Football: Little movement in latest PSN top 10 rankings

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Is it a down year in football? I don’t know. But there are some teams whose records are not indicative of how strong they can and will be this 2010 season. The team that most comes to mind is Arcadia. I’ve said it since summer and through fall camp: the Apaches are the darkhorse of the Pacific League and will definitely surprise some folks. Arcadia will earn its first win of the season Friday at Temple City. Same goes for San Gabriel, which should see its confidence rocket after it beats Contreras.


1. ST. FRANCIS (2-0) — The Golden Knights have always had a strong Mission League schedule, but we now know it’s possible that it can be even tougher. When St. Francis heads to the playoffs they’ll definitely have earned it after playing the likes of Serra, Cathedral and Harvard-Westlake. The big test comes Friday when the Golden Knights host Venice, and a St. Francis win certainly solidifies its standing as the top-ranked team in the West San Gabriel Valley.

2. MONROVIA (1-1) — The Monrovia team we all saw Friday night against Arcadia is the team we all expected would show up. I said it before, the Wildcats’ five turnovers is uncharacteristic on their part. Monrovia has some penalties to clean up, but overall proved powerful on both sides of the ball. You can bet the team has circled Sept. 24 since losing to San Dimas in the Mid-Valley Division championship game. I would be absolutely shocked if Monrovia lets this one get away.

3. MUIR (1-2) — Thank goodness for a bye week. Muir is reeling from injuries. Its roster is depleted and bodies are scarce. This bye couldn’t have come at a better time. Again, the Mustangs are another team that, should they stay healthy, could make a run back atop the Pacific League.

4. SAN MARINO (2-0) — What else can you say? Losing junior RB Kwame Do is going to be a big loss for the Titans. But as San Marino coach Mike Mooney likes to say, this is an opportunity for others to step up and shine when the moment presents itself. Now’s that moment.

5. LA CANADA (2-0) — Definitely not surprised by the Spartans’ 2-0 start and you shouldn’t be surprised when they beat Crescenta Valley on Friday. La Canada has the discipline needed to execute the little things. It’s a trickle effect that resonates throughout.

6. ROSEMEAD (1-1) — Matt Fregoso is a beast. He was tough to handle last year in the first round of the Mid-Valley Division playoffs and he’ll be tough to handle Friday when the Panthers visit San Marino.

7. ARCADIA (0-2) — Turnovers and lack of execution in the red zone did the Apaches two weeks ago against St. Francis, and against Monrovia turnovers again proved to be too much to overcome. Arcadia QB Myles Carr was rattled last week by Monrovia’s powerful defensive line. The pressure proved to be too much for Carr to stay in the pocket. He was sacked half a dozen times, but when rolling out Carr put his speed on display. He’ll need more of that when the pocket collapses, though I don’t anticipate that happening Friday.

8. SOUTH PASADENA (2-0) — The Tigers probably won’t be tested until two weeks from now when it it hosts Cathedral. Talk about improving the nonleague schedule. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to see the Tigers enjoy success. I wouldn’t be surprised if South Pasadena heads into Rio Hondo League play with a 3-1 record.

9. ALHAMBRA (1-2) — The Moors recorded a nice win last week over Temple City, but their problems are far from over. There’s a big need for consistency from the run production. Until that happens, Alhambra will struggle stringing wins together. The Moors’ schedule will allow for one easy win this season (Keppel) but the rest are not a given.

10. SAN GABRIEL (0-3) — I’ll say it now, if the Matadors lose to Contreras then it’s time to hit the panic button. Having said that, I don’t see how San Gabriel will lose to a team that lost handily to Bosco Tech. Eric Alvarez started at quarterback for the Matadors, then we saw Andy Guerrero make a cameo and made the most of his opportunity, passing for 148 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for another. San Gabriel still lost to Burbank, 44-26, but it was nice to see the Matadors swinging as the Bulldogs nearly lost their 37-point lead.

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  • Ke$haBlahBlah

    wow. just looking at this list makes you realize how terrible the wsgv is

  • what the h@ll

    This has to be a mistake Miguel! Maybe it should read the top 10 worst ranking! Why would you put up something like this! WOW…

  • Realist

    I agree with what the h@ll.. This is terrible. Wake up Miguel.

  • Miguel Melendez

    By all means, give it a shot fellas.

  • Goldenarm

    Yortsos saved at least two TD’s last year, being the only Titan Fregoso could not shake after breaking free of the line of scrimmage. Crap, it may have been 3 TD’s he prevented.
    Who does SM have that can fill those shoes? A stopper…. If the answer is no one, look for Fregoso to have a huge night against San Marino.

    Also, Hung punished the Mead with huge rushing yards last year. I guarantee Koffler and crew still have hemmoroid flare up thinking about that. This could prove to be a great game and a good indicator of what both teams have in the way of huevos.

    Game changer. Performance of San Marino’s QB.

  • Anonymous

    maranatha may play no one but they beat two teams you picked them to lose to. a win this week should put them in the top ten.

  • stang grad

    Would someone post the status of Muirs injured players.
    I know the starting qb did not play against Bishop Amat but what about everyone else?


    How you doing Goldenarm? I couldn’t resist, and weren’t those two names you placed the ones that were going to run all over AZUSA in the playoffs. I’m still hoping we get another shot at TEMPLE CITY, so the (GOLDEN FLEECING) STORY,( HOW TEMPLE CITY WHOOP US) can finally BE PUT TO REST! JUST KIDDING, take care and I hope TC turns it around.




