Football: Nick Bueno at receiver. Let the fireworks begin.

It was too early to call it the Nick Bueno Show after Bueno rushed for 230 yards on 16 carries and scored two touchdowns in Monrovia’s 27-13 win over Arcadia in the season opener last year. This year there’s no holding back. You and I both expect big things out of Bueno, who added some serious muscle to his 5-foot-9 frame.

The bicep curls have done Bueno good, but it’s his unparalleled speed that separates him from the pack. He was in midseason form during Monrovia’s first week of practice. His passes were crisp and on target. But what we didn’t see was him lining up at slot receiver. That’s right, receiver.

Don’t get it twisted. Bueno still will be the exciting quarterback we saw last year. But the offense will add a new weapon to its arsenal thanks to some depth in the pocket.

Monrovia’s in the process of grooming the next starting quarterback, and all signs point to sophomore George Frazier, who stands a solid 6-foot-2, to take over the reigns next season. He took all snaps with the second unit. Frazier’s not as agile or elusive as Bueno, but he does gives the Wildcats some serious pocket presence because of his size.

He’s a hard hitter and doesn’t appear shy from contact. Because he’s caught on so quickly, the chance to move Bueno around a bit was too hard to pass up.

“George has great knowledge of the game,” Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said. “He leads by example, and he does it not just with his play, but also verbally. He’s a sophomore and can communicate and lead verbally, and seniors will follow.

“That’s something very few people have. He’ll most likely start somewhere on the field, whether on defense or possibly offense. And then we’ll get him at quarterback, put Nick in the slot. We’re going to move him around a little bit.”

Bueno spent dead period practice with teammates, working on patterns, timing and execution. Expect Monrovia’s aerial assault to make a bigger impact this season.

Still, it begs the question: Why move Bueno around?

“He’s a phenomenal weapon with his legs and arms,” Maddox said. “I don’t want to say he plays with an attitude, but he’s a warrior, and that’s evident by how he plays.

“He’s really impressed people. We used him all over the field (during summer). At defensive back, receiver and he impressed a lot of people with his versatility. We can definitely use him wherever we put him. he’s one of our best receivers. best runners and he’s great at defensive back. Really, we can use him wherever and he can excel. He’s clearly one of the premiere football players in the San Gabriel Valley.”

So get ready folks, because Monrovia’s looks more than ready to unleash its wrath on Glendora and San Dimas.

The offense hasn’t skipped a beat, it seems, and if it’s possible has gotten even better. Jay Henderson looked good in practice as well. He’ll be a top receiver to keep your eye out on. Don’t let his subtle numbers from last year tell you otherwise.

Charlie Cimmarusti, the Wildcats’ top safety the last two seasons, also lined up at receiver with the first unit. He was part of the receiving rotation last year, but saw limited time. He’s expected to contribute more on offense this season.

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  • unbiased

    last time i checked.. there was more than one team in the pasadena area

  • Miguel Melendez

    You’re right. That’s why our magazine is more than 30 pages.

  • BigFatFan

    Monrovia Overdose, makes me puke!

    come on Miguel, three stories on Monrovia football in one day. give us a break. stop the love-fest with Monrovia and start covering some of the other teams in the area.

  • Waaaaaaahhh….

    Waaaaaaaaaahhh Wahhhhhhhhhh….

    Wait for it…


  • Miguel Melendez

    Temple City today, San Marino on Wednesday, St. Francis on Thursday, and Arcadia on Friday. Chill.

  • anonymous

    Maybe you should give him some time. He can only be in one place at one time. Damn cry babies!!!

  • Realist

    First of all, I want to let everyone know that Bueno is not 5’9. He his 5’7 if hes lucky. And Miguel has always loved Monrovia. People dont act surprised.

  • Really

    Realist, Really?….So What he’s better than most or should I say plenty of guys 6ft and over…. Wait until the Arcadia Game!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    5’7 or 5’9, who cares!!! That makes him even more incredible.

  • First of all,

    First of all, I want to let everyone know that Realist is a hater. He hates everything that isn’t Arcadia.

  • M-town fan

    Who cares how tall the kid is? The fact is that he is a great kid who is the hardest worker on the team. By the way, league MVP in football and baseball, as well as 1st team all CIF in both. Not too shabby!!!

  • Observantcat

    Well Mr. Realist, meet his friend Ellis McCarthy. But first you must go through Bubba Johnson to get your hand stamped. Lay Lo Bro…

  • New York

    It will be fun to see how good Monrovia can become. Closing the back door on transfers, state of the art facility, great coaches…this is really the beginning of an entirely new era of Monrovia football.

  • New York

    I would rather have Doug Floutie than Ryan Leaf or many other QBs.

  • unbiased

    touche miguel.. well said

    looking forward to reading about TC and SM and getting that magazine

    thank you!

  • Anonymous

    ok i get being biased but there are other schools in the area. what is with the monrovia love? alumni or something? anonymous is confused.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Anonymous needs a real moniker. Until then, maybe I’ll answer your question.

  • DANG!!!

    Let me type this slowly so that maybe the slow people can understand what is going on. Today, the coverage is on Monrovia. Tomorrow will be on TC, then San Marino, then St. Francis and so forth and so on!!!

