Mid-Valley Prediction: Monrovia makes 10th finals count

Southeast, Northeast Division predictions come Tuesday and Wednesday.

Freddy and Steve Ramirez agree: Monrovia will be crowned Mid-Valley Division champion when it’s all said and done. Monrovia will kill one bird with two stones. They’ll beat San Dimas in the semifinals and finally avenge three losses to the Saints over the last two years, including last year’s 12-7 loss in the Mid-Valley Division finals. Azusa will be a worthy opponent. If nothing else, we’ll see a great matchup with a potential shootout. Maranatha’s taste of a victory in the Mid-Valley Division will fuel its drive in 2011. A lot of you will get blown away by the poise, quickness and textbook-play of sophomore quarterback Andrew Elffers. Don’t be surprised if you see this kid play at a major Division I school in a few years. Omar Younger is a beast on the ground. He’s a crashing machine, never fazed by tough collisions. Back to Monrovia … Steve Ramirez has said it all season, Ellis McCarthy gives the Wildcats a huge advantage. The 6-foot-5, 290 pound defensive tackle sets the tone and trickles to every facet of the game, allowing the Wildcats to control the tempo and ultimately their own momentum. Nick Bueno’s ability to balance his arsenal is a huge asset to the Wildcats. He’s proven that when the passing game isn’t there he can kick it into third gear and run defenses wild with his speed and elusiveness. What people forget about Monrovia is its much-improved defense over the last few weeks. Linebacker Derrick Johnson, safety Charlie Cimmarusti and cornerback Derrin Jenkins are just a few of the key pieces anchoring a hard-nosed defense that worked hard in nearly shutting out the Rio Hondo League. Sure, it’s a sub-par league this season for the most part, but these seniors took pride in recording the shutouts. Granted, there was In-N-Out for the taking, but still.

Mid-Valley Division Predictions
Top Seeds:
1. Azusa (10-0), 2. Monrovia (8-2), 3. Arroyo (9-1), 4. Covina (9-1)
Unseeded Sleepers: San Dimas, Whittier Christian, Maranatha.

Mid-Valley Division
Top Bracket

Village Christian (6-4) at No. 1 Azusa (10-0) — Azusa
Temple City (4-6) at Rosemead (7-3) — Rosemead
Bell Gardens (7-3) at Whittier Christian (9-1) — Whittier Christian
La Canada (5-5) at No. 4 Covina (9-1) — Covina
Bottom Bracket
San Dimas (6-4) at No. 3 Arroyo (9-1) — San Dimas
La Puente (8-2) at Maranatha (7-3) — Maranatha
Baldwin Park (5-5) at Schurr (6-4) — Baldwin Park
Gladstone (5-5) at No. 2 Monrovia (8-2) — Monrovia

Top Bracket

Azusa over Rosemead
Covina over Whittier Christian
Bottom Bracket
San Dimas over Maranatha
Monrovia over Baldwin Park
Azusa over Covina
Monrovia over San Dimas
Monrovia over Azusa

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  • BigCat

    The ‘Cats have the weapons on both sides of the ball and also on special teams. However, the teams they play from now on will be better teams, more determined teams and teams looking to kill the top guys. The ‘Cats gotta be big, focused and ready to rumble.
    GO CATS!

  • Anonymous

    Maranatha makes it to the semi finals and loses to Monrovia in a close game.

  • HS Football fan

    Would love to see a semi-final of Maranatha vs Monrovia at PCC!! That would be a great place to play it but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Good luck to both teams in the first round.

  • MonroVian

    MonroVian said:

    Hahhhahahaa…. I LOVE IT!
    Monrovia is indeed long over due for a Championship, plain and simple!!!!!!!!! I have battled with the pain of loosing the BIG Dance since my senior year when we lost to Mira Costa…. That Loss and every other one I’ve witnessed since, have left a sour, sour, sour taste in my mouth… This has to be the year, our 10th try, in 2010!!! It has to come to an end, NOW…
    I have nothing but faith in these group of young men to get it done… Nick you are a blessing to the Cats, Ellis you are a Beast, enough said! Bubba I felt that hit all the way in the stands from last week. Everyone else Jay, Charlie, Christian, Adrian, Faustino, Casas, and all you other boys on the line and last but not least G5 you are the FUTURE! Everyone else that I did not mention I’m sorry but I would of been here all day. I commend all you, especially the brilliant coaching staff. With all that said play with Wildcat pride, Just play Wildcat football and everything will fall in place. This is our year boys I feel it!
    One Love MTOWN………

  • Philly B

    Im Sorry, but I have to know, is Azusa really that good to get all the way to the finals????? I mean Im nervous if Monrovia will have to face San Dimas because the Saints have had the cats number the last two face-offs. Ive seen who Azusa has played and those teams records…I just dont think Azusa is as good as they are on paper….I see them being exposed!!!! Im not ready to give monrovia the crown just yet. I love my cats, and I think overall with the team speed the cats have on defense and Bueno’s elusiveness and his ability to throw the ball pretty well now. I just think we have what it takes to get to the finals…but who we face and the outcome of the game….You wont hear me saying any predicitons.

