Football: McFarland, Temple City in search of top QB

There’s a three-player race for the starting quarterback job at Temple City. Almost a week into fall camp, Temple City football coach Mike McFarland said he still hasn’t seen any of the three emerge as the front-runner. The quarterback position seemed to be the one position the Rams were not so worried about when last year’s disappointing season came to an end. Brandon Cox, a 6-foot-2 speedy passer, was expected to take the reigns from Justin Smith. Cox was to provide another element to the Rams’ dynamic with his elusiveness and playmaking ability.

But wasn’t to be. Cox transferred to Pasadena where his father is now a strength and conditioning coach under first-year Pasadena coach Randy Horton. Suddenly, Pasadena goes from having the talented Aaron Simpson taking snaps to Cox creating a quarterback competition. It’s looking a lot like Cox will be the Bulldogs’ quarterback this season.

Pasadena looks set, but what about Temple City?

Senior Alec Vigil, senior Bruce Pacilio and sophomore Mike Quintanilla are the three vying for the starting spot. McFarland said after Tuesday’s practice that Temple City didn’t start fall practice as if from scratch. The Rams have played together and built cohesiveness since the start of spring and throughout summer camp. Still, between the start of the year and through summer, neither Vigil, Pacilio nor Quintanilla have taken ownership of the position.

That can be taken in one or two ways: All three are creating such a competitive atmosphere and each one has their own unique talent that so far it’s been difficult to pinpoint one particular QB as the front-runner. That’s great and all, but with pads ready to go on Saturday, McFarland hopes someone starts separating himself from the pack, given the season is only a few weeks away.

“These guys are all getting reps,” McFarland said. “But I’m still not ready to catapult anyone to the top. It’s still very much a competition.”

Should someone have taken an edge anyway, McFarland still wouldn’t have had a clear picture of his new quarterback.

“We gotta be in pads to make that assessment and see what they look like,” he said.

Vigil was a junior wide receiver/defensive back on varsity last season. He’s the lone player in the three-man rotation with varsity experience, and that could play to his advantage. He recorded 24 tackles on the defensive side. Pacilio was on the junior varsity last season and Quintanilla was a freshman.

Whichever quarterback emerges, one thing is for sure: replacing Justin Smith won’t be easy. Smith completed nearly 60 percent of his passes (99 of 170) for 1,737 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also rushed for 419 yards and six touchdowns.

Temple City scrimmages El Monte on Sept. 3 and opens the season Sept. 10 at home against Arroyo.

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  • New York

    Get your coach a pair of Temple City football shorts please.

  • Realist

    TC will be horrible!!! Why even bother? The RHL is the worst league!!!

  • Realist

    By the way I’m a moron.

  • Goldenarm

    new york

    At least he put on the right shirt.

    That beast behind McFarland is Michael Bassette, who has a V back, slightly wider than your average barn door. He is around 315 lbs.

    I guess I must quit whining about having a great QB on campus, who is not suited up. Had Cox stayed – he would have been fighting for the job against Copping, and by no means would he win hands down. Unfortunately, both kids are no longer playing for TC Football.

    Whoever gets the call at QB, Vigil will be helping the team in one position or another, likely defensive. He is a talent and hard worker. TC should present a good kicking game as well.

    Miguel – I ‘m surprised no mention of the transfer from Gabby? How good is he?

    Realist – thanks for the self evaluation, no argument here. Please explain why the Rams and the RHL are horrible. The Mid-Valley champion is comimg out of the RHL this year.
    Go Rams

  • anon

    Realist, u r right on!
    GA, get a life!
    We will soon see how all this pans out! Can’t wait…

  • Aram

    Lots of hair on those heads …

  • Realist

    Im going to change my name because some tool is writing stuff as me. I didnt say anything about TC. I know nothing about TC.

  • Goldenarm


    Nothing over the ear – pretty conservative, though not Hitchcockian.
    Once they get hats, the smart ones will shorten their dreds.

  • Rule violator

    Randy Horton and his staff has violated every cif rule known in the blue book…I hope the paperwork is right if not, can you say wait until you make the playoffs to let the video, phone messages and pictures suface ! Brandon Cox, Donnel wilson, Kishon Sanders etc…

  • info

    the gabby kid who transferred into TC is appearantly really good. I hear he is pretty fast and makes sic cuts. I also hear it is not a legit transfer! the kid never moved and is using a fake adress. Wonder what Mr. McFarland, TC administration and CIF will do?

  • Huckster!!!!!!!!

    Rule violator;

    Are you serious? Randy Horton is the Lex Luthor type, but he doesnt have to recruit the kids! When your part of a good coaching circle as he is under Dewayne Walker who is New Mexico St. Head Coach and previous Defensive Coordinator at USC, UCLA, BYU, UTAH ST & NEVADA. Plus a position coach at some Pro teams was his college coach and is still mentoring Coach Horton right now today. People that have children know about this and want their child to be in the best possible position to succeed! McFarland doesnt have the same contacts as Randy do and Temple City is not on the same stage as PHS is either! When kids are transferring to Temple City, Muir, Rosemead, LaSalle, Arcadia and Crasenta Valley I guess thats ok? Each one of the schools I named have had 2 to 3 players that are Pasadena residence on their team and Muir has had countless PHS players on their team that played Varsity football for both schools! One player played Varsity football at HS in the first half of the season and then went to Muir to play us in the Bowl! You say Violations? Please! Its Pasadenas turn to start letting the goodies come on in to make us win! You losers!

  • New York

    That kid is quite large. I’m sure the feed bill is high. He will be difficult to move backward.

  • Goldenarm

    i heard the kid ended up with the Mead anyway….don’t really know for sure, have not been to a practice in a while.

    TC gets a “hot transfer” about once every San Andreas fault eruption…I’m talking geologic time here.

    New York
    Wish I had a photo of his traps/lats- he looks like he has done 6 million pull downs
    He is a good kid to boot.

  • FB Einstein

    Ok coach lets start it off right…lose the damn shorts and at least invest in some plain green or gold shorts. That kinda stuff maters around here because the previous regime was rocking Eagle Rock gear most of last year…gives me nightmares.

    Not sold on Bassette. He hasn’t proved anything except he can stretch out and T-shirt and occupy the training room.

    Vigil at QB seems like a stretch. Heard good things about the sophomore kid.

    Gibby was a great RB/LB. He will prove to be a thorn in the side of the rams for the next cpl of yrs.

  • New York

    While we’re at it, let’s get this group of people a double espresso shot. The body language all around is less than inspiring. The kid standing to the right of McFarland is sleep walking.

  • Goldenarm

    fb e

    dude – have you undergone an offseason Buddha think tank of wisdom sharing skills??
    You seem on the money early on this year….

    give Basette some love, his world right now is one of “what could be” not past accomplishment (as you said) he is no instintive O’Mall type player. However , with sound coaching and direction he will be hell on the RHL for two full years. The Rams have size at tackles, but do they have trench mentality? Lets hope so


  • New York

    If the mammoth kid needs to get acclimated to football, I suggest starting him at Nose Guard with one initial assignment: blow the center into the QB every time. Once he perfects that, you can have him work on other things. That type of penetration should disrupt pulling guards and it will allow the big guy to play full speed without having to overthink the situation.

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