UPDATE: Burbank Police Department reviews conduct of coach; Lagace to sit out Friday against Hoover.

By Miguel A. Melendez Staff Writer

The Burbank Police Department is reviewing the conduct of a Burbank High School assistant football coach who allegedly put his hands on an Arcadia football player after a scuffle broke out between the teams in a 48-20 Apaches victory Friday.

Burbank assistant coach Stone Wall was fired by Burbank head coach Hector Valencia for allegedly grabbing Arcadia’s Taylor Lagace during a scuffle with Burbank player Quortney Brazier, which spilled over to the Burbank sideline.

No formal charges have been filed, but Burbank police were called to the scene Friday.

“We’ll look into it regardless of what the parents’ wishes are, because it involves a minor and an adult,” Burbank Police Sgt. Travis Irving said. “We are looking out for the safety of the juvenile. A miscellaneous report will get reviewed by detectives.

“I don’t know if they’ll do a follow-up, but if they determine there’s something criminal, they’ll take it to the city attorney’s office.”

In a story published by the Los Angeles Daily News on Saturday, Valencia said Wall was fired for putting his hands on an opposing player.

Valencia said Wall was trying to break up a fight between Burbank’s Brazier and Arcadia’s Lagace.

“It wasn’t like (Wall) threw a punch, but he pushed Lagace off Brazier, and obviously that’s inappropriate,” Valencia said. “What he should have done was pull our guy away. It looked bad, and I had to let (Wall) go. … It was a tough night.”

Both players were ejected from the game.

“All I know is one of the (Burbank) coaches inappropriately grabbed my kid,” Arcadia coach Jon Dimalante said. “I can’t accept that.”

Dimalante added that during film review, he saw “that (Brazier) just kept grabbing him (Lagace) by the face mask, pulling him down.”

There’s no word on whether the Lagace family will file charges against Wall.

Valencia also told the Daily News that Lagace punched Brazier in the face and that Brazier had a black eye Saturday.

Dimalante, however, refuted that report.

“He wasn’t throwing any punches,” Dimalante said. “The kid had a helmet on, so I don’t know how that black eye happened.

“After halftime he (Valencia) came over to apologize. He said I had every right to be upset and that his coach was fired and will never coach at Burbank again; that he had already been sent home. He apologized to Lagace for that through me.”

Lagace’s ejection from the game results in an automatic one-game suspension.

He’ll sit out Friday’s game against Hoover, and per CIF-Southern Section rules, Lagace is not allowed on the sidelines or anywhere on campus during the game.

Players who left the sidelines during Friday’s scuffle also are subject to suspension, but CIF-SS spokesman Thom Simmons said that’s handled on a case-by-case basis.

Rob Wigod, the CIF-SS assistant commissioner in charge of football, is out of the office until Wednesday, which means a report, if filed, was submitted but has yet to be reviewed by CIF.

“As of right now we don’t have anything,” Simmons said. “I don’t suspect we’d entertain anything that has to do with this until Rob (Wigod) gets back.

“If we get information that would lead us to look at film and bring the two schools in, we’ll do that, but right now we’re not there.”

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  • Apache Joe

    I’ve never been so pissed off about this situation.

    Lagace never punched him once, I watched as the entire thing broke out. This is so skeptical, if the coach was trying to stop the fight, why would he be fired and sent home immediately. Anyone who was there knows that the allegation that LAGACE, of all people, was the one who threw punches is completely false. That is ridiculous and childish from the Burbank coaching staff. These kids have helmets on, so even IF punches were thrown, a black eye would have been impossible!

    This is ludicrous!!!

    Miguel, go talk to Coach Dimalante and get another perspective.

    That coach would not have been fired if he was ONLY at fault for just “trying to stop a scuffle.” There is more to this issue and it is so obvious. I am appalled at the lack of honesty that the Burbank head coach displayed in this article and the entire situation. It makes me sick to my stomach, throwing a kid like Lagace under the bus who has never been in a day’s worth of trouble in his life.