  • G5’s older brother

    That team is stacked. Its trouble for a lot of programs. Bueno is a big part but Bubba is the key to this. He gets his head right and its a done deal. Ellis is a monster with a much more developed game this year. As for George, Miguel forgot to mention that the kid is 200 lbs of pure muscle and can move. This years team puts 45 up on last years San Dimas squad. Thats real

  • Realist

    Im not hating on the kid at all. Everyone blows him up like hes a superstar D-1 prospect, which is false. People were comparing him to Dietrich Riley.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? There is no comparison. Just be real. He is a good player. Hes not a superstar. And I dont hate Monrovia. Its the fans with big mouths that I cant stand. I dont know much about any other player on Monrovia so i cant comment about anyone else. All im stying to say is that there are better players than Nick Bueno. All you Monrovia fanatics think hes the greatest thing since sliced bread.


    Shut up. Your soft.

  • You’re a hater


    Someone already mentioned, league MVP in both football and baseball as well as 1st team CIF in both as a junior. Let’s add 1461 rushing yards, 11.24 yards per carry, 978 passing, 26 total tds. If that’s your definition of “good”, I’ll take it. The only thing keeping him from being a D1 prospect is his size at the position he plays. But he’ll find his place in the next level. Most likely playing baseball. Right now, at the high school level, I think he’s a little bit better than “good”. If you forgot, I can send you a DVD copy of last year’s Arcadia vs Monrovia game. And of course there’s somebody better out there, there’s always somebody better. But I’m curious, do you have any names of who you think is better? I’m looking forward to your answer. And don’t get mad at all the Monrovia fans hyping up Bueno. It’s kinda like your love affair with Lagace. Except there’s just more Cats’ fans than Apaches’ fans blogging about it. Cause to be perfectly honest, since Todd graduated, there hasn’t really been too much to talk about in the land of Arcadia. And lastly, the only difference with what you write and what the Monrovia fans write is that you start your sentences with “Arcadia” while we start ours with “Monrovia”. So stop being such a freakin’ hypocrite. And stop hating on the kid. He’s just a kid. Don’t say you’re not, cause you are. Jealous maybe? Just a little bit?

    Yooouuuu’re a weeeeeeniieee.

  • MtownOneLove

    Realist, you are such a dumb A**! Arcadia hasn’t been able to beat us Wildcats since we started playing each other. And Migy isn’t writing stories on anyone else yet because he is a smart man and started off with the best TEAM! All you haters out there stop hating already your just jealous your parents didn’t put you in MUSD! Nick is an outstanding player he workes hard to do what he does, why wouldn’t Miguel constantly write about him, he is a sports writer’s dream! Let’s bring it home CATS! Good luck to you on the season ahead!

  • Moneytalks


    Monrovia vs. Arcadia series is tied 2 – 2. Get your facts right. Arcadia abused Monrovia the two times they won, I mean abused. Monrovia just beat arcadia, no blow out or abuse.

  • Mtwon Alumni

    All you haters… Monrovia is one of the best team in the west valley, right now. People want to follow a team that is going to go deep into the playoffs. Miguel is just building up a year long body of work. So when Monrovia is in the finals, people will have a season long study to follow. Even when Roger Murray was in charge, he followed the best team. The best team and players get all the ink. Thats how its been and thats how it will be.

    Nick bueno, can play D1 AA. maybe not a qb, but he can play a lil slot, wr and special teams as a returner.He is a athlete. A two sport star. So is Jay Henderson. Bubba, can play for a Mtown west level school. Mccarthy is the best prospect in the valley hands down. He is pac 10 all the way. The Sky is the limit for sophmores, George Frazier and Anthony Craft jr. I am sorry but Monrovia is loaded right now.

  • Fire Tart

    Why follow monrovia when they always lose in the when it counts most? Waste of time.

  • anonymous

    It must really suck for you since your team doesn’t even get close to playing in the big game!!!

  • you’re a D—-!!!

    fire tart

    Who should he follow then? Your lousy team?

  • MtownOneLove

    Fire fart or tart what ever your name is, you must have gone to one of those schools that never go to the “Ship” we haven’t won it yet but our time is up son! Quit hatin punk. M-town is deep with many talented Wildcats… Other than the tougher preseason schedule we should run over everyone in league..Mtown till the day I die, all others can just wish they were us… If you don’t know now you know!

  • Realist

    Ok… stop bringing up baseball. I dgaf that Nick got 1st team whatever. Its football season. And you cant just compare Nick Bueno to other qb’s. Nick Bueno just runs the ball out of the shotgun or hands it off to Bubba. I think that Myles Carr will be better than him, I think the qb from St Francis is better, and i think the qb from Pasadena is better. But since Monrovia plays in a watered down league with all the talent at 2 schools, of course Bueno is going to put up numbers like that. And get your facts straight dummy, Arcadia whooped up on Monrovia twice out of four time. I hope all you cats fans bring the popcorn to the Glendora game. Glendora is going to depress all you people. Il give it to you Mo Town fans, you guys do have a tough pre season schedule. But don’t be in denial, the RHL is WEAK!

  • Observantcat

    Which brings us to one conclusion, What does that make Arcadia. You should Bring your popcorn and drinks to the Monrovia/Arcadia game and watch the fireworks. Our second QB is going to turn out to be Twice the guy that you make Myles Carr out to be. I’m sure all the good Arcadia fans are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for your foolish but to step down. You really dont know how Dumb you sound right about now. ps…you bring your popcorn to the Glendora Game and share it with some of the Glendora fans while you check out the Monrovia Defense in action.

  • Apache pride

    I don’t know if Realist is a real Arcadia fan or if he is just some jerk pretending. As a real Arcadia fan, even I think that Bueno is one of the best QBs in the valley. Myles will be a pretty good quarterback, but to say that he is better than Bueno is just plain ignorant.

