Star Picks: Good to be back even after an ugly Week 4

The Stang Fan and I will go head-to-head this season…

Melendez: 6-9-1 last week; total 49-28-1
Stang Fan: 10-5-1 last week; total 56-21-1

Enjoyed a rare Monday off, but it’s good to be back — even after going an atrocious 6-9-1 last week. My boy Stang Fan didn’t fare that much better, but at least he didn’t have a sub. 500 record. No Thursday games this week, and quite a few teams have a bye, including the Almont League. Arcadia coach Jon Dimalante will go for his 100th career win at Arcadia High. I think for the first time in years it’s Muir with depth issues while the Apaches have numbers. This game will serve as a barometer to see how much Arcadia has grown since 2009. Arcadia also will debut its newly renovated football stadium, and you can bet the Apaches want this win for Coach D, especially since Arcadia hasn’t beaten Muir since 2003 when the Apaches won 41-26 to finish 5-0 in Pacific League play.

Thursday’s games
No games scheduled

Friday’s games
Muir at Arcadia, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Arcadia); Stang Fan (Muir)
Rosemead at Temple City, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Rosemead); Stang Fan (Rosemead)
Paramount at Monrovia, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Monrovia); Stang Fan (Monrovia)
La Canada at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Arroyo); Stang Fan (LC)
Cathedral at South Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Cathedral); Stang Fan (Cathedral)
Burroughs at Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Burroughs); Stang Fan (Burroughs)
Golden Valley at San Marino, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Golden Valley); Stang Fan (Golden)
Western Christian at Maranatha, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Maranatha); Stang Fan (Maranatha)
St. Francis vs. Paso Robles at Flamson MS, 7 p.m. — Melendez (St. Francis); Stang Fan (SF)
Bassett at Duarte, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Bassett); Stang Fan (Bassett)
La Salle at St. Bernard, 7 p.m. — Melendez (St. Bernard); Stang Fan (St. Bernard)
Blair at Brawley, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Brawley); Stang Fan (Brawley)
Pasadena Poly at Sage Hill, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Poly); Stang Fan (Sage Hill)
Marshall vs. Calvary Chapel at Downey, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Calvary); Stang Fan (Calvary)

Saturday’s games
Verbum Dei at Bosco Tech, 1:30 p.m. — Melendez (Verbum Dei); Stang Fan (Verbum Dei)
Rio Hondo Prep at Webb, 2 p.m. — Melendez (RHP); Stang Fan (RHP)

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  • MoneyTalks

    Coach D of Arcadia is going for his 100th win friday night, a milestone.

  • FredJ

    Miguel, I hope you’re not betting games on Sunday

  • Apache Joe

    Huge game for Arcadia. HUGE! If they want to be in the running of the Pacific league, it runs through Muir.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Arcadia vs. Muir. Game of the week.

  • HI

    Hey Miguel, I really don’t know about that photo of yourself? I mean who takes a picture like that? IT LOOKS TO SWEET!!!




    Umm… No! Muir has a loss already. The Pacific league runs through the Burbank schools. Who will be the upset pick of the week??

  • Miguel Melendez

    Stop staring…

  • Goldenarm

    Arcadia has not played their best game yet, but they need work on their ground game.
    A physical run attack would help their chances against the Stangs

  • Bob Anon

    Blair fans:

    This will be the third consecutive year that Blair has traveled to Imperial County to face Brawley.

    Any reason why?!?!?!
    Shouldn’t they be coming up to Pasadena to give Blair some home games?

    I really hope Blair can get its own stadium, although the budget woes have slowed that down.

  • sstress

    Ya know I was just thinking that while I printed the 3.5 hour drive/directions to Brawley… Why are we going to Brawley again.; Viking Fan or Viking Supporter any idea?

  • Miguel Melendez

    Blair’s home football field isn’t ready. Instead of having their home games at PCC they’ve opted for Muir and/or PHS when available. The plan is to have home-game revenue when the schedule next year dictates Blair home games, which will be plenty.