  • Realist

    Ok… first of all id like to say what a lying scum bag this Valencia guy is. The coach DID hit Taylor multiple times before the Principal ripped him off. I can’t believe this Valencia guy has the nerve to say he that the coach didnt hit Taylor. I was standing on the sidelines watching this coach pummel Taylor. CLASSY. Not only did I see it, but I talked to Taylor and he told me that the coach was hitting him, then when he got pulled off, he was kicking him. What a joke. The fact that Burbank even tried to have his back is dispicable. Shows how they think in Burbank.

  • burbank fan

    ok ok, now for all of you that think legace just sat there why the other player punched him and poor legace got the raw end of the stick has serious issues. for one both kids are at fault they both threw punches and yes the coach was wrong for throwing legace off of him but, the coach never once threw a punch so please stop with the legace being a victim story. and i know you arcadia people are not trying to say that you guys have more class then us, now we know that has to be the biggest jokes of all jokes, oh and please dont try to compare academics because then you’ll really embarrass yourselves.

  • Miguel Melendez

    This is a story that was reported in the Daily News, our sister paper. I’ve left messages for Arcadia coach Jon Dimalante and Arcadia AD Ryan Press and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

  • Apache Joe

    I’m not saying Lagace did not fight back. Throwing punches is completely different than a small wrestling match which what it was with the two players. Lagace did not throw punches. I know that both from the bottom of my heart and from the view I had on the scene.

    Miguel, I just saw that at the top. I’m glad you brought this up. We appreciate it.

    (Didn’t mean to sound like a call out, it was not at all. I had a feeling you had calls, just wanted to confirm as you do a great job with situations such as these.)

  • MoneyTalk

    This is what I saw. Lagace and the other kid were going at it after the play. Nothing new. I have seen this a million times since football is a sport that is powered by emotions. The refs blew their whistles muitple times to tell them the play was over. It appeared once the refs got there it would have been fine. Before that though, out of no where, the burbank coach tackles Lagace from behind and didn’t get off of him. Whether punches and kicks were landed on top of Lagace, I don’t know. People close to what happened say “Yes”. I heard a photographer say this. A man did grab the coach off of Lagace and could have been the burbank princpal. There was a lot going on so it was difficult to see. Sidelines both cleared and it was mayhem.

  • Hal Lamaster

    MoneyTalk, if the sidelines cleared could there be even more kids sitting out next week? I don’t know the high school rules on this but players who leave their sidelines during a fight may be subject to some discipline too. Not sure.

  • MoneyTalks


    I am not sure about that rule.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Just to clarify: The players in question who were ejected from the game are to sit out Friday’s game and are not to be anywhere near the stadium or campus during the game.

    Players who left the sidelines during Friday’s scuffle also are subject to suspension, but that is handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Rob Wigod, the CIF-SS assistant commissioner in charge of football, is out of the office until Wednesday, which means a report, if filed, was submitted and has yet to be reviewed by CIF.

    “As of right now we don’t have anything,” CIF spokesman Thom Simmons said. “I don’t suspect we’d entertain anything that has to do with this until Rob (Wigod) gets back.

    “If we get information that would lead us to look at film and bring the two schools in we’ll do that, but right now we’re not there.”

  • Anonymous

    I really hope “Stone” is the guy’s nickname. Does he have a brother named “Brick”?

  • Realistic

    This article is 100% false. It’s sad how a player gets ejected for defending himself from a player and a coach. Shows the heart of the apaches to not give up even when there leader and best player was gone.
    Burbank has zero class. Before the start they yelled out “suck me up”. I’m glad Arcadia shut them up.

  • burbank=no class

    Thanks for the Humor
    burbank fan said:
    the coach never once threw a punch (Total Lie this is a fact and it’s on film) and i know you arcadia people are not trying to say that you guys have more class then us, (Everyone has more class then you guys), oh and please dont try to compare academics because then you’ll really embarrass yourselves. Thanks for the laugh on that one, good god save yourself. Arcadia Grad.= Future Physician, Lawyer; Burbank Grad.= make my fries extra crispy, Custodial Sciences.

