Football: Cerritos Valley Christian survives 70-64 in 5 OTs over Maranatha; the game lasts nearly five hours.

Above: Maranatha coach Joel Murphy (middle wearing blue sweatshirt) addresses both teams after an epic showdown.

MaxPreps: Cerritos team wins in five overtimes

Final box score

PASADENA — What a night if you happened to be at Maranatha High School on Friday night. The game lasted nearly five hours and needed five overtimes before Cerritos Valley Christian prevailed 70-64 in an epic showdown that will be remembered for years to come.

This undoubtedly is the longest, most thrilling game I have ever been a part of in my decade-long career as a sportswriter. Believe us when we say that we tried extremely hard to get this story to be in Saturday’s paper, but that just wasn’t going to happen, not when the Star-News’ absolute deadline is 11:10 p.m. and the game didn’t come to an end until 11:30 p.m. But don’t worry, we’ll have something in Sunday’s paper so that you all have a keepsake to remember. I know that doesn’t seem all that enticing right now given that the Minutemen came away losing, but years down the road this will be a game you’ll look back and remember it for what it was — an epic smackdown.

The first half lasted exactly two hours, and if you were at the game you saw just about everything — explosive offense, exciting defense, an offensive shootout with huge playmakers all over the field.

What makes this game even more difficult for Maranatha (5-3, 0-2) besides the fact it lost, is that the Minutemen now have to hope for an at-large playoff berth out of the Olympic League. You must understand that this isn’t a game that Maranatha players should hang their heads over, but they did because the playoff hopes grew somewhat dimmer with another loss.

Maranatha coach Joel Murphy didn’t hide the fact the Minutemen are now aiming for an at-large berth, and given that the Minutemen have gotten their two biggest competitors out of the way, Maranatha is likely to gain that at-large berth if it takes care of business down the road.

Maranatha led 17-7 with 9:07 left in the second quarter before Cerritos Valley Christian (5-3, 2-0) stormed back to take a 26-24 lead with 1:56 left in the second quarter. After that, there were four lead changes before Tyler Boer connected on an 80-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Fronke with 36 seconds left to tie the game at 40 and force overtime.

It was Trevor Rodriguez who finally came through on a broken play to score from 25 yards out to lift the visiting Crusaders to an improbable 70-64 win in the fifth overtime period.

Maranatha’s Mark Jebbia connected for a 14-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Andrew Elffers to take a 47-40 lead in the first overtime period. Cerritos Valley Christian responded with a 24-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Fronke to Darrell Bush. The Crusaders maintained possession in the second overtime period, and that’s when Fronke ran one in from 12 yards out to make it 54-47.

Maranatha didn’t waste time in the second overtime as Jeremy Major caught a brilliant 19-yard touchdown pass from Elffers to tie the game at 54. Facing fourth and five at the nine, the Minutemen opted for a 26-yard field goal, and Matt Marbach was perfect, giving Maranatha a 57-54 lead.

That put the pressure on the Crusaders, and they didn’t disappoint. Facing fourth and 10 at the 25, Cerritos Valley Christian took the safe route and attempted a 42 yard field goal, which Boer converted with ease to tie the game at 57.

Fronke then connected on a 12-yard touchdown pass to Bush to take a 64-57 lead in the third overtime. Maranatha faced fourth and inches at the 4 before Elffers got the first down on a quarterback sneak. He then ran it in from 3 yards out to tie the game at 64.

Maranatha missed a 42-yard field goal on its next possession, allowing the Crusaders to bring the game to an end after Rodriguez’s touchdown run from 25 yards.

“That was the most ugly (slash) beautiful game I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Cerritos Valley Christian coach Erick Streelman said. “What time is it? …. with the injury timeout and overitme, these guys have to be gassed.”

When asked where this game ranks among the many he’s coached, Streelman didn’t hesitate.

“I think it’s the best game I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Five overtimes, down to the wire. We couldn’t sop them and they couldn’t stop us.”

For Murphy, it wasn’t quite the same feeling.

“You knew someone had to (lose),” Murphy said, “but I kinda wish it wasn’t us.

“We thought it was going to go back and forth, but we had every opportunity to finish it with a field goal and gave them a touchdown. we just didn’t finish and that’s what it comes to.

