Top 10 Rankings: Monrovia, St. Francis still No. 1, 2; Arcadia is now No. 3; Rio Hondo Prep jumps to No. 6.

Above: Rio Hondo Prep’s Charles Quintero had a monster of a performance last week, rushing for 209 yards and three touchdowns in the Kares’ 40-0 win over Flintridge Prep. Cool uniforms, Rio.


1. MONROVIA (5-2) — Will anyone score against the tenacious Wildcats defense in the Rio Hondo League? That’s an honest question. Monrovia has recorded wins over Blair (57-0) and San Marino (56-0). The Wildcats should see a better challenge Friday against Temple City. I won’t quite say Monrovia won’t lose the rest of the season and through the playoffs, but I’m getting there. I’ll get a chance to see the Wildcats on Friday since checking ’em out in a win over Arcadia.

2. ST. FRANCIS (3-4) — The Golden Knights’ playoff hopes hang in the balance. St. Paul comes to town. On paper, St. Francis has the weapons to overmatch the Swordsmen, but how will the Golden Knights respond as they head in to their homecoming with a four-game losing streak?

3. ARCADIA (4-3) — The Apaches showed Burbank who’s boss last week. They are 3-1 in the Pacific League, and my guess is they’ll improve to 4-1 after Friday. Taylor Lagace will sit out the game because of a one-game suspension stemming from his ejection last week. Lagace could use the break anyway. Myles Carr, Rodney Arnett, David Maldonado, Sheldon McKinley — the field’s all yours.

4. MUIR (3-4) — Look out for the Mustangs, who are quietly marching to a possible playoff spot. Muir is 2-2 in league and currently sits fourth. They’ll host Glendale on Friday, so let’s go ahead and make it 3-2 after Friday. Now’s the time for the offense to hone its skills, iron out wrinkles and play with consistency. The Mustangs defense should take this as a challenge and do everything they can to record a shutout. The same goes for Arcadia.

5. ROSEMEAD (4-3) — Arroyo has all but wrapped up the Mission Valley League title. OK, that’s getting a bit ahead. But it’s safe to say the Knights are in the driver’s seat. The Panthers likely will finish no less than second in league, but don’t count them out because I’m certain they still have a crown in mind.

6. RIO HONDO PREP (5-1) — A big win over Village Christian has propelled the Kares into the rankings, and convincing wins in the Prep League is moving them ahead. Small school, shmall school. Rio Hondo Prep has some good athletes. That much was true when Cody Cowell anchored the defense last year, and that much is true with Charles Quintero in the backfield. He leads the team in rushing with 634 yards and 11 touchdowns. Nick Preciado is closely behind with 525 yards and five touchdowns. Junior Alex Tayco and sophomore Jake Holguin also are contributing big time. Circle Nov. 5, that’s when Rio Hondo Prep and Pasadena Poly throw it down.

7. MARANATHA (5-3) — To be honest, this may be a low ranking for the Minutemen. Looking at it purely from a record standpoint, Maranatha is No. 7. The Minutemen are 0-2 in the Olympic League, but it’s certainly not indicative of how strong they really are. No need to go over the explosive offense, again. You know that by now. Close losses to Whittier Christian and Cerritos Valley Christian suggest Maranatha can not only compete in arguably the toughest league in the Mid-Valley Division, but that it can also stand its ground in the division. Maranatha likely will get an at-large berth, but it must take care of business.

8. SAN GABRIEL (3-4) — A win over Keppel was a given. Bell Gardens will be a true test. Cal Preps has the visiting Lancers winning, 38-27.

9. PASADENA POLY (5-2) — The Panthers likely won’t face any real competition in the Prep League until visiting Rio Hondo Prep on Nov. 5. Until then, enjoy the wins.

10. ALHAMBRA (4-3) — The Moors took one in the chin last week against Schurr. Montebello will be another tough test. Schurr is 2-0 in the Almont League, but Alhambra, Montebello, San Gabriel and Bell Gardens are all 1-1, meaning the No. 2 or 3 spots are nowhere near settled. It’s gut-check week.

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  • BigFatFan

    lets see if I can figure this out: SP has a 4-3 record, has beat SG (which has a 3-4 record), yet SG is in the Top 10 and SP is not. Hmmmm looks like a Homer ranking to me.


