Football: The Stang Fan tells us how he really feels ….

An essay, err, comment made by Stang Fan on an earlier post, and he’s pretty much nailed it.

This is EXACTLY why I don’t beat my chest any more. This is EXACTLY why I just limit my comments to post-game analysis of the team I follow. This is EXACTLY why I regret acting like an ass on here the first few years of the blog…because this is the EXACT reason why the WSGV is laughed at and mocked.

Look man, no one on this side of the WSGV is good. No one. And by good I mean a team that is respected inside of AND outside of our area. Hell, not one team on this side is even in Aram’s Top 12….of the SGV! Better days, we have certainly seen.

Does anyone on this side have one significant win? One? Just one?


Has every team on this side lost to someone they could have, and maybe should have, beaten?


Let’s look at the 5 most talked about teams:

Monrovia: No significant win (please don’t say South Hills) and Glendora and San Dimas aren’t what folks thought they were, and the Cats still lost to them.

St. Franics: Four straight losses, two to teams they “should’ve” beaten, and two to significant teams.

Arcadia: Lost to the two teams above as well as Burroughs and has no significant win (sorry, Burbank is not a significant win.)

Muir: Where do I begin? Yes, injuries are part of the game, but it’s still about wins and losses…and the Stangs have more losses than wins.

Maranatha: A little slack is cut for the Minutemen because they are a “smaller” school, but still….not one significant win and they lost to Big Bear.

So. Who is ranked ahead of whom? At this point, who cares? Does it even matter?

Maybe it’s just me….all gloom and doom right now. But frankly, I’m tired of the WSGV being stuck in this mire of mediocrity. I’ve been frustrated with Muir this year, but honestly I’m frustrated with the entire WSGV right about now. We’ve ALL got to right this ship…..SOON. And I’m pulling for ALL of us.

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