Friday Night Aftermath: Maranatha lets one slip away; Arcadia loses in overtime; Temple City opens Rio Hondo with win; Muir, Pasadena bounce back with wins.



Friday’s results
Temple City 31, San Marino 21 — Joshua Simangunsong continues to be the central offensive weapon for the rams, rushing for 112 yards and two touchdowns. He also recorded an interception that set up one of his scores. Temple City won going away, at one point the lead was 25 points before San Marino scored 15 in the fourth quarter to make it respectable. Sophomore Ryan Wood had 30 carries for 128 yards and one touchdown to lead the Titans, whose passing game struggled to stretch the field.

Whittier Christian 31, Maranatha 24 — The Minutemen trailed in the fourth quarter 28-24 and an interception all but sailed Maranatha’s fate as it opened the Olympic League with a loss.

Burroughs 21, Arcadia 14, OT — Arcadia turnovers and penalties derailed its chances to remain unbeaten in the Pacific League. The game was scoreless at the half, and the Apaches got up on a 7-0 lead in the third quarter when Myles Carr connected with Taylor Lagace. Burroughs responded with a 67-yard touchdown pass to tie the game and added another on a 20-yard touchdown pass as time expired in the third quarter. Brian Ponce punched in from 1 yard out to cap a 13-play, 76-yard drive. Arcadia had the ball in field goal territory with 2.2 seconds, but AJ Rail’s 44-yard field goal attempt went wide right. Burroughs needed four plays and scored on fourth and 1 to take a 21-14 lead. Arcadia ran the ball and threw three incomplete passes to end the game. The Apaches squandered two chances in the first half to take a comfortable lead. Penalties pushed Arcadia from first and 10 at the Burroughs 14 to first and 36 at the 40. Three plays later, Arcadia punted. An interception on first and goal a the 3 halted the Apaches long drive.

La Canada 28, South Pasadena 21 — Kevin Stoner rushed for 131 yards and Daleep Sandhu rushed for 51 yards and two touchdowns and Scott Gray passed for 161 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Spartans. The game was close. South Pasadena was at the Spartans 2, but a false start moved them back a bit, to the 7, and the Tigers never recovered. Two rushing plays and an incomplete pass was all South Pasadena could muster. Patrick Martin rushed for 145 yards and scored two touchdowns in the losing effort.

Muir 39, Crescenta Valley 16 — The Mustangs’ defense was on. Four of CV’s first five possessions resulted in punts. The one that the Falcons didn’t punt away resulted in a fumble which the Mustangs recovered. Muir’s Traveion Yates carried the ball four times for 28 yards, more than the Mustangs’ 14 yards rushing in the first half. Jeffrey Davis completed 12 of 21 passes for 235 yards and three touchdowns and one interception. Muir’s defense recorded six sacks as well. Way to bounce back, ‘Stangs.

Pasadena 26, Glendale 13 — Cleo Bates rushed for 111 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Bulldogs. As a team, the Bulldogs ran for 279 yards, and sophomore QB Brandon Cox contributed with 96 yards rushing.

Alhambra 45, Keppel 0 — Defense, defense, defense. The Moors defense forced five turnovers, an interception and a fumble, and held Keppel to 100 yards of total offense. Alhambra’s Demetrius Russell had an awesome 70-yard interception return for a touchdown, including stopping on a dime and jogged into the end zone.

Rosemead 42, Gabrielino 6 — Rosemead’s Matt Fregoso rushed for 136 yards and QB Matt Macias completed 11 of 16 for 139 yards. Two blocked punts resulted in touchdowns for the Panthers. There was a scary moment

Rio Hondo Prep 27, Village Christian 26 — Charles Quintero scored all four touchdowns for the Kares, who improve to 4-1. Village Christian scored on a 1-yard run with 35 seconds to go, and decided to go for two. The ball was just out of the receiver’s reach. Village Christian attempted an onside kick, but the ball went out of bounds. Rio Hondo Prep went into victory formation to end the game. Village Christian scored on its first possession of the second half to take a 20-7 lead. Huge win for the Kares, going up against a Mid-Valley Division.

Montebello 27, San Gabriel 26
Chadwick 33, Flintridge Prep 19
Sierra Canyon 56, Marshall 7
Bosco Tech 45, St. Bernard 44

Saturday’s games
Viewpoint at Pasadena Poly, 2 p.m. — Melendez (Poly); Stang Fan (Poly)
Serra at St. Francis, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Serra); Stang Fan (Serra)

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  • NightOwl

    Stopped by TC yesterday to watch JV SMvTC game but apparently it was the FROSH game … SMnTC Had some size on there teams. SM’s two running backs bruiser good decent speed,and they love lowering their shoulders and running people over. sm20-tc6 ..also heard SM JV won as well …

    A SM win tonight and thats 2 year sweep by SM

    SM 28-tc 7

  • Realist

    This is a HUGE game for Arcadia. This is a very driven team with a great head coach, and I believe they will pull this game out. It will most likely be close. But in the end the Arcadia defense will stand tough and the offense will put up enough points for the W.


  • Atown

    Arcadia is 0-4 vs Burroughs. They will pick up the W tonight.

  • Anonymous


    Maranatha 31 Whittier Christian 28. 5 Minutemen fans will come in to taunt Miguel about his prediction. 3 Minutemen fans will complain about the size of the article covering the game. 1 Minutemen fan will declare this Maranatha team the greatest high school team in San Gabriel Valley history and that they should be playing teams like Servite and Concord de la Salle.

    BTW – if they should lose (which they won’t)…it will definitely be the ref’s fault.

  • long tiger

    SM will be dominated

  • valley guy

    burroughs ground game might hurt arcadia tonight…this should be a good one

  • Pasadena Baller

    Pasadena Baller Said,

    Atown you are right, Arcadia is 0-4 vs Burroughs,the indians will be way too much for Arcadia,Burroughs running game is going to tear Arcadia up.I do think Legace is a very good player and athlete, but Burroughs has way more depth and they are more physical than Arcadia.

    The key to this game is if Arcadia can stop Burroughs running game. Burroughs has been a very good running team in this league.

  • Bob Anon

    LC QB did not play in last week’s loss to Arroyo. Hope he’s back tonight; they’ll need him against a better-playing SP team.