  • Dan


    Thanks for showing everyone how dumb you really are!!!

  • Realist

    I’m the most ignorant person I know.

  • Goldenarm

    Miguel’s piece should be retitled…simply DEPTH.

    The Cats have discusting depth this year. How many teams would love the “problem” of figuring out whether McCarthy should be TE or OT? Give more reps to a talented soph QB and throw Bueno in a slot? Put that heavy load Bubba in motion for a toss inside the 10 yard line?? It is going to be offensive destruction this year for the Cats…this comes from a hard core TC fan. Maddox is not going to overthink it – things will shake out. With M-towns preleague line up…we will not see domination…but I think glimpes of explosive power will come into play quickly.

    The debate on Bueno’s talent, height, speed, toughness has grown mindless….his resume is not forged, plenty of film exists. At this point, the debate should be left for minds void of football sense to carry on. Nick can play.

  • Goldenarm

    Bueno does look a bit rocked up. Morgan Hatch did this between his junior and senior season for the Rams…he was only 5’9″ on a good day too.

    word is Hatch is back up at mt sac

  • The One

    I agree with realist. He brings up some good points about the RHL. And he said that Myles Carr “will” be better, he never said he is better. Myles is only a junior. Hes a big kid that is mobile with a great arm. The sky is the limit for that kid.

  • nice try..

    Nice try ‘the one’, we all know you’re the realist.

  • anonymous

    stats as sophomores

    Bueno: 69 for 126 1037yds 10TDs 3INTs ( 10 and 3 record)
    Carr: 70 for 113 859yds 8TDs 10INTs ( 2-7-1 record)

    What makes you think that he’ll be better? He better find another receiver besides Lagace, because he’ll be double teamed all season long. My guess is that he’ll be running for his life. You better hope that Arnett stays healthy.

    Oh yeah and the Pacific is a one team league (Muir).

  • stangs4life


    That’s alot of talk for a 2-7-1!!! You should worry about your own qb…..he’s not that good.

  • Realist

    Yea Arcadia had a down year last year. But they return almost everyone on the defensive side of the ball. And they have some key players that came up from jv. Ive been to some practices and this team looks far better than the team last year. That one year under the belt makes a huge difference. And just for the record, im not “The One.” We will just have to wait and see what happens when Arcadia plays Monrovia.

  • ya boi

    Why is everyone hating on Arcadia?

  • real football fan

    you guys are really considering a D10 football team in monrovia to be a powerhouse with bueno? wow you guys are real SMART! granted bueno is a great football player but who can win varsity football games in the pacific league which has solid teams like muir, burroughs, CV, and burbank with 10 starting sophmores? bueno had a talented group around him as a soph and started all 10 games miles carr started 4 games and had no one around him but lagace! ARCADIA is gonna be a team to watch! we’ll all see the truth in the week 2 showdown

  • Dan

    The Dan that posted a few post below at 4:34 is not me, [Dan from West Covina], I try to keep name calling to a minimum.

  • Observantcat

    By the way Realist, George Frazier (6’2 200lbs SO) has an arm like a rocket and has the strength to wart off linebackers, You will definetly get a taste of whats to come from him and his Top recievers even after this season. Our boy Anthony Craft Jr. is no JOKE, you think you guys have a good reciever(Legace), wait until you see what this kid will bring to the Varsity Level. Monrovia has several recievers this year that are all speedsters and breakaway runners. Our defense is going to have probably one of the best group of DB’s in the entire area bar none. By the way, I dont think that the Monrovia faithful so much Hate the Arcadia crew, We just Believe in our team and have the confidence that these guys can get the job done. You guys have some of the most genuine fans on this Blog AKA (Apache Joe), But you my friend stand out like a complete idiot. Hatin on Monrovia is not going to make your team any better going into league. If Maddox wanted to be an a coach with no heart and release all the Dogs the score could easily go into the 50’s-60s, but I’m willing to bet he will consider using all of his underclassmen in this game and make it more interesting for the Arcadia faithful to stick around and dream about next season. So enjoy this season and thank God for not allowing DeShawn Ramirez to bring his Wrath this year but he will be back next year along with all of the Talent that will find their way back to the CIF Championship.

  • Realist

    Im not hating on Monrovia. I had alot of friends that graduated from Mo Town. But some of the stuff people say on these blogs are insane. I just respond to what people say. I dont hate Monrovia at all. Im just being real.

  • Apache Joe


    I appreciate that shout out!

    I think it is a brilliant move by Maddox. This helps Bueno out in the recruiting circles in a major way. In all realistic scenarios, Bueno is very small to play quarterback at the college level.

    That does NOT mean he cannot play there as a slot receiver, punt returner or cornerback. He has INCREDIBLE quickness, regardless of what division he is in. I think this is a good move by Maddox to help out a kid to get recruited more heavily.

    Concerning Monrovia, I hope Ramirez gets himself on track and back on the field as well as in the classroom. He has talent and it would be a shame not to see this kid get out of Monrovia and onto a college education and higher level of competition.

    I’m very excited to see this upcoming Arcadia team. We have a senior laden linebacking core who has been there for 2 years now as well as college-level talents of Myles Carr and Taylor Lagace. It should be interesting to see who performs well in a highly anticipated game. I’m sure there will be some scouts at this game whether they be small or big.

  • Goldenarm

    Apache Joe

    Often unmentioned is Arcadia’s excellent coaching staff. Coach D is top notch and all the way down the staff from line to linebackers – the coaches are very strong on technique.