  • Realist (not happy)

    burbank fan-

    You might be the dumbest fan Ive ever associated with on these blogs. I cant believe you said those things. The coach didn’t throw a punch? You are out of your mind, I WAS ON THE SIDELINES… I witnessed it. If the coach didn’t throw a punch there would be no reason for a Principal to rip him off of Lagace. Not only that, Taylor was just blocking the corner (I believe his name is Brazier) and the corner started punching him. Now your telling me that if you were in Lagaces shoes you wouldn’t hit him back?? You are plain and simply dumb. And I can tell what a great school Burbank is by how punctual and gramaticallt correct your post was. And yes, Burbank athletics are classless. I watched Burbank’s baseball coach try to fight Mike Parisi in the middle of a game. Classy. And I’ve heard the chants the Burbank student body comes up with at basketball games. And finally, probably the best of all, felony assault on a minor by a coach!!!! Man your right, you guys are class acts!

  • Observantcat

    If you recall in the Monrovia game words were exchanged by Legace to McCarthy and both ended up with Unsportsmanlike penaltys. But I’m sure Legace too a second look and started walking backwards quickly in that confrontation. The word on the Wildcats sidelines that night was that he was talking pure trash the entire night, meanwhile not gaining a yard on the field.

  • Realist

    Yea its pretty hard to get the ball when you are being double and triple teamed you douche. Stay off the blogs until you learn a thing or two about football.

  • Hoover Fan

    Realist you should focus on Hoover this week and not look back at horrible teams like Burbank. Arcadia might put up a fight but an upset against us is unlikely.

  • Blame it on the rain

    Observant cat,

    No one wants to hear info that is not revelant to this situation. Stick to the thread topic. Monrovia is a bottom tier high school that floods the local junior colleges with flashes in the pans. You never hear of Monrovians after high school. Why does everyone transfer out of monrovia? Exactly. Go play San Dimas and lose in the finals again.

  • apache alumni

    burbank fan IS the dumbest fan ever. how could you ever even compare class between burbank and arcadia…then academics. Clearly you don’t know what youre talking about because arcadia is at the top when it comes to academics. Burbank really does have no class. What does this teach your kids when you punch a 16/17 year old thats just playing the game of football?Watching baseball games and seeing that lonnie kid do whatever he wants…it disgusts me. The kids great but he half asses everything. Burbank really doesnt teach anything besides embarrassing themselves.I love it how you reply back to your recent post burbank fan. Truly shows how burbank is…SOFT!

  • ; )

    Double and triple teamed? That’s pretty funny. He’s not that good. If he was, then Carr and your backs aren’t very good. 30 yards rushing and 80 yards passing is pretty pathetic against any team. much less a Mid-Valley team. HAHA!!!

  • Realist

    Hoover fan-

    I got respect for Hoover. Coach Pollicky coached me when I was at Arcadia.

  • BHS

    No wonder people rag on Arcadia fans. What a bunch of MORONS!!!

  • Realist

    Blame it on the rain (i love your name)-

    Thats how all Monrovia fans are. They are still partying from 5 weeks ago when they beat Arcadia. I mean god man, let it go. Thats old news. Shouldnt you be trying to correct the mistakes from the SD loss???? Stop wasting your time on these blogs, hit the film room.

  • Blame it on rain


    At least we are educated, have class, and have million dollar homes. Peace out!

  • Goldenarm

    Bottom line is the coach was terminated.
    Obviously, he lost it. This has happened 10,000 times in the coaching ranks, we all have seen it on every level of football.
    Losing it is no excuse for the behavior, which is why the man has no job.
    Maybe film is available to 100% kill any bullshit, fairy tail description of what happened being force-fed to media.

    It appears Burbank took swift and appropriate action in this incident. Hopefully, Arcadians can return to the more beneficial focus on the remainder of their schedule…and a trip to CIF.

  • Realist


    Why do Burbank fans even come on here? They know that they are classless. From baseball to football. Ive seen all of Burbanks programs, and trust me, its not a very pretty sight. Classless across the board. The only people that would disagree is Burbank parents or students. Everyone else agrees, and Ive talked to many many many people on this issue. Its sad. Maybe they need to hire a unch of new coaches that teach more than how to play football, baseball or basketball. A coach that teaches life lessons, integrity, and respect. It is apparent that Burbaks coaches do not do this.

