• Carly Petersen

    Oursweet Dynasox has gone missing (she was having a play date and both dogs got out, one returned home). Last seen in City of San Gabriel on
    Rosemead and Aracdia Ave. at 7pm last night (11/13). Please tell everyone you know in that area to tell everyone they know. 310.292.6018

  • TigerFan

    MM, is there anyway you could post a list of all the teams that will be included in the PSN’s All-Area team? I just want to look around and see if any tigers have a shot at being honored on this list.
    Many thanks

  • Goldenarm

    The team capable of surprising and shocking the Mid Valley has got to be MARANATHA.

    The 2nd team that would shock would be TC, because this year, we just don’t have the horses. We need a confidence boost after So Pas, a BIG HUEVOS injection before we face Rosemead, who will remember we had them 28-9, before the zebras drank LSD tainted water and hallucinated thinking it was raining yellow flags.

    If I am correct , I believe the winner of TC/Rosemead gets the winner of SD and Arroyo, which is not exactly a smooth path to the semis.

  • Tom S

    Thanks for the comment. I really think Maranatha will get by La Puente and then it will be a tough matchup against the winner of the San Dimas vs Arroyo game. Great to have our first Mid Valley playoff game at home. Hey the concession will be serving bbq hot dogs still left over from the Monrovia vs TC game a couple of weeks ago. Dont worry theyve been frozen.
    Good luck to you guys with your game against Rosemead. And good luck to all the WSGV that made the playoffs

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