Star Picks: Small schools take the big stage in Week 9

The Stang Fan and I will go head-to-head this season…

Melendez: 17-2 last week; total 107-40-1
Stang Fan: 17-2 last week; total 116-31-1

My two losses last week came when I picked St. Paul and Alhambra to win. St. Paul lost to St. Francis and Alhambra lost to Montebello, respectively. Stang Fan also had two losses, coming when he picked La Salle to beat Mary Star and San Marino to beat South Pasadena. Unless I make a crazy run over the next few weeks, it’s looking like Stang Fan will win the series. As for the bet, it’s looking like I’ll have to use a new blog picture for a week wearing a USC shirt and hat. But first, let’s see how this week goes.

It’s safe to say that our game of the week honors goes to the Prep League showdown when Pasadena Poly (6-2, 3-0) visits Rio Hondo Prep (6-1, 3-0). I’m not a big fan of 7:30 games, but the fact this game will ultimately decide the league championship makes it enticing for yours truly to make his first ever assignment covering Rio Hondo Prep. I’ve been waiting for this matchup since I first saw the schedule, and as I had hoped for both teams are unbeaten in league heading into Week 9. We’ll have a 2-minute drill on this game later in the day on Tuesday. South Pasadena has a tough one at home with Monrovia heading into town. So far, no team has scored on the Wildcats, and now it’s up to the Tigers’ potent balanced attack to get a shot at pulling off an upset. I don’t see it happening, but stranger things have happened. Pasadena went 0-5 at home this season, but fortunately for the Bulldogs their next two games are on the road, where they are 3-0.

Friday’s games with predictions
Monrovia at South Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Monrovia)
Pasadena Poly at Rio Hondo Prep, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (RHP)
San Gabriel vs. Alhambra at Moor Field, 7 p.m. — Melendez (San Gabriel)
San Marino at La Canada, 7 p.m. — Melendez (La Canada)
Glendale at Arcadia, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Arcadia)
Burroughs at Muir, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Muir)
Pasadena vs. Hoover at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Pasadena)
Blair at Temple City, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Temple City)
Rosemead at South El Monte, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Rosemead)
Gabrielino at Mountain View, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Mountain View)
Duarte vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Gladstone)
St. Francis at Cathedral, 7 p.m. — Melendez (St. Francis)
Marshall vs. Montclair Prep at Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Montclair)
L.A. Baptist at Maranatha, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Maranatha)
Bell Gardens at Keppel, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Bell Gardens)
La Salle at Bishop Montgomery, 7 p.m. — Melendez (BishopM)
Flintridge Prep at Viewpoint, 2:30 p.m. — Melendez (Viewpoint)

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  • Huckster!!!!!

    The Pasadena Bulldogs got one thing in their sites! MUIR! It starts now! Hoover is a practice game!

  • Huckster!!!!!!!

    Oh and for you Muir people who says its not a rivalry anymore I will have to agree, because you cant beat us in anything else! I mean absolutely nothing! Once we get this win in two weeks maybe theyll (CIF) send yawl to the Rio Honda league in all sports! So the rivalry is DEAD!

  • valley guy


    Stop it we still own p.h.s in track and why would c.i.f drop us to the rhl when we win more pacific league titles then any other team in the pacific league get real Huck man and to think i was gone give p.h.s some props after watching them play against Burbank p.h.s played pretty good in my opinion only 1 penalty called all game against them and nice offensive play calling but on the other side of the ball man yall suck where is the defense at and wow your corners suck………So dont speak to soon on the stangs we know twon is the worst OC in the pacific league but the athletes will win the game for muir not the coaches…and truthfully they should drop p.h.s and hoover keep glendale and bring in monrovia.

  • Manic Hispanic


    I haven’t heard much about Pasadena Poly’s Jade Richard-Craven. Although not a starter, SHE is a great athlete who is playing varsity football. I think this would make for an interesting PSN article.

