PrepXtra Magazine Preview: Top 5 lists coming soon

Our first-ever PrepXtra Magazine will hit the presses Friday, meaning we’re in the final stages of editing proof pages and making sure we covered all our bases. The magazine is tentatively scheduled to run Sept. 1, and it’ll be a newspaper insert just like our past football preview sections. We have your favorite features ready to go, like your top 10 poll, cover story, and much much more. I spoke with my managing editor Tuesday and I’ve been told the magazine sold very well, and we’ll have 40 pages dedicated purely to prep football coverage. Folks, this doesn’t include the advertising pages, which bumps the page-count to over 50 pages. We compiled Top 5 lists that I’m planning on publishing next week on the blog while I’m on a week-long vacation. I’ll have top 5 quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs and defensive players. Here’s where I want your input. Do you folks want them in that order, one each day next week, or all on Monday so you have all week to discuss the list? I’ll let you guys pick. I’m heading to San Marino later this morning, so later I’ll post more notes from that practice, as well as Temple City. Keith Lair will takeover next week, but before I leave let me know which schools you’d like for Keith to visit beginning next Tuesday. In short, you’re all in the driver’s seat for what you want reported in the paper and the blog, too.

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  • Enough


    Enough with the “previews” of this magazine. Stop talking about it and put it out already. You are pulling a Favre on us.

  • King Kong

    What about a list of the Top 5 coaches in the area? Top 5 fields?

  • I Know the Truth

    KARL HOLMES has to be Top 3!

    Jay Kolina at tight-end from Lc!

    Kevon seymoure has to be one of the best db’s

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Before you put Karl Holmes at the top of anything! Let the kid prove to himself first, that he can perform at a high level in a Varsity game! Let alone be a factor or even attempt to take over a game..The real $hit starts now and hell have his chance to prove to the World that he belongs!!!!! Im all the way in his corner and Im rooting for him tooKarls time can be now, if he goes and gets it! Were all watching!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    So the Huckster really can say something thats not ignorant here on the blog.

    I agree %1000. Good post.

  • Huckster!!!!!!


    Mental terrorism is how I operate!!!!! When I post something I have all kinds of agendas!!!!

  • I Know The Truth

    why cant he be top 5 in the area? i cant find 5 any 5 better than him srry Huckster…. why would we listen too you? youre the same person who says the dogs are gonna win leauge and youre mad because there hyping up Holmes more than Trump

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    I know the truth?;

    Ok, you can stop bringing my son up for starters! You can see him on September 4th at Glendale City College stadium when PCC plays Glendale at 6pm! Oh, hes a grown man now so if you got any issues please contact him on Facebook. U coward!!!!!

    Karl Holmes is family to me and I love the young man like hes my own son. I have some real personal moments with him about much more serious issues than FOOTBALL! Karl has to prove to himself that he can do the damn thang on Friday nights when the lights are on and everyone is focus on him! Especially the other team! I know it feels good to be talked about in a positive manner, but before you promise any meals make sure you know how to hunt first! Dont have the biggest gun and cant use it! Its a different hunt when the prey has a gun too! Hell do well and the Stangs will go 9-1 and take second in the Pacific league behind PHS! I know damn well you didnt think I will root against my boys!!!! DOGS HOUSE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Back-to-back good posts? Damn Huckster the apocalypse must be upon us. Ppl really need to back off the Trump stuff. That was a few yrs ago now and he is a grown man and pound for pound a hell of a player.

  • I Know The Truth

    I agree but I think you’re kinda jealous because you’re son was 3 years all leauge and all this and that but couldn’t perform in the bowl? Karl Holmes season was not so good we know that… But is there really 5 ppl in the area better from what u seen?

    I talked to Karl the other day @ Muir and I asked him about him being top 5 in the area? And these were his exact words :” Keep me outta the rankings plz rank me last I haven’t done anything yet but scored 2 lousy touchdowns and one happend too be against the dogs! I’m just here to get a scholarship and do what I can too the best of my ability and in my eyes I’m the sorriest recevier in the pacific leauge!

    I like his state of mind!

  • Huckster!!!!!!!

    I know the truth?????

    Ok, since you keep bringing my son up and the Tussle! Way, way, way, back in 2006-07 school year.I told the then Head Coach of Pasadena High (Kevin Mills) my brother to put Trumpit and Arness Ikner in the back field with Tyron Crockom at the shot gun! Why? Because Muirs line backers wouldnt have been able to cover them little guys out of the back field and it would have been such a miss match that PHS would have jumped out on them to far a head!!!!! If you remember that Tussle PHS was inside the 10 yard line 3 times and threw 12 passes scoring just once! This was before Muir put anything on the score board! To stay on your quest on why my son didnt do well in the bowl was because he was used incorrectly and quite frankly! He didnt get the damn ball enough! Even with him playing wide out they still didnt give him any screens or short passes to exploit the tackling of Muirs DBs! In all PHSs crucial games that year my son went nuts, but some odd reason in the Tussle he didnt get the ball.. I know people view me as a number 1 a$$ hole, but I know football so well and I can create miss matches that would scare Bill Billacheck! I hope I gave you a lil inside on why my son didnt do as well against Muir.Let it go!!! I have!!!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Oh, Karl is a wise young man!!!!! He knows, not to want the BULLSEYE on him!!!! Let him handle the business at hand! Which is the season!!!!

  • I Know The Truth

    HUCKSTER now you look stupid because word on the street is aaron simpson cant play he not even enrolled in pasadena high please stop talikng about the kid now u look stupid…. maybe he play for ROSE CITY football team….. hahahaha stangs win again

    ps; maybe he can be the next trump and not graduate

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Stang Fan,

    No need to apologize! I raised my son to be a MAN and sometimes men have to go through some hard life lessons to understand the goal of the big picture in their life! A little mud in the face and a big piece of humble pie never hurt anyone! Trump graduated form high school and will have his A.A. at the end of the fall semester from PCC. Just know that Im one proud father!!!!

    I Know The Truth?????

    Youre my kind of guy!!!!!! Im loving you!!!! There is nothing below the belt in my book!!!! LMAO!!!! I know, you know, Stang Fan knows and everybody in Pasadena knows you better hide behind this Blog, because I can be entirely unbearable once Im in your world!!!! Just be at the Glendale vs. PCC game on the 4th! Aaron will be ok as he has to eat a little humble pie too, but hell be playing this year and will do well!

    P.S. I know the truth is blogging from the valley!!!! Funny stuff!!!!!

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