing league games they played in then if they are “too small” ??????

  • Red Leader


    From reading all your comments, I get the feeling that you’re trying really hard to convince YOURSELF that Arcadia is going to be any good this year. Some of your other comments just confused the hell out of me. And you keep talking about the underclassmen having one year experience under their belt like it’s automatically a good thing. It’s not. For example. When I was young, I went to Magic Mountain with some friends. My favorite ride was Viper, the one that does the loop the loop. During one of these loops, my safety harness malfunctioned and I almost fell out. I desperately clung to my friends arm as I screamed like a little girl. The ride came to a screeching halt as dozens of park attendants ran over to me to make sure I was okay. For my trouble, they gave me a year pass and a lifetime supply of churros. That was a bad experience, but an experience nonetheless. But I guarantee this, the next time I’m on a roller coaster and my safety harness malfunctions, I’m STILL going to scream like a little girl. In summary, when it comes to high school sports, experience is over rated.

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    Was that comment supposed to be commical? You just compared Magic Mountain Experience to Sports experience. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? There is no relevence. So what your saying is that another year of practice, weight lifting, films, and game play is overrated??? Why do you think that players peak when they hit their senior year?? BECAUSE OF EXPERIENCE. Experience is not overrated at all. You ask any football coach if experience is overrated and they will laugh in your face. But I did enjoy your story about Magic Mountain. I hope your enjoying the free churros. And im not trying to convince anybody of anything. Im just telling you the facts. Arcadia is going to be A good football team. They have all the pieces.

  • Red Leader

    Realist, you are so funny. Of course there’s no relevance. You’re completely missing my point. If I ask any football coach if experience matters, a good football coach will say it depends on the experience. Going 2-7-1 is an experience that can go either good or bad. Do you really want to know the reason why players peak when they hit their senior year? Are you serious? It’s because that’s when they peak physically and maturely during their time in high school.

    Since you’re so sure about the Apaches this coming season, maybe you can fill me in on who’s starting at some of the key positions. We already know that you think Lagace is going to fix everything, but who are the other WRs? Cause everyone knows on a passing down, Carr is going to look at Lagace as his first, second, and third option. If he goes down, who steps up? Who do you have at the two corner spots? Do you think they can hang with the speed at Pasadena, Muir, and Monrovia? Schull’s gone, who’s taking his spot? And how about the ends? Roussett is dependable but who’s on the other side?

    Oh, and what facts are you talking about? Just because you think they’re going to be good, doesn’t make it a fact. I’m thinking a 5-5 season at best. If I’m wrong I’ll be the first one to tell you.

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    OK… First off, some seniors peak physically in their senior year. But alot of players dont. Alot of players peak early. You cant sit here and tell me that all players peak in their senior year. Because thats false.

    Some other key players Arcadia has are John Wong, AJ Rail, Andrew Alverez, Myles Carr, Robby Haines, Gabe Rousset, Victor Wei. Darryl Ding Bong, Sam Crabtree, Rodney Arnett, David Maldonado, Nader Domouni, and Brian Ponce. This is the core and 11 out of that 13 are returners. If you dont think that makes a difference your crazy.

    And going 2-7-1 only helps a team come together and get better in the upcoming seasons. It makes everyone on the team realize what it takes to win. It makes them work that much harder in the weight room and on the practice field. You can bet that the returning Apaches haven’t forgotten about that horrible season they had last year. You will see a big improvement this year.

  • Red Leader

    Realist. It’s obvious that you’re going to see/hear what you want to see/hear. You’re quite the optimist. If I told you that Earth was slowly being sucked in by the Sun’s gravitational pull and will soon be destroyed, you would see this as an opportunity for the Apaches to work on their tan. All this talk about peaking is just nonsense. I NEVER said all players peak their senior year. YOU said that.

    In your last post you said, “And going 2-7-1 only helps a team come together and get better in the upcoming seasons. It makes everyone on the team realize what it takes to win. It makes them work that much harder in the weight room and on the practice field. You can bet that the returning Apaches haven’t forgotten about that horrible season they had last year. You will see a big improvement this year.”

    If this is true, can you please explain the Detroit Lions.

    Thanks for all those names. But what positions are they playing? I think Rail will be moved to OLB to fill the hole at that position. So who are you going to put at SS? Cause of his size, Maldonado will probably be moved to Slot. So then who backs up Arnett?

    Nevertheless, I do hope you guys have a good season.

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    Robby Haines will be at safety. And Aj will play some LB if he stays healthy. Taylor Lagace plays safety as well. John Wong will be playing strike. Nader Doumini will hold down once corner spot. The other corner spot will probably be played by Maldonado. But when Maldonado is at slot, Sam Crabtree is the backup running back. Sam is massive, He is roughly 6’0 215-220. The defense isnt looking too bad. Depth may be an issue, but if the Apaches can stay healthy look out.

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    Robby Haines will be at safety. And Aj will play some LB if he stays healthy. Taylor Lagace plays safety as well. John Wong will be playing strike. Nader Doumini will hold down once corner spot. The other corner spot will probably be played by Maldonado. But when Maldonado is at slot, Sam Crabtree is the backup running back. Sam is massive, He is roughly 6’0 215-220. The defense isnt looking too bad. Depth may be an issue, but if the Apaches can stay healthy look out.

  • Think

    I think after Hell Week there will be some changes and a better unity with this team. Taylor Lagace and Andrew Alverez will be the Free and Strong Safeties. Wong, Wei and Rail will be the LBs. Maldonado and Nader Domouni at corners and Nader’s brother Mar playing DB and Safety. Haines position should be DE with Rousset on the other side. On the other side of the ball, Carr has some big targets to throw to, with Arnett and Crabtree running out of the backfield. The skilled positions are solid with depth but young. The key to Arcadia’s season will be play calling and how the linemen perform.

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