• Coaches Corner

    @ MARANANTHA @ 7:00PM

  • Goldenarm

    Just for the record, the horrible officiating cost TC the Rosemead game. 3 touchdowns were called back -21 points taken from TC, each crap call injecting a beaten Rosemead team with life.
    The worst was a offensive pass interference call…so blantantlty wrong one would question whether a C note was stuck inside the refs baseball cap prior to kickoff…what game was he watching??
    The Mead was pummeled with bad calls as well ….so maybe the ref crew felt they had done well at equally distributing poor their officiating.

    Truth is , TC took the brunt of the manipulation. The game was stopped relentlessly for discussion, rulings and re-rulings and the chain crew looked like they were on Acid trip, dancing back and forth all over the sidelines.
    Bad memory.

  • New York

    It is certainly nice to see that balance has been restored to the universe…It is Temple City vs. Monrovia for the RHL championship.

    By the way, let’s go with a dirt track one more year if that is what is necessary to maintain our home games…

  • AllDayAllKNIGHT

    My pick…St. Francis!!! The Golden Knights need this win and have the talent to do it. Let’s make it happen! GO GOLDEN KNIGHTS!

  • Grim Reaper

    Nice production values, fluorescent lighting in a break room, no white balance on mom’s 1990 handicam, and a white board with a sticker on it?

    Even with a minimal budget in a High School AV room, you could make it look at least semi professional.

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