Friday Night Aftermath: Monrovia offense starts slow, ends big in 40-0 win; Arcadia improves to 4-1, Muir adds a win, too; St. Francis comes up at homecoming, 40-10.

Temple City-Monrovia Video Highlights



Friday’s Results

Monrovia 40, Temple City 0 — Give credit to the Temple City defense in the first half. The Rams held Monrovia to 14 points in the first half and scoreless in the first quarter. Temple City intercepted a pass on Monrovia’s first red zone trip. In fact, Monrovia’s first three possessions resulted in an interception, a missed 33-yard field goal attempt and a fumble at the Temple City 9. It wasn’t until Nick Bueno returned a 35-yard punt return for a touchdown to get things going in the second quarter. Bueno rushed for 163 yards and one touchdown on nine carries. He passed for 222 yards on 15-of-24 passing and three touchdowns to lead the Wildcats. Jay Henderson recorded an interception. He easily could have had three interceptions. Luke Williams, Anthony Craft and Brandon Wingenbach each caught a touchdown pass. George Frazier capped the scoring with a 2-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

Burbank 45, Pasadena 26 — There were seven different leads in the first half before Burbank pulled away in the second half. Burbank’s Ulisies Ochoa shouldered offensive responsibility in absence of Quortney Brazier, who is serving a one-game suspension stemming from a scuffle in Burbank’s 48-20 loss to Arcadia last week. Ochoa had 211 yards on 11 carries and two touchdowns. Pasadena’s Brandon Cox completed 16 of 23 passes for 218 yards and three touchdowns. Pasadena trailed 24-20 to start the second half, got all the way to the Burbank 1 and Burbank stopped them on fourth and 1 at the 1 before Burbank initiated an impressive 11-play, 98-yard drive that was capped by a touchdown. The game was never in doubt after that.

St. Francis 40, St. Paul 10 — St. Francis scored 30 points in the third quarter to break the game open. In that quarter, the Golden Knights defense had two interceptions and a safety. Luke Anderson had an interception, a sack and also scored on a 6-yard run for St. Francis. Brett Nelson completed 15 of 28 passes for 286 yards and two touchdowns. Ian Hamilton had a 26-yard pass off a double-reverse and a 69-yard reception. St. Francis improved to 4-4 overall and 1-2 in Mission League to keep its playoff hopes alive. St. Francis now has played its toughest part of league.

Arcadia 49, Hoover 6 — The Apaches’ special teams was, well, special. They returned two punts and one kickoff for touchdowns to lead the way. Maldonado returned both punts on 66 and 68 yards. Everett Frazier also got in on the fun, this time returning a kickoff for 88 yards. Arcadia improved to 4-1 in the Pacific League.

Muir 31, Glendale 6 — Tairen Owens was an offensive machine for the Mustangs. Owens rushed for 157 yards and three touchdown on 12 carries to lead Muir, who improved to 3-2 in the Pacific League.

La Canada 42, Blair 0 — The Spartans’ Scott Gray rushed for 93 yards and scored two touchdowns on the ground. He threw four passes only, completed three of them, all three to Jay Kolina, including one for a touchdown. Not all turned out good for the Spartans. La Canada’s Jordan Johannes suffered right leg injury on a fumble recovery in the end zone by John Moon.

South Pasadena 42, San Marino 20 — San Marino struggled for consistency on offense. The Titans had 153 yards of total offense. South Pasadena’s Conor Bednarski completed 10 of 16 passes for 152 yards and four touchdowns, all thrown to Matt Nelson, who’s longest touchdown reception was for 39 yards. Tigers running back Patrick Martin carried the ball 29 times for 203 and two touchdowns.

Montebello 17, Alhambra 7 — Fernando Hoffens completed 21 of 44 passes for 183 yards and one touchdown to lead the visiting Oilers. Alhambra’s Joshua Mendoza completed 9 of 25 for 136 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions in the losing effort. Alhambra generated 209 yards of total offense, which included only 73 yards on the ground.

Rosemead 38, Mountain View 12
Bell Gardens 37, San Gabriel 35
Arroyo 49, Gabrielino 7
Schurr 42, Keppel 0
Cantwell-Sacred Heart 28, Bosco Tech 0
Workman 41, Duarte 7
Mary Star 35, La Salle 14
Pasadena Poly 42, Flintridge Prep 7

Saturday’s games
Marshall at Campbell Hall, 1 p.m. — Melendez (Campbell Hall)
Rio Hondo Prep at Chadwick, 2 p.m. — Melendez (Rio Hondo Prep)
Maranatha vs. Village Christian at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Maranatha)

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    BATTLE OF THE DOGS TONIGHT: For survival in the Pacific League. Will Burbank be up to shenanigans again this week? Will the Dena Dogs make it 2 in a row? Stay Tuned!

