• Grim Reaper

    email me if you want to come up with some production value for this enterprise. Do you have any budget?

    A better microphone and dumping the white board in the coffee break room with its hard walls and surfaces to create echo would help a lot… also getting a real camera, dump your mother in law’s old VHS video cam.

    Oh yeah, as the Grim Reaper I appreciate a ashen pallor, but you might just want to adjust your white balance and get a little better lighting to remove that night of the living dead look.

    let me know if you want some advice or secure some professional services, I can help.

  • I enjoyed reading this. There are bits I agree witha and bits that I don’t, it’s always interesting to read what people think about making/showing art etc.I won’t write any more, as a rule of thumb I like my posts to be shorter than Donald’s!

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