    I know for a fact if Randy Backus still has responsibilty for linebackers, that group will excel for the Apaches.

    Backus is just one – of many talented TC coaches exhiled to places they have been welcomed to and now work hard for. Ramland is 100% new faces

  • Sports Mom

    I just have to say I am a Monrovian & fan for life. I bleed green. I am also a fan of all of the kids I have A.D.’d in the San Gabriel Valley Jr. All American Football Organization. I have seen a lot of these boys play football from the age of 5yrs old to now. It is awesome to see the growth of these young men. I am a fan of all of them even though they go to different schools i.e. Monrovia, Duarte, Arcadia, Temple City, Charter Oak & Bishop Amat just to name a few and some are even in College. Let’s just be fans of the kids. I know we all want to win, but lets be proud of their accomplishments.
    My son happens to be one of the young men you are talking about and I am extremely proud of him as a young man & an athlete. I am not a parent that brags about any of my children, I let them show their talent on whichever platform they are playing on. There is already a tremendous amount of pressure on all of these young men as it is with everyone making predictions & promises on “their” ability. Let the players speak for themselves when they get on the field, they are the “true” athletes now. A lot of you have already had your time . Let the new generation of athletes handle this. We are all proud of these kids and want to see the best for all of them. I Luv My Babies, all of them……… It is Football Season & as my Babies say….LET’S GO!!!!

  • New York

    I, too, am a stickler for details. I’m glad you corrected my fellow Monrovia fan on his stats.

    I’m also a believer in peeling back the layers and doing some analysis, and my analysis-based, homer opinion says that Monrovia will not have any more lopsided losses to Arcadia as long as Maddox is around. There was much dysfunction and some bad luck during the 2008 season. The 2009 loss was Maddox first game head-coaching and Monrovia’s first game following a significant talent exodus in the spring. To Arcadia’s/Coach Dimalante’s credit, you all have been a consistent competitor in the early games of the season, falling significantly in the later part of the season due to a lack of depth.

    Lastly, I will not be surprised in the least if Monrovia goes 14-0 in this year, even with the much much much tougher schedule. However, that will be almost entirely dependent on how quickly our offensive and defensive line mature. We are loaded in many key spots and have good enough size on the line. They just need some seasoning. Every game will be tougher this year.

  • Yea Right!!!


    I just stopped laughing.

  • New York

    Tell you what Hyena, if you can put together a *convincing* argument about why any potential victory for Monrovia this year would be a surprise victory then I will join you in your delirium. Until then, it’s quiet time for those of you in the asylum.

  • Yea Right

    Did not go undefeated with a soft sched. last year. Will not with a better one this year. Can type anymore, started laughing again.

  • Observantcat

    Yeah Wrong…Wonder what your team went last year… tell us all so we can get in on the laugh..haa, haa ,haa

  • New York

    I hope you dont look only backward when you are driving your car or walking down the street the way you are simply looking backward right now…

    Softer schedule last year: yes, but Monrovia was undefeated during that softer schedule and even worked over the team that eventually beat Monrovia 11 weeks later. Monrovia will be far better this year than last year. We certainly graduated a lot of good ball players, but we have a lot of new talent; the returning talent is now more experienced; our coaches are more seasoned as well.

    I was hoping for a more thoughtful response such as:

    Glendora: Historically, Monrovia gets off to a slow start and looks a bit rusty in the first game. This will be Monrovia’s first game of the season, but it will be Glendora’s second game. Charter Oak will have knocked the rust off Glendora the week before. Although Monrovia has highly talented players on Defense, Glendora has a Division I quarterback and historically a big and strong offensive line.

    Arcadia: looking to avenge their loss from last year with a more mature team and at the same time ruin Monrovia’s home opener and first game in the new stadium.

    San Dimas: With their championship linemen returning, these guys should be pretty darn good. Did they effectively borrow Mike Mooney’s blue print for slowing down Monrovia’s offense last year? Will Monrovia make some adjustments this time around? Is Bubba Johnson chomping at the bit to exact some payback?

    South Hills: Mentor vs. Mentee. Bogan vs. Maddox. South Hills has consistently been a top area program. They have some big linemen and good skill players. They are accustom to playing a tough pre-season.

    Paramount: Any school with an enrollment of 5,000 should be able to field a tough football team, especially against a school of 1,800.

    San Marino: Mooney has beaten Monrovia too many times, and San Marino almost did it last year.

    Blair: They have some D-1 talent. Anything can happen. Is this the year Blair makes a comeback?

    Temple City: You never know.

    I still like Monrovia in a head to head matchup with any of the schools on the schedule or potential playoff matchups. I would not anticipate anything other than a close victory against Glendora, San Dimas or South Hills, but I do like our chances to get those victories.

  • Yea Right

    New Jersey and Blind-cat,

    Get some thicker skin. Your team will not go undefeated and I would like an apology when you don’t. Blind Cat- Do you always try to fight NJ’s battles?

  • Yea Right

    Blind- Cat,

    BTW…Serra(Gardena)is my team…

  • you’re full of it

    yea right

    serra my a$$!!! come clean….don’t be ashamed!!!

  • Observantcat

    Yeah Right Realist the second…. Your real team is in the shadows of the big dogs. You would’nt be on this blog if you lived anywhere near Gardena. You are the ultimate Al Bundy. You might have meant Sarah, Not Serra. But either way you must stay the Losing imposter.

