Football: Muir’s Ken Howard eager to start the season

You can’t blame Muir football coach Ken Howard for being excited and eager to get the season started. The boys on Lincoln look mighty impressive. This is not the same Muir team that went through growing pains last season, and they’re ready to prove they belong among the best. Karl Holmes is a 6-3 wide receiver who was voted Top WR at the San Jose State camp and was among the top 5 at Cal Poly’s camp. He’s explosive, physical and has soft hands. He’s also a proven leader and showed as much during Wednesday’s fall camp opener. Jeffrey Davis will be somebody I’ll definitely keep my eye out on. He’s a 6-4 quarterback who gives the Mustangs much needed size in the pocket, especially when you have a towering offensive line that features Danny Huerta (6-0), Cameron Palmer (6-4) and Shawn Wilcox (6-4).

“I’m excited because we went to that game last year and nobody expected us to do well in that game,” said Howard, referring to the first-round game against Charter Oak in which the Mustangs nearly pulled off the biggest upset. “With all the weapons coming back, we’re the only ones that can stop us. It’s all up to us at this point. These guys are really that good.”

Muir was roughed up last season, but the Mustangs definitely used it as learning experience. Just watching Muir on the field you can tell they’ve definitely grown up.

“It’s maturity,” Howard said. “They grew up just like a lot of the guys on this team grew up from that one game These guys (Holmes and Davis) really want to bring this team together, and they’re showing that with their leadership.”

As Muir started camp Wednesday, you can tell they have added confidence.

“Over the summer they gained more confidence,” Howard said. “We want them to have a swagger about themselves, and they have it.”

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    Haven’t we heard this story before? We are in the middle of silly season – weeks before anyone plays for wins and the Donkey hype machine starts rolling early.

  • Tyrred

    Give us a break on this horsefeed. Way too much time in Muleland, no other schools in the area have a chance? Seems like PHS, Blair, and Marshall should just close shop. How many articles do we have to endure about Howard and the rest of the jackarses that have not snapped the ball but have won state. This should be called the Pasadena Muir News…cancel your subscriptions if you are not affiliated.

  • stangs03

    boy boy… RIP to competition early!!! Lets go Stangs!!! yes ya boy is back! good to hear the maturity is the lead in this story! if anything we can always build off of that! When will these hater aka bulldogs ever learn? anywho, we look forward to a good season as alumni! whose house!?

  • Stangs03

    Aye Mig, I missed you at the Hollins camp, meant to catch up with ya! Im back up in this “Too Short’s Favorite Word” like whoa!!! Imma need all Mustang stories this year! Aye man we gotta do an Azul run soon! Drinks on me man, and catch up! Holla at your boy!

  • Realist

    Everyone needs to stop hating on Muir. Muir is a better team than any other school in Pasadena. Bottom line. Stop hating.

  • ANON…

    Everybody’s right. Muir is the better team in Pasadena and should make the playoffs every year when thier in the Pacific League, not saying much when the play Hoover, Glendale, Pasadena, CV, Arcadia, Burroughs and Burbank, dont forget the Burbank schools are new to the Pacific League so for years all they had to do was beat Hoover and Glendale, lol, not saying much! Also don’t forget everytime Muir makes the playoffs they get knocked out!!! Wonder how the eligibilty and the recruiting works at Muir???

  • SGV knows

    Muir has a historic tradition. However, Since 1997, they really have not been that good. The season muir is good are the seasons they have a feature running back. If they have no running game, they can not control the ball. They will go three and out, and that athletic D has to be on the field longer, and they always have bad feild position. During league they can depend on the big play and athleticism. But in the playoffs, they will need more balance, bc the teams in the playoffs have players who can run as well. If they can can’t drive the ball, they will end up playing from behind. Who is the Running back for the stangs this year? They always have talent, but they have not been able to put it together. We will see what happens this year. YOu show me a good running back, and I will show you, a good muir team. I would love to see, Muir, Monrovia, and PHS do well.

