BREAKING NEWS: San Marino football coach Mike Mooney placed on leave, school says he resigned

San Marino High School football coach and assistant principal Mike Mooney said on Tuesday that he has been placed on administrative leave by the school, but declined to comment why.
Also on Tuesday, San Marino superintendent Gary Woods and high school principal Loren Kleinrock put out a letter to team parents saying that Mooney had in fact resigned, but did not say why. Kleinrock’s letter said that Mooney’s departure had “NO connection to any external complaint or criticism.”
Mooney says he has not resigned from either position — assistant principal or head football coach. Kleinrock is expected to coach the football team on an interim basis.
Parents were invited to attend a meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria to discuss the direction of the program. San Marino is currently 2-4 and just lost its Rio Hondo League opener to Temple City last Friday night.
Mooney, who was an assistant coach last season, took over as head coach in April 2009 after former coach D.R. Moreland resigned in March.
San Marino gave Mooney his first head coaching job in 1996. Mooney left in 1998 to become head coach at Temple City. Mooney left Temple City in 2006 to return to San Marino as an assistant principal with the option to coach, something Temple City would not afford him if he wanted to be an administrator. Mooney, a 1988 graduate of Temple City, played at USC between ’88-’93.
Aram Tolegian, Miguel Melendez and Fred Robledo contribunted to this report.

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  • FredJ

    Until more facts come out, please be careful with blog speculation, especially involving player names — thanks, Fred.

  • Contractor King

    Apparently it has all been brought on by a parent who thinks his kid is better as the starter. It is seriously damaging to the program, and the kid is not that good.

  • TitanParent

    This is about an overzealous father who believes his kid should be starting. This is horrible for the program, coach Mooney and the kid. Amazing how one parent with connections can affect the lives of so many young people…forever. Good luck Titan seniors play hard and keep your heads up.

  • SM boy

    None of previous these are true.. As someone who is close to this program please do not make speculations. Thank you

  • Whether its pop Warner, Jr. all-American , or H.S. Football, some parents always screw it up for the rest of the team, . that’s a shame

  • Interested ByStander

    Mooney is a great man and a terrific Coach. He has been involved with coaching and educating in the area for many years and is an upstanding positive influence. I know so many young men that he has nurtured and helped mature – not just on the football field but in life. If the comments above are true and this is about a disgruntled parent, that is very,very sad for everyone involved. Fight On Coach Mooney – we are behind you!!!!

  • Contractor King

    No speculation, FredJ and SM kid. Just an opinion. I have heard about the threats, and opined that the parent carried through on the threats. The question becomes, what was his motivation? And that does not take much speculation. It is unbecoming to everyone involved that such a child-like tantrum worked.

  • FB Einstein

    WHAT THE Fu&#$!!!???

    How can that happen? No way a parent could do this. There has to be more to this story.

  • Yo Mama

    Sad day… This would have never happened at TC! Mooney was Mr. Everything there and he was the one calling the shots! SM you have failed… or just A(PARENT)LY….

  • Another SM Kid

    Before practice there was a meeting, and Principal Kleinrock said that Coach Mooney has resigned and will not be coming back as both head football coach and assistant principal for san marino. reason is unknown.

  • Another Sad Blog

    This is another case of not having all the facts but just wanting to be the first to get it up. Great Job Scoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Athletic Supporter

    Throw out the red challenge flag Coach Mooney!!!!

  • muirfan!

    Apply at Muir Mooney,we need a educator and Coach like yourself.

  • realist who’s been there

    love how most the comments are in favor of mooney, when none of you know the real Mike Mooney… not surprised this happened to him, but sad it’s happening to SM

  • tcchamps

    Ooops there didn’t go another rubber tree plant?

  • MuirFan1

    Coach Mooney, Apply At Muir. Alot of Alumi and Parents would be happy to have you!

  • Another sad blog,

    “Scoop” ??? You like to use that word?

    Why don’t you leave your real name, aka your byline?

    See you at the next game, wannabe.

  • Close to the Source

    Being close to the source this parent plays a huge role

  • titanfan

    at a San Marino School Board meeting tonight, the Board was told that by law they cannot leak the reason for Mooney leaving. However they made it very clear that there was no parent that forced him out

  • Realist

    That would be huge if Muir picked up Mooney. Hes a great coach. Im not sure why he resigned. If it is due to a parent, I hope the Father that was complaining is ashamed of himself. That is pathetic.

