San Marino Superintendent Gary Woods confirms that Titans football coach and assistant principal Mike Mooney was placed on administrative leave

San Marino Unified School District Superintendent Gary Woods issued an official statement on Wednesday, confirming that San Marino High School vice-principal and varsity football coach Mike Mooney has in fact been placed on administrative leave. This is all Woods was at liberty to share.

“Mr. Mooney has been placed on administrative leave,” Woods said. “Because it’s a personnel issue, we really can’t comment any further.”

Woods also confirmed that principal Loren Kleinrock will coach the football team on an interim basis.

Mike Mooney maintained all along that he never resigned his position as vice principal or football coach.

An email sent by Woods and Kleinrock to parents of the Titans football team was obtained by this newspaper on Tuesday, which read as follows:

Dear Parents of San Marino High School Football Players:
As you may already know, Mr. Mike Mooney has stepped down as Varsity Football Coach. We are not allowed to comment on the specifics.
We would like to invite you to a parent meeting (Wednesday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m.) in the high school cafeteria. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the plan to move forward for the remaining weeks of the season.
Please understand, Mr. Mooney’s departure has NO connection to any external complaint or criticism.
Sincerely, Loren Kleinrock and Gary Woods.

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  • I know

    I’m very curious as to why the district changed their “tune”….from definantly resigning to ‘he is on admin leave’. However, the reason why remains the same.

  • curious george

    So which one is it because the letter to the parents says “As you may already know, Mr. Mike Mooney has stepped down as Varsity Football Coach” so is he just on leave as the A.P., but resigned from football?

  • FredJ

    He has been placed on administrative leave which prohibits him from any activities, including coaching, which is why the principal is taking over the head coaching responsiblities.

  • Anonymous

    No. As weird as this sounds the school was confused. They didn’t know everything. He is infact on leave for both positions.

  • The district’s wording stinks. What we reported was exactly SPOT ON as far as the technicalities. I don’t care what was “said” in the room or who thinks they were actually in the room and heard something. There are two sources that matter here: Mooney and the district.

    Mooney as of yesterday said he had not resigned either position.

    The district put out a letter saying he stepped down.

    We reported both those things because you READERS need to know what each side said.

    Maybe the district got a bit presumptive. Who knows, you guys can figure that out on your own.

    But for the time being, Mooney is on ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE and that’s his position and the school district’s position … like WE reported all along.

  • tcchamps


    There’s a rumor that Anthony White was seen at San Marino today? Can you confirm?

  • Former Booster Parent

    Ahhh the plot thickens. I think that the SMUSD and the administration at the school jumped the gun based on accusations from a well connected parent. Mooney may very well step down as Head Coach to avoid the conflict but they seem to be backing off the earlier reports.

  • Fromer Booster Parent

    To Trust Me.. You say you are not bitter or disgruntled. I say FAIL. have you read your post. Everything is not always as it seems. There are two sides to every storey and I’m certain that the TRUTH is smack dab in the middle. If he has done something so wrong, the consequences would be greater than administrative leave. The SMUSD is backing off their original position because they obviously don’t have all the facts or enough “proof” to back up whatever the allegations are. Let it play out. We will all know soon enough but to tarnish this man’s reputation without the information to back it up is simply shameful. Dear Trust Me – trust me – you should be ashamed.

  • Interested By Stander

    I think the whole situation is sad. If there was not “wrong-doing”, Mooney’s character and reputation have been slandered. If there is something (whatever it is), I am saddened that a man of such integrity and character is now being seen as having “fallen from his pedestal”. We are all human. Mistakes are made and apologies are given. In the end, I maintain that he has been a positive influence on so many for so long – I will always be grateful!!!!

  • trust me

    i have said nothing that has tarnished his rep. he has done that to himself before any of this latest scandal has come out. as far as the latest allegations, trust me, it will all come out in the end.

  • Anonymous

    Two parents – self important – big donors – thought their kids should be playing – they shouldn’t even be on the team – found an angle to do Mooney in and went for it it. SMUSD will end up paying big bucks in settling with Mooney and SM will not win another game this year. I hope the parents are happy. The players deserve better especially the seniors. Way to go.

  • Anonymous

    found an angle to do Mooney in and went for it it.

    what angle?

  • Ghost Rider

    I have nothing to do with the situation, but the vague information makes me curious, anything of substance from the meeting tonight? 9:08.

  • Anonymous

    that’s a little harsh bob…

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? Lets go back to discussing actual football. Im already looking forward to next week’s TC Vs Monrovia game.

  • Nathan Dean

    Lets allow Due Process to run its course and refrain from the cowardly urge to come on here and bash Coach Mooneys character under the protection of a moniker. Mike Mooneys body of work over the past 20+ years and loyalties he has from former players, students, coaches and parents (from his own teams and opposing teams) supports the idea of allowing this situation to be handled professionally. Heck, our societys practice of innocent until proven guilty should be enough.