  • valley guy2

    huck who even cares about all the other sports. i know you don’t, all anyone around dena cares about is football, football, football. did you play any other sport when you were in school-no! football means everything to you and stop acting like it doesn’t, there’s no other sport that means as much in the rivalry as the tussle. there’s no bell in any other sport and none of them get to play in a great place like the tussle is-the bowl! and hs got like 3000 students and muir has like 1000, so yall supposed to beat us in everything-especially football! but you never do-ever! the tussle is not a rivalry because we own you guys and the rivalry like you said is dead! the stangs will win again-as usual!

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Valley guy…..

    Muir didn’t win any track meets last year! Muir is below average in everything!!!!! Once we beat them in football in two weeks its all over!!!! You guys will be about the same as Blair! Our “D” will be ready come Tussle time!!!!! PHS will beat Muir by 2 touchdowns, because once they get down they’ll try and just throw bombs! PHS will have 6 interceptions at the least!

  • Miguel Melendez


    I cover Poly’s season opener and mentioned her in my article, that it was her first varsity football game.

    I also mentioned with detail her first tackle and that Brethren Christian threw to the receiver Richard-Craven was covering at corner, and that twice the pass never was completed.

  • el tigre

    Monrovia at South Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Monrovia)

    Well there’s one loss for you…not gonna catch Stang Fan that way

  • MTown27

    El Tigre,

    Estas Pendejo! If you think So. Pas is going to beat Monrovia. People don’t think you are going to put up points, yet alone win!
    Miguel wants to win, that’s why he chose Monrovia! MTOWN…….

  • valley guy

    6 interceptions man kill it your entire secondary combined do have 6 interceptions. man Muir will win this game but it wont come easy but they will win. now the first half its gone be tight but Muir will go into halftime with a 14-12 lead and win the game 27-20 believe me. and Muir blew p.h.s out the water in the dual meet so stop it. and like VALLEY GUY2 said who cares about any other sport its all about the tussle.

  • Manic Hispanic


    You wrote, “…first ever assignment covering Rio Hondo Prep”
    I believe that was you on the sideline covering the RHP vs. Saddleback Valley Christian playoff game down in the O.C. last year. Que no?

  • Huckster, I do not know you nor you me but I appreciate your pride in your Bulldogs. The “Tussle” is huge for almost everyone in Dena. There are those who have fond memories of playing in the game, those from watching the game and those who attend the two schools and most of all the Alumni. It provides a lot of chatter on the street and kind of helps youth make a decision on what school to go to. I see it as just a pride thing and the culmination of a lot of hard work from both teams. May the best team win and enjoy, This game will always be huge. By the way the Stangs swept girls volleyball and boys soccer. HS 3000 students Muir 1000 double that 6000 to 2000 see how this grows. This affects resources,amount of alumni,perception etc. The district is hoping for Muir’s demise, but we are not going to let it happen. I hear the winless baseball team has a good chance of finally winning some games because the coach there is building a good program and the football coaches are letting up a bit and allowing the football players to play baseball.Dr. Smalley has the B-ball team working hard also so look for Muir to improve a bit with there shared athletes. Good Luck Huckster and open up a bit to what really is going on in Pasadena.

  • Realist

    I think Muir will win this one.. But look out for the Huckster, he likes to go into the opposing teams locker room and start fights with opposing teams. Just like he did at Arcadia a few years back. Thats a heads up to all the players on Muir, look out at halftime, the Huckster is gunna be in attendence!!!!

  • PacificLeague

    Valley Guy,

    You say Muir wins more Pacific League titles than anybody else in the Pacific League. What titles are you talking about? It seems like Arcadia, Burroughs and CV end up winning titles in the less publicized sports (i.e. tennis, golf, volleyball).

  • valley guy


    we are talking about football and not tennis or volleyball and muir or p.h.s doesnt even have a golf team. But great point those two schools probably dont win in those few categories but the more physical ones such as basketball, football and track its all about muir and p.h.s and sometimes arcadia but only in football arcadia might sneak in there every other leap year or so…..