  • Bob Anon


    By “better-playing”, I am referring to SP playing a tough nonleague schedule.

  • BurroughsFan

    The Realist is flaming homosexual

  • ATown

    Burroughs 21 Arcadia 14 in Overtime.

  • Pasadena Baller Said

    Arcadia is now 0-5 vs Burroughs,the indians are defending League Champions and 3-0 in league, Looks like a showdown with Burbank last game of the season.
    Arcadia put up a good fight but too many mistakes by there quarterback, legace also made some crucial mistakes.

    It doesn’t get any easier for Arcadia next week, they go back to Memorial Field and play the Bulldogs next week.

  • Anonymous

    Whittier Christian 31 vs. Maranatha 24

  • valley guy

    muir kind of woke up tonight dominating c.v by a score 39-16 wasnt even close at the half it was 26-3 big game from kevon seymour 2td’s tonight and on defense the littlest guy mcfadden was all over the field karl holmes had a good night and also tairen owens….

  • valley guy

    so how was lagace night did he kill burroughs like realist said he would…

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Rio Hondo Prep. Nice win.

  • BurroughsFan

    The Realist is an idiot, he hypes up Arcadia way too much. Burroughs proved today who the Pacific League champs are. Lagace had a score, but other than that he had a quiet night. If only The Realist could put his money where his mouth is.

  • valley guy

    yeah dude he has some type of crush on lagace thats all he talk about but glad to hear yall win good luck on the season…..REALIST why are you hiding come out and face the bloggers

  • Anonymous

    Rio Hondo Prep beats Mid-Valley Division #6 rated Village Christian — wow

  • im amazed

    Wow what an outstanding coaching job MHS. Inside the red zone twice in the first quarter and you pass the ball. That is nothing short of idiotic. With that speed, you couldn’t get to the corners. Do you not trust that offensive line, that did an awesome job against Mr. Worthy. I never thought I would say this, but great job MHS defense. Tonight it was the offense that let you down. Not even the offense, but the red zone play calling. You trust you offensive lineto protect your qb, but not to punch it in. I cant believe none of the coaches were not screeming at the offensive coordinator. You cant put that oneon the boys, you have to eat thst one. Study the game more. Watch more football on tv or something. you could not have done a worst job calling plays in the red zone. And to the reciever that cought the game tieing touchdodwn at the end of the gamee, if you put forth more effort into catching the ball than trying to celebrate, then you would have been able to celebrate when it counts the most. After a win. You guys

  • BurroughsFan

    Valley Guy, don’t you know The Realist only comes out when the Apaches win? Maybe we have to wait until Glendale or Hoover to see him again.

  • john Wayne

    These blogs are awfully calm and quiet tonight….
    What does it say when the head official knows and calls out & is on a first name of the home team players? I guess he did his homework. hahahaha
    Great great job to Whittier Christian though.
    There was A LOT more to the game than the one or two sentences that was written!
    However, I did enjoy seeing the look in the eyes and hearing what came out of the Dub-C’s coaching staff when they met after the game! “…phew, we really got away with that one…” etc etc etc

    On another note-
    Village lost to RIO HONDO? WOW!!!

  • Toucan Sam

    I’m AMAZED-

    the player that caught the game tie’ing score was Joshua Jones. When a player comes down with both feet and a secured ball… and lifts is to not just celebrate, BUT to show the head official (that was an idiot all night) that he made the catch and the defender(GREAT HEADS UP PLAY.. I think it was #44) puts his hands on it and the first call was tie ball then the official then shows interception. It was a touchdown the moment his feet hit the ground and as a rule.. YES a rule, if the ball is tied up, the call goes to the offensive player! FACT!~ Not to mention he had possession and his feet hit the ground! TD! You have to love some officials!
    I think there were only 2 flags all night. Both called on the visiting team. The official like any game could have called a few the other way, but hey all in all, they let the boys play football! Tragic call in the end though!
    I will agree with you on defending Worthy. They not only defended him but beat him up all night. As did they beat up the “great” QB(#7 Out for the game) and WR (#23)- that’s sarcasm! In fact, the Minutemen destroyed the LaCanada QB and sent him on a weeks vacation as well…. They did bang those kids up damn good! Worthy was definitely not doing the damage everyone talked about! Maranatha secondary got lazy and did not do a great job this game. In fact, it was down right horrible!
    Someone needs to start hyping TRENT WASHINGTION from Maranatha and several other of their boys!
    You lucked out tonight Whittier Christian and that game proved it! It wasn’t the trouncing everyone was predicting and talking about now WAS IT?

  • Tech Support

    The game of the night sadly probably won’t get much ink since Bosco Tech played at Playa Del Rey against St. Bernards. Down 17 going into the fourth quarter Bosco scored two tds and kicked about a 30 yard FG at the whistle to send it into overtime. In OT they scored a TD and converted the XP. Bernards scored and had the XP blockeb but Bosco was offside. Deciding to go for two and the win Bernards ran another play, and another offside on Bosco. So from the half yard line Bernard then tried to go up the middle and was stuffed by Bosco’s D to complete a helluva comeback. I’m not sure how good Bosco is compared to other teams in the region but they are competitive in league (all three league games have been decided by a TD or less) and that’s all you can ask for.

  • Anonymous

    tech support.. sure it was a great game.. my boy dwelsh5 did an outstanding job, but if your coaches were worth a dime the defense wouldnt have given up 44

  • Tech Support

    And if the coaches sucked they probably wouldn’t have scored 45 either to win the game. But congrats you have won the internet. I had “over 30 minutes” before “faceless internet” person bashed a team’s coaching staff even after a win. I should have said 20 minutes instead.

    But to sum up your argument

    The coaches deserve all of the blame for getting 44 points on the scoreboard against them, and deserve none of the credit for putting 45 points up.

    Yeah, sounds about right to me.

    I’m gonna go cry now that sadly my belief in humanity has been proven true. Or catch up on TIVO’d Daily Shows. One or the other.