  • Observantcat

    The 1 and only maybe 2 Arcadia fans that show any class at all are Apache Joe and Money talks the rest of you not only make Arcadia desperate for attention but complete Morons to all of you neighbors. Monrovia fans could care less about beating Arcadia or losing to San Dimas. Our eyes is on a much bigger prize. Beating Arcadia amounted to nothing but “I told you so’s” Winning the Mid-Valley is for the people who believed our team has a chance of winning it all. So if you “Realist dont mind maybe separating your anger and embarassment from the truth and the San Dimas game it may help you to recover. All of the name calling that you think is personal is a JOKE! because if you were to ever be confronted by the person or persons your talking about you would get beat down worse than the Arcadia team did! Now thats a fact! so go back and look at all of your blogs and talk about the Arcadia team and see whats wrong with that picture and straighten it out, then come knocking with blogs that make sense.

  • theRealdeal

    first off i wanna say that the scene last friday night was ridiculous!
    these are the facts:
    i was at the arcadia burbank game and lagace was being physical with Brazier
    a coach did tackle Lagace off Brazier and did strike him as did some of the players on the sideline.
    no coach has the right to strike a player! PERIOD!
    i was also at the Monrovia game and the blanketed Lagace with 2 players a conrner and safety over the top. GOOD COACHING! bad execution by the offense! but it happens, kind of like monrovias D against Sam Dimas
    being up by 21 pts.
    but as far talkin trash, its part of the game! as long as coachs dont strike kids!

    P.S. i recieved a copy of the monrovia game tape and the HIT ON BUBBA by Lagace will be up Soon! FILM doesnt LIE!!!
    monrovia forgets that arcadia in the last 4 yrs is .500 vs them! pts for AHS 103 pts for MHS 108
    that seems pretty close to me!
    2007 arcadia 41 monrovia 20
    2008 arcadia 41 monrovia 27
    2009 arcadia 14 monrovia 27
    2010 arcadia 7 monrovia 34

    im not even a fan for arcadia but i dont accept foolish people saying or writting foolish things!

    FACTS are what i support!

  • theRealdeal

    monrovia prob will go deep in CIF… their a good team with a great athlete at QB!
    Arcadia might do the same!
    dont forget MUIR coming back playing well
    and Burroughs still undefeated
    Monrovia will def. roll through league, that league is weak or maybe too weak for the likes of monrovia!
    pacific league is actually gettin a lil more competitive which is great and exciting to watch!
    hope one of the local schools does in fact win their division!

  • Observantcat


    Try the truth,
    06-07 Monrovia 27- Arcadia 13
    07-08 Monrovia 20- Arcadia 41
    08-09 Monrovia 27- Arcadia 41
    09-10 Monrovia 27- Arcadia 13
    10-11 Monrovia 34- Arcadia 7

    5 year totals = Monrovia 135
    Arcadia 115

    now if you will excuse us Dumb Morons, we have real business to take care of.

  • theRealdeal

    hahah this guy’s funny! ok boy, anything you say!

  • Antagonist

    Realist, actually YOU are the dumbest fan here.

  • Anonymous

    theRealdeal: After you post the video of Lagace’s hit on Bubba, go ahead and post the videos of Nick Bueno’s 201 yards passing with 2 touchdowns along with 205 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground during that same game. Thanks, we’ll all appreciate it ;]

  • Antagonist

    RealDeal, while you’re at it, can you go ahead and put up the four missed tackles by Lagace. And the two plays where he didn’t even bother to run after Bueno when he broke thru up the middle(quitter). And also that one when he bit on a play action and let not one but two TE’s get behind him for a 34 yard gain. That one is my favorite cause at the end you see Lagace hit himself in the head. I have a tape of the game too.

    By the way the hits on Bubba by Lagace were crack blocks. Bubba never saw it coming. My 90 year old grandmother can lay a crack block on Realist and put him on his butt.

  • Realist


    Get over yourself. THAT WAS 5 WEEKS AGO… Why are you still so pumped up about that? At this rate we will still be hearing about that win for like 4 years. You dont see SF fans on here still pumped that they beat Arcadia. Its only Monrovia fans. I dont know why. Arcadia has left that game in the past. Why can Morovia let it go???