  • titangrad

    This many be a bit off topic, but is there any update about the Mooney situation? Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting him back, and it would suck to lose such a great coach.

  • Goldenarm

    el tigre,

    I think it is great the Tigers are playing improved football. On a year where La Canada, San Marino and Temple City all are off-kilter a bit, it is good somebody has upped their game. That said, you may want to tone down your spirits about beating Monrovia. If you like listening to old vinyl records, imagine the TC defense set at 33-1/3 and Nick Bueno playing at 78.
    Mota and Simongunsong are probably faster than anybody on So Pas, and Bueno left smoke trails around them. You won’t sack him without 2 or 3 penetrating lineman to corral his movements, and good luck getting 3 guys through the M-town O line.
    2 SUGGESTION- M-Towners won’t like it – but next time you meet San Dimas put Bueno at tailback and start Foster at quarterback. Run that 3 wide reciever set and San Dimas will go nuts defending it. Then replace Foster with Johnson, motion McCarthy from TE and let Bueno go straight Wildcat behind 600 lbs of M-town beef. Look out below.
    san marino………
    I was surprised by San Marino’s poor play against us, very clear that their problems were much deeper than the loss of Kwame. Their O-line was much bigger than ours and looked impressive coming on the field. With two of the best line coaches in the Valley (Valdes and Mooney)not to mention Camerano/Caseres and other knowledgeable SM staffers, the group flat out did not block well. Their soph running back is a good one, no fault should lay at his feet. I hope SM pulls it together, too many good people not to.

  • BigFatFan

    SP will put some points on the board against M-town. our goal is the playoffs, pure and simple. whatever that takes, and a San Marino upset of LC would help a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Goldenarm, i think you meant frazier not foster. But that is a really good idea, they did a pretty good job at contain bueno previously so some adjustments should be made

  • Schalupa

    SP chances against Mtown are like UCLA’s was against Oregon. Plus, SP running back #30 was seen leaving practice on crutches yesterday. I think I hear that fat brod now.

  • Realist

    valley guy-

    I beg to differ. Arcadia dominates Muir in bball. Pasadena is a different story. Also in 06 07, Arcadia had a great track team. I think they beat muir but I could be wrong

  • Amazing! Muir should go to RHL

    @valley guy and realist–Why is Muir even in the Pacific League? Here is the Pacific League enrollment according to Calpreps.

    CV- 3003
    Glendale- 2970
    Burroughs- 2780
    Burbank- 2722
    PHS- 2272
    Hoover- 2066
    MUIR- 1058

    How do they ever win any games is any sport?!?!?! Those are Rio Hondo League numbers. They would even be the smallest school in the RHL other than Blair! Muir needs to switch leagues asap.

    Temple City- 1991
    Monrovia- 1660
    South Pas- 1520
    La Canada- 1469
    San Marino- 1148
    MUIR- 1058
    Blair- 738

  • Huckster!!!!!!!

    Valley Guy and Muir fans,

    First of all, as a true Pasadenanian I dont want any of the area schools to be doing bad at anything! The fact of the matter is that Muir is closer to Blair than their faithful want to realize! Thats sad for our whole area! This Turkey Tussle thing is the last bit of pride Muir holds as a school and I really think if PHS could put together a string of victories in the Tussle, Muir might just vanish all together and I damn sure dont want that but its a reality! The last 5 years theyve been escaping in that Rose Bowl, only last year was a true whipping they gave the Dogs but other than that it couldve went either way! I look at the schools programs and theyre at a sad state! The glorious Track team resembles an old, cold, weak horse with not an ounce of fight left! A traditional CIF power in basketball is now just skin and bones! The baseball team may not have been great, but they had exceptional athletes at every position and other teams couldnt take a day off when they played! I think the Stangs are on the brink of death, so why not let the Pasadena Bulldogs be the ones to do the honors of killing a once powerful foe! I plan on being one of the pallbearers for my fallen brethren! See ya wouldnt want to be ya! DOGS HOUSE!!!!!!!!! ITS OUR TIME!!!!!!