  • AllDayAllKNIGHT

    Good luck St. Francis Golden Knights!!! Let’s win big tonight!

  • Goldenarm

    Calpreps has Monrovia 41
    Temple City 7

    Neutral field….will Temple City supporters brave the possible rain and show up and make some noise??

    Two sets of downs should be enough to know the outcome.
    We have scored first in our last three games.
    On San Marino’s first possession we blocked their punt and quickly scored. Against LC we took it at the 20 after a touchback and drove 80 yards to score. We need to score first against M-town.

    My gut is churning a little, not as bad as 09 when we had the game and let it slip away a la Marquise Williams. This year any performance that equals a strong effort is a win for us. It is all part of re-establishing Ram football and hopefully continues the rich history of the M-town versus TC rivalry. I don’t have the book to check but the series is something like 13-11 in favor of the Cats, who own most of the recent time slot wins. somebody correct me if I am way off on the overall record.
    Thanks to Maranatha for hosting, never been there which makes it cool to visit a new field. My hope is we compete fiercely – and both squads finish the game without serious injury.
    Go Rams!

  • Grim Reaper

    Golden Arm:
    I guess I was being charitable when I said 34-9 MoTown. Unfortunately MoTown has too much team speed for Simangunsong to rack up significant yardage, moreover MoTown has a good secondary.

    It will be all run until TC, down on points, needs to open up the offense. Untimely interceptions will seal the deal. It is just Motown’s big year.

    I have faith in Golden Toe Palmer, to lead TC to beat the spread. Good luck, I still tab TC for the playoffs as RHL #2

    The Reaper

  • The Stang Fan

    C’mon Miguel, don’t act like you didn’t get my email again. I know it sucks to lose, but at least post my picks! Lol! Anyhow, here you go:

    Friday’s games
    Temple City vs. Monrovia (Monrovia)
    Burbank at Pasadena, (Burbank)
    St. Paul at St. Francis, (SF)*
    Hoover at Arcadia, (Arcadia)
    Muir at Glendale, (Muir)
    Pasadena Poly vs. Flintridge Prep, (Poly)
    Blair vs. La Canada, (La Canada)
    South Pasadena at San Marino, (SM)*
    Arroyo at Gabrielino, (Arroyo)
    Montebello vs. Alhambra, (Montebello)*
    Keppel at Schurr, (Schurr)
    Bosco Tech at Cantwell-Sacred Heart, (Cantwell)
    Rosemead at Mountain View, (Rosemead)
    Duarte vs. Workman, (Workman)
    Bell Gardens at San Gabriel, (Bell Gardens)
    La Salle vs. Mary Star, (LS)*

    Saturday’s games
    Marshall at Campbell Hall, (Campbell Hall)
    Rio Hondo Prep at Chadwick, (Rio Hondo Prep)
    Maranatha vs. Village Christian, (Maranatha)

  • Tiger rar rar

    Tigers will win. Just lettin you all in on the secret.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Tiger rar rar,
    No doubt in my mind that the Tigers will win tonight! I hope we run all over SM.

  • From The Press Box

    Arcadia 49, Hoover 6 (yes, halftime)

  • Score Update

    What is the Gabrielino/Arroyo score?

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Cats keep it rolling beating TC 40-0 so far in League play of the first 3 games they have scored 153 points and given up a grand total of 0 nuthin, Nada!

    Could Miguel be right? Can they be scored on?

    Maybe not until Playoffs start!


    I read about a HUGE game on Friday night. Not much for traveling to games but this one wasn’t too far. With all the hype and the rivalry between Monrovia and T.C. Well, I thought it might be nice to see a great game at such an indifferent school. SUCKED! I left and was so disappointed in spending any kind of money on that crap! Both teams were whatever! The school was nice, but I went their not knowing much about any of these teams, other than what I have read! I was expecting a HUGE crowd and turnout. I was expecting a battle. I was expecting more than watching it become what it was! Boring. Yep, Monrovia’s #4 is quick and fast, but what a boring game. Really if you cut the head off the snake it is not scary!
    The facility at Marantha was nice, but the crowds were pathetic for such a big game! Lame non effective crowds. I think I’ll go and watch some Pop Warner football tomorrow for some excitement and crowd involvement

  • bigfatfan

    South Pas demolishes SM 42-20, game not as close as score indicates. Bednarski 4 TDs to Nelson, and Martin has another huge game.

  • Goldenarm

    It played out like most thought it would.

