Football: Blogger Reno gives St. Francis tips for Friday

The following is a comment by fellow blogger Reno Hightower posted on another thread. Someone mentioned Reno is the best thing on this blog, and that’s not all that farfetched. It’s a funny post so I though I’d share.

Saint Francis. Welcome to Paso Robles! Reno wants to point out several truths about Paso Robles football as New York can attest to.

#1 Ten to fifteen SF fans will get speeding, no left turn, texting, etc tickets by the local Barney Fife. Hey, you’re helping thew local economy!

#2 The junior high will be packed. The showers don’t work. And the low stadium lights give War Memorial Field an eerie Twilight Zone Effect.

#3 Get there early as the PRHS boosters start the tri-tip at 2pm. Have a couple of sandwiches and bring Reno one.

#4 You haven’t had hometown officiating until you been “HOMERED” by the white hat at PR. He is the brother to Barney Fife and brother in law of Paso Robles Head Coach. Reno swears on the bible to this.

Seriously, Saint Francis will do fine with QB Nelson, Travis T, and the rest of the hard nosed Lancers. Best of Luck. It is like going to St. Paul; only longer!

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  • Sfhs92

    Awesome post Reno but it’s Golden Knights not lancers.

  • tcchamps

    Reno – Surprised you didnt warn them about the James Dean Memorial Highway. Beware of Blackwell’s Corner.

  • Goldenarm

    you gotta have hope.
    Temple City 21
    Rosemead 20

  • New York

    GREAT post. I am disappointed, though, that you did not suggest that the fans stop off at Anderson’s in Buelton for the all you can eat split pea soup and the photo op, nor did you suggest the pastries in Solvang. New York has a lot of family along California’s central coast and knows the area well (btw, I know Lake Isabella as well…)

    1) SF should win, but not if there strategy lies behind a one dimensional game between the tackles.

    2) Fortunately for SF, this is not mid-December when the slick, overgrown horse pasture at Flamson really becomes a factor.

    3) Do not let Paso’s branding as “wine country” fool you. Those farm boys like to bang heads.

    4) Be sure to send your players up there early. It is a VERY long bus ride.

    5) I wish those teams were still in Monrovia’s division. Having CIF divisions spread out a bit lends more credibility to divisional championships. Whether it takes Monrovia a 10th, 11th or 12th appearance, the excitement will be magnified as the geography becomes more substantial.

  • New York

    Maybe now some others around here will understand who Monrovia lost to twice in December, although they never scored more than four touchdowns against Monrovia.

  • New Jersey

    St Francis is 3-2 in a rebuilding year without Riley.
    Monrovia is 3-2 in a “championship” year with Bueno.

  • New York

    Feeling a bit sensitive? My only point is that it is very tough to win at Paso Robles, even a good team like Saint Francis did not get it done, in October.

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia vs St Francis, lets do it!

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