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Dear Muir of Pasadena,

    I love the way youre getting LOVE in the little star news! Your program is living off the past! Youre the best team in PASADENA! That aint saying much! Ill agree with you on one thing! The Dogs got to whip yall in the Tussle to prove we are the better team! Ill say it until Im blue & gold in the face! PHS has had better teams than Muir starting in 2005..Muir and PHS has the same playoff wins since 2004 to date! So I dont know where all the gloating is coming from, because I really think the Horton Bulldogs will beat Muir on coaching alone! I think the Dogs will have a big time run game with an efficient passing game, a good solid defense and manage the game for good field position! I see the Dogs going far in the playoffs with this young group of kids building something great for the near future!

    Muir coaching is lousy at best! Antwan Simms is a terrible offensive coordinator and a decent defensive coordinator. Muir will take 3rd in the Pacific this year and loose 1st round again! Folks, theyre sorry!


    You did a good piece on Karl Holmes and Jeff Davis (A PHS reject!) but what about doing a piece on some 3 year varsity players like Aaron Simpson of PHS? Oh and Aaron couldve started on any Muir team! You Busters!!!

  • Is Miguel Stangs04?

    We expect from Miguel as a reporter and as respect to his craft that he aims to maintain his objectivity and impartiality to all schools he is hired to serve. I do claim that this Muir thing is overwhelming. We will observe how much attention the other schools get, Vikes, Eagles and Dogs, privates and public alike.

  • Just plain dumb

    Suckster!!!!!!!! is the biggest dummy in the sgv. Heres some of the things he said.

    1. “Muir and HS have the same playoff victories since 04”. Not true. Muir has 3 and HS has 1. Dummy.

    2. “Muir will lose to HS on coaching alone to Hortons Dogs.” Wasnt Horton the D.C. with all of that “better” talent HS had and still lost to the “terrible” Antwan Sims? If HS really had more talent than Antwan badly outcoached the great Horton. Big Dummy. Lets not talk about what Antwan did to Addison last year. lol. Did that guy make even 1 adjustment? lol.

    3.”Aaron could start on any Muir team? That is just plain dumb. He couldnt even star on Muir this year. Over Karl? No. Dai Dai? Hell no. Kevon? Never. Super Dummy.

  • Slow your Role…the reality is!

    Pasadena HS has actually had for the last four years real growth in their football program but has been marred by the outcome of all those Turkey Tussles. I do expect that blue reign to end sooner than later and this year is no exception. Muir on the other hand has declined in comparison to its past and has been constantly striving to regain their program to at least their past historical form. The Turkey Tussle wins have been their only real achievement because loses there would have probably caused rampant panic and the call of the coast guard. The school that should really be celebrated is PHS because considering the coaching changes in the last four years they have actually become more competative. The most unattractive part here is Muir’s arrogance that will end with Pasadena’s athletic confidence and the beating of their rival. Not even Miguel’s infatuation with Muir and bleak attempt of sugar coating their loss will cover the sorrow that is to follow. The mass Bulldog following eagerly awaits this and will be there in person to witness this…check out the Pasadena crowd…it is overwhelmingly greater and still they come. Tick tock Muir, Tick tock.

  • LoL at the Dumpster!

    Dumbster, what’s horton record against simms? 0-5. Simms scored over a 100 points and over a 1000 yards ! Whatse turnover to point ratio? Simms a lot of points Horton very few turnovers. Muir takes phs heart every year, and how has phs caught up to muir? Out of the last 5 years its only been 1 close game every thing has been a blow out ! Get your facts together!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously people! Why are we talking about this non-rivalry? PHS has won 1 game since 1982. Just one lousy game. This is not a rivalry and hasn’t been for a long time.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Just plain dumb,

    Since you’re so smart? Please name me the 3 playoff wins since the 04-05, 05-06, 06-07, 07-08 until 08-09?

    Antwan and Horton are not even in the same category! If you could pull up the game films of when Horton was the D. C. coach the Stangs only had a real offensive out burst in the 04-05 Tussle and that came in the second half! The 05-06 Tussle, Muir scored on two fumbles inside the 5 yard line of the first 5 min of the game and won that Tussle 21-06! The 07-08 Tussle, Muir came in and only got 13 points in that Tussle which Horton was the D.C. and the Stangs were supposed to be a high flying act with H.S. being 1-8 going into the Tussle!