    Too much Nick Bueno (yes, he is better than all the accolades and acclaim he has received)too much defensive team speed and also……better play calling than Monrovia has had in some years.
    Trust me, TC fought and earned the 40-0 butt kickin, because if they had not fought, 80 – 0 would have been more likely.
    It was 0-0 after the first period, but you could tell Bueno could run the QB draw or keep all night for big gains…most of the yardage he simply found by running to daylight, other times he used a single block to spring himself.
    If Monrovia has a weakness – it lies in the laziness of their O-line, which held on nearly every run play…basically reaching and grabbing rather than moving their feet. Countless hold calls went against M-town. On the other side of the coin, their O-line put up a concrete wall of pass protection, leaving Bueno to survey 3 or 4 teamamates to pass to.
    If and a big if – TC could have moved the ball, the game would have held hope for the Rams. Our O-line at times looked like polite diplomats when blocking Monrovia, nil aggression, nil push and SLOW, SLOW footspeed. While the Dline looked motivated, the O-line did not. That area of our game made a huge difference – as we could not forge a first down when needed.
    We almost had a Legace situation when an M-town player
    hit the TC QB way out of bounds, and no flag was thrown…a TC coach went temporaily nuts. The hit was not clean and could have led to injury and should have been flagged, just like another out of bounds hit was flagged earlier in the game. The balance of the game was played cleanly on both sides…I left a few minutes into the 4th…pain was sinking in.

  • Goldenarm


    not sure where you were sitting but M-town fans were everywhere from goal line to goal line…and there were no seats left on the TC side.

    Ask Tom S, dude was selling hot dogs right and left, looked to be a good turnout.

    Think about this – Morovia did not play well at all.

    But still won by 40.

  • Grim Reaper


    I guess the rams didnt beat the spread, and Miguel’s question whether anyone will even score a touchdown on MoTown may just turn out to be true.

    I dont even think any of the powerhouse TC teams of the early 1970s went through league without giving up a score. I would venture a bet of a Uncle Toms donut that no team has ever gone through league unscored upon. Maybe it is time for Monrovia to to to another league.

    1. MoTown with a bullet
    2. TC
    3. LC
    4 SP
    5 SM
    6 Blair

    only MoTown and TC qualify with TC going north to a nightmare with the hoards from the north.

  • AllDayAllKNIGHT

    Ye of little faith…St. Francis get a big win against St. Paul 40 to 10!!!! GO KNIGHTS!

  • Tiger with attitude

    Stang Fan…nice pick of SM

  • Nikolqty

    Really good post! Congratulations! I have had a different opinion, but as you describe it I can entirely follow your idea.
    Believe me I am normally not commenting on blogs, but your blog is really great so I bookmarked it and I will visit this place more often.

  • Yep..Pretty Boring

    I’m with Boring. I went to the MHS vs. TC game expecting to see some big exciting rivalry and all I got was Bad vs. Above Average! Sure Bueno is a good runner but without him, Monrovia has very little weopons. Can’t believe TC is the second best in the Rio Hondo league. As for the crowd, TC was packed but not Monrovia, granted they had to fill 3 bleachers to 1. Goldenarm – Their were too many Hot Dogs left over to call the concession a positive.

  • Goldenarm

    People like to take their food back to the stands and eat – can’t due that at Maranatha due to turf field…I am sure that impacts the concession.

    no wonder the PA kept announcing reduced fire sale prices on the hot dogs!
    I thought the M-town crowd looked sizeable…

    Security is 47 times larger than TC. pretty strong presence, maybe because of the open layout?…at TC we have 2 cops near the gate, that is it.

  • tcchamps

    Another Shutout for Monrovia. Who pitched last nights game?

  • Goldenarm

    With 65 only yards of total offense, the Rams found themselves with horrible field position all night, while Monrovia seemed to live inside our 20 yard line.
    Nick Palmer must have punted 4 times from our end zone – and did a great job. Unfortunately when so many series begin on your side of the 50 – it ain’t lookin good.
    MacFarland and staff put in some nice defensive wrinkles, which were enough to give us a shot for the 1st quarter, but that came unglued when Bueno ripped the punt return. After that, it was Wildcat domination basically.
    If Monrovia wants to shift Bueno to wide out or RB and open up a full scale pass attack ….they can do so with their back up QB. This kid has a both a rocket arm and touch and (apologies to NB) is the best passer on the team. With the graduation of Bueno, Monrovia has a top notch heir apparent. Impressive young man. Henderson is also one of the best receivers I have seen this year. Nice routes, good finish and concentration.
    For TC, Reed did a nice job filling in for our injured FB and MLB Lopez.

    After Blair next week, TC returns to the Field of Screams, South Pasadena, the scene of the sickening tie breaker bullcrap last year. Hopefully we are smart enough to determine our own destiny this time.

  • BigFatFan

    The Star News makes it appear that SM had a chance in this game. Fact is, San Marino did not struggle for consistency, SP just flat out dominated them all night long. Lets face it, SM is just not very good this year, and with the coaching upheaval, just makes matters worse. but that aside, SP showed in the first half an explosive passing and running attack. Bednarski repeatedly hooked up with Nelson for huge TDs and Martin pounded SM into submission in the fourth quarter. A TD by SM in garbage time made the score look closer than the game actually was.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I would like Monrovia to hold all of their league opponents to 0, i’m almost positive that South Pasadena’s offense is developed enough to put up some points on the board.

