Star-Jibber: Who gets the cover in Week 0?

My laptop currently is with our I.T. department, meaning if I don’t get it by the end of today, this could very well be my last entry as I depart for my week-long vacation. In any case, Keith Lair will provide daily reports beginning in Tuesday’s paper. The season begins in two weeks, and with that comes time to make some big time decisions, like which teams we’ll give the cover on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It won’t be as hard for Thursday and Saturday, but certainly Fridays are up for grabs. But be careful what game you pick Friday, because whichever one you pick also means that you’ll get yours truly as the reporter. Don’t grow restless next week. Keep visiting and be on the lookout for our PrepXtra Magazine, slated to hit a newsstand near you Sept. 1. I promise you you’ll be blown away.

Thurs. Sept. 2

Brethren Christian at Pasadena Poly, 3 p.m.
Blair vs. Fulton at Muir, 7 p.m.

Fri. Sept. 3
Bassett at Keppel, 7 p.m.
Roosevelt vs. Alhambra at Moor Field, 7 p.m.
San Gabriel at Muir, 7 p.m.
Cerritos vs. Gabrielino at Gahr, 7 p.m.
Westchester at Pasadena, 7 p.m.

Sat. Sept. 4
Maranatha vs. Big Bear at Big Bear Middle School, 1:30 p.m.
Westview at Bosco Tech, 4 p.m.
La Salle vs. Village Christian at Glendale, 7 p.m.

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  • Huckster!!!!!!!

    1# Roosevelt vs. Alhambra at Moor Field, 7 p.m.

    2# San Gabriel at Muir, 7 p.m

    3# Westchester at Pasadena, 7 p.m

    Those are the top games to start with, so take your pick to put on the cover!!!!

  • Realist

    Who cares about Westchester? I thing the number 3 slot should be Arcadia St Francis.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Realist: Arcadia vs. St. Francis is Sept. 10, Week 1. We’re talking Week 0 here.

  • There you go again…

    Slow your roll Realist. Poppin’ off again before you know the facts.

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  • Westchester in Pasadena…

    Westchester is a big school in Pasadena that definitely should be covered…I realy want to know what happens there

  • Anonymous

    St. Francis / Arcadia that story has already been told…I want to know about Westchester coming to Pasadena, pal, that is good stuff.

    San Gabriel at Muir boring and Roosevelt at Alhambra, really now, where’s the challenge.

  • Realist

    My bad. For some reason I thought we were talking about week 1. My bad. In that case i think Dena should get some coverage.

  • I <3 Basketball!

    I can’t wait for Westchester vs. Pasadena! Whoa! What a game! Two recent champs! One in the City and the other in CIF! Whoo hoo! I can’t wait to see what Coach Tucker will do in this one!

    Wait, it’s only September. Are we talking football here?!?!?! Oh, nevermind. That’s like watching a football game between Duke and Gonzaga. I’ll have to get my real football fix somewhere else.



  • I Know The Truth

    HUCKSTER now you look stupid because word on the street is aaron simpson cant play he not even enrolled in pasadena high please stop talikng about the kid now u look stupid…. maybe he play for ROSE CITY football team….. hahahaha stangs win again

    ps; maybe he can be the next trump and not graduate

  • Football Fan

    The Cathedral Phantoms have destroyed Westchester the last two times they have played. The Phantoms Travel to So. Pasadena and Pasadena High. Next week the Phantoms travel to Muir for a scrimmage. The Phantoms have alot of D1 Talent and two good QB’s in 6’3 Haden Reddig of Sierra Madre and 6’2 junior Micheal Poole. Senior 4 year starter Kristan Ivory leads the Phantoms on offense and Defense. Kristan also has a 4.3 GPA.

  • The Stang Fan

    I Know The Truth,

    I’d like to be the first person to say, “You’re an a**hole.”