  • New York

    Don’t take it so personally, hyena. You don’t need to pretend that you have allegiance to Serra. Besides, I think that the only time Monrovia has ever played Serra was in 1987 when we were a third place team and knocked Serra out of the playoffs in the first round down in Gardena. I’m sure your same crowd back then assumed there was no way that this little third place team from the RHL would beat a top seed, right? Maybe that explains your obsession. Maybe you really are a Serra fan.

  • Yea Right

    Dumb and Dumber,

    You sure do alot talking considering you are the 3rd or 4th best team in the WSGV.

  • Realist

    Thank you Yea Right. All they do is talk. They think Monrovia is going to go 14-0. Laughable. BE REAL. Glendora, Arcadia, San Dimas, South Hills, and Paramount. The cats will be lucky to win 2 of those games. Stop getting mad Cats fans, thats the truth.

  • Yea Right

    Don’t sweat it Realist. By the way, I can’t wait for our hot musty date tonight. I’m looking forward to talking about how mediocre our team is and that’s why we have to talk smack about better teams in the area. xxxooo

  • New York

    I never said that I think Monrovia will go undefeated, but I stand by my statement that I would not be surprised if they do. Breaking down the season game by game, I do not *expect* Monrovia to lose any individual matchup. Why would I expect a loss to any of those teams? That said, each of the local teams on the schedule certainly has the ability to beat Monrovia, and I would not be *surprised* if one or two of them does. Paramount may as well, but I don’t know enough about them to opine.

  • Observantcat

    New York, you do not have to break it down for a person that has a 0 football IQ it would be a waste of time. Monrovia will bring it this year no matter what we say in the blogs. I would rather sit back and wait until the games are played and not say a word but let them eat the BS they are spewing out on this blog. We know what our personel is and if we wanted to we could go man for man on who’s who, but like I said it would be a waste of time. As far as realist is concern his first concern should be St. Francis then he can come over to Mtown and catch a glimpse on his teams bleek future playing the Cats.

  • Realist


    Im not going to comment on your ignorance. You better hope this Monrovia team can backup all this trash talking you cats fans are doing.

  • Observantcat

    Realist, it’s probably better you dont. You can make even the smartest person feel ignorant by replying to your BS!

  • New York

    Trash talking??? Huh? Do you really think it is trash talking to state that I would not be surprised to see my team go 14-0, even though I followed it with a bunch of compliments toward the competition?

    Why are you so spiteful when you read positive statements about Monrovia football? You have not stated anything positive about any team, only negative against Monrovia and Monrovia’s playerrs. Why? You started off by bashing Bueno…splitting hairs on his height. Your ignorance is thick. You attempt to make a case that he is not a D-1 QB because he may be 5’7 instead of 5’9…guess what: 5’9 won’t get a D-1 *QB* offer either, but that is not even what the topic was. The topic was highlighting Bueno’s versatility here on the high school field. Then you whine about not wanting to hear about his baseball accomplishments. Well, those accomplishments support his versatility.

    Anyway, try to say something nice this week. Life is too short.

    14-0 baby!

  • Anne Onimus


    From reading all your comments here, and on the other topics, YOU do most of the trash talking and YOU’RE one of the most ignorant people here. But I gotta give it to you for having the balls to talk so much crap after your team went 2-7-1. And stop trying to convince yourself that they’ll be better this year cause of the ass kicking they got last year. What they need most this year is leadership that ALL the kids can get behind, not just a few. If you don’t know what I’m talking about ask some of the kids about leadership on the team. Here’s a heads up for you, Arcadia doesn’t have enough team speed to keep up with most teams in the area. Your front line is small and inexperienced(that’s not trash talking)… I can dissect your team more but I’d rather not since there are a few kids with big hearts on that team that I do root for. Anyways, New York seems to have put you in your place already.

  • Apache Joe

    The realist is Arcadia’s Huckster. LOL.

  • Yea Right


    6-4 or 7-3

  • you’re obsessed with us

    arcadia 3 and 7

  • anonymous

    yea right

    you should worry about your own team…….i’m hearing some things!!!

  • Realist
  • Realist
  • Realist
  • Philly B

    Wow! It feels good to be back here and read some these comments. I can always count on New York and O-cat to regulate on these haters that hate on Monrovia! I saw an early comment that said, Miguel is covering more to a team that will more than likely go far in the playoffs! I couldnt agree more….Im looking forward to the tough pre-league schedule for the wildcats. Do I think they’ll sweep through Glendora, and South Hills???? No one will get me on quote saying that! Those are some good football programs….I will say Monrovia will make it a game! and it will be close if we have a solid defense in which I think they will! Paramount…..Monrovia will beat them by two scores! I think our overall team speed will be no match….and Arcadia……Haha yeah the series is tied 2-2…But….I mean….Come On….Im not saying anymore to that…

  • Yea Right

    Glad to see the Three Stooges are back together… NY, O-C and PB. YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!

  • Realist

    More like the 3 douches

  • Bakers Makers

    M-town followers/fans remind me of boston Celtics fans… not only because you guys where ugly green uniforms but you guys lack knowledge of the game and is all hype. As well, you guys always lose in the finals…lol.

  • Yea Right

    I’m an idiot. I don’t know anything about football and I can’t carry an intellectual conversation. That’s why I always resort to name calling. And I think I’m in love with Realist. I like the way his chest hair peek out the top of his shirt.

  • Lamers Namers

    At least, as a Monrovia fan, I know the difference between ‘where’ and ‘wear’.