  • FB Einstein

    Great game tonight by the Rams. They won on defense, offense and special-teams for four quarters. The young QB made so nice throws and set the tone early with a TD run on the opening series. Tim Sanderson was a beast on defense. Luis Lopez was a force all night in the middle and Simon was a play-maker on both sides of the ball. After suffering through last year it was nice to see the Rams of old come to life against the overhyped Titans. Much respect to the Coach Mooney, but that San Marino team was dismantled and overmatched. It was 31-6 going into the 4th. The best part of the night was when Coach Mac got the Gatorade bath. Welcome to TC coach. Great win and keep it going. TCs win and LCs win set-up the playoff possibilities for the RHL. Assuming Monrovia runs the table, TC plays a must win game next week vs. LC. What a great chance for revenge from last years overtime playoff debacle. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!

  • im amazed

    Toucan Sam
    What about the playcalling in the red zone. In the first quarter. That was terrible. I came out to watch this team play from another local hs that you guys are gonna play. I saw no redzone planning. No red zone scheme. you ran the same sets and plays in the red zone that you ran down the field. They were giving you qb sneak all night in short yardage situation. If you guys continue to just call plays with no cencept of what sets up other plsys you may make the play offs, but you wont go far, which has been your story over the past few years. Study you craft, get better at setting up plays. Oh yes and the fat guy on your side line walked away from everybody after those first 2 redzone brain farts. Im assuminging he is the o line coach(the white one) not the black one. Im also assumeing he was discusted with that playcalling in the red zone as well. I speaks directly to the issue that you dont trust his work. And you guys need to get the fat black one off the sideline. He makes you look bad. He looks like he is suffering all night moving up and down the sideline.

  • Mid Valley Sout

    After hearing all the talk about this Maranatha squad and of course knowing the power and what Whittier Christian brings, I was sent to scout the Maranatha vs. Whittier Christian matchup and have to say that I was completely impressed with the Minutemen. We are not in the Olympic League, however this is a team with a few adjustments (vs. the pass) will give us all a scare in the Mid Valley once playoff start! They HANDLED, I mean handled WC last night.
    On defense the super hyped Mr. Worthy looked gassed and beat to hell as well as the entire WC offensive line. There are some stars in the making over at Maranatha. A real gem to watch is the soph. QB. He really has a passion and doesn’t fear the beasts coming at him!
    I do know that I wouldn’t want to play Whittier at their place with the officials they had out there last night. Seemed to be a bit one sided and really not professional on their behalf. Lots of blatant calls that should have been made. Lots of phantom “turnovers” that just weren’t there! The final play that resulted in the interception in the end zone was a fluke! It was a crappy call and really reminded me of a crew that didn’t want to ref and overtime game last year…. I think you guys can remember that uproar! So instead of letting the TD count that #17 clearly made, the ref waited just long enough and signaled interception, so the crew wouldn’t have to stay for an OT!
    I won’t get into the fumble that somehow Worthy came up with either! After watching the film, just as I thought… another gift to the Div. 1 player!
    My heart as a coach goes out to both teams! Whittier Christian was good but from Maranatha was better! We will do our homework well, no matter who we face

  • Toucan Sam

    I’m amazed:
    First off, you are an idiot and did I disagree with anything you wrote previously? Now I feel like you are attacking me! Second off, you’re a racist and thoughtless prick! You call a man on the sidelines fat & black? You should be ashamed of yourself! I was watching the game- not the sideline. How is it you had the opportunity to watch both? From the stands we saw what we saw. You are a bigot! If you would like to discuss this in person, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will would be happy to show you suffering! Better yet, the coach that you are talking about will probably be at another game, I’m sure he would love to hear your thoughts. BE a man and don’t put him done on here- shows what a COWARD you are! I hate racism and people like yourself that discriminate! Did you watch the game or just spend your time picking people’s outward looks apart? Once again, you are a coward! Go speak your mind to the guy yourself! IDIOT!
    This is a blog about football not someone’s appearance and/or color!
    The offer stands Jerkass!

  • rio hondo prep 55

    Congrats to RHP’s Varsity and JV football for great wins over Village Christian. I have one question for Star News voters, how does Maranatha get ranked 6th, when they lost last night to Whitter and they lost to Village Christian and Rio Hondo Prep which beat Village Christian which is in a higher division and we are still not ranked in the Star News top 10?

  • Anonymous

    tech support: wow calm down its not like i was tearing your entire team apart. unless you’re one of those defensive coaches, i dont see why you would get all mad about that comment. but either way you have to admit the defensive coaches make barely any adjustments at all. the perfect example is the verbum dei game. when dei had a 3 point lead with about (i dont remember exactly how much time) maybe 4 or 5 minutes left in the 4th, they ran the EXACT SAME PLAY (stretches to the outside) every single time and got to the edges, getting first down after first down. no adjustments at all were made, even though you knew what was coming. at least shift the backers or the secondary out to the side that the motion guy was going to. and using the exact same play, dei ran out the clock. although i have to say that the onside kick should have been tech’s ball, the d should have given welsh the ball back to have one last chance. and if you think that it’s just me who thinks this, i’m great friends with the welshes, and they tell me all the time how frustrated with the coaches they are, and also other tech players have said on facebook that their d needs a lot of work. and as for the offense putting up 45, the only reason that’s happening is because you have great weapons. the o line is good, number 2 and welsh5 are great in the backfield, and welsh4 would be a d1 qb if he had better coaching. so all i’m saying is a lot of your own players are frustrated with your coaching, not just me.

  • Anonymous

    rio prep 55: for starters, whittier christian, village, and maranatha are all in the same league, which means they’re all in the same division. whittier christian is ranked #1 in the whole division, and maranatha should have beat them last night if not for retarded “turnovers” that never should have been called. and actually, village is ranked #6 in the mid valley, not maranatha. maranatha was #11 the last time we saw. so there you go.

  • Anonymous

    oh, my mistake. are you talking about the star news rankings? well they are all in the same division and whittier’s the top dog in that division.

  • Goldenarm

    Night Owl,

    OOOps…there goes your dream of back to back SM victories over TC. Last year was not TC football.
    Last year was an abberation, an experiment born of poor decisions. McFarland is doing all he can to return respect to the Temple City football program.