  • Rio Hondo Vs Pacific

    @Real deal…
    Well actually, if you look at this year results…The Rio Hondo is 4-1 Verses the pacific league. So Really, if you take the top 4 teams in the Rio Hondo, Monrovia wins the Pacific, and South Pas and La Canada Pose more of a threat than Hoover and Glendale. The Pacific league is really getting worse..

    Rio Hondo #1Monrovia blew out Pacific#1 Arcadia

    Rio Hondo #3 South Pasadena blew out Pacific #8 Glendale and Beat Pacific#7

    Rio Hondo#4 La canada Blew out Pacific #8 and barely Lost to Pacific#6 Crescenta Valley

    Not bad for a lower division teams. But yeah Mtown wins the Pacific for sure..so slowwwwww down cowboy.

  • Anonymous

    We only come after you because you constantly try to pump up your team by putting ours down. Its ironic that you talk about us flaunting something that happened weeks ago when you constantly bring up the San Dimas game from both weeks ago AND last year. Get over it, if youre gonna go after Monrovia, were gonna point out how we manhandled your team. So keep posting, its not gonna end.

  • Parent in stands

    I saw alot of camera in the stands, can someone please share any footage they have to put this to rest. I know from Pop Warner if a fight breaks out coaches are only allowed to pull thier own players off the pile and send them to the side lines. If this has changed it’s a shame.

  • Realist

    Tell me one thing i have said to bring your team down??? I bring that SD game up because you Monrovia fans are still on your high horses after the Arcadia game, when in reality you should be getting ready for SD in the finals.

  • Chief Monrovia fan

    Monrovia Fans stop rubbing the Arcadia Blow out in their faces. They are tired of hearing about it. Lets move on and get ready for the playoffs…When they are out in the second round..we want their support, when we are going to title game. As for now we know that we are better than them this year..we beat them head to head..they know that…lets show some class and Let that wound heal. We will have next year to get back to talking trash to them..ok…But apache fans, if you continue to talk about monrovia, you won’t be able to bring up San Dimas, or anyone else. You can only talk about what happen in the monrovia vs Arcadia game.

    Apache Fans…I have called of the dogs ok…go on with your season. I wish you luck in the playoffs!!! Peace be with you!

  • Moneytalks

    Arcadia is a different team from week 1 and 2. They have grown tremendously, a totally 180. They learned how to function with out Lagace which wasn’t the case in week 1 or 2. Everyone is making big plays now. A standout running back, a sophomore by the name of Sheldon McKinley has jumped in the starting line up and has been doing very well. Arcadia had issues with the back situation early on.

    They should have not lost to a good burroughs team in OT. They had complete control of the game. People have to remember that arcadia is mostly juniors and some sophomores and very few seniors. They are going to be a force the rest of this year and next. I wouldn’t be surprised if arcadia goes as far as monrovia in the playoffs, the way they are playing.

  • Realist

    The bottom line is that Monrovia and Arcadia fans don’t see eye to eye on alot of topics. So in this case we are going to have to agree to disagree. We all have our opinions and no obe can change them.

  • Apache Joe

    Monrovia won. End of story.

    We will support Monrovia when they go into the playoffs as they will for us, no doubt about it. I remember going to watch the Monrovia-Rosemead game when Sumler took over and won that game for Rosemead. I was very upset to say the least. I hope Monrovia can get all their strings tuned when playoffs roll around and hit their high note because our side of the SGV hasn’t seen a CIF championship in football for a while (if i’m not mistaken).

    As for the Lagace situation, the tape will prove all. I don’t know if anyone will put it up on youtube but I sure hope it does go up.

    I’m very proud of the resiliency Arcadia showed in that game. That was more important than anything else.

  • Goldenarm


    Only two teams have put up meaningful points on Monrovia, those two teams being South Hills and SD.

    The balance of teams put up at best one TD.