  • SChalupa

    If Rio Hondo needs a tie breaker for the playoffs, the team with the most points against Mtown should go. If all are zero, which is a growing probability, then yardage could be a measure.

  • letthecatoutthebag+++

    U talk about turning back the hands of time,wow!
    Moor field reminded me of way back in the 80’s
    when Lawson n’ Co. were at the helms.
    No Ruedaflores’, no heartbeat,oh ya and no Vai Peco,
    who by the way is a STAR cb/punt retuner at La Habra.
    Great move kid wish you the best.Moor field will NEVER
    be the same. Until the lady(?) in charge of the snack
    bar is gone, Moor pride has left, over and done with.
    It’s very sad how one angry snack bar lady can take away something so great from those good bunch of kids.
    I guess situations like this happen at every school…
    ask coach Backus and Mooney!!!

  • the bank baby!!

    Hey Small Rod howd that battle of the bulldogs go 4 ya?! What were we staying tuned 4?! No shenanigans, just an arse whooping!! You guys never survive the pacific league. lololololol!!

  • Uncle Pete

    RHL tie breaker has changed from last year, if there is a three way tie they will flip coins and the odd man out is eliminated from playoffs. Then the who ever won the head to head game with the two remaining teams will get the playoff spot. No more overtime games will be played

  • Anonymous

    Is that the “real” format now? Or just a speculation? And the 3rd place team doesn’t get to go?

  • el tigre

    Sm’s three touchdowns

    1. Onside kick by Tigers, Titans get the ball at the 40 yd line.

    2. Refs give out at least 45 yards on penalties, including a sideline interference, and let the Titans redo a play on 3rd down due to a whistle in the stands.

    3. Garbage time, backups, who the hell cares, the plaque was already back. San Marino showing so much class started talking smack after this touchdown.

    Many Tiger touchdowns were called back from odd penalties but hey what are you gonna do SM has the money to pay off the refs. SP flat out dominated. SM go home.

  • BigFatFan

    the halftime fireworks show at SM was very good, some boosters must have dropped a lot of dough on that 15 minute extravaganza. seriously, it rivaled the fireworks at Disneyland

  • Bob Anon

    The best third place teams from the various leagues of the Mid-Valley Division may be selected for at-large playoff births.

    I hope strength of nonleague schedule is taken into consideration. Though South Pas has a better nonleague record than TC and LC, it appears that TC (and perhaps LC) played tougher nonleague schedules.

    And regarding any bribing, SP has the money too.


    How about you come in here with the big boys and make a prediction and stand behind it BEFORE the game. You are a day late and a dollar short failed bank. You didn’t make a peep when Arcadia lit you up last week.

  • 12 inch tiger

    south pas wont need a bribe to make playoffs

  • Schalupa

    Regarding communities that have money: If homecoming firework displays are a measure SM is the winner in Rio Hondo so far. SP has seen SM’s and LC’s and the nod goes to SM. SP is a favorite opponent on homecoming; so, we know baby.

  • link building services

    I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

  • Anonymous

    Did Rio beat Chadwick?

  • Anonymous

    Rio Hondo Prep 52 Chadwick 24

  • Longtimefan

    Maranatha 34, Village Christian 20.

  • TigerFan

    PSN really couldn’t spare someone to head out to the SM v SP game? It seems that such a long and hard fought rivalry would have deserved more than a few stat fill-ins. The Tigers showed their claws Friday night and deserve recognition. Don’t rule them out for a playoff berth in Rio Hondo either! It is quite possible for them to take it to the Rams and come out on top.

  • Anonymous


    No disrespect intended at all but if you watch the endzone film the hit was not late at all, actually about 1-1 1/2 yards in the field of play. The TC Q was on a b-line for that rail (witch i believe was far to close to the sideline to begin with).

    Good luck next week GA!

  • Where’s the chirping now?

    maranatha win AT village christian (homecoming) 34-20
    village loss AT rio hondo 26-27
    just curious rhp bloggers, where’s all the, “wait till village beats maranatha, that will prove that rhp is better”? blah blah blah
    so now when maranatha once again is ranked ahead of you are going to cry about it?

  • Anonymous

    Wheres the chirping now:
    Comparative scoring doesn’t work, especially in high school football. Please discuss something relevant.

  • lcfootball fan

    Your summary of LC vs Blair game is not accurate. It was not Jordan Johannes who was injured during the game. It was another player. Please be more careful before sharing information about athletes

  • Anonymous

    Maranatha please man up and put Rio back on your schedule. You will still lose you just won’t embarrass yourselves like in the past – you have gotten better.