    Im willing to bet anyone of you Muir cowards that Aaron Simpson has a better year than all the Muir wide outs and Defensive backs this season!

    Name the playoff wins? DUMMIES AT MUIR!!!!!!! Instead of shutting BLAIR down I really think they should be shutting lil muir down!

  • Anonymous

    04-05 Muir beat Mira Costa.

    05-06 Muir beat Lancaster.

    06-07 Muir beat Paloma Valley.

    Like I said, dummy.

  • Real rivalry

    PHS and Muir are a rivalry regardless of who wins the most. And for anyone saying why we are still talking about PHS and Muir…love it or hate it dumn arse, this is the most heated dislike of two schools in our area. The fact that the game is played at the Rose Bowl tells you how important it is to both shools. So listen here Dumn Arse, like PHS’ Champion Basketball program… so too will the Football program built. Now for you Dumn Arse if you don’t want to talk about PHS vs Muir then don’t we are fine without you. Hang a Stang!

  • Realist

    Just plain dumb-

    I agree with the stuff you said. Except for when you were talking about Dai Dai. Dai Dai is not good. I watched him play last year when he was with CV. Hes small and quick, but he is one of the top teams in the Pacific League can’t handle. If he is one of your best DB’s your in trouble my friend.

  • Anonymous

    Aaron who ?
    is this the second coming of your son? ok he will do good against glendale and hoover! but what did your son do in the bowl Huckster? ( nothing)! what did aaron do in last 2 bowls? turnovers ! A huck i heard you coached at Muir ? is that true? you hate muir so much but you were a coach! the dogz suck…..

  • just so you know

    you know whats funny is that your second string QB huck is actually better than your first string QB cause he made it to the top 5 in the san diego state camp i believe…and he would start over your current QB anyday but since the starter is family he gets to play smh. AND be real your only real chance of “winning” was last year you know the stangs “down year” but you guys got BLOWN OUT your team quit on themselves and had to once again witness the STANGS ring the bell…oh btw yeah we’re the stanky stangs but thats only because were THE S-H-I-T and PHS will never be close to that

  • Huckster!!!!!!!

    Anon 10:46pm

    The only reason my son didnt do anything in the bowl was, because my brother didnt know how to carve your sorry a$$s up! Who on Muirs team did anything outside of Youngblood? Exactly! Nobody!

    What really kills me about you proud Muir people is that you hide behind these bull$hit a$$ names and talk smack behind a mask!!!!! I wouldnt nor could I ever be afraid of anyone one on this blog!!!! A lot of you know in Pasadena that I will rip a new A$$ hole in to you if you revealed who you really were!!!! For you folks out side of Dena, they fear me in the physical form, because Im TROUBLSOME!!!! In a funny way!!!! Its all good in the Hood!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    One last thing! Name me one Muir receiver that was all SGV 3 years in a row like my son was? You can even try and name any player in the WSGV in the past 5 years that made it three years in a row at wide out! Just what I thought! Keep hiding like your mothers and fathers taught you!!! It wouldnt be appropriate if you stood up like a real Man or Woman!!!!! Go Mustangs!!!!!

  • call me jap

    Did you get beat up by a muir grad! ( Jap). Your a joke. Oh yea so did your son ! By the famous willie youngblood! You need close your mouth before before another muir grad do it for you again!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    I’m willing to bet your daddy is going to be fried by thanksgiving!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Great write-up, I am a big believer in posting comments on sites to help the blog writers know that theyve added some thing worthwhile to the world wide web!

  • I Know The Truth

    HUCKSTER now you look stupid because word on the street is aaron simpson cant play he not even enrolled in pasadena high please stop talikng about the kid now u look stupid…. maybe he play for ROSE CITY football team….. hahahaha stangs win again

    ps; maybe he can be the next trump and not graduate

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  • Anonymous

    Its funny how everyone hates on the stangs…we’re sorry, we’re this or that…but every year we try to schedule the teams in the area, but no coach wants to play us…that should tell you something right there…..we don’t create our hype…we just play football…if you think you can beats us or even compete…have your coach call….get at us….we don’t need to talk…we handle it on the field…dog killa! Shout out to the stangs coaching staff….

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