  • Realist

    I think its funny how the Monrovia fans have nothing to say so they fake to be someone else talking trash about everyone but Monrovia. Typical. You Monrovia fans live in a fantasy world. WAKE UP!

  • Philly B.

    hahaha, Ahhh Another year, same ol Monrovia haters, but with new names… this should be fun this season…
    Yea Right: It’s more like the three wise men when it comes to O-Cat, NY, and myself! I mean the three of us root for our team and do our best to not show too much bias, and we still get ridiculed! I mean its becoming rather sad….but hey it is what it is

    Bakers Makers-Dont ever refer to mean in reference to Boston Celtics!!! I hate them, and I love my lakers! Please dont go there! Yeah same colors and blah blah blah! But Monrovia is not to be compared to the celtics!!!

    Realist: You and your conspiracies about Monrovia fans make you look more of a dummy than us! Trust!

  • Realist

    One more thing, the matching Ed Hardy outfits I ordered for Yea Right and myself finally came in. Now everyone will know we belong together. Arcadia’s # 1.

  • Philly B.

    Arcadia’s No.1????? HA!!! Gotta beat out Muir, and Burroughs 1st!!!! And dont let Pasadena live up to their hype…then its more like No.4 hahaha

  • M-town fan

    Lost in the finals? Yeah, but we got there. And our teams will be playing in many more finals. Arcadia, on the other hand will forever be mired in mediocrity and possibly worse. Hate to break it to ya, but not alot of talent coming up for you guys.

  • New York

    I loved watching the Three Stooges. Can we at least be Larry, Moe and Curly. I never cared much for Schemp.

    “The Celtics always lose in the finals”…it is clear that you know as much about the NBA as you do about local high school football. At least your lack for context is consistent…The Celtics are the winningest DYNASTY of the NBA. Classic.

    14-0 baby!

  • Bakers Makers

    The only time I support green is on St. Patty’s day and I usually throw up monrovia green or poop monrovia green. Either way, you look at it, monrovia green is just waste.

  • Bakers Makers

    M-town fan,

    You all in the mid valley div since 2006, one of the weakest div in CIF. You guys should have won 4 CIF titles already. So sad, because your comp in CIF is pop warner quality teams, or better yet water polo/cross country kids turned football.

  • Thrill

    Miguel Melendez said:
    Temple City today, San Marino on Wednesday, St. Francis on Thursday, and Arcadia on Friday. Chill.

    A little late on this statement don’t you think… St Francis was suppose to be last Thursday and Arcadia last Friday…Chill

  • anonymous

    I guess losing makes you a bitter fan!!! Stop obsessing on us, cuz there’s alot of resentment within your team.
    alot of your players can’t stand your 2 self-appointed superstars.

  • Observantcat

    Realist; So are you confirming that Arcadia is one of those Drool Teams?

  • Get a life!!!


    Maybe you guys should try winning for a change, so that people will start talking about you…I guess that ain’t gonna happen so you might have to start trolling around with the oc register to get away from all this Monrovia talk. By the way, why do you keep talking about us, but then turn around and complain that there is too much talk about us???? That must be what they call the d-mba$$ syndrome.

  • anonymous

    Oh there is big time resentment. Favoritism is the word being thrown around.

  • Think


    Who in the hell are you. I don’t think you know to much about Arcadia or at least not their football team. I will be honest with you, I have been watching their kids. I think they have much to prove going 2-7-1 last season. Overall there will be a big improvement from last year as long as they don’t make it a 2-man team. Not worried about their defense it’s pretty strong. The offense is loaded with skilled players but have to use them all. Let’s stop hating on Monrovia and others till we prove them wrong.

  • Anne Onimus

    (if you’re not Realist this will just bore you)

    First of all I want to make it clear that I’m on your side. I want to help you with your writing skills and most importantly your thought process. I’ve never seen anyone use so many words and still not make one god damn point. I want to help you so that everyone, and I do mean everyone(not just Monrovia fans), won’t think you’re some kind of idiot, a moron, an ignoramus, an imbecile, and worst of all, a pimply twelve year old kid with no actual knowledge of the game with access to a keyboard. Remember, I’m on your side. First of all, when you write something down it would be best if you proofread what you wrote. Not just once, at least three times before you click on the submit button. This will help you avoid making detrimental comments such as “arguably the worst division” and “you play teams that drool” when you know that Arcadia was spanked by Monrovia and barely tied a .500 team in Temple City. A quick side note: San Dimas, Paraclete, Whittier Christian and San Marino would have all beaten Arcadia last year. Do you see what I mean? You just sound like a doofus when you write stuff like that. My favorite is when you said “who gives a f#ck, you choke it away every year”. You might as well have said “Ya we were 2-7-1, but at least we didn’t lose in the finals”. Sounds stupid wouldn’t you agree? Remember, I’m on your side. Next. When another person tries to egg you on by making comments using your name “Realist” or your alter ego “Yea Right” don’t get sucked in(but you gotta admit they were pretty funny). Cause when the real/fake “Yea Right” confessed his love for you, you signed on using “Realist” and accused other fans of using other bloggers names. How would you have known for a fact that that wasn’t the real “Yea Right” professing his true love for you? Unless… you and “Yea Right” are the same person. Which means you’ve been having exchanges with yourself trying to bolster your own comments. Pretty lamebrain right? Remember, I’m on your side. Lastly. When you try to debate others on how good your team is and how bad theirs is, you should really take your emotions out of it. Instead you should give more facts and less hopeful opinions. When you say stuff like “there’s no resentment” or “I’m not hatin” try to do it without sounding so resentful and so full of hate. And stop saying that your team is better this year cause of the experience they got from last year. That’s just something coaches say when they have nothing else good and hopeful for to say about the team. Remember, I’m on your side. My best advice would be to disappear for a few days, maybe a week, and avoid coming on here and commenting and then come back under a different name. Most of us will know that it is you again just by the stupid and idiotic things you can’t help to say, but there will be some that won’t.