  • Valley

    Sorry but the chirpster is right, I read over and over about Rio and how they beat Big Bear, and Village and how MHS would lose to them and that would give the props they wanted to Rio,

    I wish Rio would stop comparing, be happy with their rankings but they aren’t.

    Good for MHS, Rio, just schedule Whittier, Valley, (my kids team) and beat them, that will shut everyone up.

    MHS was legit and we came out on top, it was a great game.

    But until then Village lost their HOMECOMING GAME to Maranatha and like us they lost some key players last week. I know it hurt us and I am sure it hurt them.

  • 91030

    Been off this Blog for a while contemplating this SouthPas Senior Class and what I thought they could and should have done this year. Certainly everyone who follows the team knew they were going to have a tough couple of years when they were Soph’s and Juniors (last year due to Bednarski’s knee injury). However, I know I was looking foreward to this year due to the Senior leadership and talent. Right now, I would have to give them a C+ – B-. On offense, they clearly have the potential to be the second most dominant team behind Monrovia. On defense though, (and this goes for much of the RHL teams I have seen) they lack the ability to hit hard, wrap up, and tackle. This truly is the difference I am seeing in WSGV football over the past couple of years. Decent offenses but not the smash mouth defenses of years past (GA – I consider TC historically to be one of the examples of great DL and LB play with guys hitting and tackling everyone). I just don’t see it this year though.

    What does this mean for my Tigers. First of all great game against SM, taking care of business and bringing the Cup back to SP. However, they cannot rest on their laurels for that win. While I doubt it is possible to beat Monrovia, at least make them work hard for yards and scores. Letting Bueno or others run wild for lack of tackling skills etc. will demonstrate to CIF that the #2 or #3 RHL team will not be really worthy of a playoff spot. For the Tigers, the offense will take care of itself, despite the general and usual unimaginative play calling of Ed Smith and should score some points against the Wildcats. It is the defense which will be key. Play well against Monrovia and then bring the same intensity to the TC game the following week. If that happens a 3 way tie for 2nd is possible, and let lady luck and the coin flips decide.

    I will be at both rooting you on, but again, the DEFENSE must step up in both games.

  • MHS9

    South Pasadena definitely has the potential to score some points on the cats. The number one obstacle, of course will be giving Bernardski enough time to get a pass off. If they don’t place an emphasis on holding that Monrovia defensive line back, its going to be a very long night for the Tiger quarterback. Since i’m positive that Monrovia will score at will on friday, the key will be putting up enough points to at least keep it close. My prediction MHS 40, SP 7.

  • Befuddled

    Once again, RHP just can’t cope with the fact YOU ARE NOT LEGIT enough to play in a tougher league. I’m from Monrovia and just listening to you cry about every little thing on here has made me respond. Every week no matter what- if it is an article about the minutemen QB (by the way Bueno is better) or just a game, you have to always insert some random crap about your team and how the kare bears are better!
    You’re not! You’re just and envious school is all you are about!
    What is it with your constant jealousy of maranatha?
    You are watching them grow up and become a pretty decent and respected program and you can’t stand it? Sad and pathetic!
    What is relevant is that Maranatha (thanks for the use of your facility- get better music selection and not so much security) has played hard this season. They did lose their defensive Captain and tackle leader for this past game and they still beat Village!
    They won’t beat us in the playoffs, but maranatha wasn’t even suppose to compete.
    so RHP shut up or come up and play with some real competition and yes points do matter.

  • viking fan

    Lcfootball fan

    When I read the name of the injured player, I thought it was wrong since I was over with the player. I just figured maybe his family called him a nickname or something. Thanks for letting us know. Is he ok?

  • Ram Historian

    Hey Grim Reaper,

    It has been almost a decade but the TC Ram Defense of 2001 shut out 4 league opponents (52-0 over SP, 52-0 over M-Town, Blair, and 21-0 over #6 CIF ranked SM). The Rams were #1 until they ran into their CIF nemesis, Inglewood. Rams played tough that night but the ‘Wood was too much to overcome. The last great defense of the RHL.

  • Piece of adivise for you….

    Hey Rio honk (aka Anon 1:02 PM), Maranatha isn’t going to schedule down, you dumb ass, MHS plays Mid Valley football not D-15. The Kare bears need to “sack up” grow some hair and schedule up. Believe me sweetheart, no one on campus is losing any sleep because the ‘little” brother is up all night crying for his bottle…..Hey but you beat Chadwick, thats cool..

  • Goldenarm

    Ram Historian,
    thanks for the reminder of greatness.
    There have been many good days, but we are clearly in a rebuild mode that is ongoing.

