CIF-SS Playoffs: La Caada earns at-large in Mid-Valley Division; St. Francis earns at-large in Western Division; What’s your game of the week come Friday night?


Village Christian (Olympic at-large) at No. 1 Azusa (Montview 1)
Temple City (Rio Hondo 2) at Rosemead (MVL 2)
Bell Gardens ( Almont 2) at Whittier Christian (Olympic 1)
La Caada (Rio Hondo at large) at No. 4 Covina (Valle Vista 1)
San Dimas (Valle Vista at-large) at No. 3 Arroyo (Mission Valley 1)
La Puente (Montview 2) at Maranatha (Olympic 2)
Baldwin Park (Valle Vista 2) at Schurr (Almont 1)
Gladstone (Montview at large) at No. 2 Monrovia (Rio Hondo 1)


Bellflower (Suburban 4) at No. 1 West Covina (Hacienda 1)
Burbank (Pacific 3) at Santa Fe (Del Rio 2)
Diamond Ranch (Hacienda 3) at Mayfair (Suburban 2)
El Rancho (Del Rio at large) at No. 4 Burroughs (Pacific 1)
Muir (Pacific 4) at La Mirada (Suburban 1)
California (Del Rio 3) at Bonita (Hacienda 2)
Norwalk (Suburban 3) at Arcadia (Pacific 2)
Walnut (Hacienda 4) at La Serna (Del Rio 1)


Beverly Hills (Ocean at-large) at Serra (Mission 1)
Adolfo Camarillo (Pacific view 2) at Dos Pueblos (Channel 1)
Downey (San Gabriel Valley 2) at Inglewood (Ocean 1)
Oxnard (Pacific View at-large) at Paso Robles (Pac-7 1)
Culvery City (Ocean 2) at Chaminade (Mission 2)
Ventura (Channel 2) at Atascadero (Pac-7 2)
Arroyo Grande (Pac-7 at-large) at Rio Mesa (Pacific View 1)
St. Francis (Mission at-large) at Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley 1)


Mojave (Desert Mountain at-large) at Bishop Union (High Desert 1)
Chadwick (Prep at-large) at Mojave (Santa Fe 1)
Hamilton (Arrowhead 2) at Pasadena Poly (Prep 2)
Fairmont Prep (San Joaquin 2) at Desert Christian/L, Desert 2)
St. Genevieve (Santa Fe 2) at Vasquez (Desert Mountain 1)
Desert (High Desert 2) at California Military Inst. (Arrowhead 1)
Boron (Desert Mountain at-large) at Saddleback VC (San Joaquin 1)
California City (High Desert at-large) at Rio Hondo Prep (Prep 1)

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  • New York

    Let the games begin! Congratulations and good luck to those teams in the playoffs.

  • Philly B.

    New York, do you or anyone know if Monrovia’s field will be ready this week or next for the playoffs???

  • Observantcat

    Philly B. Monrovia’s field is ready.

  • Anonymous

    Who does Rio Hondo play?

  • Miguel Melendez

    Monrovia’s field is expected to be completed by Wednesday.

  • Anonymous

    Not that it is going to matter since Rio Hondo will win the CIF. But why does Rio have to play Boron in round two?

  • Michael

    Do you think Rosemead or Temple City will win?

  • tcchamps


    It depends who calls heads and who calls tails.

  • el tigre

    Dang, looks like TC MIGHT make it out of round one, but at least LC is done

  • BigFatFan

    the second best team in the Rio Hondo did not make the playoffs. After throttling TC, SP watched their playoff chances “flip out” with the toss of the coin. at the risk of enraging Goldenarm, let me just say that TC is a one dimensional offense, running game only, a young QB that can not throw down field. and if SP was able to shut that limite offense down, then dont expect much in the playoffs. As for LC, if not for a phantom off-side call at the goal line, SP ties LC late in the game and probably wins in OT. at the end of the season, SP was the “best of the rest” in the RHL, clear and simple. a balanced offense led by a legit D-1 QB, an 800+ yard WR, and a 1,000+ yard running back. Even the much maligned Defense began to step it up late in the season.

    The challenge for SP is to shrug this shun off, and build for next year with some fine JR running backs, good LB corp, and some up and coming sophomores that will have to fill big shoes of the vacating seasons.

    Tigers, stand tall, you guys had a great season. and you saved the jobs of the entire coaching staff for at least one more season.

  • Big Daddy

    Rio Hondo fan but the game to watch is Maranatha’s.

  • Big Daddy

    Too bad they have Rio and Boron meeting so soon. Boron list to Vasquez due to 7 turnovers so is an at-large entry. My bet is Pasadena Poly will finish 1st in upper bracket and meet either Rio or Boron. Money on Boron due to Charles Quintero did not play in the first matchup. Boron palyed California, Rio’s first match up and won 71 to 0. No game so all of us small school fans put our hopes on Marnatha.