    SP has lost 3 of their last 4 games. SG has won 3 of their last 4 thats how that figures. The real question is how is Maranantha ranked so low? I think Muir is ranked a little high. TC has to be right on the bubble of making the top 10. They will win 2nd place in the Rio Hondo. Arcadia will win the Pacific, I like whittier Christian to win after a week off. The almont figures to be good this week, almost like a playoff week.

  • Purduealum05

    I agree with BigFatFan, Miguel, how can you rank San Gabriel so high? So if South Pas had kept Mark Keppel on their schedule and won by 50 then they would be ranked in the top ten with a 5-2 record? San Gabriel did beat Rosemead, but really, how good are they? They beat a not so good San Marino team by a lot and who else? Also, Alhambra beat South Pas, so shouldn’t they be ranked higher than South Pas, San Gabriel, and Rosemead??? There needs to be some type of formula used in your rankings Miguel. I think it would make it more legit and your readers would take it more serious. I hope you take my advice into consideration.

  • BigFatFan

    yes, SP lost three of four, but consider two of those losses to pretty decent teams: Cathedral and Alhambra. Remember, SP dropped Keppel from the schedule this preseason and added Cathedral.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Who needs “RANKINGS”? All Pasadena High School needs to do is upset Burbank! Put our selves in the same scenario as last year if Burroughs could beat Muir! That scenario being, knocking off Muir and finially knocking them out of the playoff’s! We will do it!

  • Hal Lamaster

    “They’ll host Glendale on Friday”

    Actually Miguel, Muir travels to Glendale High on Friday night.

  • theRealdeal

    Monrovia will def win the RHL but maybe if TC can score points on them it’ll keep them motivated for their run in CIF
    Monrovia needs to take this time to tone up their team and get ready for CIF (dont get comfortable, keep it up)
    St.Francis is feeling the pain moving into that league
    all the schools in the mission league are Power Houses
    Arcadia cant over look Hoover but will prob finish 6-1 in league which means they need help from their buddies at Muir to beat Burroughs next week!
    Muir is beatin up on the mid to lower level teams in the pacific, cant help but wonder if their thinkin ahead to next weeks showdown vs BURROUGHS
    its good to see some of the small schools reach up in the top 10… CONGRATS RIO HONDO PREP n MARANATHA

  • Observantcat

    Times are a changin,, I think there are a few descrpencies on this weeks rankings.
    Just my take Miguel. I am going purely by strength on the O and the D vs. teams that you have selected.

    1. Monrovia
    2. Maranatha
    3. St. Francis
    4. Arcadia
    5. Rio Hondo Prep (Yes I said it)
    6. Muir
    7. San Gabriel- Alhambra
    8. Rosemead
    9. Temple City
    10. South Pasadena

    This is the year of the little schools with big heart. If you dont believe in them, then put them on your schedule and prove them wrong.

  • Muir alum

    @Wonka, how is Muir too high? None of those teams below them could beat them. Plus they could beat the teams in front of them on any given night. Against Arcadia they had like 7 turnovers and 18 penalties and played like crap. Ask any Arcadia fan and they will tell you the same. Im not saying they will guarantee beat those teams ahead of them in the rankings, but they can. & no team below them in the rankings could beat them. They had a gang of players hurt for most of the season and are finally starting to click w/ all of their hurt players finally getting used to the games again. The game vs Burroughs will tell us a lot.

    @Huckster, here you go again. Playing PHS is like playing Glendale. I wish it was like the olden days though. It was way more fun back then. PHS doesn’t even make the playoffs anymore which is hella sad.

  • valley guy

    muir will run all over burroughs and is ranked in the right spot p.h.s has to beat burbank which i think they will do but muir once again is back injured their play maker and starting safety dai dai mcfadden is out with a broken ankle the report was that he actually broke it in the burbank game but has been playing on it ever since. but that gives sam hutchins and tyquan glass more opportunities to step up. arcadia even without lagace will destroy hoover. pasadena will need a big game from andreece brown,cleo bates and austin lacy to get pass burbank. burroughs is going to completely dominate c.v. and of course even with a much improved glendale team muir is going to hammer them this will be practice for the burroughs game next week. Monrovia deserves the top spot they’re playing at a level that no one else is playing on right now and they will roll over tc and the rest of the rio league. st. francis will get the win over st.paul who struggled against a young cathedral team last week. i would say maranatha should be ranked higher but they haven’t proved themselves quite yet close games doesn’t move you up in rankings winning games is what moves you up so come on minutemen get a win in the Olympic league im cheering every week for you guys.