    BIG WIN. It was a dominating victory, and it started with defense. On the first SM series, 4th down, TC smothered the SM punter and blocked the kick, recovering the football. From the stands this looked to be a drawn up punt block, not some wild rush gone crazy. TC then gets a quick 6 and PAT. It set the tone for the evening. Another game changer was when Mooney surprisingly went for the 1st down on 4th and 6 near midfield – the Ram defense made a huge stop on the ballcarrier.
    Our interior line is doing well, in fact our young coverage crew is getting better each week as well. We still lose contain now and then, but we are gettin there. HIT OF THE SEASON – last night our little known stud in the middle (33) Lopez, laid a bone jarring clean hit on the SM ballcarrier. Lopez must be in the 12-15 tpg average.
    Another improvement – KICKING GAME, where Palmer nailed a 42 yd field goal, clearing the upright by 8 feet. Outstanding punting all night, and improved kickoffs behind the leg of Roach. Nice work guys.
    big Oline, their Dline was shooting ankles all night and TC looked unprepared,getting tangled up in the low flying bodies, strange because TC should know this is a Mooney trademark…submarining lineman. Totally legal, effectiveness can vary.
    Their young RB is a fighter and will be a top RHL rusher next year. QB has great size and a strong arm, has some footwork issues which affect his delivery at times, but he is pretty solid. SM Defensive secondary appeared a little hesistant last night.

    Josh S had a beautiful in stride pick – which he almost took to the house. He was called for stepping out of bounds right in front of me – Officiating was heaven compared to the horrible crap of the week before.
    Congratulations coaches – I only wish you were here a year earlier. Win or lose – TC FOOTBALL IS BACK!

  • Observation

    I was not there but I heard about the game and if Maranatha had a fully healthy Omar Younger, running the ball on a regular basis, they win that game, hands down. Just look at what he did on his returns. The Red zone would have been a blur of Omar Younger running by red jersey’s.

  • Realist

    Naw tools, i come out no matter what. Burroughs won the game. But dont think that makes them a better team. Arcadia had MULTIPLE chances on offense AND defense. Little mistakes beat Arcadia last night. Not Burroughs. Burroughs couldnt run the ball. The only way they got any yards was on little bubble screens. And their first touchdown was the luckiest play ive ever seen. It tipped of a recievers hands player smh. You cant think that Burroughs is a better and fell right into the hands of another Burroughs all around team. Burroughs is gunna lose 2 games this year. They will not win league. Shut up Burroughs fan you classless skum bag. Maybe you guys should worry less about winning and start teaching your kids some dicipline. The pacific league and gone so far down sportmanship wise since the Burbank schools have joined the league. Its pathetic. Every penalty against Burroughs last night, the whole crowd and players were complaing. Grow up losers. Id rather cheer on CV than the skum bads from both Burbanks schools. You fans should be embarrassed.

  • BurroughsFan

    Sounds like someone’s a sore loser. And a flaming homosexual with a man crush on Lagace.

  • Observation

    Also, one of these games, Murphy will be able to use Omar Younger more again with the ground game and I’m sure he will. One thing that Joel has not figured out yet is that Maranatha could have the most dangerous kickoff return pair around if he would just use Jeremy Major on kickoffs with Omar. Then you have a great returner whomever touches the ball and it will take away the option to kick away from Jeremy like on a punt. Why that has not happened yet is beyond me!!

  • BurroughsFan

    “Skum bads”? I thought students in Arcadia received better education. Sounds like someone is a sore loser, and also a flaming homosexual with an unhealthy infatuation for Lagace. We aren’t eve worried about Arcadia in the Pacific League, just like last year, its going to come down to Us and Burbank. Congrats 0-5, you put up a good fight against us, maybe you can win next year… Doubtful.

  • Pacific League

    Burroughs Fan you still gotta play Muir.

  • Realist

    Yes fwhen your team wins in overtime any half your team is on the hash closest to Arcadias sideline flipping off the fans of Arcadia, i would classify that as skum bags. And when the Burroughs fans are screaming and yelling at every single call the refs make, i would also classify that as skum bags. You are probably an uneducated red neck that can only afford housing in Burbank so im not going to use big words that you cant understand. Both Burbank schools have no class whatsoever. It starts with the coaches. There is no dicipline taught. Ive seen it when Arcadia plays them in football, and especially when Arcadia played them in baseball. No class. If they dont gain some sort of respect for their apponents they will amount to nothing in life. Maybe they can just life in Burbank in a 2 bedroom shack. that might appeal to you. But here in Arcadia, Coach D teaches life lessons and how to respect officials and opponents. Take notes.

  • confused

    Rio Hondo Prep 55:
    Clarify who lost to Village? Maranatha? Nope! Plus, I think you guys got drilled by Boron!
    Congrats on last nights win! That was impressive!


    SM really needs Kwame Do.. and Morgan Myers running for O and being a great linebacker for D, who also wasn’t playing for whatever reason

  • wet tiger

    man, SP vs LC was a good game

  • Pasadena Baller

    All I can say is that with all those holding calls against Burroughs, Arcadia still couldn’t take advantage of Burroughs mistakes,REALIST it seems that you are a little jealous of the Burbank schools they OWN THE PACIFIC LEAGUE. Muir, CV,and Arcadia are done winning any championships in this league as long as the Burbank schools are in this league. They have better coaches and they have a good feeder progams. even the Burbank schools win the lower level champioships every year in the Pacific League.

    quit complaining and just admit the Burroughs is better, they have only beaten them 5 years in a row.

    Oh and by the way I think Arcadia plays the Bulldogs
    next week and I mean THE BURBANK BULLDOGS. Arcadia is going to get beat even worse next week to Burbank, there better than Burroughs.

  • simply amazing…

    It is so hilarious to come on here after Friday night games to read the so called words of advice on coaching directed to all the programs and their coaching staffs who unfortunately were on the losing side of the scoreboard. The real truth is that 99.9% of all you jack-offs who bang away on your keyboards posting in here couldnt coach your sorry ass out of a paper bag. Do us all a favor and keep what you are thinking inside that empty hole above your shoulders and out of this blog, you bunch of arm chair, failed athletes.

  • Realist

    Pasadena Baller-

    You sound pretty dumb. You said that the Burbank schools own the Pacific League??? What are you thinking? Owning the league doesnt mean making the playoffs. I cant believe you think the Burbank schools are so good? What makes them so good? And dont get me started on their fans and coaches.