  • valley guy


    its amazing isn’t it how Muir only enrolls almost 1100 students but yet won more pacific league titles in football then all the teams in there that enrolls 2000+. oh and not to mention that also had national records in track and won the penn relays in 96′ oh which by the way both A and B team finished 1st and 2nd in a world event. no other team in california has done that. only long beach poly has beaten Muir track records and they beat it in i think it was 2002 Kareem Kelly and them. but for Huckster to say that Muir is almost the same as Blair man stop it we still dominate the pacific league in track and we dominate p.h.s in volleyball get real Huck your hate for Muir is becoming ridiculous. Oh and Realist Arcadia never beat Muir in track and if bball stands for baseball yeah arcadia is one of the best at that but if it stands for Basketball then arcadia has been beating Muir on and off the past few years and Muir basketball program has went south but still makes playoffs.

  • Amazing! Muir should go to the Mid-Valley

    Here is Muirs enrollment compared to other schools in the Southeast Division. These guys have to be begging to get out of this division! These numbers are staggering!

    El Rancho- 3183
    Diamond Bar- 3100
    Crescenta Valley- 3003
    California- 2937
    Glendale- 2970
    Sante Fe- 2940
    Walnut- 2911
    West Covina- 2879
    Burroughs- 2780
    Burbank- 2722
    La Serna- 2524
    Whittier- 2470
    Mayfair- 2361
    Norwalk- 2344
    Rowland- 2291
    Pasadena- 2272
    Cerritos- 2200
    La Mirada- 2156
    Hoover- 2066
    Los Altos- 2059
    Bellflower- 2000
    Bonita- 1993
    Diamond Ranch- 1817
    Artesia- 1668
    Glenn- 1664
    Pioneer- 1492
    MUIR- 1058

  • Huckster!!!!!!!!

    Valley Guy,

    I don’t think Muir won any track meets last year and I didn’t say they didn’t win any events! I’m saying they didn’t win with points! The whole meet!

    I understand more than anyone on how Muir is winning in football and thats why I know if they start losing that Tussle it would spell the end as we know it! I dont hate Muir either, its kind of like a Bitter Divorced Wife that still looks fine, but you hate her too! Muirs bad fortune would spell glory days ahead for PHS and Im willing to go out on a limb that PHS would turn into SGV and CIF Powerhouse!

  • Goldenarm


    If you do score on M-town it will be by way of Bednarski’s arm. Tell him to double jock up because Monrovia can rush the passer, and if you have not seen McCarthy, he is 100% manbeast wearing Roman Gabriel’s old QB number. If you go to a 5 step drop, I hope your lineman can hold up, ours did not.
    EMac does not explode off the snap, he actually raises up rather than exploding out, but this may be part of Maddox’s “read” defense. Once his shoes get untracked he gets to the ball and does damage. He did look gassed at times against the Rams,,,but when you are up 40-0 on somebody maybe that is OK.
    The M-town offense is easily capable of 14 points a quarter. If they don’t score, it often is their own fault, not something the defense boldly halted. They are not close to 100% efficiency yet, maybe 65% of what could be.
    Good luck.

  • BigFatFan

    Goldenarm, I suspect that SP will use one and three step drops for Bednarski. If I was the coach, that’s what I would ask him to do. I seriously doubt our linemen can hold off monrovia’s pass rush/blitz to allow a five step drop. SP got laughed at for scheduling Cathedral earlier in the season, but it may be a good tune up for M-town as Cathedral’s speed rush and biltz were pretty good too.