    Personally I would not like to see Monrovia leave the RHL. Despite the grief and remimders about their playoff performances…they remain a growing program that with Maddox in charge are sure to get better. Right now, they are the lone team bringing possible post season success to the RHL. They in fact, are being undersold by the weak RHL competition (including TC)which means little challenge every Friday in league….not a good thing for a team with playoff aspirations.
    I apologize for my desription of the Monrovia O-line as playing lazy Friday night, because part of the reason for the many holding calls were due to some good D-line play by the Rams, who despite the score showed some intense effort along with a differing defensive scheme McFarland had rolled out. It challenged the M-town O-line a bit, though in the final outcome it was meaningless.
    If ever the Rams are to return to a high level of play, we need to get our freshman and JV programs back to a level where serious teaching of fundamentals and development of mental toughness, pride and teamwork occurs. Until then TC will struggle against to make the playoff every year behind the talent of Monrovia.

    ANON YOU COULD BE RIGHT,from my angle it looked to be an out of bounds hit, but my view was not the best. You are right about the short sideline, because our QB appeared to whack his head on the bench…it looked ugly. Maybe Miguel’s video will will prove you correct and I, not.

  • Anonymous

    Piece of advise – check your facts- last 5 games before Maranatha wouldn’t play us Rio 144 to the school built on a parking lot 53 and without that QB we trained you wouldn’t be more than .500. He is too good to be playing at Maranatha and my guess will likely transfer next year anyway so you will be back to your 3-7 and 4-6 seasons soon.

    Befuddled (good name for you) – Rio would beat every team in the Rio Hondo, except Monrovia and if Monrovia didn’t have Bueno we beat you too – you really play in a tough league – LC, Blair, SP, TC and SM – wow you should be really proud – all those teams would not make the playoffs in the Pacific, Mid Valley or Prep league. So pipe down you will still lose in round one of the playoffs as will all the other Rio Hondo league teams like usual because you play in the weakest league in the Division. Last year was a fluke that you made it as far as you did – the last CIF championship for Monrovia was never.

  • natha supporter

    to the anonymous telling piece of advice to check their facts: no one cares about what you did the last five games.. this is 2010, and we are in the mid-valley, so stop complaining that we won’t schedule down to you. if you want us to schedule you, then AT LEAST get to the east valley and win a league championship. why you rio tards are hating on us specifically i can’t understand.. and as for elffers, so what if he was part of the kyl? get over the fact that he and other great athletes simply don’t want to attend rhp. too good to be playing here and will transfer? his brother and sister graduated from mhs and his younger brother will attend also, and he and his family have a strong connection and a love for the maranatha community; i guarantee you transferring would never cross his mind. his focus is not on football, it is about using it to glorify God, however cheesy you may find that. he’s with a stable program that coach murphy and his awesome coaching staff has built, so why would he leave that for unclear waters? and as for too good for maranatha.. you do realize that 4 years ago we barely lost the cif final in the east valley by a missed extra point in an alpha league that included whittier Christian.. and went deep into playoffs the last two years and cranked out 2 d-1 qb’s in that time – matt schilz (bowling green redshirt freshman starter) and cody keith (ecu).

    also, its really retarded that you hate on the mid-valley.. youve never played up here so you wouldn’t know anything about it. sure, we said that we would beat la canada before the game, but we never hated on, despised, or did any negative talking of the sort. and you say they wouldn’t make the playoffs in the pacific league.. well you wouldn’t either. and you say that if there was no bueno, you would beat monrovia? well they DO have bueno so SHUT UP! its like saying the colts would be no good if there was no peyton manning. well they do have him so DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP MOANING AND CRYING.

  • P of A

    Hey Anon, do us all a favor and simply go away, no one give a rats ass about your D-15 cult school or its past accomplishments. Stop drinking that special kool aid they give you clowns over at RHP, its making you delusional. You sound like my little sister who constantly wants to be in everyones business. Dont worry your time will come and you will eventually be all growed up (and yes I spelled it that way) Speaking of a school built on a parking lot, at least our field is legitimate and actually measures 120 by 53 1/3 yards and our opponents dont have to worry about being run up some freaking stupid hill out of bounds on the Home sidelines. Give a shot out if you think RHP has the worst field in the entire SGV. Your logic makes about as much sense as putting lipstick on a pig to disguise it. At the end of the day, guess what? Its still a pig..

  • Anonymous

    natha supporter

    Its obvious that guy doesn’t know what he is talking about, even if monrovia didn’t have Bueno, they would introduce RHP to someone named George Frazier. They wouldnt be able to handle him either.

  • Goldenarm

    5 GUYS.
    Before you do anything else on offense, plan anything on offense, you better get yourself 5 guys.
    Your offensive line.
    Because if yours cannot beat theirs, not much else is going to matter.
    Even if they stack the box with 8 guys, you bring in two tight ends who can block and keep rammimg the ball. If your 5 guys are tough enough and strong enough, and relentless with pride in what they do, you will see results. These results will improve the chances of your passing game as well, and soon your offense has established they can move the ball.