    Remember, I’m on your side.

  • Realist 1.5 (Not Realist)

    First of all when you say “spanked” you should go back and actually watch the game film. Arcadia was only down 1 touchdown when Tuck threw a pick six to the monrovia corner which resulted in the two score loss. Had it not been for a blown offensive pass interference call in the endzone it would have been a tied score going into the fourth. Yes, we lost but don’t make it sound like it was some big rout. And when you say experience doesn’t matter in football or any other sport for that matter, you’re just wrong.

  • Realist 2.0

    I am not realist or realist 1.5. I can tell you this. Monrovia plays in the weakest league and CIF divison there is. I highly doubt they will beat arcadia. In the pacific, monrovia would be a 4th place team.

  • Wildcatzz

    Realist you are so stupid, you are really dumb. Dunt bother saying who you are cause we gon find you!

  • Realist 2.0


    Whatever cyber thug. Monrovia will lose two game before league. Arcadia and Glendora. I said it first, so don’t try to claim it when it happens.

  • Enuf is Enuf

    Ok Realist, Enuf is Enuf. I’ve been lying here on my Fat Ass all night waiting for you to get off the blogs and into this bed with me. You spend all your time hating on those guys from Monrovia, You haven’t even seemed to notice that I lost 80lbs, I’m already down to 300 lbs. Just wait til little realist jr. turns 14 and is able to play some ball, he’s going to make Arcadia great, I see your brothers are also on this blog hatin as well. Those people dont like you! cant you tell. They wish you would fall into a coal mine and get some color, I like you just the way you are nice and pasty pink with a sprinkle of pimple juice. By the way we have an early appointment with the springer show tommorow. Just tell them that you will see them at Monrovia High School at 7:00 on the 17th. We’ll be the family with the red and yellow bell bottom pants and the gold headbands. Too bad the Dog beat you too the Viagra or this would have been a fun day. He certainly new what to do with it. Anyway honey get some sleep that hatin is driving you crazy.

  • Realist

    Enuf is enuf-

    You sound like a crack head. I have no kids. Im 21. I certainly hope that post wasnt supposed to be commical, because it was absolutly the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Is that what they teach you at Monrovia? No beuno. Just for the record, im not realist 1.5 or realist 2.0. Im just realist. The other realists are very smart people though.

  • Enuf is Enuf

    See Idiot, I’m From Arcadia silly. You dont really know me at all. I knew you were Stupid.

  • Realist 2.5

    i love how every1 in this this is hating on arcadia when in fact they send players to the next level u know like college football. for the great monrovia who plays a great schedule and plays in title games we dont see many players move on or even in your league please correct me if im wrong all i can think of is james davis. Arcadia and the pacific league send players on so doesnt that make the level of competition higher because the players are better? Fans of monrovia its called common sense have ur quarterback take a 5 step drop stay in the pocket look off a saftey that isnt playing only cover three then tell me ur playing against quality competition. However, im sure most of you guys on this thing have no idea what im talking about because u probably were on the football team for the great view from the sideline

    realist keep it up

  • Anonymous

    realist: very true about mtown not sending players to college!! especially if you listen to that big mouth observantcat. every yr he talks about how monrovia will be sending 5/6 guys to d-1’s and that never happens. and dont talk bout that kid from texas who moved to monrovia and then went back home to texas.

  • anonymous

    all the realists:

    So you you guys lost to lowly Monrovia and tied a sorry Temple City team. Then you guys must SUCK!!! Maybe it’s time for you guys to switch divisions. Obviously, Div VII is way too tough for you. Maybe Div XI so you can win a few…..oh wait a minute….never mind!!!

  • Ken

    Seems like the Arcadia fans are a little obsessed with Monrovia. Focus on Week 1 opponent boys. We’ve reloaded and are looking real good. Justin and Dietrich will be sorely missed, but Brett and Travis will be more than ready to take the reigns.

  • PantherPride

    Monrovia draws from about 1700 kids, that’s why they are in Div XI. Arcadia is at 3700 students and is in Div VII. Higher division doesn’t always mean better players, it only means more players. However, Monrovia can probably go up a few notches with the talent pool that they have. If they don’t transfer out, that is.

  • Ponyboy

    I’m not trying to get into this Arcadia, Monrovia fued on this blog it’s pretty pointless to argue over the internet. But I would just like to explain why Arcadia sports are going downhill. Yes, we have 3700 students but we only have 30 kids going out for football. The reason? Band and academics are all the kids are worried about at Arcadia nowadays. If you were to visit the school today, and talk to a few random students you would find they have little concern for sports at all.

  • Philly B.

    Pantherpride: Thank you for putting some knowledge on why Monrovia is in the supposed “weakest division” I really dont think The Mid-Valley Division is the weakest…but I sure as hell wont say its one of the strongest of course! that would be dumb like the all the realist put together!!!!

    Ken: Thank you, I was waiting for someone to tell these Arcadia fans to worry about their first game and not Monrovia!!!! Because Monrovia is not worried about Arcadia right now!

