High School football correspondents wanted

We have a few high school football correspondents returning to cover high school football games in the fall, but are looking for more. Those who have covered high school football games before or are studying journalism are ideal. Or, if you have a passion for writing and football, and can spell, that works too. If interested, feel free to email me at miguel.melendez@sgvn.com.

A press pass will be provided that will get you into the game and access to the sideline or the press box (if available). You will be paid a small fee for your time and efforts.

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  • Huckster!!!!!!

    I’ll do it if I could only do PHS and Muir games!!!!! I swear it will be must read material!!!!!

  • Miguel Melendez


  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Damn Miguel! Why are you so mean to me? Lol…

  • Goldenarm


    I will subscribe to PSN if you get the job.

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