“Now we have to win the last two games outright to give us in the right position (to make the playoffs).”

Maranatha had a chance to put the game on ice with 58 seconds left in the game leading 40-33. The Maranatha defense came up big when it stopped the Crusaders on fourth and 4 at their own 18. The Minutemen took over on downs with 1:51 left in the game. But it wouldn’t be long before Maranatha faced a fourth and 7 at the Cerritos’ 15.

That’s when Maranatha took a timeout and settled on a 32-yard field goal attempt. The attempt, however, was wide left. That left 52 seconds left on the clock and plenty of time for Cerritos Valley Christian to come up with something. It wouldn’t take long. In fact, two plays later that’s when Boer caught an 80-yard touchdown pass from Fronke. Boer’s PAT tied the game at 40.

Cerritos Valley Christian attempted a pooch onside kick, which Valley Christian recovered. Two plays later, Josh Jones recorded his second interception to give the Minutemen the ball back at their own 5. But Maranatha took a knee to let the clock run out and take its chances in overtime, but to no avail.

Elffers did just about everything he could to keep the Minutemen within reach. Jones also did his part with more than several key plays late in the game. Elffers completed 25 of 45 passes for 460 yards and four touchdowns in regulation while Jones caught eigh passes for 155 yards and one touchdown. Major caught touchdown passes for 10, 70 and 19 yards while Mark Jebbia added two from 16 and 14 yards, respectively.

The Minutemen defense also made big plays despite what the final box score may have to say. Adam Harr recorded two sacks and the Maranatha defense recorded five interceptions — two by R.J. Straker, two by Jones and one from Connor Pendley.

The game went long because of an injury delay midway through the first quarter. Austin Batiste fell on his right wrist and as a result broke it badly. He passed out and appeared to be in shock after suffering the injury. He lay on the field more 10 minutes before he attempted to get up and sit on a cart. It wasn’t until 32 minutes had passed that paramedics arrived to take him to a nearby hospital. Later in the game, LeWayne Wright suffered a concussion and he also was taken to the hospital.

It should be noted that Maranatha’s Omar Younger and Chris Cornell were knocked out of the game in the first half. Undoubtedly their presence would have been of big help for the Minutemen.

Maranatha took advantage of three turnovers which resulted in two touchdowns and a field goal. But each time the Minutemen appeared to pad their lead, the Crusaders came back to make it interesting, all but assuring fans that a shootout was in the works.

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  • New York

    Wow! Pretty awesome. Maranatha would be a darn tough at-large draw for a seeded team in the first round.

  • MHS Fan

    It was a great game. It’s really too bad that Chris Cornell and Omar Younger were knocked out very early in the game. Would have undoubtedly been a different story.
    Cornell is probably the best defensive player in the league and also the starting fullback. Younger is a big kickoff return guy and the starting tailback who has broken numerous big plays all year. Valley is a good team but both of them would have had a major affect on the game.
    A tough game but with unfortunate results for the Minutemen tonight. Clearly the better team lost from what I saw!
    Don’t hang your heads guys. Take care of business and you’ll get into the playoffs!

  • MHS longtime fan…

    Hey MM, thanks for hanging in there with us on our sidelines. Hopefully we can do what needs to be done in the next two weeks to help secure our position of getting that at-large bid. I look forward to reading your article on Sunday. I agree New York, not sure what team wants to “really” see MHS if they happen to get into the playoffs……

  • New York

    It could be a situation of Maranatha knocking off Azusa in the first round.


    Proud to be a part of history in the longest game of my 14 years of coaching.

    Coach Alonso
    MHS, D-Line

  • VCHS FAN!!

    Mr. Melendez,
    Nice impartial writing. Undoubtedly the presence of Batiste and Wright would have been of big help for the Crusdaers in clearly winning the game and not having to go into OT.

    Welcome to the Olympic League!!

    Crusader Fan

  • MHS

    As an MHS fan and longtime parent we cannot take anything away from the Crusaders, you dont get lucky with 70 points!

    Great game both sides, the Olympic league is where we should be.

  • Come playoffs…

    I think it is CLEAR that the OLYMPIC league the best in the Mid Valley division from top to bottom. Maranatha has shown they can play with Whittier and Valley (which will be another WAR next week), Village may make some noise too. Just like last season, I see 3 of the 8 quarter final teams coming from the Olympic.