    Anne Onimus: Im glad someone was willing to give a tutorial on a blog, even though you should of put the realist in his place with that blog, Im sure he’ll still be talking, therefore everyone else including myself will have to make him look stupid!

    And any arcadia fan thats boosting and bragging about the pacific league is tough and all of that, thats just dumb because when was the last time Arcadia actually won the pacific league????? Seems as if the Pacific League Is too strong for you!!!!! As far as Monrovia going undefeated…..I love my wildcats but with this schedule I dont know how glendora is looking, and south hills always puts a good squad up. HOWEVER, IF The cats go undefeated in pre-league, please show some respect, and know that Monrovia would gladly play the likes of Burbank, Burroughs, CV, and Muir again…..Those are the actual top teams in the Pacific League!!!!!!

    To all the “realist”: Root for your team and stop bashing other teams….yeah us monrovia fans talk about how great our team is going to be….but we dont go on to say how bad south pas and blair is going to be…It just doesnt make any sense! ESPECIALLY, Since the season hasnt really started yet! Just save it for the week of Monrovia-Arcadia game!!!!
    Philly B is burning….

  • Goldenarm

    last years brawl for the mall, Zebra Meltdown and famous…”we don’t work no stinkin’ overtime” game…TC fans maxed the visitor side and drowned out the home crowd throughout the night.
    The Arcadia security consisted of a squad of guys with combover’s and a heavy dose of little man’s complex for attitudes. At game end security made the huge crowd reverse direction and all walk one way – it was disorganized and caused people to crush into each other in some sections. A couple people hit the floor. Earlier, Security dickheads were walking into the stands calling out people who may have arrived early and escaped the entry charge. I am talking families with blankets, not some hoodlums who scaled the fence. It was discusting. Even Arcadia students were getting hassled when trying to enter for some photography assignments. Oh yeah….some may remember that big bucks were getting asked for prime parking – by whom…no one ever dropped a dime and said.
    Food was damn good – but hit it early, when that 6 mile long band procession comes out.

  • Realist 2.0

    Philly B,

    Go roll another philly b. Typical Monrovian. So much talent in the city, but they do dumb things like roll a philly b and expect to play ball. No wonder they haven’t dominated a terrible mid valley div. Rio Hondo Prep would have won at least two years out of the last four.

  • Realist

    Im going to have to agree with realist 2.0. But look out realist 2.0. The Monrovia fans are in denial, so they are probably going to go absolutly nuts on you.

  • New York

    Let’s not make blanket statements about Arcadia fans, and let’s not use the word “fan” lightly. As far as I’m concerned, there have been only two Arcadia fans who have posted on this particular thread–Money Talks and Apache Joe (maybe I overlooked another). The others seem to be complete embarrassments to the fine city of Arcadia and their internet priviledges at the detention center should be revoked.

  • Goldenarm

    Philly B

    good to see your name on the roster.

  • Philly B.

    Realist 2.0: I need to roll a philly B. Too bad I dont smoke, I drink….But hate on monrovia all you want…it doesnt even matter….Im already tired of all these “realist”!!! Call yourselves the realists….Well Im Windows Vista! Let me upgrade you!

    Realist: Monrovia fans are indenial about what? Are we in a weak division? Yes we are. Do we think our team is gonna go far if not win it all in the playoffs? Yes!

    Good to be back on the Roster

  • Realist

    You also think your team is going to go undefeated. Which is not going to happen. Im fine with an opposing fan being confident. But you all take it too far. 14-0??? Really? Come on….

  • Realist

    And if you all don’t think I look great in a tiara, you guys are just plain crazy.

  • Realist

    This guy is a comedian. Im obviously doing something right if this fool is talking sh*t. LOL. I like it. I did my my job. My point has been proven. You gone.

  • Realist

    And by “my my” job, I meant the vast lack of knowledge about football. I don’t even like Arcadia. I’m just here cause I have no friends. That’s why I comment all the time about Monrovia. It’s the only time I can get anyone to respond to me. I’m so lonely.

  • Realist 1.5

    Why you hating on Realist? You sound/look really dumb. Get a life loser. He has the freedom to express his feelings. As do you, so grow up. You make Monrovia fans look dumb and ignorant.

  • Realist

    Realist 1.5

    Thanks for getting my back. By the way, you forgot your leopard print speedo at my place the other night. xxxooo

  • Realist

    Dont worry realist 1.5. It is clear that this kid has no life. Typical.

  • Realist 1.5

    I’m not worried Realist. I just hope this clown doesn’t try to crash our slumber party tonight. Don’t forget to bring the marshmallows for the smores. Yummmmmmy.

  • M-Town Parent

    All you Monrovians take note. There is NO reason to get personal with anyone on this blog. It is childish and it makes Monrovia look bad. If your going to post, please just support your team. I haven’t seen anything that Realist, realist 1.5 or realist 2.0 have said to make you guys get personal. Please, act your age.

  • Philly B.

    Yeah I dont have a life realist….Ive said my peace to all realists or should I say fakes!, and Im just gonna wait till the season to start before I address anymore haters…until then, ill shoot the breeze with the regulars…those opinions I actually do respect!!!!

  • Another Parent

    Hey M-Town Parent. I guess you didn’t read the part where Realist called New York, ObservantCat and Philly B, “3 do*ches”. Anyways, let’s have fun this football season.

  • Philly B.

    Another Parent: Its all good, people see what they want to see and read. I cant wait for the season to start! It should be a good one!

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