  • Hal Lamaster

    Here’s to hoping Temple City turns things around, San Marino can work through the tough loss of Do, Muir gets healthy and Maranatha keeps rolling.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel has it right this week…. Maranatha won’t win this Saturday.

  • turnt natha senior

    if you were in our locker room, if you were at our practices, you would know maranatha could beat san gabriel, alhambra, and south pas, and we will beat la canada at their place next week, and we can definitely hang with the big boys of arcadia, san marino, and rosemead. a win over salesian saturday should propel us to at the very least 9th on this ranking. watch drew elffers go crazy on the mustangs this week. dude’s the real deal, better than cody keith (east carolina) already as a sophomore and with more experience could definitely match and surpass matt schilz (bowling green)who, by the way, should be fun to watch against michigan at the big house on saturday

  • FB Einstein

    good stuff, I like what you bring to the table AZTEC, the problem is your focus shouldnt be on the Rams, but on the Titans…the 2010 Titans, those are the same guys that put a whoop’n on your Aztecs back in 08. Had the same staff been at TC in 09 you would have…? Well…that wasnt the case, because the a-holes at TC…&^%$#$%^)(*&^@#$%&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GA, you are right on the money with #4 from SM. He was the differnce in the Rosemead game and the TC game in 09. Not sure SM has a kid like that this year. The loss of Do is tough but Im sure Mooney has a plan. #28 is a Mooney type of player who will step-it-up this week.

  • Inside track

    OT/OL/DL bubba Danny Huerta probable this wk

  • Inside track

    qb Jeffrey Davis threw the ball around a bit during halftime last wk. looked physically sound

  • Goldenarm


    Amazing how fortunes change. No better example of the impact of coaching than when comparing the paths of the Rams and Aztecs.
    What Scherf and crew have done at Azusa is amazing,,,and all the endless rips of the Montview won’t change that.

    That night at Citrus was probably the most complete and focused game I have ever seen TC play. Relentless pressure defense, particularly from our front line of Ryan Watkins, Montenegro, Swartzbaugh, Sutton and O’Malley. Our MLB, Nick Conora, had the game of his life shadowing your QB. The secondary was determined to lockdown Zaragosa – who was a pretty amazing kid, (he had 3 or 4 interceptions himself the Covina game, yes?)Besides all that, your offense was averaging 425 yds a game.
    Anyway – we played a whale of a game, it was a clean game, nobody got seriously injured and your coaching staff definitely learned from the loss.
    I wish the Aztecs the best.

  • come on guy

    SG lost by 8 so it couldn’t have been 26-44. Try 36-44

  • Dan

    Miguel, or St. Francis followers,
    Any word on the status of the Venice running back
    Teondray Caldwell [#5]? The kid is a stud, He was hurt in the last minutes of the West Covina game and missed last weeks game when Venice played Chaminade.

  • Football Fan

    turnt natha senior,
    You won’t beat any of the schools you listed and no one really cares about your school or who you guys play. There is a reason why the paper doesn’t write about your school. Sorry, it’s the truth!!!

  • Bronco5

    Dan: I heard the RB and 2 WR that missed last weeks game are back for Venice. Also heard Lineman Carrol may be out for SF tomorrow night. Could be a long tough night for the Golden Knights if that’s the case.

  • turnt natha senior

    they don’t write about us because we’re not a powerhouse with a long history of success, and also people are more interested in the public schools and st francis and the like because of the longer tradition. don’t put us down, we’re not going away.

  • Football Fan

    turnt natha senior,
    Well don’t come in here talking trash about other schools saying that your school is better than them when you’re NOT! You should be friends with Huckster because he talks non-sense too, better yet, are you related to him????

  • turnt natha senior

    when was i ever talking trash about those other schools? all i said was we can beat 8, 9, and 10. what do you even know about us? absolutely NOTHING.

  • Realist

    turnt natha senior-

    The things you say on here are commical. Maranatha would beat Arcadia? LOL Maranatha would beat South Pas, Rosemead, and La Cananda??? NO SHOT. Im good friends with Andrew Elfers, and I can tell you one thing, he is a good athlete. But if he played in a tougher division, he wouldnt be very good. Same thing with Matt Schiltz. The bottom line is Maranatha plays TERRIBLE teams. TERRIBLE. You cant come on here asking for regonition if you play retards. I see after a big win over La Salle all of the sudden Maranatha should be ranked in the top 10??? Hey buddy, WAKE UP. You beat La Salle. Dont start shooting your mouth off like maranatha is some kind of powerhouse now. Because they just arent, that the reality.

  • Dan

    Bronco 5,
    Thanks, but I think SF will be ok, should be a great game.

  • turnt natha senior

    way to read everything i said
    i didn’t say we would beat rosemead and arcadia dumb
    i said we could hang around; doesn’t mean we would win
    and as for schilz, if you watched him at all right now you couldn’t say that he shouldn’t be a d1 qb cause he’s doing pretty damn well for a redshirt freshman
    but really you’re overblowing my comments.
    i wasn’t getting all cocky and saying we could beat everyone, just the last three, and that if sg at 0-3 is 10th we should be at least 10th.
    and as for what you’re saying that we don’t play tough teams, we’ll see you in the playoffs when we could face a temple city, san marino, alhambra, south pas, etc.
    or la canada next friday.

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