  • Please only post links to relevant Web sites. Failure to do so will get your IP address banned … and then a life of boredom awaits.

  • Kwame

    Kwame Do….the Rams are waiting for you!

  • Sure—the guy can coach, but, as Jim Healey used to say, “IS IT TRUE Coach Mooney is not
    exactly a model citizen? IS IT TRUE his ego is bigger than the Pacific ocean? IS IT TRUE he is NOT liked by those who really get to know him?”

    And yes, I have inside information…

  • Anonymous

    Of course it is a parent. Let’s face it SM doesn’t have the talent to be a factor any more – they would finish at the bottom of the prep league or alpha league – the school athletically is on a par with Hoover and Glendale . They were lucky to have a coach like Mooney and of course it is some clueless large donor parent who got cut in high school that made this happen. It happens all the time and it happens to excellent coaches. just look at the Mayfield “we want to go in a different direction” volleyball program after 3 CIF titles and 2 state championships. The different direction gets you back in the middle of the pack with a player who will be at USC next year. Meanwhile daddy and mommy little girl is starting and the parents are so proud. It is pathetic and the kid will suffer in the long run when he or she doesn’t have daddy or mommy to fight his or her battles and get his you know what kicked in life. Way to prepare your kid for life.

  • Anonymous

    Total Fan
    Boo hoo coach Mooney is a meanie. He has big ego, he isn’t likable, he isn’t model citizen. Are you kidding me? All great coaches have egos, they are not there to be like they are their to be respected, they are not there to be the parent nor the student/players BFF and very few of the great ones are model citizen (see Rex Ryan, Belichick and so on). I bet he didn’t even run the special play you gave him. You and the rest of SM are going to get what you deserves back to back to back to back and so on 1-9 seasons. Your will players will end up with no egos and they will be liked by every team they play and they may even win the citizenship award witch accounts for exactly nothing. Congratulations at least they can play soccer on that new turf football field – what a waste of money.

  • realist who’s been there

    no way it was a parent, a parent would have no power on him being on administrative leave there is clearly more than meets the eye here. Perhaps, just perhaps no one on this blogs knows the real mooney

  • titangrad

    How I wish I knew the reason why Mooney left…
    But I don’t think there is anyway that it could be a parent. Think about it. Mooney’s been coaching for so long. And in that time period, he for sure ran into some nutjob parents that believed his or her son should be starting. If a parent came running around demanding his son start, Mooney would definitely know how to deal with the problem.
    And as a last resort, he’s always got that big Rose Bowl ring that would serve as a good set of brass knuckles…

  • FB Einstein

    A very interesting sub plot to all of this is the staff that will possibly take over in Mooneys absence. The coaches Mooney leaves behind is the same coaching staff that was left to takeover when Coach Backus was put on administrative leave in 2008 at TC. Interestingly enough that team went on to have one of the more successful playoff runs in resent TC history, making it all the way to the semi finals. Coach Loya ran the offense and coach Valdez ran the defense in Backuss absence. Coach Loya is a great offensive mind and was at the top of the list to take over the TC job in 2009. Unfortunately, for coach Loya (and the 09 team which should have played for a CIF title) he retired only to return to the same situation at SM.

  • FBdummy

    Everything you said is true, except for the fact that the ’09 should not have played for the title. They were not that good.

  • Anonymous

    if a parent can do it at Mayfield after 3 CIF titles and 3 straight state representations, it can happen at a 2 and 4 San Marino. Sorry Titan grad certain parents are flat out nuts and the everyone gets a trophy culture has empowered them. FB Einstein – I want what you are smoking if you think SM will be in the CIF finals you have completely lost your mind and are likely the parent in question. SM may not win another game this year.

  • Former Booster Parent

    All I can say is – shame, shame shame on SM for allowing this to happen. I have know Mike Mooney for many years and was involved as a Booste Parent when he was at Temple City. Never in all those years was there ever an issue. Coache’s Coach, Parents Boost – that’s it – it is to support ALL the players!!! I personally know many MANY young men on whom he has had a positive, life changing influence. Coach Mooney if you are reading these blogs, PLEASE KNOW THAT THERE ARE MANY OF US WHO KNOW YOU, LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU

  • Atheletic Supporter

    OMG – this is right out of a script for Friday Night Lights!!!!