    New York, I agree that Maranatha could beat Azusa, but they wont be matched up because if MHS wins out and goes 7-3, they WILL get an at large but they won’t be considered the worst third place team(the #16 seed) which is who Azusa will play because they are going to go in as the #1 seed.

  • MHS longtime fan

    MHS, without a doubt has clearly arrived in the Olympic League. With so many underclassman playing this year and battling a semi final and League champion toe to toe, the future looks very bright for the Minutemen. A play here, a call there and these young men are looking at 7-1 but it is what it is, should be an exciting 2 years coming on the horizon. Eveyone better buckle up both chin straps and be ready for a hungry seasoned squad next year. I’m not overlooking this season because they still have a good shot at making playoffs but I can’t help getting excited about the light at the end of the tunnel for MHS. I wonder how many Olympic teams will be scheduling the Minutemen as their Homecoming game next season, should be interesting…..

  • ?

    Rio Hondo Prep Should Be Moved Up. Would Be 2-0 in the Olympic League. Prove all the doubters Wrong That Rio Hondo Is For Real And Would Give Any One Trouble In The Olympic League

  • Anonymous

    go win your stinkin northeast division before you say you can play in the mid valley.

  • GO VC Football Mom

    I felt truly honored to see these two teams battle it out on field. I pray that both pairs of young men that were injured on each side will fully recover. I respect everyone’s comments and it was truly the best game I have ever attended! Action packed, nail-biter, you know it, it had it all! I was there for all chills and thrills. However I do disagree with one comment… we need to give credit to where credit is due and CLEARLY the better team won last night! Valiant effort by the minutemen….but… GO CRUSADERS!!! You played your game and left your hearts on the field! Congrats to all the seniors – we are proud of you all! For Austin and LeWayne!

  • Anonymous

    vc mom: you guys have heart, but you were not the better team last night. our kicker had a bad night, missing 4 field goals in regulation, any one of which would have sealed the game, and also that last 80 yd td in regulation was a fluke, a product of blown coverage by the safety elffers, who, frankly should just stick to running the offense. if you look at the game tape, (youre just a player’s mom, you wouldn’t really know) vc did not put ONE full offensive drive together. all the scores were on big plays when the defense made mistakes. once again, you guys are good and we see why you won league last year, but we are the better team.

  • vc player

    Maranatha it was an exstremly exciting game for the years to come you are going to be the team ro beat with all your sophmore comming back.also the ones that will be comming back for valey should be fun the up comming years
    -great game

  • Hefe

    Valley Christian, the Heralds are coming to clean your clocks & they won’t need any OT’s to do it.

  • vc player

    it was a hard fought battle. cant wait your going to be the team to be these up comming years with your sophmores returning and our sophmors comming back as well. cant wait to play you guys next year

  • vc legend

    Whittier Wont come within 14 points of valley the entire game their defense is not as good as they think they are and valley’s offense is simply incredible when they are clicking. Valley will shut down whittier easily just like last year.

  • Crusader Fan

    just wondering who won the game last night…? ohh, thats right, it was VALLEY CHRISTIAN, not maranatha. get over yourselves and stop saying our team played poorly, because obviously they didn’t. 98% of the time the better team wins in football, and last night was no exception.

    mr. anonymous, i actually do know what im talking about when it comes to football, so don’t even try and pull a fast one on me. and vc football mom definitely
    knows what shes talking about since her son’s team won!

    and whittier, this year is going to be exactly the same as last year…stephen anderson and the rest of the heralds have nothing on the CRUSADERS.

  • MHS Fan

    Incredible game. Best game every. Both team were equally match and each would trade off winning over time. Hopefully we get to see all three teams Whittier, Valley and Maranatha in the play offs. Speedy recovery for all the injured players.

  • Anonymous

    Best game “every”. WTH – aside from not being able to win football games – they don’t teach spelling either at MHS. MHS will be watching the playoffs from the stands. Village Christian will crush MHS. Let me give the excuses now we played so long against Valley and we have injured players and the sun was in our eyes and Village Christian are meanies and Miguel they our picking on our little D-12 team and Miguel you don’t like us. Isn’t Rio 3 and 2 against MHS with beat downs of 50 to 0, 37 to 0 and 49 to 32 and the loses by Rio to MHS have been by less that a touchdown. Score Board.