  • Blue & Gold Envy

    Hot Rod is like many PHS fans who hate Muir more than they love PHS just like The Huckster. Has anyone seen that guy lately by the way?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Hate Muir? I wouldn’t say hate. I’m just a fan, have an opinion and tell it like it is. Go see who posted the ONLY pics of the new Muir football field in the Sports & Recreation Photo section submitted by readers on this website. You may have ugly feelings for PHS, but its been the Dogs who have always given muir money and support when they needed it. PHS is still by far the 1st choice school in the PUSD and the sky is the limit…

  • tcchamps

    MM – It’s like the old Jackson Browne song:

    Fountain of sorrow, fountain of light
    You’ve known that hollow sound of your own steps in flight
    You’ve had to hide sometimes, but now you’re all right
    And it’s good to see your smiling face tonight

  • Blue and Gold is too common…no envy there

    tnis may be the most overused color pattern in high school sports. PHS has PRIDE that goes well past football and frankly love our clean and safe location. Muir has the greater envy with their constant criminal vandalism to our campus. Maybe in attempt to bring the outlook of our beautiful school to look like that mental ward looking building on Lincoln. If they did not have football what would they have, oh yes Girls basketball. PHS practically dominates Muir in almost all other sports. If PHS and Muir had what USC and UCLA have in the Gauntlet….Muir would lose every year.

  • Stags4Life

    You know the Muir Mustangs have been in every game, even the Amat game. Injuries have hurt them but they still play hard and when they get it together they could be a dangerous sleeper down the stretch. The Mustangs have some talent at a lot of spots but they have not been 100% all season. Don’t count the Stangs out so fast. They will turn some heads soon.

  • natha senior

    awww no… you should have picked against us mm….

  • mike

    No one is going to respond to the things that the idiot who calls them self Blue & Gold envy said about the stangs this preson has a hate complex for the Stangs and it sounds like SHE dosent know that Muir domonates the PHS pride every year in the Turkey Tussell. when was the last time the dogs won a tussell maybe this person has never been to a beat down before if not go to the Rose bowl this year and take your beat down like a man not some little winning Girl!!!

  • viking fan

    Honestly I don’t know. It could be how the contract was signed at the beginning since we don’t have a home field. And I wouldn’t look for us having our own field for a couple years at least.

  • BigFatFan

    Miguel, is Pasadena Unified school district actually building Blair its own new football field? Not sure how they can afford to do that since the school district is now talking about closing down numerous elementary schools due to lack of funding.

  • Anonymous

    Stang Fan 4 life, I would agree with you about Muir. They are a good team when healthy, just not sure when that is going to come. They will make the playoffs this year and upset somebody down the road. They have alot of talent but need to play smarter and better at times. There front line is hugh and do move pretty well, not sure why they don’t try running the ball alittle more.

  • Warren

    Wow! No love for Bell Jeff and Mtn. View at Boroughs High Saturday at 7:00 pm. That might be one of the reasons these teams don’t want to talk to you. This has happened to Mtn. View several times in the past. As long as Amat, Bonita, West Covina are taken care ofthen all is right with the world of SGV.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Why did Do transfer from TC? Do you have any insight to this?

  • PurdueAlum05

    Paso Robles is going to be a tough test for St. Francis. SF will see what a small football town is like. Good luck!

  • the critic

    SMH @ ALL THE MUIR HATERS…..Muir will be healthy this week so sit back and enjoy as these players finally get to play together for the first time this year phs has no chance at all arcadia is a sleeper team in the pacific league and they couldnt come at a better time playing against a team that hasnt played together all year it could either hurt them or make them…im still disappointed in muir losing to a very weak burbank team thanks to the refs….but no excuses come playoffs muir will reign believe that…….
    la canada
    san marino
    whittier christian
    sage hill
    verbum dei

  • FootballFan

    Blue and Gold is too common…no envy there,

    PHS clean and safe???? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Miguel Melendez

    Still wondering why Blair is traveling to Brawley for the third straight season? Read it in the Star-News on Thursday.

  • Anonymous

    Muirs coaches need to step there game up I blame them for last weeks loss

  • Thanks for Responding Mike

    Turkey Tussle, that is all PHS sees from Muir, overall we beat you in all other sports. For someone that was not going to respond to my comment you sure did. Must have hit a soft spot. The truth hurts…Muir Football is not that good and the only thing you can say is you can win a Tussle to a school that constantly goes through transition. And by the way, MUIR is a dangerous place of learning and it does look like an Asylum. We are HS and are natural MUIR haters. If PHS beats you this year Miss Hurt feelings, since nothing is certain, MUIR WILL THEN HAVE NOTHING OVER PHS. We should stop sending you money to then have you vandalize our school. AND YES WE ALWAYS LOOK BETTER THAN YOU.