  • Anonymous

    BFF, not really knowing what South Pas has to offer in terms of pass offense but I did attend the Glendale vs. Catherdral game earlier this season and I also checked out the Monrovia vs. Arcadia game and to make that defensive comparison is almost laughable. Maybe I’m wrong but from what I witnessed the Monrovia defense looked to be way more confident especially on the line play. Cathedral lacked the killer instict in forcing the QB out of the pocket thus allowing him to pick his targets and get rid of the ball before he got sacked. I know it was just Glendale but if they could’nt contain Glendales passing attack then I think you may want to ask the SP coach to look at all of the Monrovia films and think his teams whole offensive plan over. Monrovia has 4 guys who get to the ball as fast as I’ve seen any defense this year accomplish. PS. and that Big guy McCarthy should be playing in Iowa or somewhere he is massive and quick.

  • valley guy


    you do realize your making Muir look amazing by posting the fact that they enroll hundreds to thousands less then those schools and Muir probably in the past has destroyed all of those schools or majority of them. And Huckster!!! i know yo history and for you to really think that Muir is spiraling downward is just a crazy hope from you. Muir program in basketball is growing and their baseball team is moving up from terrible to just bad and eventually will reach ok. Muir so called downward spiral to the community and city is caused by people like you that turned their back on Muir for personal reasons. but you and those that did that has failed because Muir will regain favor by beating p.h.s and making a deep run in the playoffs this year and while Muir girls basketball team continue to rule the land and make championship appearance almost every year and send out more than half of their team to a d1 college Muir will never go away….THE STANGS ARE NOT QUARTER HORSES THERE BREADED FOR THE LONG RUN….

  • Realist

    Muir baseball is improving. But not as much as Pasadena’s program. Pasadena now has arguably the best baseball coach in the area. And he alone has made Pasadena a tough team.

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Valley guy,

    I would never turn my back on these kids! I hate that my little cousin Saladin goes to Alamaney and should be ripping it up for the Stangs with a host of other kids that should be at both of our schools! I understand why Muir has the low enrollment and I understand why PHS hasnt been successful as it should in football! Im all for Dena Love first! There is no way in hell Muir should have a streak like it does in football against us, but I truly understand why and it has nothing to do with talent! With out going to deep into it, the bottom line is the PUSD and a lot of these top officials at the schools are poor spirited people!

  • valley guy


    i cant believe i agreed with you on something but hey you did put that right and made a point that i argue with people everyday.

    you gone see the improvement from Muir baseball team this year.

    But what bothers me the most is everyone hates on Muir and their programs but if you look at the books on wins and D1 scholarships offered out in the pacific league sports Muir high school is ahead of every pacific league school. and im talking about the physical sports such as Track, Football and Basketball.

    i mean lets be real Muir has a winning record against every school in the pacific league in Football only Burbank has a .500 record against us.

    Our girl Basketball team now we not even gone go there because there is no competition in that area.

    Our boys Basketball yeah we went south but lets not forget we did knock off p.h.s in 2004-2005 season.

    and we all know about Muir dual meet record in track that streak ended in what 06 i think it was 06.

    But my point is Muir dominates the Pacific League in more than half the sports category and sends out more kids on sport scholarships then any other Pacific league school….GO MUSTANG….TELL ME IM WRONG AND WHERE IM WRONG AT

  • Pacific League

    Valley Guy,

    Muir and Burroughs are split at 2 games a piece head to head. I believe Muir leads the series 3-2 against Burbank. Burroughs and Muir also have two titles a piece since the inception of the new pacific league.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Valley Guy…
    you said, “But my point is Muir dominates the Pacific League in more than half the sports category.”
    That may have been true in the 80s and 90s to some degree but today… Let’s take a look…

    Fall Sports-
    Football- good, playoffs almost every year
    boys x country- not sure they field a team anymore
    girls x country- not sure they field a team anymore
    girls tennis- doesn’t field a team anymore
    boys water polo- doesn’t field a team anymore
    girls volleyball- dead last

    Winter Sports-
    Girls Basketball GREAT
    Boys Basketball- OK, playoff contender
    boys soccer- very good, top half of the league
    girls soccer- bottom half of the league
    girls water polo- doesn’t field a team anymore