  • Muir JV Parent

    @Pasadena Baller-My son plays on Muir’s JV and they will probably win league this year. This is probably one of the better lower level Muir teams in a while. They have a really good head coach who has turned them around. They beat Burbank’s JV team 56-15 and have outscored Burbank, Arcadia, and CV 108-45. These kids are good and will get better and dont forget these kids are not a real JV because they have Freshmen on the team, so it really is a Frosh/Soph team. That is why they usually don’t too to good because half of the team is made up of fresman because the don’t have a freshman team. The future is exciting at Muir!

  • Anonymous

    “Anonymous” (if that is your real name… which ok it probably isn’t).

    First of all, I was perfectly calm when I replied to you. To be frank I would figure the guy coming on to the message board to say negative things after a huge win would probably be the one with the less “stable” mental state. But that’s just me. And no I’m not a coach but then neither or you or anybody you “talked to” so we are on an even level when it comes to that.

    Second, nice try with the Verb thing. Problem was the backers were already spread out as Verb was running 4 wides. The other two LBs were guarding the slots and the slot guys just blocked well on the sweeps. The safeties weren’t coming up because they’d already been burned deep. Unless you’re gonna go with no LB in the middle? Fact of the matter is sometimes your team isn’t as big as the other guys or as fast as the other guys and they score because they get to the corner faster.

    Third, if you or any of your sources (the parents who at every school complain about coaching or the facebooks of high school children which ISNT WEIRD AT ALL) had watched Friday you see the coaches did make an adjustment on Offense. After the first two series when SB was blowing up the interior of the line they swapped a tackle in at guard and wow what a coincidence Devin started to run wild since he was no longer getting hit as he was handed the ball.

    I just again point out that you think the defensive lapses are the result of horrible coaching, while the offensive success has nothing to do with play calling or coaching and only the talents of the players. Here is a funny idea. Maybe the interplay of the coaching, the play calls, adjustments, the talents of the players, the talent of the other team, the field conditions and all of those things lead to what happens on the field. Maybe one thing doesn’t explain everything. Maybe, just maybe, a bunch of things go into what happens on any given friday.

    Nahh… you’re right. Coach bad. Player good. Hulk Smash.

  • rio hondo prep 55


    Thank you, and yes you are correct, my bad. Maranatha lost to Big Bear and Rio beat Big Bear. But, Maranatha play’s Village Christian in 2 weeks, time will tell!!!

    I’m not sure 8 points should be considered drilled???

  • Big Football Fanatic

    All this BS is irrelevant! at the end of the Season the only Team anyone will still be talking about(from the sidelines) is Monrovia Wildcats!! and their CIF Championship!

  • BigFatFan

    Wet Tiger: only problem, we lost. a game that was completely winnable. our defense just sucks. gives up 28+ points a game, and forces offense to keep pace. there is no fixing the defense. need to focus on making the offense more productive.

  • valley guy

    AND PASADENA BALLER: SHUT UP….you said that the burbanks schools win on the lower levels and varsity man if you dont stop it the burbank schools have won a couple on the varsity level but owning the pacific league dude your a joke the burbank schools have had the last two years thats it oh and when burroughs won the first year but after that muir has own the burbank schools and truthfully c.v j.v has owned the lower levels so dude shut up and get your facts right you almost sound as dumb as the REALIST…..

  • valley guy


  • valley guy

    CORRECTION MUIR ACTUALLY WON THE PACIFIC LEAGUE IN 2008….and you say better coaching lol…any coach who main set up on offense is the wing “T” is not coaching at all so save the better coaching junk….

  • footlong kitty kat

    SM got destroyed as predicted.

  • Spartans 09

    I love league play go spartans and go rams!! Keep this up boys its a good start!!


    ESPN Top College WR – ARMON BINNS of CINCINNATI – Former PASADENA HS star caught 8 passes for 175 and 3 TDs (including a 62 yard TD pass) vs Louisville in ACC matchup on friday night.


    HAHA Its actually the BIG EAST not ACC. I should know better, since Armon Binns caught the game winning catch in the Big East Championship game last year on the last play of the game. MEL KIPER Jr of ESPN named Binns the No.2 WR in the country during the offseason and expects him to be a high draft pick in the NFL.

  • Pasadena Baller

    Pasadena Baller Said,

    Valley Guy you need to do your homework.I do believe Muir is 0-3 against the Burbank Schools and as far as dominating this league I do believe the Burbank schools record against other Pacific League teams is 26-5 in the last two in a half years,Valley Guy you are severe Spec Ed,and lets see if Muir jv’s can beat Burroughs, Oh by the way,Burbank schools won Fresh and JV Champioships last year.

    Also Burbank is only Ranked # 2 in southeast division, and went to Semi- Finals last year.

    Muir has some athletes but they are not taught how to play as a team. Muir should just worry about keeping there school open and work on improving there test scores.

    You don’t even weant to talk about test scores burbank kills PUSD test scores and there better than Glendale.

    I’m outta here

  • Anonymous

    tech support: obviously you weren’t at the verbum dei game cause when they were running out the clock, they definitely did not spread out the defense. the only play they had the spread was the last play of the game, when the qb just kept dropping back and then just threw it away deep as the clock expired. when they were running out the clock, they were running a variation of the wing t, where one of the wings does a slight little motion towards the inside at an angle and the qb either pitches it or hands it off on a stretch.


    pasadena baller if u wanna talk about test scores stfu arcadia has a 890 API making it the #1 large school in CA sooooooo i do beleive were smarter than burbank schools, glendale schools, CV and DEFINETLY pasadena schools…as for football were starting a TON of juniors so look for improvement week to week…BOLD PREDICTION ahs beats burbank who BARELY beat muir…ahs ALWAYS does well in bounce back weeks…

  • Burbank supporter

    Guys this is high school football, lets the kids play, if they play hard and our coached by respected people. That’s all that’s matters, you think the kids really care about just winning, they love the competition, playing as a team and playing in front of big crowds. My kids our in college now, they look back at high school as a small aspect of there life with great friends and coaches for life. Burbank and Burroughs are not perfect fans, but the support their programs better than any other, in the classroom and on the field. Arcadia has it issues, I know many parents are not happy with there coaches and supporters either.

  • Goldenarm

    I did hear SM had 4 key players hurt, but have no idea if that was true or not.