  • current sm player

    coach mooney is a great person. shame on you for those comments. we all love you moondawg.
    -ssssssss (whistles) you know who it is.

  • realist who’s been there

    go back to class current sm player

  • Anonymous: I have NO interest in SM football. Regarding the “special play I gave him”, I have no idea what you are you talking about? I’m NOT a SM fan—I just have inside information about this man.
    In addition, we’re talking about high school football here. Not pro/college coaches…
    Don’t you think it’s important for impressionable 16-17 year-olds to have a head coach that is a good role model? When I played many, many years ago most coaches left me and my teammates with a (positive) life-long impression. If we had discovered any of our coaches were actually slackers and/or womanizers during the off-season the respect would be out the window. I guess, in today’s society, character is low on the list of priorities for coaches/teachers. (Just another reason why society is on a downward spiral…IMO…)

    Again, IS IT TRUE this guy is rarely in his office (doing his job—the job WE pay for)? IS IT TRUE this man has very low (personal) morals? IS IT TRUE this man is usually on the golf course when he’s suppose to being doing the job we taxpayers pay him to do? Mike Mooney only cares about Mike Mooney, but I suppose if he wins that’s all most people care about.

  • FB Einstein

    Re: anon

    Nowhere in my statement did I say that SM will play for the CIF title. Go back and SLOWLY read what I said then take a deep breath and think about all those English comprehension classes you took in elementary school then do everyone a favor and go away.

  • Goldenarm



    Whatever lies beneath, San Marino apparently has lost a great area head coach, one who guided his team to a playoff spot last year and has established a solid long term coaching staff for Titan football.

    In my opinion, the Athletic Director is the person who should be resolving any “in season” parent complaints or bickering, leaving the head coach to coach football.
    That being said is important only IF the rumored parent problem is based in truth.

    I hope an option for return has not been ruled out.

  • Former Booster Parent

    TO TOTAL FAN… You are obviously NOT in the KNOW. I have known Mooney for more than 10 years and while yes there were some questions regarding an incident last year – this did not and does not have anything to do with football. You probably think that Clinton should have been impeached over a blue dress and a cigar. GET REAL.. kids these days know it all and have seen it all. Let them make their own judgements. You are not a Total Fan you are a Total Idiot. Do you know for a fact that he is “on the golf course”. Get your facts straight before you find your self on the defendant end of a slander lawsuit.

  • Anonymous

    He is infact on administrative leave not resigned

  • tigers will take him

    South Pas will take him. Anything is better than Hawaii Five 0 Ed Smith.

  • observer

    Mooney is really a TC guy. Always has been. That’s not a slam, either, and it used to be a real football compliment. He’s probably not the right guy for SM. SM folks just don’t want any hard core, profane assistant coaches,either. No matter how good they are.

    West SGV football is pretty small time these days, correct? It’s fun and means a lot to those who play, but its no longer on the radar of being important in the higher levels of HS football in CA. We all know this. SM parents have all of the typical rich-folk tendencies…sometimes overbearing, manipulative of coaches, think (in delusion) their spoiled kids are D-1 material if they have a nice game vs. Blair, can’t readily accept losing, like to blame others for failure, etc. And they also believe that seniors should play as a final reward over younger players of higher skill. In a way, it’s sort of a feel-good situation.

    There is one thing about SM folks which is undeniably true: they ultimately want their boys to go to a decent college and turn out like gentlemen more than they want to win and/or put up with the sometimes unpleasant price of winning in high school football. Things have obviously changed a lot there; but the overall thirst for success in all endeavors still runs pretty deep in SM community.

    This is now a tall order in sports in SM these days – and Mooney’s recipe just didn’t work out for everyone. SM needs to be a lot more realistic about its real priorities when it hires its next head man.

  • I know

    People: Stop the rumors; it has NOTHING to do with an upset parent (that actually would look better for him considering the real issue). Also, he is NOT on administrative leave; HE resigned.