  • valley guy

    man your rankings suck…im glad miguel does it and not you.

  • BigCat

    The ‘Cats are deservedly number 1! However, Temple City is coming into what should be an early playoff preview game with much to win and little to lose. Temple City has had their problems, but the guys will come into the game with fire in their eyes. The ‘Cats need to sharpen their claws for this one!

    GO ‘CATS!

  • Realist

    Muir Alum-

    I agree with you. Muir was sloppy when they played Arcadia. But you gotta give some of that credit to the Arcadia defense. They came out fired up and ready to play. They were playing for Coach D’s 100th win. They were motivated. The offense executed just enough to come out with the W. Im pulling for Muir this week. Beat up on Burroughs for me. Go STANGS!

  • Hal Lamaster

    Muir will have no trouble this week with Glendale. Ahead for them are Burroughs and PHS. Burroughs will be a tough one, PHS will be an emotional one.

  • Observantcat

    Valley guy, Lets see your rankings.
    I only go with my gut and what I read and see from these teams.
    Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel’s ratings vs. cal preps:

    Monrovia – calpreps rating of 24.2
    St Francis – 26.4
    Arcadia – 18.1
    Muir -12
    Rosemead – 0.4
    Rio Hondo Prep – 10.3
    Maranatha – 11.6
    San Gabriel – negative 6
    Pasadena Poly – 4.9
    Alhambra – negative 4.6

    Miguel’s ranking aren’t too bad …w/ the exception of placing San Gabriel at #7 :o). I know these ranking are basically for discussion purposes, and in the end, CIF titles are what matter; but they do teach us that, aside form a few teams, west San Gabriel Valley high school football is really down this year.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Who has Muir beaten that has been of any significant? Exactly! Nobody! When I seen some of their players at the PHS vs. LaSalle game with cocky looks on their faces. I was like wow! I seen them play and Muir is being ranked off of their past, because theyre just as sorry as PHS! PHS has beaten every team Muir has played! Once again Muir people! WHO HAVE YOU BEATEN? Yawl going down this year!!!!! You got a way last year, because MacFarland didnt know what the TUSSLE was all about, but this is where Randy Horton shows why he was hired! Win the TUSSLE and get us in the PLAYOFFS!

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    I meant to say, who ever Muir has beaten PHS has beaten them too!

  • Big Dogg

    Aere you really going to sit there and put Maranatha over Muir, Arcadia, and ST FRANCIS. I am very happy for Maranatha i really am but you can not compare Natha to thoose three schools. Prediction for the Pacific league THE MIGHTY STANGS will be back and upset BURROUGHS, they will go steam rolling into CIF and make some noise with a big upset in the first round, just like they almost did last year with that amazing game against charter oak. Same goes with Arcadia they will make some noise in CIF.

  • valley guy

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!
    man Muir is going to kill p.h.s like they do every year and if you look at the two teams you guys beat and muir beat muir destroyed them you guys squeaked by with a last minute drive get real and believe me you guys wouldnt even come close to beating san gabriel yeah i said san gabriel…..every year the dogs should win but come up short wayyyyyyyy short games not even close please shut up with this p.h.s talk muir is worried about their next opponent which is glendale who you guys were losing to in the 3rd quarter 13-12 lol…thats a door mat team that should of been a game where your team practice on discipline and executing plays.

  • Observantcat

    Big Dogg, In the past I wouldn’t put Maranatha past Rio Hondo Prep but as I looked at the landscape of the West SGV I’ve notice a tremendous change in team structure. I am not taking anything away from Muir, I think that at this time they are not playing their best football and just to be fair neither is Monrovia, Arcadia, St. Francis etc…. But the small schools have produced way beyond the expectations of what they have been use to in the past. Muir has Great individual athelets but their inconsistancies have caused them to fall into a mediocre category this season so far. Arcadia has more potential than they have shown all season. As even they have seen winning is not a 2 man show. Burbank got dealt a reality check last week as well did Arcadia who found out that they have other players who can truly make a difference in the outcome of their season. Monrovia is still work in progress, we are still trying out new things and circulating their backs every game to see what gives them the best angle on teams they will play for the rest of league and for the post season. As for Stang Fan, I agree with most of everything you have to say except the part where you said that no team has won any game of true significance. Every win is of significance because you never know whether or not a player or players on your team will get hurt or leave the team for any particular reason. Making the playoffs are all the reason in the world to win as many games as you can. As hard as it is too swallow for some of the great teams on the westside of the valley, schools like Maranatha, Rio Hondo prep are making a move and the move is becoming ever so threatining to the powers that be, The Post season is what all of us here on the westside should be looking forward too as we represent all of the area and not just ourselves. Believe it or not as much as we dont talk about the good over the bad everyone that I know wants the Muirs, Arcadia’s, St. Francis’ to bring home the grand prize and it will happen as soon as teams man up and find out what’s holding them back from that run.

