• Anonymous

    And lets not forget Rosemead went to the white helmets which is going to make a huge difference. Rumor is Coach Mooney had his kids practice all summer and fall in white helmets in preparation for this match-up.

  • Observantcat

    Good to see Fred back on this side of the 605. I thought you guys might really turn this into a fight. I had Miguel winning in the 2nd round. As far as the Monrovia vs. San Dimas game it will be a defensive dismantling of the San Dimas offense. I wonder if coach Z is still running his wing T offense. Monrovia still has a lot of work to do on offense but the tools are there and I have a feeling they will show up during this game. Bueno will confidently run his offense and will be commanding in his choices to run or pass. His passing game is only going to get better and better and by the end of the season he will seem like he’s 6’6 to most defenses. Now getteing to San Marino vs. Rosemead, San Marino is not just a 1 man squad, the biggest difference is the defense. San Marino will man up on Rosemead leaving them to play outside of their game and that will result in a San Marino command of the game. Miguel it’s not to late to change your thoughts. Mike Mooney is known for playing to his commpetition and will eat up a clock like a Carne Asada on a cold night. I have San Marino to play up to what their team is really made of and win going away by 14+ points.

  • Monnnnrooovia!!!

    This is monrovias year in the Mid valley. Fredj, Aram and Miguel. You have other teams in the midvalley ranked higher than Mtown and San Dimas, but you showed your true professionalism today. I totally agree that Monrovia and San Dimas are the front runners in the Midvalley. Covina is making some noise too by beating west co. However, I think San Dimas and Monrovia are capable of beating them as well. I am glad you pointed out and considered the effects of those teams scheduling up. Monrovia’s problem has always been adjustments. I know from experience, I was on the 97 finalist team. 6 interceptions, 3 lead to tds, and no one thought to hand off to the all american rb 35 times and live with a mistake free, grinding title game. Never in all the title games we played in were we out manned. We just never adjusted to what the situation called for. We thought San Dimas would play the same game. fred was right we played like it was nonleauge game and they played like it was the title game. Last year in the rain, we did not go under center, and run a power game, worry about ball control, or Field position and play defense. We just were looking for big plays, high flying action. If you think you are going to run shot gun zone read in a drenching rain, its not going to happend. Even with Bueno, timing is going to be off.. Bad snaps, mishandled handoffs, and too much cutting back blah blah blah. SD went ol school, and went to the basics. Credit San Dimas for grinding in the wing t and playing tough d. We honestly thought we were going to put up 42 in the title game…no way! Title games are always close. Maddox is a smart coach. We learned from that, and Friday night we are expecting a dog fight. Monrovia is hungry this year and ready to get the monkey off our back. Bueno is now focused, wr/DB Jay and Darren are a year older, Mcarthy is the best Dlineman in the valley, Derrick Bubba Johnson is looking for revenge and we have super star underclassman in Craft, Frazier, and Bryant.. Friday is going to be electric!

  • SaintsR4real


    good take on your team, probably the best i’ve seen this year. win or lose, hope your boys stay healthy for another CIF final.

    Here’s my take for San Dimas (hope the coaches see this);
    As the old saying goes “practice like you play”. Since I’ve been watching the boys practice all summer long, I’ve noticed progress, but not enough. The week the Saints played Bonita, there was alot of grab ass going around at practice. The boys were arguing with each other, the players an the sidelines were’nt paying attention and had their helmets off. their focua seemed at 70%, result; team lookes very unprepared.

    The week of practice they played RC, a little more focus, but seemed their effort was at 80% at best. They started the game on their heals and took half a game to stop RC.

    This week seems no different, at best their practicing at 80% intensity and focus, result you’ll probably see this Friday will be 80% unless they pick it up. What I see is no all out running, tackles, blocking, but mostly TEAM commradere.

    Bring it SAINTS, bring it!!

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  • Goldenarm


    Don’t over rev the motor too early. This may seem much more, but this is a preseason game and not a CIF do or die situation. The important thing is to execute and end the game healthy.

    Coach Z will have a surprise or two up his sleeve. No worries. San Dimas faces a better Monrovia team than they have seen before.

    I say rest Bueno the 2nd half and let the young apprentice have the 2nd half at QB. The “big game” experience for him and others may prove more important
    than a Wildcat victory at this stage of the year.

  • Anonymous

    ummmm san marino wears white helmets

  • Anonymous

    ummmm san marino wears white helmets

  • Anonymous

    you (Anonymous at September 22 8:03 AM) don’t understand. San Marino has been wearing white helmets for decades just so they could get ready for this year’s Rosemead’s game (LOL)

  • Goldenarm

    Per Game Averages
    Rio Hondo Season
    School Record Offense Defense Margin Offense
    San Marino 2-0 41.5 3 38.5
    Blair (Pasadena, 2-0 27.5 6.5 21
    La Canada 2-0 28.5 8.5 20
    South Pasadena ) 2-0 26.5 17 9.5
    Monrovia (CA) 1-1 22 14 8
    Temple City 0-2 10 31 -21


    The poor decisions of yesterday, like skin deeply burned, require time and patience to heal.

    TC coaches are workin hard, our kids are standing up.
    We will be there again.

  • Miguel Melendez

    People, please get this straight. The CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division rankings are NOT our rankings. They are put together by CIF.

  • Goldenarm

    for some reason the chart corrupted and came out jumbled.
    The stats are record, followed by points for and points against.

  • Philly B

    Theres no way, that Bueno sits out in the 2nd half…he will play for four quarters without a doubt. They want payback for last year im sure…and if there truth to san dimas’s practice ethics…then Monrovia will be heading over to san dimas with focus and looking to come out strong with a sound victory

  • Goldenarm

    Philly B

    I agree, but payback would be much sweeter in the semis, where the two teams may find one another again. It seems too early for a game with this type of underlying magnitude – and it is amazing the rapid-fire rivalry that SD and M-town seemed to have stoked up. I will bet the true M-towners have stomach acid churning already.
    Who can describe the Saints base defensive alignment?

    Should be a showcase night.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    As long as San Dimas doesn’t get another “miracle rainstorm” Monrovia Crushes the Saints!

  • SaintsR4real

    Football Fantasy

    It’s called adapting, perservearance and knowing how to coach in unusual situations.

    Rain could be a forecast for Friday, but rain or not, it’s gonna be a battle!!

  • Anonymous

    Looking for a great game between the Mead and San Marino…too bad I’ll be stuck @ work. F******ck!!!!

    Fregoso(20) and Macias(5) may get all the press and well deserved but the Mead’s got other players ready to step it up. Look for players such as Solorio(42),Gibson(2),Chavez(9),Eddy(32),Cruz(4),Garcia(7),Villalobos(84),Salas(21),San Miguel(8) and Perez(79) just to name a few to have some impact not just in this game but the season.

    Sucks that SM wont have Do, nephew played with his older brother Williams @ TC a few years back and if he is anything like his brother(a beast)its a tough loss for SM.

    !!!FEAR THE MEAD!!!WAR PANTHERS!!! (and the white hats!)

  • Anonymous

    San Marino 24 Rosemead 10

  • ExCelSior!

    San Marino 24 Rosemead 14

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