  • Concerned Parent

    1st of all no one really knows what the real reason is as to why Coach Mooney left so every post here and/or opinion and speculation is just that, SPECULATION.

    I do know this is football, not powder puff, so if SM is “soft”, I’m sorry they might consider removing the program. Football is competitive, rough and hardcore. We sign a waiver as parents releasing all liability up to and including death. Do you understand, DEATH!! Our children are out there risking their lives playing a sport that they love, to win. And yes, they do have fun. So if Coach Mooney was “too hardcore” then consider a ballet class.

    2nd, to all who think it is impossible for a parent to cause this kind of damage, rethink again. You are dealing with SM. The majority of these parents have deep pockets. Deeper than you can imagine and quite frankly, money talks and BS walks. And yes, parents get overly zealous about their kids in sports, it’s nothing new. But if your kids sucks, they suck. And what are you teaching them, if they kick and scream, threaten and cry they’ll get their way??? Ok for a little bit, but think of the retaliation. Do you think any kids on the team with have ANY respect?? He’s still the same kid who sucks but with money, a daddy with deep pockets and a cry baby. However, if the parent angle is true, there must be something this parent has/had on Coach Mooney. And that is only a matter of time before that skeleton is released.

  • Anonymous

    And let’s be real people, he was FORCED to resign. Yes he resigned as so many of you pointed out but there’s a difference when it’s NOT your decision.

    Another observation, if its NOT about a parent and his kid, then why has the kid’s name been released to the team?? Hmmmm, that’s an awful thing to do if it’s not true, don’t you think??? I guess we’ll know for sure if suddenly this kid becomes a starter. Or better yet, why has this parent dropped off the teams email list suddenly??

    Just sayin….

  • I think you all can now see why I don’t want links to irrelevant sites. It adds unneeded confusion. If it’s a legit news organization following standard reporting practices, then have at it. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and an insult to accuracy.

    It’s important to get the story right, be accurate, understand wording/phrasing and be thinking reader first and not “how can I protect a friend because this is how I think reporting should be done.”

    There should have been no confusion yesterday and I can still see why there is (you can too if you know where to go). But all that should end now. The school and Coach Mooney are saying what WE reported all along, he’s on administrative leave. Will that change in 15 minutes? Possibly. But for now, that’s where it’s at.

  • SM player

    Two football players got called into the office of the principal today, where they were questioned on the football program. Questions included does anyone starting on the football team under Coach Mooney not deserve to start? Rumor around school now is it is in fact a player’s parent with considerable influence.

    Also its confirmed he was put on admin leave.

  • Anonymous

    trust me,

    Rich parents hold a lot of sway in San Marino. And from whats transpired today at SMHS with some players being questioned, best bet is that it was a parent.

  • trust me

    Yes, a parent started this, but Mooney’s serious wrong doings is flourishing this.

  • titangrad

    To all those people who say Mooney has low personal values and “spends all his time at the golf course”, we must be talking about different people! It’s probably true that he wanted to become a head coach while he was an assisstant and possibly onto bigger things as a coach, but that’s about as bad as it got.
    I have personally seen with my own two eyes the care that Mooney has for his family. At least once a week, Mooney would have a kid or two from the Pop Warner Pasadena Trojans team come after a Tuesday practice to teach him some basics to football.
    I’ve also seen his wife bring his kids to practices whereupon he would play with them before practice was even finished. For a man who loves football so much, it goes to show how much he cared about his family. As for golf, every man’s got to have a hobby. I’ve heard of him bringing clubs to practice chip shots during 6AM workouts during the summer. There’s nothing wrong with that, as watching kids run on a track can get pretty boring, and one can only do so much yelling.
    Mike Mooney, if you are reading this, you’ve got plenty of supporters out here.

  • Anonymous

    leave his family out of it

  • SM Student

    It’s not like Mooney can hand out those permits anymore, now that he’s on leave, so it doesn’t hurt.

  • To Former Booster Parent: Calm down. Why so emotional? I have a source that is very reliable. Of course this source will not be revealed. As previously stated, Mike Mooney is a helluva football coach. His character has come into question. Just as you probably believe he’s a great guy, I believe otherwise.
    Please read and re-read my comments. I said “IS IT TRUE”? –Do you understand?
    The truth will probably come out, unless someone with an agenda (and power) decides to do a cover-up.