    Just because you end up 70-64 doesn’t always mean it was a good game. Bad Defenses can’t come up with stops and you end up like UCLA vs Oregon. They had no answers either.

  • Goldenarm

    Thank God this was not the $100 dollar a square office football pool.

    Must be some type of record for combined points, usually a blowout produces a single set of those numbers as in 70-6.

  • Anonymous

    Response to Anonymous, posted at 1:53 a.m. – Check your vocabulary: ” . . . and the LOSES to Rio to MHS have been less THAT a touchdown.” Should have been “LOSSES” and “THAN.” Just saying, I don’t think you have the right to criticize someone who apparently made a typo, which is what I can’t say about your mistake.

  • Sorry no one recognizes your accomplishments..

    Hey Anon (aka, Rio honk) do us all a favor and go crawl back under that rock you slimed your way out from. No one on here cares about the opinion of some whacked a-hole D-15 team supporter whos team plays on an illegal 8 man football field. At least MHS had the courage to move up into the mid valley as oppose to staying as a lower level bottom feeder team. If the Kares want accolades then sack up and move up, otherwise stay in the kiddy end of the pool with your life preserver on and leave the deep end for the big boys to splash around in. You must be totally delusional if you think you could possible hang with the like of Monrovia, San Dimas, Whittier Christian, Azusa, Covina , hell even Arroyo who is just down the road from you. Put them on your 2011 schedule then give us a holla..

  • Profound

    Funny how the parents get on here and do the smack talking and then the “athletes” or players get on here and congratulate and give thanks to each other’s programs! Maybe the kids should be teaching the adults! Learn something…

    Wait, even worse though! Isn’t this article about Friday night’s game? What the hell is another insecure Rio Hondo fan doing on here. This game wasn’t about you! Why is your program, school, and fan base so jealous of Maranatha or any of the Olympic league teams? Your basis of winning is from past games! I will tell you this much, YOU WOULD HAVE NO SHOT! Shut your hole and mind your own business. I don’t see Maranatha or Valley fans heading to blogs about you and starting insecure and jealous diatribes about your program and how we would smash you!
    Rio Hondo you guys are all all talk… stay in your little league and take care of your business and just shut up! Otherwise, petition and do everything in your power and step up! Remember these are highschool kids… so many of the the times the better teams (Village) play down to the lesser teams (RIO) and get caught in doing so.
    You have some weird cultish program with tons of envy and jealousy towards much better schools!
    Time for me to go and hang out with my kids so I can learn to be forgiving and understanding of a lesser school….

  • Have a take, dont be ignorant.

    Why does it have to be able about bad defenses? Were you even at the game? I think not, dont be one of those guys that feed into what they read and put their own spin on it. If you were a witness to the game then make a comment, if not dont, thats the real intelligent posting thing to do. Most of you people in here sound like a bunch of yahoos trying to describe an alien that you think you saw. Thats how hilarious it is for me when I come in here on the weekend and read all you wanna be John Maddens giving your analysis of Friday night games. How about just giving the boys credit (for the win or even in a loss) for doing something that obliviously 100% of you that come in here to post couldnt do even on their worst day!!!

  • John Wayne

    Sorry No one recognizes your accomplishments!
    You can write for me anytime! That was perfectly worded and extremely correct!
    I thought my morning was going to start off badly, thanks to you, I will laugh all the way to the gym this morning!

  • goteamgo

    Excuse of the week, from “Anonymous”:

    “our kicker had a bad night, missing 4 field goals in regulation, any one of which would have sealed the game, and also that last 80 yd td in regulation was a fluke, a product of blown coverage by the safety XXXXX, who, frankly should just stick to running the offense. if you look at the game tape, (youre just a player’s mom, you wouldn’t really know) vc did not put ONE full offensive drive together. all the scores were on big plays when the defense made mistakes.”

    I DO think the player’s mom knows something. I am writing to support all those mom’s (like my wife) who are told they know nothing about football,

    Last time I looked, the team that executes when they have to is usually the team that wins. If players are out due to injuries, well injuries are a part of the game. Lastly “putting offensive drives together” does not always equal a victory – seizing the opportunities as they arise often does.