    Scoring 31 points was to their six was a surprise to me. (beginning of 4th quarter) On paper and past performance a 21 -14 Ram win was what I had hoped for, most of that I believed possible because of the toughness and will we showed against the Mead.
    La Canada will be a closer contest. LC has been strangely up and down, and one key is stuffing their running game. We showed some hints of a pass rush, but not the kind we will need to prevent the LC QB from posting and slanting us to death.
    Clearly, we made hay with SM miscues, and that is what any good team should do….particularly when you force the miscue through aggressive defense.
    Good luck to the Titans against the Wildcats.

  • Goldenarm

    La Canada
    lost to CV (8-4 last year in Pac league)
    lost to Maranatha (9-3 last year)
    lost to Arroyo (8-3 last year, MVL top team)

    If there is a such thing as good losses (and their is)these ain’t bad. Arroyo slapped TC, but it is a much different TC now. I see the Rams as 10pt underdog going in, and part of what concerns me is Yoder, who was an excellent JV coach and has put his own touches on a style of football he made no bones was mirrored after TC. Yoder keeps things simple and asks his kids to get physical and play smart.
    This is much different than the physical Koffler prescribes to – including his statements regarding “no concern” for penalties his team continues to pile up.
    Who and what team has not lost due solely to a single penalty or a Friday night heavy with penalties??? A single holding call can separate winner from loser.
    Penalties crush momentum. Coached correctly , kids can stll unleash mayhem without illegal contact or violations of the rule book. In fact, doing otherwise intentionally should be met with internal discipline,,,,not just a refs flag.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Pacific League-
    1. Burbank
    2. Burroughs
    3. Arcadia
    4. Muir

    This order can change but these look like the four playoff teams. Muir still plays Burroughs, Arcadia visits Burbank this week, and then on Nov. 12 it’s Burbank vs. Burroughs. So, some exciting match ups left.

    The bottom four in the Pacific League:
    5. Crescenta Valley
    6. Pasadena
    7. Hoover
    8. Glendale

  • Hal Lamaster

    The Rio Hondo League:
    Monrovia seems to have a lock on first so it’s a battle for second place.

    1. Monrovia- Top dog, err, Cat.
    2. La Canada- has enough to finish second.
    3. South Pas- defense needs to improve.

    4. Temple City- starting to jell, look out SP & LC.
    5. San Marino- injuries taking their toll
    6. Blair- playing for pride

  • Anonymous

    Aside from Monrovia this is the weakest I have ever recall seeing the Rio Hondo league. I don’t think there is another league in the valley where the teams other than Monrovia would would make the playoffs. Rio Hondo Prep and Maranantha would crush any of the Rio Hondo League teams other than Monrovia.

  • Bob Anon


    A few things of interest regarding the rollercoaster LC season. The LC QB was injured after the Maranatha game (they shut us down), and he missed the Arroyo game. Not saying LC would’ve beat Arroyo, but it would have been a closer loss with the starting QB playing.

    LC had a ten(?) point lead on CV–would’ve been nice to have that one.

    LC gave up too many big plays against a Maranatha team which should challenge Monrovia or Azusa come November.

    I predicted the TC win over SM, and I still think TC finishes 2nd in league. Good physical football can help–look at the success of Wisconsin and USC (offensively) this year.

    LC has to execute perfectly on offense. Should be a well-matched game.

  • Pacific League

    Pasadena Baller, since the Burbank schools have joined the Pacific League in 2006 Muir is 3-2 vs. Burbank and 2-2 vs. Burroughs who they play later this year. Maybe you should do ‘your’ homework.

  • Anonymous

    Really bob anon?
    Maranatha challenging Monrovia or Azusa come november? I know Maranatha is pretty good this year, but no way they can match up with those two..

  • Bob Anon

    Anon at 3:57:

    Note how I said “challenge” M-Town or Azusa, not “handle” or “defeat” either school πŸ™‚

    Now be careful, the Maranatha fans will get upset at you for disrespecting them…

  • valley guy

    Pacific League
    hey that means muir has a winning record against the burbank schools then right according to your facts…muir’s up 5-4 so whats your point you stated burbank schools owns the pacific league well muir has a winning record against them so your statement is false…and muir will beat burroughs this year easily i feel sorry for any school that has to face muir from here on out…..

  • valley guy

    pacific league:
    my bad that message was intended for the idiot pasadena baller….

  • FB Einstein

    Re: anon

    The RHL is exactly what it has been the last 10 years…Monrovia really good, TC good and then everyone else…You dont want to face either in late November. Rio Hondo Prep…please, Maranatha is having a good season, lets see if it translates to playoff wins.

  • Tech Support

    To Anon.

    I’m going to start calling you Bob. Can I call you Bob? Cuz I like having something to call other people. I am sorry to have you come back time and time again here to defend this when there are so many Facebook accounts of players to look at to find issues with the coaching staff and/or what they thought of Jackass 3D.

    Anyway, I was at the Verb game. I’ve been at all but one game this year. They ran SOME plays out of the WING T near the end. Not all. But fact of the matter is when the other team has bigger and stronger athletes sometimes you can’t stop them regardless of positioning. Bosco doesn’t have the spead of other teams. They don’t have the size of other teams. Frankly being 5-2 at this point of the year to me is a helluva testiment to the coaching staff given the “measurables” of the athletes at Bosco compared to teams like St. Bernards and Verb and Cantwell.

    But again… 5-2 and they lost to teams they weren’t supposed to beat so the coaches must suck.

  • Stang Alum

    All these guys that are talking trash all sound like the kids who have not moved on and never really played the game. Who cares who owns the Pacific League or who has better test scores. Of course Arcadia and Burbanks have better scores; the question is why? Ask the PUSD what they have allowed to happen to Muir and how their true concern is Pasadena High. How do you get 2,000-2500 kids at one school and only around 1,100 at the other. Measure TT and Measure Y money where is that? What? 900,000 to build a new softball field at PHS and Muir can’t even get infield dirt for their girls softball field. There are so many issue’s that we are actually proud of what our kids endure, even when everyone on the outside has already judged them, they will endure. No our kids do not have cars or big house’s to go home to, but just wait and watch the turnaround, in academics and sports!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    tech support: you can’t put it on the fact that dei might have had bigger players.. the very fact that tech was only 3 points down shows that a victory was well within reach. and since you seem to know a lot about the program, i’m sure you could have access to someone’s tapes and see that they were all wing t.