    Despite plenty of quality film to look at, I am not quite sure what defensive strategy McFarland might have. Mine would be to distribute a waterborne diarrhea virus as quickly as possible – and make sure it knocks out 1/2 the JV squad as well. A 24 bug only, I just need Friday to be a good Friday. A good Friday would mean not joining the blowout club – a la Blair and San Marino.
    Those outside the realm of TC have no understanding of what turmoil, treason, lies and misrepresentation nearly eviserated the program enirely. Last years seniors left with the worst taste of football in many, many years at TC. Last year was bad enough to send multiple players fleeing the program..others simply choosing not to play. 11 CONSEC YEARS OF PLAYOFFS…down the tube. Trust me, it was not the kids fault….even though that is exactly what some of the coaching staff told them after the tie-breaker loss.
    So – two RHL wins is HUGE for TC, rebounding from the crap pit they were in. McFarland has done a tremendous job of lifting heads and spirits. My hope is we play hard for 4 quarters and get some respect from this years eventual Mid Valley Champion Wildcat squad. I think that is entirely possible from the Ram kids have shown thus far.
    Go Rams.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Rio Hondo Vs Pacific said, “Rio Hondo #3 South Pasadena blew out Pacific #8 Glendale and Beat Pacific#7”

    I wouldn’t call a 6-point game a blow out. The Glendale game at South Pas game was tied until a minute to play. Glendale and Hoover both lost by 6 points I believe.

    I get your point though.

  • Anonymous

    Well said apache joe, the fans of these two schools should show support for each others teams in the name of wsgv football

  • burbank fan

    Realist and the rest of you losers at arcadia

    realist i know you probably had a minor heart attack when you seen lagace in that fight knowing that your boy crush might get hurt. and for the rest of you arcadia fans SHUT UP our players graduate and goes on to college unlike your players our quarter back has a 4.5 gpa and is better than your qb. not to mention ochoa better than everyone on your team. and Realist when you make insults make sure you spell your words right “what an idiot” oh and by the who cares about class when your playing a buffoon sport its a competition its not a ballet dance. yeah the coach was wrong for throwing lagace off ok the coach is fired what else you want us to do write Realist and lagace a letter telling you guys how sorry we are. PATHETIC arcadia losers none of you guys has class who gives a damm about class when your blogging its sport talk its going to be debates and arguments grow up….

  • Blame it on the rain

    Hey, burbank fan, no one is listening to your rant. 48-20. Scoreboard. The numbers don’t lie. Good thing you all scored in the 4 seconds of the game. Really it was 48-14. Lagace wasn’t even needed in the game. Shows how bad you all are.

    I can’t wait to see Huckster and his pasadena bulldogs walk all over you guys this friday.

  • burbank fan

    and another thing for you guys to say that your proud of the way arcadia players handled things is hypocritical i could of sworn arcadia players cleared there bench also to fight…..PLEASE SHUT UP WITH THE NON-SENSE OF HOW ST.ARCADIA IS SO PERFECT AND PLAYED VICTIM….

  • burbank fan

    Blame it on the rain

    dude get real ok they won this year finally we’ve been beating up on those guys since we entered the pacific league and for you to say pasadena is going to beat us lol…we wont have a bad game twice in one year pasadena has no chance but the funny thing is we still can win at least a share of the pacific league. so that lost really just made it more exciting in the pacific league……

  • Blame it on the rain

    Burbank Fan,

    Arcadia beat burbank in 2007. Enough said.

  • Realist

    burbank fan-

    Stop whining. You got your teeth kicked in by the Apaches on Friday night. By the way, Ochoa is a GREAT player… he really showed up last Friday. He definatly lead your team to a loss. He is NOTHING compare to Lagace. And there is NO WAY your qb is better than Carr. Carr was 11 for 14 against you low lifes. Just because your qb is tall doesnt make him a good qb.

    You want to talk about class??? How many Burbank players got ejected? Oh yea thats right… TWO. One of them was ejected in the scuffle (where the coach tryed to beat up Lagace) and another one was ejected for fighting after a play. If you dont think thats classless your a moron.

    Are you trying to say that Burbank is a better academic school than Arcadia just because your qb has a 4.5? No one cares about his gpa. We care about the scoreboard. And after the game it said AHS 48 BHS 20. Good game Bulldogs. Heep up the hard work. Hit the wieghtroom and work harder in you boxing classes. Yall got rocked.

    No one on this block want to hear your BS Burbank fan. So stfu. Your wrong, we have the WHOLE fight ON TAPE. Please stop living a lie. The fight started when the corner started hitting Taylor. Thats a fact. And the benches cleared when YOUR COACH started beating up Taylor. That too is a FACT. If thats not classless I dont know what is. Keep posting, I like watching people chew you out.