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see your face “Valley Guy”!

  • Big Dogg

    Observantcant i can understand the things you are saying, but hasnt Maranatha lost two games in a row how are they playing any better than (Muir, Arcadia, and St Francis)??? Thoose rankings you have are off by a bit.

  • Observantcat

    Big Dogg:
    The fact that Maranatha is still in the hunt in the league that there in tells a lot about the character of their team chemistry. I think they would be considered an easy 2nd place team in the RHL this year an possibly a 2nd place team in the pacific league as well. The teams they have lost against have a great football history in the Mid-Valley div. and play on another level than the level Maranatha had been used to playing on. Being the brotha I am I surely wouldn’t just think that Manatha would have a chance against the Stangs but if I were to bet the house I would make the smartest bet and go with a team that has the consistancy of finishing a game even if they lose. I’m sure Muir would show up on offense but it would be their D that I would question against a good passing team. I would have to use maybe the Arcadia/Muir game to stress those differences. What a lot of us fans tend to believe is that we have the best athletes but why arene’t we 7-0? The answer is we dont have the best program. If Muir every faces a great team and has a running start they will win. But if Muir lets a descent team get ahead of them they lose themselves in the other teams game plan. Penalties and turnovers have been more of the achilles heel for Muir moress than the injuries. I’m sure there are several Mustangs playing over at Maranatha that have bought into their program and are becoming great players under that structure. I know for fact that Arcadia, San Marino and Monrovia have a few players over there as well. My thoughts are by no means a knock on Muir, I just feel they are just not playing at all to their true potential.

  • theRealdeal

    i dig your love for the “little” school but how could you say their playing better than St.Francis, Arcadia and Muir? they’ve lost 2 games in a row, havent they?
    St. Francis lost to “SERRA” which sorry to say better than all the prep school maranatha lost to.
    For Arcadia their 2 loses have come to “st Francis and monrovia, which i believe would have prob put up 70 pts on maranatha! they only team i know who can keep up or stop that mtown OFFENSE would be sam dimas and i think when n if they see eachother in the playoffs Monrovia rolls them! Muir has lost to some good football teams BISHOP is a great football team and they caught Arcadia on the wrong friday! i think arcadia over looked burroughs and should be 4-0 in the pacific! dont get me wrong Marantha is a good team but i dont believe they can beat these teams.

    1. Monrovia (class of the valley)
    2. St.Francis (great team, victum of schedule strength)
    3. Arcadia (dark horse)
    4. Muir (good team whos clicking NOW)
    5. RioHondo ( record speaks for itself)
    6. Maranatha-Pasadena Poly-Rosemead (torn between three)
    9.Alhambra (has alot of work to make playoffs)
    10. San Gabriel ( just made the cut)

  • Moneytalks

    La Salle had a chance to turn their school into a football powerhouse but they failed to after the 2006 season. They had a huge run and made it to the CIF final vs Akeem Ayers – Verbum Dei High School. Once Gallagher left to BA to join that All star coaching staff, La Salle failed to get a coach or kids to carry the momentum they had.

  • Big Dogg


    There are a couple things we see differnt but for the most part i agree. This is the problem with blogging though nobody comes in with an open eye, they all just believe what they want to believe and dont listen to anybodys reasons.Im just hopin this wsgv top ten can make some noise in the playoffs. Hopefully my hometown apaches got some confidence with that win over Burbank(no lagace). Gotta tell everyone MYLES CARR is the real deal(along with elfers for natha) at QB.

  • Grim Reaper

    To all arm chair quarterbacks and Monrovia boosters with CAT in their name.

    Yes Monrovia will win the league.
    Yes they will go undefeated in league.
    Yes Nick Bueno has the Midas touch, everything he touches turns to gold… not mufflers.
    Yes I said it, and I am not some sort of Valley Blvd fortune teller appearing in the Star News break room with my little brother’s handicam in front of a white board.