    We all get on here and talk smack back and forth about football and the respective teams we support. But for you to come on here and blast a couple of kids like that is irresponsible and beyond uncalled for, especially considering your source is the “word on the street.” That’s complete bull**it bro.

    As a Stang, I apologize to both Aaron and Trump and I wish you both successful seasons.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Stang Fan,

    No need to apologize! I raised my son to be a MAN and sometimes men have to go through some hard life lessons to understand the goal of the big picture in their life! A little mud in the face and a big piece of humble pie never hurt anyone! Trump graduated form high school and will have his A.A. at the end of the fall semester from PCC. Just know that Im one proud father!!!!

    I Know The Truth?????

    Youre my kind of guy!!!!!! Im loving you!!!! There is nothing below the belt in my book!!!! LMAO!!!! I know, you know, Stang Fan knows and everybody in Pasadena knows you better hide behind this Blog, because I can be entirely unbearable once Im in your world!!!! Just be at the Glendale vs. PCC game on the 4th! Aaron will be ok as he has to eat a little humble pie too, but hell be playing this year and will do well!

    P.S. Tookie Williams almost got out too!!! Funny stuff!!!!!

  • Dan

    Who are these odd posters coming on with a link in place of their blog name, and with post that seem to have nothing to do with the thread subject? There is one on this thread at Aug.21 at 1:33 pm. and there are several others on other threads.

  • high school fan

    Taylor Lagace from Arcadia is legit. Expect big things from this dude.

  • King Kong

    Football Fan-

    Hayden Rettig is the younger brother of former La Salle/San Clemented QB Chase Rettig who is now with Boston College. Some have said that Hayden just might be the better QB of the two. Only time will tell. Hopefully the kid won’t live in the shadows of his brother, and make a name for himself.

  • Anonymous
  • What CIF rules?

    I thought Chase Rettig (along with his brother) officially transferred to San Clemente because their father had such a long job commute (that was what the PSN reported) – it wasn’t for “athletically motivated” reasons. Chase lasted two semesters at San Clemente, and his brother lasted one (maybe two semesters) and now is back in the local area playing for Cathedral

    This shows what a joke the CIF rules are regarding transfers between schools. If you play the game right, it can be done.

  • Richard Richardson

    Taylor Lagace hasn’t proven anything yet. Until he gets is team to rally and play hard and beat teams other than glendale and hoover, then I would say he is legit.

  • Football Fan

    Chase reddig Transfered from San Clemente because The CIF allowed all 9th Graders a 1 time transfer to any School they want. Chase is one of the Top rivals 100 players to watch from Cathedral High school.

  • Football Fan

    Made a mistake it’s Haden Rettig who is Cathedral’s Starting QB.

  • mr DON


  • Philly B

    I think Muir and Pasadena Should be covered for week 0. Im hearing alot of hype for the bulldogs, and I wanna know which team looks the most polished and ready to go for the season The Stangs or the Dawgs!

  • 91030

    OK everyone, let’s be absolutely clear. As much as I hate to admit the obvious being an SP “Tigre” fan, it is clear that in 2010, absent a brain cramp Monrovia will run the table in the RHL and should get to the semis or finals without much difficulty. The wildcard here is the Almont League and their strength top to bottom. Where does Momrovia meet a Schurr or Bell Gardens? What really interests me in 2010 is who are the 3rd place teams (since now no guarranty exists of a playoff spot) who should go to the playoffs and how will the WC’s be picked. A brave new world in the Mid – Valley.

    As for my Tigers, there appears to be a great deal of enthusiasm in SP for a real veteran team that seems a lot like the 2008 Tigers who were a drive and a kickoff return from the playoffs and who have 3 players at the next level. Though they have to perform on the field to get whatever respect they are due, do not underestimate this group. With Connor Bednarski at QB and a whole lot of letterman returning they should have at least as much press as TC and SM before the start of the season.

  • Amused Reader

    What CIF Rules? You mention Rettig only lasted two semesters. He played his senior season at San Clemente. Would you prefer he played after graduating in HS or at Boston College?