    BTW; I voted for Clinton, but he WAS impeached. He lied under oath. He’s a liar and a cheater (on his wife)

  • Anonymous

    Total Fan
    What he does in his personal life is his business not the school, not the parents and not anyone but his family. Just because a parent uses what is going on in someone’s personal life to get a “hell of a coach” (your words) fired because his kid isn’t playing doesn’t make it legal or change the fact that his personal life is no one’s business but his. SMUSD is going to lose big when the facts come out in court. I hear Mooney is getting lawyered up and there will likely be liability not only to the school but the parents involved. Actions have consequences. It is a shame parents like you have kids on sports teams. Your type ruin it for other more talented kids with parent who realize that their kids have to man up and need to learn to stand on their own two feet. The other kids lose, your kid will lose in the long run and the program loses. All the players love Mooney and if they weren’t instructed to stay off the blog you would see that out pouring. The kids want to get better at football not watch the sons of misguided rich parents embarrass the school. Every other school in the rio hondo league is laughing at SM.

  • Not Laughing

    To say every other Rio Hondo team is laughing at San Marino is incorrect. Every other team and school have their own set of meddlesome parents. Pick any sport or extra curicular and it’s part of the landscape. In this case, one can see how big of a problem can be created.

  • Anonymous:
    You’re making assumptions about me. I AM NOT A PARENT. I HAVE NO CHILDREN. I AM NOT “A RICH SAN MARINO PARENT”. I’m just a local high school football fan that happens to know a few things about the character of coach Mooney. I’m glad the truth will come out. Hopefully those close to Mr. Mooney will not be afraid to tell the truth about his work ethic (NOT regarding his coaching, which I said is damn good.)
    Your statements make no sense. May I suggest grammar check and/or spell check?

  • Anonymous

    TO TOTAL FAN. BTW – Clinton was NOT actually impeached. Impeachment proceedings were undertaken but as far as I know he finished his term as President of the United States and is still a well respected contributing member of the politcal and humanitarian efforts in the United States. Perhaps a history lesson along with a grammar and English lesson might be in order for you. As far as I am concerned, your character has been called in to question by the mere fact that you would lash out at a man thoguht his personal life and family. Let those without sin cast the first stone – and, I think maybe you should duck

  • Contractor King

    Dear Anonymous and Total Fan:
    First, let’s let the kids play. They worked hard, and deserve the right to try to move ahead without the meddling parents, bloggers and press.

    Secondly, he was impeached, but not convicted. Poli Sci 101.

    Third, “well respected” is an overstatement.

  • Someone who knows

    To Anon @ 11:39

    Bill Clinton was indeed impeached by the House of Representatives, but not convicted by the Senate just like Andrew Johnson who was also impeached and missed conviction by the Senate by one vote of the 2/3 necessary for removal from office.

    Impeachment is a charge by the lower House of the Congress and a trial by the Upper House of Congress with the Chief Justice as the President of the Trial.

    However, Bill Clinton did have his Arkansas Law License suspended for five years and was automatically suspended from the US Supreme Court Bar as part of the legal ramifications from his impeachment.

  • Anonymous: I agree about the kids. It certainly isn’t their fault any of this happened (I assume).
    Let’s not get into politics—it has nothing to do with this discussion (even though Clinton WAS impeached.) I’m amused by your comment that I could use a history lesson along with a grammar and English lesson. You’re next comment is as follows: “As far as I’m concerned, your character has been called into question by the mere fact that you would lash out at a man thoguht (good spelling!) his personal life and family.” (Excellent grammar!) What??? Again, I don’t understand—and I doubt many who read your comments do.

    As far as your comment about “sin…casting the first stone…maybe I should duck…”
    I readily admit I’m a sinner. You are too. We all are.

    My point about coach Mooney has already been made. Like I said, the truth (hopefully) will come out (unless those in the know are afraid to speak out in fear they may lose their jobs…at the school…which certainly could be the case.)

  • Concerned Parent

    And that’s why the 15 or so FB players were interviewd. Based on the complaint that was launched a few weeks ago and concluded about a week ago. The questions were geared toward the QB position only. Wow, if this is true, what a shame for SMHS.