    One more thing. Nice grammar. It shows alot for the Burbank schools.

  • Realist

    Burbank fan is a little slower than the rest of us. Just look at his post.

  • burbank fan

    once again with the insults on grammar hey check your spelling out before you try to insult someone and Blame it on the rain lol 2007 what about 06,08,09 what a loser. Realist its a shame how you always talk about class but yet stay with the foul language dude shut up your gay intentions for lagace is becoming kind of weird and stop it with the we have video junk. you are officially a child molester with gay intentions and in taylor’s defense i dont think he fly that way.

  • Burbankian

    All this back and forth between supposed grown ups and perhaps parents. I can see why our children are so aggressive and violent towards each other. Both sides were wrong and that is the fact. There have been punishments and repercussions on both ends and yet we are still mud slinging, calling names and I can bet my life if we were all in a room together some pushing and shoving (and perhaps punching) would have been thrown around too.

    I fear for our kids futures.

  • Apache Joe


    Maybe I’m blind, I still don’t see where Arcadia was wrong here. I respect the Burbank head coaches decision to fire him immediately. That is honorable.

    The scrum doesn’t define Burbank or Arcadia. It’s the carnage that came with it.

    So Burbank is up 3-2 on the series? Even worse is that Arcadia still has not beaten Burroughs in five years. Shame.

    The Pacific League’s teams other than Glendale and Hoover have a pretty good fit. Geographically, it’s reasonable and the quality of teams is for the most part at an even keel. Muir has had some good runs, Burroughs, Burbank, Arcadia, and PHS in early 06/07/08 have had good teams as well. CV in 09 had a good team.

    The future is bright! Enjoy it. (as well as the animosity that comes with competition)

  • ActionsTalk

    what chumps, Burbank newspaper article doesn’t even make mention of the incident. http://www.burbankleader.com/sports/tn-blr-sp-burbankfoot-20101022,0,2388195.story

  • burbank fan

    your right there will be no more insults coming from me im going to take the high road and show some class.
    apache joe:
    i respect your knowledge and the way you have revealed to others that animosity comes along with sports. and in my opinion it also comes along with blogging.

  • Realist

    Thank god! No more denial

  • Hal Lamaster

    Actions Talk, I noticed that too. I expected the Burbank newspaper to have at least a mention of the fight. More details could have followed in a future issue. The Burbank Leader is a twice a week paper (Wednesday and Saturday.) Maybe they will have a detailed account of last Friday’s incident in tomorrow’s paper.

  • tcchamps

    Blog Tribunal:

    Send the footage to GA, Reno and Philly.
    So let it be written, so let it be done

  • burbanksports

    Greetings to all……..Had to weigh in on this Arcadia vs Burbank incident.
    But first….Stang Fan…what is going on with Muir?
    The Burbank Head coach handled the matter swiftly and correctly. Let the Burbank PD sort out the rest.
    Arcadia earned a resounding victory-props to the kids.
    As for classless fans…both Burbank and Arcadia have their fair share as do most every city.
    Props to Hal Lamaster for keeping things in perspective at all times.
    I know you miss me Miguel, but our boy Freddy doesn’t-lol.

  • TheRealEffinDealBro

    Wow. The majority of this blog has degraded into a bunch of mouth-breathing idiots shooting insults back and forth and claiming baseless conjecture as fact. One side says they “saw” video of the coach punching the Arcadia player. Other said says they “saw” video of the coach NOT punching the Arcadia player.

    I think the truth of the matter is none of you saw a god damn thing and are content to sit at your screens spounting off meaningless crap all in the name of defending your side of the situation, even if that (and in many cases does mean that,) you invent false information to back your side/recollection of the events up.

    I hope the people dealing with this issue are investigating the facts and not speaking with people like you that will lie/bend the truth to paint a false picture of whats going on.

  • Huckster!!!!

    This could only happen with Arcadia! LMAO!!!!

  • Realist

    Ohhhhhh Huckster… how are your bulldogs doing this season????? All I know is that Arcadia dominated them after you talked a big game before the season. Maybe you should not talk trash about Arcadia anymore.. Sound good?

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