Football: Ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday at Monrovia

Above: The old Monrovia stadium is old no more.

Monrovia High will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday at 5:30 p.m. to unveil its newly-renovated football stadium. Monrovia (0-1) hosts Arcadia (0-1) in Week 2, but regardless of the outcome it’s bound to be a special night for Monrovia fans. The state-of-the-art turf field is just one of several new features. There’s a new rubber track, grandstands and press box (wireless internet for yours truly?). The new facility will soon be joined by another spectacular venue — an all-purpose gym that will host countless tournaments in basketball, volleyball and wrestling. Should be a fun night, but there’s still a question that needs to be answered: after who will the stadium be named after? Garrison Field has a ring to it, and all you’d need to complement the name would be a brigade of snare drummers.

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  • Mtown Football Alumni

    I am a Wild Cat Football alumni. Garrision Feild would not be a proper name.

    The Name should be the Cat’s Den or Wild Cat Memorial Stadium. Garrision was a good coach, but I don’t think he deserves to be honored Soley. There has been a lot of coaches, players and Administration, that have contributed to bring Monrovia Athletics back to being respectable. If he was still the coach today, maybe. But the Fact that he left before this project was put together, the name should encompass all Monrovians or Wild Cats.

  • Widcat for LIFE!

    No, No, NO Garrison field! Yes he had a few great years but NO!!!!!!
    How about Wildcat Country Stadium or the ones Mtown alumni said!

  • Anonymous

    The Cat’s Den sounds perfect

  • Miguel Melendez

    Garrison Field was something that ran in mind. Obviously, I have no power or say in this. Just wanted to throw it out there.

  • No Worries Miguel!

    To all outside the wildcat Family Garrison, would seem like the obovious choice, but to the insiders, he would not be a good choice. As many games as he won, he lack in others areas. Alot of talent has pass through monrovia, and You give some of the other coaches around the Valley those same players, you would have a title or two. Charter oak took just 4 and won two titles. He could never get us over the hump..for that, I would not name that after him or any other coach. No one has earned that right. We should give it a generic name, if a coach rips off a few titles, then we change it and rededicate it to him.

  • Miguel Melendez

    This thread wasn’t created so you can all dissect Garrison’s career at Monrovia. It was to announce the Wildcats’ upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony. I merely mentioned Garrison because I thought it was a good way to flow an idea about naming the field after someone, or not. Garrison did some good things. I’m all for you sharing that. If you have your dislikes about him, fine, just don’t bring it up here because it certainly wasn’t the intention when I brought him up or when I created this thread.

  • Call it

    I say call the new stadium


  • Realist

    Why change the name at all? And cats don’t have dens. So the Cats Den would sound stupid. I think in this case you just leave it with Garrison Field.

  • Realist

    Just kidding, I retract my previous comment. I think ill go change into my nightie and call it a day.

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno Hightower is back after another fun filled summer in Kern County and Lake Isabella. And what does Reno find? A new stadium @ Monrovia High School. Congrats to New York, M-Town Lover and the fans of the Cat Nation. Reno was an extra in “Not Another High SchoolMovie.” Reno threw the bomb to the kid who was cut in half. Speaking of movies, Ellis Mac #56 (4 sacks) is playing like the stud Washington from “Fast Times @ Ridgemont High.” Realist or Apache Joe, when is the stadium to be completed @ Arcadia? Reno is sure that it will still be named Salter Stadium of Bruce Matthews Field. Add the new fields at PHS and Muir, real positive changes in the WSGV. Meanwhile, Reno heard from the Nextel guy that a new cell tower will be added to North field @ cash strapped TCHS. Any truth to that? Apaches over M-Town, Moors beat TCHS, Cathedral races by PHS (and snag Brandon Cox asa transfer), Muir comes home defeated and banged up, and in a shocker, Hoover beats South Pasadena.

  • Goldenarm

    Just keep it Monrovia Stadium….with the gym it may soon be classified a “Sports Complex” anyway.

    In 20 years, M-town fans will be attending the re-naming ceremony “MADDOX FIELD”.

    The new facilities should be another big green carrot that keeps homegrown talent staying home…and a lure to parents wishing to place their kids in a good sports program. Having a respected head coach like Maddox seemingly committed long term – spells stability and growth for years to come. At the root of Temple City’s past success, coaching tenure is high on the list, it allows time for a grooming/varsity feeding frosh program and time for success to build on success.
    The Monrovia haters better scream loudly when the Cats trip up and blow it – because opportunities to point out weakness in M-town football will be less and less in the coming years.

  • Miguel

    Miguel I am sure intent was not to bash Garrision. He did bring Monrovia some good years, but a suggestion to name a stadium after a coach, is asking real cat fans to take a look at what a coach has done. You have to dissect a coaches performance in order to grant him worthy of such a honor. Otherwise, schools would be naming stadiums after coaches who were at schools for a year or two, with 0-10 records. Garrision does not fall into that category. He is one of the better coaches in Monrovia history. But to think no one would go there would be improbable. I think the coach that brings a title to school along with 7-10 seasons of service should get that honor.

  • Apache Joe


    Good to hear from you. The stadium at Arcadia should be completed in the next couple of weeks. I know they have their last five games at home. Week 5 is the date.

  • high school fan
  • New York

    Monrovia/Wildcat Stadium would be timeless and appropriate. Second would be Taxpayer Stadium for those footing the bill πŸ˜‰

  • Goldenarm

    I remember one year on the visitor side, the announcer kept rah-rah -rahing every Monrovia play,, screaming AND IT’S ANOTHER WILDCAT FIRST DOWN! …some TC fan accessed the pole behind the grandstands and disconnected the wire leading to the speaker.

    Over the years, the Cats were tough to beat on their home field.


    As an outsider looking in I think Garrison Field is a horrible name…

    With all the athletes that man had he should’ve won atleast 2-4 CIF titles. He did the least with most talent.

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  • Anonymous

    should be named wildcat country or mtown stadium

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