  • Anonymous

    FB Einstein – Rio beat Village Christian – TC would lose to VC by 3 TDs as would any other team in RHL than Monrovia.
    TC, LC, Glendale, Hoover, SP, SM, Rio Hondo and CV should be their own league a couple of divisions down. Monrovia should join the Pacific with Muir, Burbank, Burroughs, Arcadia, Pasadena, Maranantha with Saint Francis who has no business being in the the league it is in as shown by its performance Saturday night. La Salle can join the Prep League.

  • the critic

    im truly glad to see a true pasadena person and i never thought about it that way but it is kind of weird that muir only has about 1100 students and p.h.s. actually has almost 3000 now…and for all the academic talk like i told the last idiot (not calling u an idiot) but a diploma is a diploma its not gone read on the diploma graduated from a better school….but what really surprise me is the number of athletes muir send out every year in football and basketball…for those who dont know muir girls basketball team has sent out more scholar athletes then any pacific league school and also there football team has to and im talking about d1 scholarship….so all the talk about academics stop that insult is getting old and muir kids are still graduating.

  • FB Einstein

    I agree with most of what you say except the part about VC and Rio. TC is not great this year but they are young and rebounding from a disaster last year.

    St Fran should be a power house like Amat, but for whatever reason they just dont tap into the talent in the WSGV.

  • Goldenarm

    FB Einstein – your statement below is way off base….
    “The RHL is exactly what it has been the last 10 years…Monrovia really good, TC good and then everyone else…You dont want to face either in late November”
    The Rams have two wins, one against a horrible opponent. We are in no position to stare down anyone. Our O-line is still learning to execute basic run plays and we have a soph QB with a handful of game experience under the lights. Some of our coaches just cashed their first coaching check.
    If we are able to beat another RHL team other than Blair we have come a long way. La Canada has a better roster than we do and is fully capable of kicking our ass. In fact, it will take a McFarland Miracle to beat the Spartans. Like i said, we are a 10-14 pt underdog.
    Playoffs?? November?? Dude – you are one optimistic football fan. And no, we don’t want any part of Pac league head to head play right now.

    It is a much different RHL this year.

    Two years ago the Rams held a 6-0 lead over Paraclete in the CIF semi-final game, the only team to put a lead on the Spirits that year in CIF. Yes, Paraclete the 5 or 6 time CIF champion. Following their victory Norm Dahlia made several comments regarding the toughness and determination of the Ram squad. Azusa rules their world now. We destroyed them in round 2, 17-0.

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  • Sailed

    They “sailed” the deal? That game was a great game to report on and that’s all you can say?

    Explain the interception Mr. Reporter, explain the interception…..and Rio….get over it, MHS has improved drastically and given credit for it. Are they a powerhouse? No, but they are fun to watch and play hard.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan,

    Congrats on a big win.

  • goteamgo

    The write up in Saturday’s paper (along with a picture gallery) states:

    “Trailing 28-24 as the final quarter opened, Maranatha went into a self-destructive mode, losing the ball on an interception and later on a fumble to thwart a fourth-down effort.” This sounds to me like Maranatha had two chances to “seal” a win prior to the controversial interception call at the end. If you don’t make the plays in the first 11 minutes of the 4th quarter, don’t complain when a referee’s call goes against you in the last minute. Maranatha has had some calls from referees go their way in the past, and have benefited from home field advantage calls too, so it sounds like karma here.

    Put it behind you, stop worrying about a ref’s call, and prepare for Village Christian and Valley Christian, which will be two tough games. Otherwise, you may be sitting home in November (and by the way, congrats to RHP on their win over Village Christian!)

  • theRealdeal

    Pacific league is still up in the air!
    Burbanks still has to plays Arcadia and Burroughs.
    Burroughs still has to play Burbank, Muir and CV
    Arcadia still has to play Burbank, and CV

    but these are the top teams in the league and anyone can still win the title outright or we might see a shared title.
    i had time to catch the Arcadia game last week and i couldnt help but feel bad for them. Apaches beat themselves, a pick in the endzone and plenty of false starts early killed their chances. Burroughs had every opportunity to end the game early but still couldnt seal the deal. Arcadia out played Burroughs physically and it started when i saw the kid LAGACE almost kill a Burroughs LBer ( helmet flew out ) cant wait to see what happens when Arcadia and Burbank play. Arcadia’s play starts with their QB play. Myles Carr plays good and i believe their no stopping that Offense. TWO GREAT QBs in COlEMAN n CARR. ( winner takes league)

  • Downtown BB


    We own arcadia. They are 1-3 against us all time and about to go 1-4. Come on now, arcadia? We talking about Arcadia here. Coleman is about to go yard on this pop warner soft defense. They will lay down when we score first. There is no stopping us in the Pacific. Muir? You all know the result. We will stop the offense and any running game they have with their under sized backs. Sorry Apaches of Arcadia, hate to sound arrogant but maybe next year yet you guys keep saying that.

  • Pasadena Baller Said

    The Pacific League Championship will either be won by Burbank or Burroughs. There’s NO WAY Muir or CV will win League. Muir is a thought of the past. I agree with the above post that Burbank will beat Arcadia pretty easily, Carr is nothing like Coleman, Carr cost them the game last week, very bad decision making.

    Real Deal you heard it here first, Pacific League Champions will come from either the Bulldogs or Indians, and I am not talking Pasadena.Muir again will either finish third or Fourth.

  • valley guy

    burbank this year got a gift from the referee in that game against muir and thats not just me talking the newspaper quoted a questionable call by the refs but good game thats over now beat arcadia and the REALIST man crush T.lagace…man i think the realist actually washes this guy under garment…

  • Realist

    valley guy-

    Your a tool. Thats all i have to say. You don’t know football. So please stop acting like you do. Thanks man. And by the way, Arcadia has a great shot against Burbank. Arcadia is a solid team with a very good upside. If Arcadia plays like they can, Arcadia will beat Burbank. No if ands or buts. Thats a fact.