  • anon

    Monrovia… ELLis McCarthy will be #18 and backk catching passes at TE monrovia will go undefeated the rest of the season!!


    We all know PHS is not private, but its the #1 public school of choice by parents in the city. Academics are are high level and there are no exceptions for anyone, including our sports teams. They have weekly grades turned in to coaches and kids who slip don’t play. If you care to see the campus for yourself, come by for a tour. They are offered monthly and you can see the pride of Pasadena for yourself.

  • HS Sports Fan

    To Hot Rod: PHS is the #1 Choice School in Pasadena – Wow that is th efrist I’ve heard that statement. Let’s see Marshall Fundamental consistently ranks high on the annual CA HS academic scale. I don’t remember seeing PHS above the 50% level. Blair is an International Baccalaurette School. Hummm! PHS has had athlete academic problems for several years. The AD only required the athletes to have a 1.8 GPA to participate. Please don’t cite PHS as a positive model for academics as a choice school. It’s only choice because of capacity. If you doubt then check with PUSD stats.


    It may come as a surprise to you, but its a consistent stat provided by PUSD. Marshall is a small school and its tiny group of HS students skews the margin. A larger school always has a much wider margin, but its up there. We are talking Real World here. Blair and its phony new name is like putting lipstick on a pig – snout and all.

  • PHS is the best looking campus in Pasadena

    To call PHS a dump trully shows how much you love to hate us. Blair looks outdated, SORRY it does, and Muir looks like a HORROR movie set, but mental ward and asylum are perfect and that neighborhood in North West Pasadena/Altadena still seems like a great place to get mugged or beat up. Muir was almost closed because academically it could not score higher than Altadena Elementary school students. Really now, PHS has never been in any situation equal to that. You cant compare Marshall to PHS because they admit students in a complete different manner and parents have over years sent the most gifted there and the second option for space purposes is PHS. For a PUBLIC school with the constraints that such a school faces, it is the only safe place to send any student athlete or student, the system seems to work. Percentages show higher graduation rates and acceptance to Universities and colleges. Unlike Muir, it only gets better every year, physically and functionally. Test scores go up, not because of fear of being closed down but because you have a system that sustains educational growth. Unless you play football you are wasting your time at Muir or maybe you are lazy and that system is perfect for you. If PHS finds its football glory again and PHS beats Muir, MUIR WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT MEMORIES, and will be a total failure.

  • Blair is fancy cow pie

    the school devided by a small percentage of good students the INT Bacca-whatever and plain Blair…nice try at becoming a Marshall. And Marshall, three very good students and 50 hoping that it rubbs off on them…good luck. test rusults taken in average are misleading. PHS does not tinker to create false result readings and the scores over a large population represents success. Save me those Marshall Blair cow pie smelly crap, i’m not buying that. Athletes looking for accountability should admit themselves to a real school that is PHS. Look at the last year sport championships it has persued and by far it trully represents Pasadena better than Blair Marshall and that Dump called Muir. Stop kidding yourselves.

  • Goldenarm

    Purdue 05,

    The reason for Do transferring?
    I think the Football Gods are responsible. San Marino has long been too polite and quiet when yelling for their team…. So the Gods sent them Mr. Do, Kwame’s father, who has a yell that can pierce 1000 eardrums and also is well known for conducting both the band and cheerleaders. Anyone who has been within 6 miles of TC on a Friday night when Williams Do played, can verify.


    I think TE is where McCarthy should be on offense, but I am sure Maddox has his reasons. Unless you have a solid OT to replace him, you do what is best for the team and keep your best five up front. On run plays you still have a demon -sized TE who can double team, come down on the backer or get downfield.

    Run that delay release TE drag over the middle…if you were a DB how would you like that beast coming at you with a head of steam?

    Hopefully he remains on D-line.