    If you have something to contribute, then run it through the appropriate channels.

  • Bob

    Sounds like San Marino High School has a can of worms on its hands.Think about how hard it would be to work for the San Marino High School District, where the admistration has to to be politcally correct to some very powerful parents. Also everyone there (students teachers,parents, coaches) ALL have a atttorney in their back pocket that is only a speed dial cell phone call away.Lets hope its all about nothing….

  • Hector

    This will not end well.

  • Intrested ByStander

    Dear Nathan.. Thank you for your words of reason and wisdom. I would leave my name but cannot for fear of repercussions against someone close to the situation. To Coach Mooney… your supporters are out there

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has skeletons! Mooney is the only one with the whole truth.

    “He resigned… He was forced out… Administrative Leave…” None of this matters.

    Time to move on!

    San Marino, you’re in good hands under Loya! Close out the rest of the world and just play hard!

  • Goldenarm

    As I stated earlier, the best outcome is the re-instatement of Mike Mooney, and closure of this “incident” or whatever this occurence will be called. Unless this grievance is a law breaking violation, return the man to his job and allow the kids to rejoice in the return of their head coach….and get on with their season.

    As FB Einstein mentioned, Loya and Valdes strangely find themselves in an eerily similar situation to the Backus suspension, which was announced on a Monday before the La Canada game….creating a week of listless, spaced out practice and a dead football team quickly going 14 pts down to LC on that Friday night. Were it not for the leadership we had – no way TC ever rallies to come back 14 down and tie on a 2pt conversion (called by Loya) and back into a playoff slot.

    My gut says more lies behind this. Either way the Titans face Monrovia on Friday, and San Marino supporters need to get off their blue/white asses and fill the stands in support of their kids. They come out flat and the Wildcats will show no mercy whatsoever, especially considering SM frustrated the M-town offense last year, and nearly stole a win at Titan stadium.

  • Goldenarm


    The winner of La Canada / Temple City will quickly anchor a hold on the 2nd Mid-Valley playoff slot behind Morovia.

    Huge game for the young Rams and new head coach Mike McFarland. In my mind this game all hinges on the trench war and who is controlling who. LC will be looking to stop our ground game – and if they are able to do so – LIGHTS OUT TC.
    Rams defense needs to make those crucial stops and get penetration into the LC backfield. We need to get consecutive first downs and maintain possesion. We keep LC under 3 scores – RAMS WIN!

  • Jim Mullligan

    Coach Mike is a part of what is becoming the new “Target” of American Sports. High School Football Head Coaches are in a can’t win situation. Where every Little Leaguer gets the same trophy the message is clear. You, as a coach, are now babysitters. The last form of discipline use to be on a sports field, but if you try to be a demanding coach you are ousted and embarrassed and the administration will remain “quiet” on the reasons because the focus will shift to them if that happens. I don’t know what happen with Mike at San Marino, I just know he has always been a nice guy and the kids love to play for him.

    It’s probably two or three kids who, according to their parents, were not getting enough playing time so they went fishing for something they can hang their hats on to get to Mike. Every Coach is open to this type of behavior by the parents and Schools Administration. A Which Hunt took place and they got just enough to get rid of Coach Mike and now their kids will play more and the donations to the school will roll in by the deep pockets of the spoiled parents who create these messes at the cost of the program, staff, and team. It’s the American way, we all want a hand out not a hand up. Jim

  • Goldenarm

    Lets not forget, for every parent that is a whining A-hole, their are 20 other parents who help with fund raising, bake cookies, get their kids to practice on time, and sell programs at the gate. Not to mention support their coaching staff 100%.

    I say again, the SM Athletic Director or Principal Kleinrock should have nipped this in the bud and never let it blossom to insanity.

    Until CIF dictates otherwise, coaches pick a starting squad and set a depth chart behind it. As a player, you bust your ass to impress each and every day in practice and when your opportunity comes, pedal to the metal.

    This level of BS has the capability to destroy the entire balance of the season for the Titans.

  • Anonymous


    You are right!

    There is no guaranteed playing time in HS. Why does no one understand that???


  • Anonymous


    You are right!

    There is no guaranteed playing time in HS. Why does no one understand that???


  • Anonymous


    you said…

    “should have nipped this in the bud and never let it blossom to insanity.”

    Should have nipped what in the bud? I’m sorry, I’m trying to catch up & find out what’s going on with this story. You appear to know more details than most. So what exactly happened?

  • Matt

    I have a hard time seeing this being a result of one or two parents. Something tells me another shoe or two will drop and this will get real ugly.

  • Anonymous

    It only take one parent – see the Mayfield Volleyball situation. The SM situation was two – with one leader.

  • FredJ

    I had to delete several comments and in the best interest of everyone, I’m going to shut the comments down until we have new information to share. There may not be a resolution anytime soon, but when there is, we will share what we learn.