  • Getoveritsopas

    Geez would you people from So. Pas get over it, you’ve always sucked, you will continue to suck. You haven’t been worth squat since Yang retired and that’s a long long time ago. Believe me I know we used to use you guys as practice dummies it was a joke.

  • Getoveritsopas

    Geez would you people from So. Pas get over it, you’ve always sucked, you will continue to suck. You haven’t been worth squat since Yang retired and that’s a long long time ago. Believe me I know we used to use you guys as practice dummies it was a joke.

  • Anonymous

    only idiots hit the send button twice

  • What?!

    Big Fat Fan-

    Quit your complaining. There was only one team worth anything in the Rio Hondo this year and that is Monrovia.
    La Canada and TC will go down in the first round.

  • Big Daddy

    Sorry for the typos. Daaaa
    Correction. Take Rio over Boron in 2nd round.
    Boron “lost” to Vasquez not list.

  • el tigre

    “only idiots hit the send button twice”

  • Anonymous

    watch out for rio hondo’s sophmore denensive line

  • Anonymous

    Mid Valley 2nd round playoff destinations (coin flip winners & Automatic)

    Rosemead at Village Christian (Automatic)
    Temple City at Village Christian (Coin Flip)

    Covina at Whittier Christian (Coin Flip)
    Whittier Christian at La Canada (Automatic)

    Covina at Bell Gardens (Auto)
    La Canada at Bell Gardens (Coin Flip)

    Maranatha at Arroyo (Coin Flip)
    Arroyo at La Puente (Auto)

    Maranatha at San Dimas (Auto)
    La Puente at San Dimas (Coin Flip)

    Schurr at Monrovia (Coin Flip)
    Schurr at Gladstone (Auto)

    Monrovia at Baldwin Park (Auto)
    Gladstone at Baldwin Park (Coin)

  • Big Football Fanatic

    South Pas Fans you actually “WON” the coin toss. It saved you the pain and anguish that LC fans will endure when Covina flat-out crushes them in the 1st rd.

    You guys had a great year and I agree a coin-flip decision is no decision at all. Best of luck next year.

  • valley guy

    If Muir gets out the first round this year i can see them either in the finals or semi’s…..beating La Mirada is going to be tuff but i think Muir should win this game big.

  • Bones

    Covina is going to dismantle La Canada. Good luck to ALL SGV football teams this friday.

  • Anonymous

    some area teams calpreps projections FWIW…

    Covina 31 La Canada 7
    Monrovia 42 Gladstone 3
    Rosemead 31 Temple City 20
    Arcadia 34 Norwalk 22
    La Mirada 27 Muir 21
    Pasadena Poly 48 Hamilton 8
    Rio Hondo Prep 42 California City 6
    Maranatha 41 La Puente 28

    For those area teams projected to lose by calpreps…please prove them wrong. thanks :o)

  • goteamgo

    Maranatha had a bye week in week 10?? Could be a very smart move going into the playoffs –

  • Toucan Sam

    I can see a Village vs. Whittier matchup. Poor Covina getting to play Whittier! Could be disastrous for Covina….
    The bottom bracket offers a tough run for anyone in the 2nd and 3rd rounds! Man, if Monrovia lines up with B.P. – could spell an “upset”!
    We’ll see after Friday!

  • Rio Fan 33

    To: Anonymous: Rio plays California City. Rio will play 2nd string for 3 quarters. No match here.

  • Bank Street

    So Pas fans please stop complaining about the coin flip you’re making the true Tiger fans look bad. Stand up and accept that we had our chances on the field and didn’t get it done.

    Tiger fan is forgetting that the teams fate was decided on the field but it just happen back in week 6, . SP lost to LC in a poorly played 1st qt of football. your shot at the playoffs happen right there, on the field of play, no coin flip would have even been needed, LC won and they earned their spot.

    They say you never know when opportunity is knocking and that was it. In the 1st quarter of the first league game. Come out flat and there was your playoff chance in a nut shell. So please stop whining about a flip of a coin and move on- You left it too close and a ref helped decide your fate in the LC game and then a coin flip decides your playoff chance. Learn to take things out of the hands of officials by leaving no doubt and take control over your own fate.

    Best of luck to all the Pasadena Area teams in CIF. M-town you have the best chance to bring a CIF championship back to the Rio Hondo League so we are wishing you that long playoff run……. as it will only make all of the area football programs better as they hopefully strive that much harder to reach your same level.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan,

    I know LM took CIF last year (and had 5 or 6 guys go
    D-1)but the truth is this year is different. Part of the reason may be because they lost a key coach (Ollie) – who now is at Buena Park with Anthony White.
    They still have some Sasquatch’s on the line and Blood is a good QB, they have Gama and a couple other rocks on defense, but no way is this team as bad ass as last year’s.
    It is a tough draw for Muir (nothing new with that)but this team can be beat with a great effort from the Stangs. Good luck.