    If we really want to see how some statistics do not matter, we are always told ball control matters – keep that ball out of the opponents hands, use the clock, right? UCLA Time of possession 38.5 minutes, Oregon time of possession, 21.5 minutes. UCLA dominated Oregon in time of possession. We know what the final score was there.

  • nikki herrera VC CHEER

    I absolutely love football. Every Sunday my mother and i go to Legends and watch the games! this was a ONE IN A LIFE TIME GAME! some of the cheerleaders got so tired they stopped cheering, there was only a few of us who kept our Crusader football team pumped up! No doubt, MHS has a very tight offensive line, but we crushed through them! thanks to Tyler Boer giving us that touchdown tying us 40-40 we wouldnt have had such an amazing over time, or should i say, over time(s)… God blessed MHS and Valley with an amazing game, both teams played to their full potential, and thats what football is all about <3

  • what a surprise….

    Another night crawl (goteamgo) trying to poke it’s ugly head out, please do us all a favor and stay under the rock along with that Rio homer but I guess when you can’t comment on an 0-8 season the next best thing to do is to come on here and jump on someone’s bandwagon (aka, a mommy) and act like you really have knowledge of this game (especially when you weren’t even there)…goteamgo, just simply do us all a favor and just….GO AWAY!!!

  • I have been enlightened, how could I have been so blind

    The gospel according to goteamgo

    I DO think the player’s mom knows something. I am writing to support all those mom’s (like my wife) who are told they know nothing about football,

    Last time I looked, the team that executes when they have to is usually the team that wins. If players are out due to injuries, well injuries are a part of the game. Lastly “putting offensive drives together” does not always equal a victory – seizing the opportunities as they arise often does.

  • vc player

    i am a vc player that played in this game. some oh you saying if you players that got hurt wouldent have been out you wouldent have loss. what about our playes one of witch is a key roll in our defense and the other our fastes reciver.
    the fact is it was a hard fought game and valley came out on top stop blaming people or calls or miss coverges. its going to be a great game in these up comming years.

  • SaintsR4real

    Olympic League,

    Not going very far in playoffs if your gonna be allowing 30+ points per game. Not Championship DEFENSE!

    Slow your roll talking up playoffs, you have work to do!

  • enough is enough…

    Stop the insanity already, a game was played Friday night, it lasted 4 hours went into 5 overtimes and Valley Christian went home with the victory. There are no do overs in the game of football people, all you can hope for is making it into the playoffs and the possibility of seeing any of the teams that you may have lost to during the season. So lets stop trying to analyze the woulda, coulda and shouldas, they dont mean a dam thing today. Both teams have very very tough games waiting for them at the end of this week. Why dont we do the adult thing since most of us (and I hope I am not overstating this) believe in a higher being and asked him to be with the two VC players who went to the hospital and the three MHS players who had to remain on the sidelines unable to return to the game. Doesnt that sound like the more righteous thing to do.

  • What a game!!! I wont go into the details as Miguel and many of the posts have addressed this. What I will say is Valley and Maranatha fans get over we would have destroyed you if this would or wouldnt have happened. Football is a game of adjusting to the situations, injuries, missed field goals, missed plays, bad calls and so forth. A game that goes to 5 overtimes is unbelievable and something all the players, coaches, parents and fans will remember for years to come. I felt bad for our assistant AD who had to keep calling facilities to push back the time our lights go out.

    MM, good to see you and have some time to talk to you before the game. Hope you enjoyed the hotdog. Thank for coming up to me after the game ended and making the remark that you did. Glad you were able to come to the game to see what this team is all about.

    Got to love the new Olympic league. The rivalries that will build over time will become so much fun. Look at whats going on after the first meeting. Valley Christian, good luck with your game next week against Whittier Christian, you will give them a battle. We will see you in all the other sports this year and Im looking forward to next years meeting. You guys brought a great and vocal crowd to Maranatha and hope we can bring the same excitement to your field next year

  • MHS Fan

    Valley, well deserved victory, thanks for bringing it and helping to make us a better team and community. Sorry about our outspoken 10%, every school has them.

    Rio, get over it, why do you keep comparing where we were years ago to where we are now. Its called improvement, now please on.