    And finally, MoTown should go to a higher league to get some real competition. I am sure the rest of the RHL agrees.

    That said, I would not get too over pumped, “Will anyone score against their tenacious defense?!!” Well Miguel? Is that true? Inquiring minds want to know!

    That sort of talk and opinion is what leads to upsets and swollen helmets made of helium. I call it the Macy Thanksgiving Parade syndrome. Anyone see the MoTown team float by?

    Moreover, with MoTown’s history of Life Alert inspired-second half-I’ve fallen and can’t get up-collapses best to stay quiet until the championship trophy is in hand to go crazy.

    Sorry Golden Arm TC will lose 34 to 9, maybe.
    Clearly TC will get in at least a field goal, they do have a very good kicker that could hit from 50 yds. And from that 3 points who knows where that roll will go?!! Maybe 6 points or maybe, be still my heart, 9 points! Unfortunately, MoTown scores touchdowns in bunches, not field goals.

    One should not make so much of beating Blair 56-0 on a running clock for the whole game. Hell anyone can beat Blair, in fact some teams pay Blair to come to their homecoming night game to insure victory for their team. (it is a fact! check the news on Blair’s recent run to the Border, and I did not mean to pick up tacos at Taco Bell)
    Given the injuries, inexperience, and that week’s suspension of San Marino Coach Mooney, it was clear that SM gave up before the game started. The game had all the charm of an illegal snuff movie. The game film should be burnt or sealed in a wall at a pet cemetery, least it come to life and walk like the undead on Halloween. Even before Mooney was put on admin leave-after the TC defeat, there was talk of a three game season, with no mention of MoTown in that 3. Clearly the Titans just surrendered to the MoTown Panzer tank corps courtesy of fumble after fumble after interception. At least in the second half, Mtown graciously played half their powder puff team. Otherwise it could have been 70-0, but 56-0 was enough SM’s Walk of the Living Dead.

  • Goldenarm

    Grim Reaper

    Guess you have not read my posts since the El Monte scrimmage. This year’s goal is simply week to week improvement. A loss to Monrovia does not change that goal.

    When you are on the 35 yard line and out of time outs in the 4th, down 14-13, you would want a Nick Palmer on your team. He won a JV game last year with a long boot over 45 yds and kicked a 43 yarder against La Canada that cleared the crossbar by eight feet. Trust me, he can hit 50 if forced to kick that distance. However, the most impressive kick I can recall was Andrew Tinsley’s 43 yarder against Paraclete, that cleared by inches. The snap was in the dirt but somehow the holder righted the ball and Tinsley did the rest. The crowd went insane when the refs raised their hands simultaineously under the goal posts.


    Your offensive production speaks for itself and I agree on Paramount. Limiting them to 7 is a defensive statement as well. The Cats put up points on SD and South Hills, so thwarting M-town’s attack seems an extremely difficult proposition for anybody.

    All we can do is lay our cards on the table and keep pressing with what we do best – running the football and trying to be as physical as possible. In a short time McFarland and staff have done well reversing some of what we gave away going a “new” direction. I look forward to the game and can’t wait to see this years M-town squad for the first time. Good luck Friday.

  • Purduealum05

    Let’s be real here. SG is a so so football team at best. I don’t believe they warrant a ranking higher than Alhambra when they have more competitive schedule. Alhambra should beat SG by two or three touchdowns.

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  • Grim Reaper

    To Golden arm with apologies to Reno Hightower

    The Reaper knows kickers, as the old Reaper has been kicked out of the house by the wife, the Reaper has been kicked out of the office by the boss, the Reaper has been kicked out of school (note: stay in school, and drugs are bad), the Reaper has been kicked down stairs by bullies, in fact it may be easier to account for the places the Ole Reaper has not been kicked out of…
    Ah but the Reaper regresses.

    The Reaper just wanted to let the esteemed Golden arm know that he agrees, that Nick Palmer, he who possesses the Golden Toe (get the irony speaking with Golden Arm about a phenom Golden Toe, ok the Reaper knows, it is weak) is likely the best kicker in the RHL this year, and may be out splitting uprights for many years to come, if he uses proper precautions on his valuable appendage.

    Like Reno, the Reaper knows football, and honors the TC kicking game.

  • Grim Reaper

    Oh yes by the way, Golden Arm, good luck to TC in the upcoming game with MoTown.

    Best Wishes
    The Reaper

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