    Spring Sports
    boys track- bottom half of the league
    girls track- bottom half of the league
    boys swim- doesn’t field a team anymore
    girls swim- doesn’t field a team anymore
    boys tennis- doesn’t field a team anymore
    boys volleyball- has never fielded a team
    golf- bottom half of the league
    softball- dead last
    baseball- last or next to last place every year in the league

  • el tigre

    Only time i’ll ever be rooting for San Marino is this week…

  • valley guy

    Hal Lamaster:
    ok you made your point but the track statement is not true the teams that Muir do put in the track events reigns over every team in the pacific league…..But when you mention girls basketball please dont understate them their more than great try undeniably the best and in the top 25 in every year..and in the sporting event that Muir doesn’t have its not fair to mention them events lets not forget Muir only enrolls 1058 students but the events that Muir do have check out your own research Muir is at the top in more than half of them if you correct your track statements i mean come on Muir owns almost every event that they have a person participate in for boys and girls. now if Muir enrollment was lets say 1000 more students and that will still make them at the bottom in enrollment but some more of those left out events would be filled and Muir will own those to and please dont just go off the last couple of years……lets do this fair…..

  • Goldenarm

    It started as a promising year for SM, but collapsed after the Temple City game. Apparently at the Saturday morning practice after TC some fire was flying. Somebody should show some huevos, suck it up and re-instate Mooney…providing he wants to return. With 2 games to go – I guess chances are slim.
    La Canada is a better team than some of their games might indicate. They should defeat the Titans. LC had problems with Simongunsong’s speed and quickness but were tough in the middle.

    Cathedral is not full of talent this year. In the league they are in, they need to be.

    I hope Maddox’s playoff experience allows him to keep M-town players heads in the game and understand that when you get there – you must seize the chance. It is tough to get back again and you never know what might happen.

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  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Valley guy and Hal Lamaster,

    Once again! Sports are a reflection of the administrations and who theyre selecting to lead these programs. To have Mr. Hal Lamaster correctly point out the sporting programs at Muir and the state theyre in is just got damn shame! You have these self righteous adults with no plan leading the blind and dumb! Call me crazy or even a drunk, but what these people are doing right in front of our eyes is just criminal! No way in hell should the Stangs be in such a state! But this could only happen on the WEST SIDE! This is personal, but the parents are at fault too! Football/sports are a big part of Pasadena and if the football/sporting programs are excelling it seems a lot of people in the community want to be a part of that, which would affect all the other activities or sporting programs. When a lot of people from our community send their children to private school in search of a better education I really have to question it, because why wasnt they searching for that in junior high or elementary? I understand everyone wants their child to have the best, but sometimes the best is at home! You have to make it the best! You leave else where to find better, but come back to live in the worse!!!! It doesnt make sense! Muir is like a brother that I have to beat, but know its love after the war! Deana Love!

  • Huckster!!!!!!

    Oh! The Dogs is still kicking the Stangs a$$es come next Friday! BULLDOGS FO LIFE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Valley Guy you are correct. I didn’t give proper respect to the girls basketball team. Muir’s girls basketball team is super. They are the best in the valley, year in and year out, and among the state’s top programs without question.

    I could be wrong about the track teams. Muir always produces stellar individuals and relay teams, but as a dual meet team they are 6th or 7th in the Pacific League these days. It has to do with numbers and not filling all of the events. In boys track last season, I’m pretty sure they were beaten by every team in league except Hoover. Again I could be wrong, I remember when they were once considered unbeatable.

  • Hal Lamaster

    that last post was mine.

  • valley guy

    yeah you right about that (hal lamaster) those were the days tho….but Muir will reign again trust me….


    Football Ticket prices for Turkey Tussle and Chicken Tussle are set at $8(Adult) & $6(ASB/Senior citizens).

    Chicken Tussle @PHS 11/11 4pm – $4 at gate. PHS will have a taco stand for that game.

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