  • KYL Dropout

    Rio Hondo Prep Faithful,

    Be proud of the football team you have assembled, however, please stop referring to yourselves as the “little school with 50 + students.” It sounds like an attempt to portray the RHP football team as a group of “neighborhood” kids who stumbled in and began playing football from scratch. Some people on this blog might believe that to be true.

    From the Kare Youth League website….. “Kare Youth League was one of the first organizations in Southern California to play tackle football. Over the course of 50-plus years Kare football has turned out some outstanding teams and produced quite a few fine ball players. Rio Hondo Prep, with teams comprised of boys who played in KYL as youngsters, played in last years CIF championship game and has played in a total of 19 CIF championship games since the school opened in 1964.” The KYL “serves the communities of Arcadia, Covina, West Covina, Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, La Puente, Diamond Bar, Pomona, and more. Members from as far away as Rancho Cucamonga and Newport Beach make the trek twice and sometimes three times a week to attend their practices and games at Kare Youth League.

    That said, if any one local school took the best 15-20 “All-Stars” from the Pop Warner or Junior All-American conferences, they too would have a pretty good success rate…..especially at the Division XIII level.

    Do us all a favor… drop the “we only have 50-60 kids” crap. It is getting old.

  • Anonymous

    vc player said:

    i get what you are saying. sorry about your two players going out of the game. it was an incredibly hard fought game filled with mistakes on both sides. a different presidence(sp?) would have been set if chris cornell would not have gotten hurt on the first offensive play of the game. you got nowhwere with his first series on defense and that would have been the case all night. omar has speed and return skills that would have killed your special teams. that’s a fact!
    BUT, you also lost, as you call it one of your fastest players and a key defender… they got a lot more play time than our two combined. tell #3 that he WAS the most important and biggest key to your victory by being solely responsible for hitting cornell low and across the knee as they were headed out of bounds and then HE pounded omar and knocked his helmet off. he hits like a mad man! I love it! that’s football!
    good luck next week against whittier

  • VCbeast

    both defenses played extremely well, but the offenses just played better. for maranatha 17 was a beast on offense. some plays the defense had well covered but the qb just made a fantastic throw and the same could be said for the catch. for valleys offense the recievers had one job and one job alone, beat them in 1 on 1 coverage and valley made them pay for it. i will say that number 71 and 73 on the MHS D-line were really good and made it a lot harder for fronke to get the ball off. all and all i dont think either team played great. if both teams played their best it wouldnt have gone into OT

  • HS FAN

    To KYL Dropout

    Not sure but I was told the Maranatha QB is from Kare Youth League.
    KYL losses many more kids then keeps at Rio. So the program benefits many high schools in the area. Rio is good due to staff ,discipline and huge support.

  • Anonymous

    HS Fan:

    Please don’t start rumors like that! Maranatha QB is not from the Kares Program!

  • Valley Fan

    It was a great game for the fans. However I think both teams are better than they looked on this night. Both teams had a bad night on Defense and both teams had key players go down. Lets hope everyone has a full recovery. For those of you who havent had a chance to see Maranatha’s sophomore quarterback, he is the real deal “great game kid, keep your head up”.

    Hey Maranatha truth be told you belong in the Olympic League and the Mid Valley Division “congrats and welcome”. You proved you belong on the field, and we look forward to many years of great games between the Crusaders and the Minutemen. Now I want to see 3 Olympic League teams go deep in the playoffs, best of luck to both teams the rest of the season.

  • RHP Alum

    I agree with the vast majority of the group in that RHP needs to just shut up and play. Your schedule is your schedule, your league is your league. If you don’t like it change it.
    RHP didn’t move from 8-man to 11-man until the players and supporters did something about it. RHP didn’t get a larger field (albeit still crappy) until the players and supporters did something about it. If you want to play larger schools, push for it. Stop complaining on some blog about how you are better than this team or that team. Go out and play these teams and win on the field not in the debate over this.
    All these arguments are the same every year. Knock off someone big and do that consistently and then you can have some room to talk.