  • With all due respect young man, “The greatest coach SM will ever have”
    Look up the football history of your school.

    Have you ever heard of Bill Maloney? (Um, the stadium you play in is named after him…)

    On a side note to Anonymous: You said, “All on the head coach.” What exactly does that mean?

  • With all due respect young man, “The greatest coach SM will ever have”
    Look up the football history of your school.

    Have you ever heard of Bill Maloney? (Um, the stadium you play in is named after him…)

    On a side note to Anonymous: You said, “All on the head coach.” What exactly does that mean?

  • Anonymous

    Total Fan you are a parent and pretty sure we know who you are. Your statements make no sense and are completely contradictory and typically of a delusional clueless couldn’t make the team in high school parent. You have no business being involved in high school athletics.
    From what I hear “SM parent and student” have it right.
    Titangrad sorry but SM could lose to Monrovia 60 to 0 this week. My guess is Monrovia will let up.
    Coach Loya better start that kid this week or his will be gone too.
    I dont think Coach Maloney would last very long with this crop of parents. He was a great coach. But, he also had great talent back in the day. That isn’t the case today.

  • Anonymous

    This Jeff character, if the below is true, should be should be removed from having any contact with the school and school athletics. If he has a problem why not be a man and talk to the coach or better yet teach his son to be a man and have his son talk to the coach. Again if the below is true I can’t believe the other SM parents don’t have enough back bone to get rid of him and his kid off the team and Mooney back. Shame on them for letting it happen.

  • please listen…..

    On Please do not mention any kids name or parent on this blog. It has nothing to do with either. This situation was brought on by Mooney and no one else. This is the real fact.

    SM needs to focus on Monrovia, they are going to get ass kicked just like Blair!

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, what IS true is that the team suffers and the child of the parent we will call “J”, learns nothing. Stones have been thrown, names have been dragged through the mud and all for what – ego – on both sides apparently. The should have just let the kids play, let the coaches coach and let the parents parent. This poor man “J is trying to live vicariously through his child. Maybe he always got picked lat in the dodge ball games. And lastly… To Total Fan.. I give up – you are infinitly more intelligent than everyone and anyone else on the blog and obviously know everything about everything. Perhaps you should be the next Booster President or maybe President of the United States.

  • Anonymous

    Mooney, alot of speed and athleticism. Show, what you can do to another , PROUD PROGRAM.

  • tcchamps

    Could of sworn I saw Anthony White at SMHS today. Something about that job pays more? Aram, Miggy can you confirm?

  • Anonymous: Again, you’re incorrect. You are calling me a liar. Believe what you wish, but everything I have said (in correct English, unlike you) is as true as everything Bill Clinton says. (Oh brother—I couldn’t help myself.)

    I love high school football. I always will. I’ll be going to a good game tomorrow night (unfortunately the SM game will be a blow-out. I’ll probably travel to the OC—I live in Arcadia.)

    I sincerely hope the truth comes out regarding this matter.

    As for the kids, I feel badly for the majority of the “good” ones (the ones with character…)

    Again, I am not a parent, just a fan. I love the game, but not all the people involved…

  • OC Insider

    Highly unlikely that White would leave Buena Park. He is a candidate for OC coach of the year leading BP to six wins out of the gate. Couple that with the fact that his current district is a very high paying district (one of the highest in the OC). That move would not make sense unless he truly loves “hugging the foothills” of the SGV. He is making a name for himself in the OC. However, I have no direct knowledge that he visited San Marino or did not visit. Like most of the posts here – SPECULATION.

  • Just read more comments by Anonymous. Gee, thanks for the compliments, but actually (again) you are way off. I readily admit I’m a man of very average intelligence. I am NOT college educated. I’m simply speaking out because I have a source who’s VERY familiar with the coach.
    I have NO agenda. I like to see all football teams in the area do well. And, again, I’m just a local fan. You do not know me. Please refrain from calling me a liar.

    Anyone else wonder if any of the Star News reporters are working on this story? We all would like as many facts/details as possible…

  • Anonymous

    Total Fan,
    We know you didn’t go to college. Your writing gives you away. But you are a parent of a player at San Marino, in the booster club and part of the problem.