  • What CIF Rules?

    Just to clarify for Amused Reader and Football Fan-

    I understand the one time freshman exception that applies to the younger Rettig. The point of my post was that Chase Rettig left La Salle to play football at San Clemente to get noticed playing at a bigger school. The packaging put on it to convince the CIF that the transfer was not “athletically motivated” was that his family had a long commute, and the commute was putting too much stress on the family (as reported in the PSN). After his one season at San Clemente (he left after the fall semester to enroll at BC) it looks like the family moved local so the younger son can attend Cathedral (I doubt he is commuting from San Clemente to Cathedral!)

    Now compare to the Canada brothers (and others) who tried to change schools and had to sit out a season because the transfers were deemed “athletically motivated.” What is the difference? How it was packaged. Either let everyone who wants changes schools, or don’t. The CIF rules are inconsistently applied.

  • Goldenarm


    Lair just did a nice article in PSN on the Tigers.

    Coach Smith is finally saying what myself and many others have been saying. THEY MUST have something beyond Bednarski – and they must outwork other people.
    The last two seasons, So Pas has crumbled primarily to to weakness on both O and D lines. A weakness like that kills most anything else positive. It is time for the Tigers to chew some old bear scrotum, drink some bad well water and get fearsome in the dirt! Own your land…shoot the trespassers.
    U r right, were it not for Williams Do last minute heroics on the kickoff return, that year the Tigers could have shined. But, time to look forward – and I believe So Pas may surprise some folks this year.

  • Amused Reader

    What CIF Rules? Put that way I agree with you. Was just stating the Chace Rettig didn’t leave San Clemente to transfer somewhere else as it seemed implied. He played his senior season and apparently left early, which does happen. But I think it’s safe to say the transfer was athletically motivated. Did BC know he existed at La Salle where he was tearing up?

  • Bronco5

    Any thoughts on the fact that the LA Times only lists three QBs from the SGV on their players to watch list. Cantu from Schurr, Merryman from Poly, and Nelson from St. Francis. Where’s Bueno, Cox and Bernardski.

  • Bronco5

    Looking at the move the Rettig family made last year with their son Chase, I would say what a great business move they saved about $80,000.00 by leaving La Salle.

  • football fan

    does any one know what happened to cody keith? someone told me he’s playing in CT as a senior again, can he do that? how many years can you play high school ball?

  • football fan

    does any one know what happened to cody keith? someone told me he’s playing in CT as a senior again, can he do that? how many years can you play high school ball?

  • goteamgo

    football fan –

    You got my curiousity up in the “where are they now” world. Found this on an East Carolina University blog:

    CODY KEITH (6-3, 195) QB, Charlotte, NC* … *Keith played at South Mecklenburg in 2008, passing for almost 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns with just two interceptions in a run-oriented offense. … Family moved to California last year and Keith played for Maranatha, a private school in the Pasadena area. … Keith plans to play at Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, Connecticut as a senior and enter ECU for the spring semester. … The presence of offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley and the Pirates’ new pass-oriented offense were influential factors for Keith’s commitment, which was announced on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

    See; also on ESPN college recruiting

  • Goldenarm

    If anyone ever wondered where ANYBODY who ever coached or played at Temple City High school went, here is the answer- from San Marino High School website:

    Mike Mooney – Varsity Head Coach (Off Coordinator/RB’s)
    This is the 3rd year of Coach Mooney’s 2nd tenure as a Titan football coach. He began his coaching career at SMHS under legendary coach Bill Maloney in 1994 and became the Titan’s head coach from 1996-1998. Coach Mooney then moved to Temple City High as their head coach from 1999-2006. In that 8 year span, his teams compiled a 34-5-1 record against RHL teams; won 4 undefeated RHL champioships; and made 5 CIF Quarter Final appearnaces. Coach Mooney played football at USC from 1988-1993. Coach Mooney is currently an Assistant Principal at SMHS. He is humbled and proud that many of his former players and coaches have joined the Titan staff.
    Marti Valdes – Assistant Coach (Def Coordinator/OL/DL/Special Teams)
    This is Coach Valdes 1st season with the Titans. He is the Defensive Coordinator and OL/DL coach. He brings over 7 years coaching experience to the SM sideline. He has coached at Glendale High School and Temple City High School. He is a graduate of John Marshall High School where he was a 3 year varsity offensive and defensive lineman. He spent two years at Glendale Community College as a defensive lineman. He is excited to be working with Coach Mooney again and looks forward to a great Titan season
    Art Carrington – Assistant Coach (Special Teams)
    This is Coach Arrington’s second season with the Titans. He has been coaching football for 39 years. Coach Arrington has been a varsity coach at Temple City and Workman. He was also Coach Mooney’s first football coach!

    Tim Loya – Assistant Coach (Off Coordinator/QBs)
    Coach Loya starts his 18th year coaching high school football and this will be his first with San Marino as the quarterbacks/wide receivers coach. Coach Loya previously coached at Glendale High School from 1988-1991 and 1995-2000 where he helped guide the Nitros to three league titles and at Temple City from 2001-2008. During his tenure at Temple City Coach Loya helped guide the Rams to eight straight playoff seasons. During that span the Rams won four league titles, made the quarterfinals six times and reached the semi-finals in 2008. Coach Loya is a graduate of CSUN and is currently employed at Scoll and Associates in Glendale, Ca as a litigation specialist. Coach Loya and his family currently reside in Anaheim, CA
    Matt Brassfield – Assistant Coach (LB’s)

    Michael Cable – Assistant Coach (DB’s/WR’s)
    This will be coach Cables first year at San Mario High School after coaching three years at Temple City High School.
    Coach Cable is from Dallas, Texas. He was a 3 year letterman at Marcus High School as a defensive back and return specialist. He played in the Texas 5A-State Quarter Finals as a sophomore, Texas 5A-State Championship as a junior and Texas 5A-State Semi-Finals as a senior.
    Coach Cable was Honorably Discharged from the United States Coast Guard in 2008. He will graduate from California State University Los Angeles in the fall. He and his wife Leslie reside in San Gabriel.

    Sam Orefice – Trainer
    Sam received his B.S. in Sports Medicine from Cal Poly Pomona in 2000 and became a Certified Athletic Trainer in 2001. He has served as the Athletic Trainer for Temple City, La Canada, Gabrielino, and Pasadena High School. He has been with Fortanasce & Associates Physical Therapy since 1998 and is currently the Director of Sports Medicine & Fitness Programs. Sam is also a Clinical Instructor for Azusa Pacific University. Away from work, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children.

    Junior Varsity
    Riley Saxon – Head Coach (Off Coordinator/QB’s)
    Thomas Camareno – Assistant (Def Coordinator/Line)
    Kyle O’Malley – Assistant (RB/DL)
    Luis Caceres – Assistant (OL)
    Matt Moreno – Assistant (WR/DB)
    Andrew Gayl – Assistant (Special Teams)

    Dave Avramovich – Head Coach (Off/Def Coordinator)
    Matt Wilson – Assistant (Special Teams)
    Chris Zubia – Assistant (WR/DB)
    Andy Hebblethwaite – Assistant (WR/DB)

    I AM NOT SURE IF THE CHEERLEADERS, GROUNDS CREW, SECURITY PERSONNEL AND SNACK BAR TECHNICIANS ARE TC ALUM…but they may be. For the JV and freshman staff – 90% of those guys were Rams.
    do you think any Mooney loyalty exists???

  • foottball fan


    how can cody keith play for another high school? didn’t he graduate from Maranatha? and already play for 3 high schools? how is that right?

  • Anonymous

    Is the Holmes kid from Muir, related to Derek Holmes from the Bills, Colts, Portland State, PCC???