  • Reno Hightower

    Saint Francis. Welcome to Paso Robles! Reno wants to point out several truths about Paso Robles football as New York can attest to. #1 Ten to fifteen SF fans will get speeding, no left turn, texting, etc tickets by the local Barney Fife. Hey, you’re helping thew local economy! #2 The junior high will be packed. The showers don’t work. And the low stadium lights give War Memorial Field an eerie Twilight Zone Effect. #3 Get there early as the PRHS boosters start the tri tip at 2pm. Have a couple of sandwiches and bring Reno one. #4 You haven’t had hometown officiating until you been “HOMERED” by the white hat at PR. He is the brother to Barney Fife and brother in law of Paso Robles Head Coach. Reno swears on the bible to this. Seriously, Saint Francis will do fine with QB Nelson, Travis T, and the rest of the hard nosed Lancers. Best of Luck. It is like going to St. Paul; only longer!

  • HS Sports Fan

    The comments after my posting regarding PHS as first choice school, solidify my argument. Let’s be real, adequate is not acceptable. Small student size, name changes etc., you all are using excuses for mediocracy. I did not see any response to athletes qualifying with a 1.8 GPA. Why? These kids all live in Dena no matter which school they attend. The fact is the best and brighest athletes living in Dena go to Private school. Accept mediocracy and that’s what you’ll get. TT, Muir 35, PHS 0.

  • Get your facts Muir idiot

    Good students go to Private Schools and yet you hype Muir you dork. 1.8gpa, stop exagerating and mediocre is not the outcome at Pasadena. follow the constraints regarding Public schools and then tell me how many parents can afford to send their good students to Private schools…stop comparing private to public, you are trully and idiot, you pay for private education you push for results but idiot not everyone can afford those thousands spent especially now. Get them to college and then help out with education costs. I am comparing Public to Public because that is how you compare apples to apples. By the way that is all Muir has a Turkey Tussle. Yes to get in is 1.8gpa but once there the expectations go up…get your facts. At Muir it might depend what coach you sleep with…you member?

  • Get your facts PHS idiot


  • viking fan

    talk about going off on tangents. I thought this blog was about football lol.

  • Philly B.

    Look, Im tired of the PHS, Muir beef!!!! Both fans of each school should be quiet and worry about cheering for your schools against the other schools in the pacific league like the burbank and glendale schools!!! And to the PHS fans…Until you knock off Muir in the really should have nothing to say to anyone from Muir. Ive attended the tussle…and after the 1st five minutes of the 1st qtr. its a muir mustang dominated rivalry….if its even that! Muir fans need to be thinking bout coming in full force to cheer the stangs against Arcadia…because after the apaches lost to monrovia…they seemed to have gotten it all together now!! Is there some issues with the PUSD???? Of course there is….but we all know this…but blogging about it is not gonna make it all better!!!! There is no reason why PHS, Muir, Blair, Marshall should have dominating programs in the city of Pasadena! I dont count Marantha and La Salle because they’re private and they can recruit and if you use those two schools as an excuse, Then thats pathetic! Every year I hear you Muir, PHS fans go at it…when it shouldnt be like that!!! Not until the WEEK OF THE TUSSLE! ANYTIME BEFORE THEN YOU SHOULD BE ROOTING FOR EACH PASADENA SCHOOL TO HAVE SUCCESS EACH WEEK IN THEIR RESPECTIVE GAMES!!!!!! THATS IT! And thats was Philly B’s final burn….


    PHS has open enrollment, started a few years back. Parents in the district can choose to send their kids where ever they choose, and the 1st school of choice is PHS. Marshall is tiny and good luck trying to win games there.

  • Great blog, appreciate the effort put into this post! Thanks! πŸ˜€

  • Muir 1

    I agree with you philly b. No need talking about the TT. to dame far away! Go Mustangs tonight!

  • Anonymous

    No idiot, people go out of their way to send their student to the few classes that they have at Marshal where all the good students are at and those studenst skew the scores for the entire school. Belive me, in knew a bigger idiot than you that told me what a farse that school really is. Pasadena does not tinker, it is what it is and it s not that bad for a pay your taxes and send your student school. You want more, then pay Maranatha, La Salle but Pasadena is the best school in Pasadena…Muir shuts the hell up there because they only have football and PHS believe me, would much rather have a respectable showing with the scantron sheets than a effen Turkey Tussle any year. God bless PHS.

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