  • FB Einstein

    The coach white thing is funny. You were trying to be funny right? No way that guy wants anything to do with the mess at SM. He would be better off hanging around TC…on second thought, maybe not.

    Titan Fan you are obviously a parent or faculty member with an axe to grind.

    This thing is more jacked up than the Backus situation…i think.

    I heard coach Mooney was really hired to coach the Trojan mascot and all of this is just a big misunderstanding.

  • curious george

    Curiously want an answer from the bloggers, Miggy, AND Aram. If this does end up being NON FOOTBALL related (which i guarentee you it will) will any of you posters apologize to the student you have named, and his father who have nothing to do with this…. I was with SM years ago as a Coach. I know what the deal is, and some of the coaches know…. and it is so wrong for you to bring a high school kid into this. Especially since he, nor his father have anything to do with this. I hope (but I doubt the editors here will force you to apologize or “ban your IP”) but when this does open up, a lot of you WILL owe this kid and his family an apology.

  • Anonymous

    good question, curious george.

  • Jim Mullligan

    Coach Mike is a part of what is becoming the new “Target” of American Sports. High School Football Head Coaches are in a can’t win situation. Where every Little Leaguer gets the same trophy the message is clear. You, as a coach, are now babysitters. The last form of discipline use to be on a sports field, but if you try to be a demanding coach you are ousted and embarrassed and the administration will remain “quiet” on the reasons because the focus will shift to them if that happens. I don’t know what happen with Mike at San Marino, I just know he has always been a nice guy and the kids love to play for him.

    It’s probably two or three kids who, according to their parents, were not getting enough playing time so they went fishing for something they can hang their hats on to get to Mike. Every Coach is open to this type of behavior by the parents and Schools Administration. A Which Hunt took place and they got just enough to get rid of Coach Mike and now their kids will play more and the donations to the school will roll in by the deep pockets of the spoiled parents who create these messes at the cost of the program, staff, and team. It’s the American way, we all want a hand out not a hand up. Jim


    What IS TRUE is the the MOONEY protoges that coach the JV rocked it old school Mooney style and beat Monrovia 20 to 12 in a glorious upset. They learned everything from one of the greatest coaches in the area – there is no denying that!!!

  • Concerned Parent

    I think since names have been thrown under the bus, the administration NEEDS to just tell what REALLY happened. If the reason for Mooney’s abrupt departure have nothing to do with this family, then it is the districts responsibility to repair the damage that they have caused by handling it so poorly from day one.

    The majority of everyone already knows that the initial complaint a few weeks ago was with regard to the QB position only but if all of this mess truly has nothing to do with this family then the administration needs to clear it up and not by simply saying, “it has nothing to do with this family”.

    I can only imagine, how this family is now dealing with all of this if it’s NOT true.

  • TigerFan

    Mooney come coach at South Pas! The tigers would be proud to have you as their coach.

  • Parent

    Most of the players treat football as though it were the most important thing they have. It’s sad that any of this had to happen. Maybe the boys can have a little more balance now and think about the rest of their lives?

    The foul language from Mooney was a little over the top, I have to say… Not exactly a great thing to emulate. Mooney should have known better than that, no matter what the facts are.

  • Anonymous

    Parent said,
    You have got to be kidding. Wait until your son gets in the real world. I really think you are joke post sent by someone from La Canada, Pasadena or Monrovia. If you are real you are everything that is wrong about high school sports. Please take your son elsewhere. I think he would do well with the cheer squad. Also TIVO “Hard Knocks” – Jets.

  • Anonymous

    “Parent” who posted at 1:12 on Oct 22,

    WTH is wrong with you?? Maybe football IS an outlet for some of these kids, ever thought of that? Of course football isn’t everything but coach Mooney provided a certain guidance. Maybe he didn’t do it the way YOU would do it but if you didn’t like it your kid had every chance to leave and quit the sport. And as a previous comment said, THIS ISN’T BALLET!!! If you were offended at the language used on the field then maybe you should have your kid in ballet.

  • tcchamps

    Ear Muffs

  • FredJ

    I had to delete several comments and in the best interest of everyone, I’m going to shut the comments down until we have new information to share. There may not be a resolution anytime soon, but when there is, we will share what we learn.