  • Anonymous

    yeah he’s Darrick’s nephew and Darrick’s son who’ll be at Muir next yr is the truth!!

  • Muir WINS?

    How did Muir’s scrimmage go?

    Not too much talk about a featured scrimmage between two very well coached teams. WHere are all the Muir fans? Updates please!

  • Bronco5

    The only thing I heard about the Muir scrimmage was from someone that was there and they said there was a brawl before the game with players throwing punches from both teams. Supposedly 12 players from Muir didn’t play and I don’t know how many from Cathedral. If that’s the case then what a joke these schools are, how the hell do you get into a fight before a scrimmage. I guess once a thug always a thug that goes for both sides. Pretty amazing no one is talking about it.

  • New York

    Do the Titans now have horns on their helmets?

    Goldenarm, isn’t Principal Kleinrock of SM also a former football coach? Having two administrators with football coaching ties certainly sends a nice message!

  • Goldenarm


    Footballs are in the air and on the ground.

  • Phantom Alum

    The only one’s who were thugs were Muir High school. They started Talking Crap to cathedral Players. The Phantoms are very disciplined Under Coach pearson and do not act like thugs that’s Our History. A Big Linebacker from Muir was cheapshotting the Cathedral Players that his own Coach had to throw him out of the game. Cathedral although they did not keep score looked alot better than Muir and scored many times.

  • Anonymous

    Not what happened. A Cathedral wr was physically shut down during 1-on-1’s and tried to fight the db who fought back then some pushing and shoving with both sides. That lb from Muir was outta control and the coaches snatched him and took him outta the game. The refs ejected that lb who is the best guy on defense for them. They also ejected the reciever Holmes because he was the guy who the Cathedral kid tried to fight. They also ejected one of Muir’s starting safteys #2. In the 1-on-1’s Muir’s other starting safety McFadden broke his pinky and will prbably be out for awhile. And their best lineman Huerta didnt play cause of a leg injury last month. So 5 starters didnt play in the game.

    Cathedral did not score many times. They scored in the goalline drills when they had a double wing. The teams looked balanced which isn’t good for Cathedral cause Muir was missing 5 of their best players. Only 1 kid from Cathedral got kicked out.

  • truth is…

    if you were at the scrimmage you saw that muir was the more aggressive team and it showed in the pre-competitions before the actual scrimmage. the linemen for muir dominated their drill against cathedral and also dominated during the game but with new starters and players ejected it was looking bad for muir but all in all muir brought it to cathedral and if it wasnt for that brawl muir might of pulled this one out but the season is looking bright for the mustangs cant wait to see how they do this week…HEY MIGUEL not just MUIR but how about covering the LINEMEN some time would be good to know the full line not just one or two people

  • Phantom Alum

    Cathedral moved on Muir all night. The reason Muir will not do anything is because they are poorly Coached and are all out of control. This was good wake up call for the Phantoms in their new league and division. In a real game Cathedral would win because of discipline and better Coaching.


    FYI – New CIF Rule has given permission to Refs to remove players who have symptoms of a Concussion. They cant return during game and need medical clearance to return to practice with team.

  • Film Don’t Lie

    Muir was a physically gifted team but as the tussle showed they can’t control their emotions and stay focused. The scrimmage was what it was, too much coaching and not enough execution. Muir is a gifted team and should learn from the Cathedral scrimmage a thing or two. Cathedral was well coached on both sides of the ball. Enough with the BS about what did or did not happen, Cathedral got the better of the reps and scored well enough to know they beat Muir in a real game. Hey that’s my opinion. Muir could have beaten Charter Oak, should have beaten Diamond Ranch and thought they were going to man handle a very young Cathedral team, didn’t happen.

    Maybe I’m jaded on this one but it’s interesting that two days after the scrimmage no Muir talk was heard. And yes I know it was only a scrimmage. So what’s up StangFan?

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