    TC was unable to match up and block Monrovia. Thus, the Rams died on 3 and outs. You cannot continue to hand the ball back to the Monrovia offense and expect the score to remain 0-0. Monrovia has a better looking pass offense then I have seen in sometime, and as I mentioned before – they’re play calling is much more intelligent and suited to what the defense is presenting. Last year their play calling was slightly better than horrible. (San Marino game being the best example).
    In TC’s defense they graduated their entire starting 0line last year, and returned NO varsity lineman of any kind, with the exception of Luis Lopez, who is now our starting fullback. If the Rams hope to beat So Pas and make CIF, they are going to need better effort up front.

  • Goldenarm

    Grim Reaper

    If you made the game Friday – did you see Palmer’s incredible coffin corner short punt which was downed at the 2 yard line?
    You can’t do it any better than that.

  • the best is yet to come….

    Frazier is going to be a beast for MHS next year and should keep them right there on top of the polls regardless of what happens this year. How many QB’s do you see playing LB? That’s what I’m talking about, now that’s football baby!!!!! Where can I find a player like that?

  • Anonymous

    P of A,

    I totally agree with you regarding the sand lot field at Rio Hondo Prep. During a semi-final playoff game last year a number of late hit and unsportmanlike conduct penalties were called on the opposition after RHP players were sent up into the embankments and almost into the stands on a number of good hard hits. During a subsequent conversation earlier this year with a person who was present (vertical stripped shirt, white pants, and perhaps a whistle), it was discussed that the game, in retrospect, was PROBABLY “over-officiated” and the hits “looked worse than they actually were” because the field dimensions were so poor. In my opinion, these calls ABSOLUTELY” had an outcome on the game as there were probably 8-10 questionable calls. It worked out great for RHP though.

  • Anonymous

    The freshman team is a scrappy group of boys that should be ready in 2 years.
    They play tough defense for a team that has alot of first time (football) players. Just need fundamentals.
    Also I hope some TC Alumni will come back and coach at the lower level. Sad when your AD & Varsity baseball coach have to couch the team because no one else would.
    TC will be a much improved next season (if admin. doesnt get in the way.)

  • anonymous

    Speaking of freshman teams… does anyone know how the Wildcats freshman team is doing this year?…

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Tough go of it this year for the titans … congrats to SP on a win and good luck next week …. the well at SM isnt dry though the lower levels are showing great promise and due to several injuries (line backer core has been decimated) were playing a grip of underclassmen and sophomores at a key positions which will undoubtedly benefit them next year who ever takes over there will have plenty of talent to pick from. The JV team is in position to win league outright and undefeated if it handles business next week with another strong freshmen class to follow… we will be back strong a lot sooner than people believe

  • Dee Reece

    Hello, That was a fantastic thread thank you very much for sharing this information with me.

  • John Wayne

    I’m back for the moment. Tried to control myself and not point out the obvious, but….!
    First off:
    RHP- the actual things that I want to come out of my mouth are obscene, so I will hold back a tad! I will say you are sad, pathetic, and I am in TOTAL agreement about your “cult” of a school. You field is ridiculous and your mindset is just plain STUPID! You guys obviously live in a dream state. Maybe it’s the brainwashing that is going on at your school?
    Second: You talk of all the accomplishments that you have achieved or how would would beat this team or that team. Then step out of your really tough league and come on up and play the tougher schools. Put a load of schools on your schedule that are actually competitive. Don’t rely on ONE game against a team that was up on you and beating you and then fell asleep. Not to mention, as everyone has pointed out your home field is truly an advantage…. hey kudos to that!
    You get on here and show your whiney and obvious jealous attitude. If you run your life like you run your mouth on here, then I feel sorry for you and your family!
    Who are you to think for one minute that you know anything about the Elfers(QB) family and what they are going to do! WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLACE A BET on where he attends school next year?
    How about we bet you jump off a bridge or just never poke your head on here again? I kind of like the first suggestion and I’m sure many will agree.
    These blogs are not meant for whiney, jealous little babies as yourself. We are on here to praise the kids and discuss football. Especially some football present and future
    On the note of future….Monrovia- YES, Frazier will be freaking awesome next year. He is legit in every aspect and will continue to keep Monrovia at the top of their league and the division! So those of you shut up when saying they will be nothing without Bueno!

    You have put down the Mid-Valley saying you could play with any team out there- THEN SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE and DO IT! Quit talking and prove yourself.

    The last thing on here is please quit talking of the past. Last I remember, Maranatha won the last two meetings against you. What? They are suppose to keep playing an inferior school/team! They wanted competition and they are growing as a program over there. I keep asking myself that if RHP is really that good, then why have your coaches/AD not stepped you up? It’s simple… someone over at your school understands humiliation and doesn’t want any part of it!