  • Anonymous

    No way azusa downs covina. Covina vs Monrovia in the CIF Final. The outcome is questionable even to a Monrovia supporter like myself.

  • Observantcat

    If Monrovia comes out and plays their game and sets the tempo on offense then other teams will find it hard to stop the Cats momentum from taking over. They always said that Defense wins the Big games and this year for the first time in a long time Monrovia has a defense that is as good if not better than their offense. Nick has matured as a Quaterback and looks very comfortable sitting back in the pocket and finding his recievers down field. This is a part of why Monrovia took on such a tough preseason schedule so that our offense would feel the pressure from tougher opposing defenses. Monrovia’s untlold story on it’s offense is that there are several guys who can tote the rock and have solid games if the Cats want to just control the clock and beat you with the D, but it’s not in the nature of Bueno to wait for anything he is Mr. offense and I have yet to see a team that can stop him from playing his game. Not too sure about the rest of the teams in the Mid-Valley, but when you look at the speed in which Monrovia plays both on offense and defense it is hard to imagine any of these teams coming in and setting the tempo forcing Monrovia to alter its game plan. So as far as a Cats fan goes, no predictions just yet just lots of team spirit and let the guys in green win it on the field. I’m sure a lot of teams are aiming for the Cats this year and a lot of teams are going to get what they asked for, A REAL TOUGH GAME!

  • Anonymous

    The best team in Mid Valley isn’t playing. Enough credit wasn’t given to Coach O at SG. They were screwed by the CIF, CIF should look at Strength of schedule not at opponents RECORD……Is that considered strength of schedule. They would have beaten All Comers.

  • Goldenarm

    Support your SGV teams.

    Good luck to the Apaches!

    Stangs – bring your A game and shock the CIF champs! Make waves! Win one for Dena.

    Maranatha who? Make sure your name gets remembered this year!

    La Canada – pretend that is the Station fire coming your way and smother it! Yoder, break out the BIG hoses for this one, and call in the 747!

    Monrovia – keep focused, look to one another for support, speak softly but carry big defense!

    Rams – the crowd is waiting to stand for you. Bring everything and leave without regrets – beat the man in front of you, the rest will work out.


  • uncle pete

    to anon

    why do you think SG should be in did you not see the atlarge rule clearly stated in the blue book? thats why they are not in

  • Wise Words from a Good ‘ol Wildcat.

    Hello WildCat Nation. I am excited just like you. I have two things I want all coaches and players reading this to consider. First, Forget about the stigma, forget about the losses. Every year is a new year. Every Game is different. No matter the seed. Every Championship team believes this. “Don’t Get Tight” in the crunch time. You have to be loose to preform in crunch time. Take a deep breath, and psych yourself up. Run your stuff. Don’t second guess yourself. Who Cares if they know what the play is…”they still have to stop you”. Don’t be afraid to make them make a play. They do this to us in the Finals, and thats why we came up Short. You Want the ball to come your way… If your a sophmore starting, man up! No Excuses! Make a play. If you a senior, don’t punk out! Sell out, Lead! each game could be your last. There may not be a next time or when I get college! Remember every play could be the play , that wins or loses a game, and you won’t know Until the end of the game. That miss tackle or dropped ball, or the fumble you don’t recover may be your demise or your reward. “It takes no Talent to Hustle” and sometimes bustng your but is a talent in itself. Leave it all on the field.