  • Anon

    RHP Alum speaking the truth! Furthermore, Maranatha was in the same boat when they would have incredible success in the lower divisions. People didn’t care how good they were or how deep they advanced in the playoffs because they were a small school playing small schools. If you want respect play with the big boys and compete. A little birdy told me the AD at Maranatha is taking it a step further by adding Azusa next year and trying for another Mid-Valley opponent with their other opening. It’s not just football either, all Maranatha teams play up, look at their schedules. Finally, sorry Maranatha fans but Andrew grew up playing in the KYL, it’s a great youth program.

  • someone who knows…..

    Anon, could not agree more with KLY being a great beginner program for youngsters just starting out. My son played in the KLY program 19 years ago and it was the best experience he had in his early stages of playing all sports Coach Martin was a fabulous coach but most importantly a true man of god. Bottom line is Rio Hondo has a great stable of players /farm club that they pull from every year. These young men grow up in the system, knowing the system but most importantly, they know each other. The coaches at RHP dont have to worry about team bonding or jellying their players together because for the most part the majority of their players have been playing together for 7-8 years. I strongly encourage any parent with a youngster looking to place them into sports to check out KYL, they will truly respect, nurture and help in the development of your child until you make the choice of whether or not your child will be attending RHP.

  • Barack Obama

    Both school’s defense sucked.

  • really?

    Hey B O, give it a rest already, no gives a rat’s ass what you think about either defense. Have something of substance to write about otherwise stay out off the blog better yet keep yourself in front of the tv and continue watching reruns of sponge bob or dora the explora…..

  • some where in The AV

    That’s why Paraclete’s no longer in the Olympic league
    because they play defense!! Just imagine if the powers that be would have kept Clete in the league and played a caliber of team like MHS every year. It would have made the Mid-Valley division that much better and would have got the respect it deserves.

  • some where in the AV

    That’s why Paraclete’s no longer in the Olympic league
    because they play defense!! Just imagine if the powers that be would have kept Clete in the league and played a caliber of team like MHS every year. It would have made the Mid-Valley division that much better and would have got the respect it deserves.

  • I’m a little confused here….

    I’m not understading your post, are you saying it’s MHS’s fault that Paraclete is no longer in the Olympic? No doubt about Paraclete playing great ball, but what does that have to do with MHS. What happened to them last year when they were in the Olympic/Mid Valley. Wasn’t it Monorvia vs. San Dimas for the championship?
    As far as defense goes, you are aware that 30 points were scored in 5 OT’s, both teams going at it back and forth not wanting to concede the game. I guess if MHS makes that game ending field goal putting them up by 10 with less than a minute to go and wins by 3 or 7, this would not even be a topic…..

  • some where in the AV

    To “A bit confused”, not at all MHS fault. alot of respect for the program. I was replying to B.O.’s comment. For what ever reason unknown to me Paraclete and MHS swapped leagues and divisions.
    Clete was the Mid-Valley divison champs in 2008 and lost in the 2nd rd to Monrovia in 2009. If Clete would have stayed In the Olympic, we would have seen a nice rivalry. Check out Clete’s ranking in MaxPreps.

  • VC fan

    basically , to sum up the was an offensive battle with both defesnes struggling. when the score is 70-64, it shows what kind of game it was. both teams were great and no doubt that the olympic leauge is headed for better days. and as for paraclete leaving our leauge to go to a lower one…PATHETIC..they couldnt handle getting embarrassed last year at Crusader Field. now they’re destroying teams 72-0 week in and week out and will probably be C.I.F. thier lower division..come back up to the new and improved olympic leauge and we’ll show you how to play some football.

  • A bit confused

    AV, I am just as surprised as you are that Paraclete is in the East Valley. They absolutely belong in the Mid Valley and would be a front runner to take it all this year. Why they were moved out of the Mid and placed in the Alpha is still a mystery to me. Could it be that many schools in the Mid were afraid of Paraclete and did not bat an eye or give a shout out to keep them where they belong. It has been known around the campus of MHS that Coach Murphy had been wanting to move up and challenge his players to take the program to the next level. MHS is definitely a few years away from really making any serious noise but their performances (minus the hiccup against Big Bear) the past 7 games has been very exciting to watch. The fact that they won on the road against both Salesian and LC and went toe to toe with WC and Valley indicate that even though they are the new kids in the league, the new kids can play some really good Mid Valley football. Heres hoping that they can make it into the playoffs and face a solid first round team just to see how they would match up against the best.

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