    My bad – one last thing- quit trying to put Elfers on your Kares Youth league program of the past. Even if he spent a minute there, YOU and that youth league DID NOT CREATE the athlete and character that he is and has become! You have NO SAY in that! SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH- I believe his parents strong fundamental and foundation helped mold him to the outstanding person he is. That “gene” is in his family. Just look at his brothers, sister, mom, and Dad!
    I should punch you in the forehead for such a dumb comment(s)!!!! Hey, maybe that can be our bet? When he doesn’t transfer then you and I should meet so I can indent your head and possibly knock some sense into it?
    To the Mid-Valley— keep being strong and invite RHP to come on up and get hurt on the football field. Or at least invite this idiot alumni to suit up!

  • Anonymous

    “RHP- the actual things that I want to come out of my mouth are obscene”

    …shesh, dude, get a grip. You’re getting all worked up over a school with 88 students. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. get a life.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with John Wayne on several points. However, the main point is about the Kares Youth Program. I don’t know how long Andrew Elfers was a part of it, but I can tell you that you have no business taking credit for who he has become. That solely lies on his own personality, character, and ability to make his own choices. Of course with the help of his parents.
    It’s funny, I could drop a few names of some kids I coached in basketball in the YMCA program. I coached both boys and girls and had some amazing teams with several phenoms as athletes. Several of those kids (now older teens and young adults) have become some of the valley’s most outstanding ballers and have either accepted offers to some serious D1 schools or have letters arriving every day for the past 2 years!
    My point is, even though I coached them at a young age, some at least 6 years (two seasons each year); I refuse to take any credit nor does the YMCA take any credit for the ballers they have become! That credit goes towards their parents, faith, and their WORK ETHIC. I couldn’t make them become great athletes, nor could I make them work hard! They chose that and their parents instilled some of those values.
    So re-read what you have written and be ashamed to you trying to plug the Kares Youth League and make it look like your program is responsible for any of this QB’s success!
    Look at it like this:
    You are lucky to have known such a character & work driven individual who actually graced your programs presence! Quit trying to take credit for something you had no control over! That’s shameful, as I’m guessing you are an excuse making fool!
    By the way, I would love to be there when you lose that bet. I choose the indentation of the forehead over the bridge jump! At least I can point you out saying… wait, it’s “that” guy!

  • John Wayne

    “Anonymous said:
    ..shesh, dude, get a grip. You’re getting all worked up over a school with 88 students”

    It’s not the 88 (last time you guys said it was 50. hahaha) students I get worked up over. These comments wouldn’t take place if you or your alumni weren’t so envious of a school that has put them in the past. You guys always have something negative to say about a school that has written you off!
    Your Kare Bears are the one’s that get on here and whine about why your weren’t ranked ahead of Maranatha or so and so? How you would beat Monrovia or Whittier or Valley or ???
    Like what was written before… tell, petition, beg. or sacrifice a goat in the name of your school or your AD to please step you up to the Mid-Valley or at least schedule a line up of better schools to compete against.
    When it comes down to it you always revert back to your lowly number of students: Quit using them as an excuse.
    At the end of the day, you are right….. I shouldn’t get so worked up over any of this mess. Your cult is definitely not worth it!
    Sorry folks. I’m out!

  • RHP83

    As a RHP alumni. Let me just say that the person that is spouting off about RHP beating everyone and talking negative about everyones program is not a true representative of Rio Hondo Prep. Please ignore him and not get sucked into his NS.

  • RHP84

    RHP is in the division that fits the school size. That is the purpose of having divisions. I don’t know anybody at RHP who is complaining about the division we are in. I am happy for the success of all schools who earn it without exception. Congratulations to Maranatha on their success. It should also be mentioned that RHP is a Christian school. The kids at RHP are proud of their accomplishments because they work very hard for everything they get as a team and there is nothing wrong with that. The success is explained by hard work and dedication that the kids put into everything they do. The same kids play 2 other CIF sports during the year and volunteer at least 6 hours a week to coach at Kare Youth League. This is all positive stuff. Please ignore the negative comments by the rhp blogger because they don’t represent the school.

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  • Prep fan

    Thank you RHP 83 and 84.

    Whoever that anonymous RHP fan was is stupid. We have a lot of respect for Maranatha and what they have done this year. Were both small schools and I think we both root for each other to do well. In my opinion we would have a rough time with Monrovia, Mr. anonymous said we would beat them, maybe in 25 games we would beat them, if that. Monrovia is at a totally different level than RHP. Maranatha vs RHP would be a great matchup. Honestly, maranatha has better athletes and i think they would come out on top, but it would definitely be a great game. Its too bad were not scheduled against each other. About Andrew and him being in Kare youth league, he was in for about 2 years and in no way do we take credit for him being a great QB. I think our argument was that we get good athletes from KYL, not the best 15-20 as someone put it. We get good athletes and our coaching staff does a great job of putting together wat we have to make an outstanding TEAM. Good luck to Maranatha in the Mid Valley, we are pulling for u guys.

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