    I will say it again, the Rams played an unmotivated, poorly coached, low effort game against the Tigers and got what they deserved, a loss. Beyond that I would say it is time you and other Tiger fans lend your support to Temple City, La Canada and Monrovia, the representatives coming out of the RHL, because the rest is past and history at this point.
    La Canada gets a hellacious draw against one of the best Mid Valley teams. M-town gets a pass basically and TC gets a team that is now better than the Rosemead team we played earlier and had a three score lead on, only to lose because of incompetent, bungling officiating AND having 3 TD’s called back.
    Rosemead now has their offense and particularly running game in full swing and their defense is much improved. This is a game we can win if we show up with a strategy and play with heart. If our line looks like they did against So Pas the game will be over by halftime however.
    Go Rams

  • el tigre


    I was gonna stop arguing my case but I’m sick of hearing about how “unmotivated and poorly coached” TC was.

    We were just better, it wasn’t because TC had a bad night, if anything SP came out flat in the first half.

    And SP’s head coach is coach Smith, so I don’t see how you can argue TC had poorer coaching…

  • Anonymous

    Rio doesn’t have any second and third team players – all our players play that is one of the reasons why we are so good year in and year out. With Rio if you are on the team you play in the game and have a role and not just special teams. This is why we are especially good in big games our underclassmen have had roles in big games since they were sophomores.

  • Big Daddy

    To: Anonymous

    Rio will pull Charles Quintero in the 2nd qtr as they have many times. You are correct about 2nd or 3rd teams. They do not have enough enrollment. But they will move up 4 or 5 JV’s and they will play. Rio’s top 3 to 5 players will be pulled and rested for Boron.

  • Goldenarm

    el tigre

    Here is exactly what I said ” the Rams played an unmotivated, poorly coached, low effort game against the Tigers and got what they deserved, a loss.

    Not sure how many more ways I can say it, or say it any clearer.
    We were outplayed. We lost.

    It is not going to change anything anyway. The coin flip did that.

    Talk to CIF in Long Beach. They want all paperwork wrapped by Saturday morning and obviously will do whatever needs doing to be sure they have it.

  • The Midvalley!!!!

    Well, Well, Well…we are finaly here!!! The Midvalley Playoffs. Who’s the Favorites, who’s for real and who’s overated? So Much to blog about. Some teams received bad draws…like Arroyo, Azusa and teams like Covina and Monrovia receive favorable draws. However if your first round games are easy, your second round game will be a test. For example Azusa will be tested by Villiage Christian, They Play Rosemead or TC in the quarters. I expect Azusa to make it to the semis. Monrovia will speed by Gladstone, but will have a more difficult game against BP or Schurr, after both of these teams play a tough game. Bp would be the more difficult of the two, but Monrovia will be in the semis. Arroyo by far will be playing the toughest game in rd 1. San Dimas is not your ordinary at large team. Arroyo will have to play perfect to win. Then they will have to turn around and play a tough Maranatha team. Covina, has a decent opponent in La Canada, But should speed by them. In the 2nd Round the Colts face a powerful Whittier Christian team who should get past Bell Gardens. That game should be a huge game! If all the top seeds win. This is the break down of the midvalley and how the games will go…

    Upper Bracket 1st Round
    Azusa 28 over Villiage Christain 21(possible upset)
    Rosemead 21 over Temple City 20
    Whitter Christian 35 over Bell Gardens 14
    Covina 42 over La Canada 10

    Lower Bracket
    Arroyo 24 over San Dimas 20(possible upset)
    Maranatha 31 over La Punte 17
    Baldwin Park 20 over Schurr 17
    Monrovia 42 over Gladstone 0

    2nd Round
    Upper Bracket
    Azusa 31 over Rosemead 14
    Covina 28 over Whitter Christia 24(Possible Upset)

    Lower Bracket
    Arroyo 31 over Maranatha 30
    Monrovia 28 over Baldwin Park 17(Possible upset)

    Covina 35 over Azusa 21
    Monrovia 31 over Arroyo 20

    Monrovia 24 over Covina 21

    Midvalley Champion: Monrovia WildCats.

  • Philly B.

    Anonymous-Why does Monrovia have to autmoatically go to Baldwin Park?

  • Home games in the playoffs

    any team who is on the road in the first round will play at home automatically in the second round. Now if both teams already had a home game, then it goes to a coin flip.

  • balla

    rio isnt good hahah look at who they play…. next round rio vs sacret heart

  • el tigre

    @Home games in the playoffs

    Yes! More coin flips!

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