  • Anonymous

    goteamgo: melendez obviously wasnt at the mhs – whittier c game so he wouldn’t know.. the only lost fumble of the game was when mhs recovered, but a huge pile ensued, and when they broke it up, jeff worthy or whatever his first name is was grabbing onto the ball along with chris cornell, and the ref tried to force the ball out of cornell’s hands, and he in turn accidentally kicked the ref in the jewels. that’s why the ref called it a recovery by WC. and also, there was no interception in the fourth quarter prior to the one at the end. excellent journalism, just excellent.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I didnt make my point clear. The RHL (in the last 10 years) has always been Mtown and TC with LC getting into the top three only a few times. TC had some great league years in 01, 05 and 06. If the playoff format been then what is now…at least 1 CIF title and maybe 2. You make my point at the end of your rant about their November rain.

    This year the Rams are very young and growing into what coach Mac is building. I wasnt saying look out for them this November but saying in the past they have been a good team come November. They always get better. I dont think LC is that great. That doesnt mean TC will roll but I believe if they continue to play better they will win. This team is much better than the team we saw week 1. The o-line looked very good vs. SM and the linebacker play is very encouraging. We havent had a great D around here in a long time. This D looks poised to do some good things.

  • FB Einstein

    Re: GA

    previous post…

  • Goldenarm


    I will agree as far as getting better every week. That in itself is what shows we have the right guy coaching the team. In fact, we were fortunate to get McFarland and not continue down the new direction road to doom which turned a playoff team into spectators.
    Hopefully their is some just reward for all the players parents and supporters and Ramrodders that bent the ear of King, Vandy and TC board members every chance they got.

    Looks like a muddy Hitchcock Field, just right for Ram football. I hope we have a solid game plan.

    Our fullback got his first carry of the year…..and a first down. Before the season ends, 5′ 3″ Jaime Dea is going to do something electric.

  • Goldenarm


    Congratulations to Coach Anthony White and Coach Ollie of Buena Park for awakening a dead football program!
    Good news is they are 6-0. Amazing.
    Bad news is they play La Habra on Friday.

  • goteamgo

    Anon at 10/19/10 12:57am –

    That is a new excuse I have never heard before – the call went against Maranatha because a Maranatha player “accidentally kicked the ref in the jewels” and “that’s why the ref called it a recovery by WC.”

    Now I have heard everything -creative, even by Maranatha standards –

  • Yo Mama

    Glad to hear tc beat sm. It feels good to hear that mooney can’t beat his Alma mater. Mooney was great for tc and will be great for sm too (eventually) but i guess I am just bitter that he left albeit for a great and better opportunity. Many ex tc players do coach under mooney and I am glad to see he has not forgotten some of us. Nothing but love for him and tc

  • theRealdeal

    its great that everyone cheers for their local schools but where are the real football fans AT!!

    Burbank is a good team
    Burbank also beat Arcadia Last year by less than a Touchdown, ARCADIA started 10 sophmores due to number problems and still kept the game last year that close. this Arcadia isnt as bad as you make them out to be.
    but its true Arcadia has lost to both teams more than winning. the Burbanks schools have good progams-FACT
    to say that COLEMAN is way better than CARR is just dumb
    Burbank beat Muir in the last min
    Arcadia Killed Muir in the First Half
    ARcadia at Burbank is gonna be a good game PERIOD!
    as for Arcadia’s Def.- You cant say its soft, they shut Burrough and Muir out in the first half and only allowed 27 points total in the last 8 quarters. Thats 3.3 pts a quarter…. doesnt seem too soft to me or for any real football fan.
    im sure the Realist is an Arcadia guy so he should root for LAGACE, isnt everyone! the kid can flat out play. Hes a play maker whos exciting to watch, kids like him, coleman (burbank), ochoa (burbank) bueno (monrovia) and davis (muir) are good for the SGV football programs

  • Realist

    real deal-

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. There are a bunch of dummies.. That was a great post.

  • The Stang Fan

    A good game by the Stangs last week, but not a great one.

    I’m still waiting for a complete game, namely extra points and a full-game effort on defense. The past few weeks the D has come out flat and rallied in the 2nd half, but against CV it was the reverse. Too many 3rd down conversions on what looked to be mental lapses. There were also 3 blocked PAT’s….there’s no way you can give up a field goal’s worth of points and expect to win against good teams.

    It was good to see the offense put up some points…finally. I hope we continue to limit our passing game to about 12-15 throws a game. The QB doesn’t have to go deep to rack up a lot of yards with this WR corp. A couple of screens, hits, bubbles, etc. can all lead to BIG plays with the speed and talent of this group. But the BEST thing to happen Friday night was the 4-5 kickoffs in the endzone….where has THIS kid been?!?! We needed that weapon in the worst way. Keep it up kid!

    Now we have the two cupcakes before the Burroughs game. Got to work on the overall team effort and NOT lose the competitive edge that will be required against the Indians.

    Btw, GA….you guys have been BLESSED with a hell of a coach. Good luck, and I will certainly be rooting for the Rams to improve and do well…which is a guarantee!

  • theRealdeal

    agreed STANG FAN!
    Muir is loaded with talent and im sure will run the table here on out. they played what i believe are 2 of the best 3 teams in league already… Muir is gonna give fits to the rest of the teams they play with those WRs. a simple hitch or scrn can be a huge play any down! Arcadia and Burbank might have awoken a sleeping giant, look out remainding teams playing Muir!

  • TC Bruin

    Mid Valley News is reporting Mike Mooney has re-signed from San Marino.

  • PurdueAlum05

    TC Bruin,
    Nevermind, I read the article online, but I wondering why he resigned. This must be something he non-football related because he resigned as assistant principal as well.

  • WC parent

    I’m a WC parent. The game against Maranatha was great. It’s very clear that Maranatha has a great team. Comparing this game to last weeks game against Cantwell…All I can say is that it was so refreshing to see two quality teams show respect for each other. The prayer at the end of the game was wonderfull to watch. I would love to have my son attend Maranatha. Did the refs make mistakes, I’m sure they did. I can count a couple of calls made in Maranatha’s favor. One was a lateral backward pass that ended in a droppped ball, which I believe according to the rules is a fumble and WC did recover that one. The other error the officials made was Maranatha’s first TD Pass which started out as a screen with ineligible players downfield, but no flag. If WC had lost, I would not have been upset about it. Maranatha is a very worthy team. It was a great game.


    I would like to offer my Thanks Toucan Sam for standing up for Maranatha against some comments made by “im amazed”.

    Coach Alonso
    Maranatha HS, D-Line

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