    Second, To Mtown Bloggers, Fans and supporter…Their is no easy road to the Finals. The teams you Saw during the year are in a Different Mode now. Everyone is equally dangerous. Lets not Worry about if we be playing Covina in the Finals, or if Azusa is good enough etc… Don’t think for one moment that our bracket is a easy road to Finals. Even the yellow brick road had its Dangers! Actually the Bottom bracket May be Actually tougher. Here’s why…In the top Bracket, you have only 3 notable QB’s Livingston Covina, Nunez Azusa, and Anderson Whittier Christian…in the bottom Bracket you have Bueno a dual threat , Rodriguez a dual threat, Watts a dual threat, Rivera , Cantu, Elfers who can all slang the pill . Thats Six! So that means that teams will be able to throw when needed and will have the ability to get back into games. You will have to respect the pass. QB play is very important, and we are in the bracket where the QB’s are. We are going to have to play our A game every game. If one of these guys has a stellar night…it could spell trouble. We must terrorize them all night! The only thing we should be worrying about is destroying Gladstone! They are just coming off a 42-0 loss to Azusa, so they will be looking to play tough early. Lets wear them down and get the starters out! We will win that game, but that is not the issue. The issue is how play. We must eliminate all penalties, and bad plays. We need to be clicking on all cylinders, and need to stay injury free. Destroy all opponents no matter who it is! Lets just be the quiet assasins this year. Defense Defense and mo Defense! Lets keep it together Mtown

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    Here we go again…Monrovia this, Monrovia that. Every season, all of the yackity yaks come out of the wood works this time of year…choke choke!

  • anonymous

    yeh,yeh, yeh, Where is your team? YEH, YEH, YEH, Thats what I thought……..

  • SaintsR4real


    Please tell us something we don’t know. Most teams have a 6’something, 200 something offensive lineman, if not more. Monrovia knows more than anyone else that they will need more than Bueno could offer (where do you think al those Bueno down and out pics come from), history has proven that.

    Seriously, Monrovia is DUE, but it seems that the competition is better than ever. So, where does Monrovia shine where other teams don’t??

    I, for one would like Monrovia to win the crown, if San Dimas falters, but at this point it looks like the crown will have to be awarded to the team that battles to the end.

    Time to stop the hype and trash talk and talk up suggestions and support.

    Good Luck Monrovia Family, play like champions.

  • John Wayne

    Won’t comment on the lower bracket, you guys know my love is for the Minutemen…
    However, I’ve said it on the other blogs, the upper bracket will be taken over by a surging Village team and a Whittier team that has been relatively quiet! Both teams are going to meet…. Maybe I just don’t know enough about Covina or Azusa, but I do know what both of those Olympic teams can and will bring! No disrespect, just my outlook!
    Okay, so I will comment on the lower bracket!
    Good to see Monrovia will have to face B.P.(more than likely) and will be a brawl between those two. Could be the first time M-Town has faced a “rough” and “rowdy” group of young men on the defensive side that will spit, claw, and intimidate! I think M-Town will prevail, but they will be bruised up and banged up…
    If Maranath plays at the level they are capable and with little penalties and very disciplined, you WILL see them face off in the semi’s against that M-Town crew. Going to be fun, but like everyone else… One game/week at a time! Get out of the first round and be ready for the next!~
    Good luck to all Mid Valley teams!

  • Bob Anon

    Best of luck to all local teams. I am especially rooting for Rio Hondo League teams, and the Pacific League teams too.

    Monrovia will win the division. Temple City will win at least one game, if not more. Muir will win at least this one.

    I hope I can make it to the Covina District Field come Friday night.

  • Anonymous

    Saints4real, The San Dimas Saints arent getting much respect in terms of ranking and all that, but i for one know how dangerous they can be(I’ve seen them the previous 3 times vs Monrovia). I wish you luck against Arroyo.

    Monrovia: You should know your city is very much behind you. As a former player I can speak for other Alumni when i say that we are all hungry for a championship for this city. Its been a long time coming, 9 appearances, and 9 losses, but that is all in the past. The competition in this division is stiffer than ever, forget the hype, forget the records, forget everything besides blocking, tackling, and holding on to the football. Every aspect of the game must be perfect or teams such as Covina or San Dimas(remember the 2nd half comeback this year?) will gladly capitalize. Above all, respect the abilities of your opponents, no team in the playoffs can be taken lightly, they are all excellent programs you’ll be facing. Heres a good luck to the 2010 Monrovia Wildcats, your city is behind you.

  • How Quickly They Forget

    Quick point of clarification (and I’m surprised no one has noticed this yet):

    San Dimas hasn’t beaten Monrovia three times “over the last two years,” Miguel. Monrovia hammered San Dimas in the regular season last year, 36-17. Here’s the box score:


    The ‘Cats would love to face San Dimas in the 2nd Round this year (because it would mean they won their 1st Round game and were still alive), but let’s not over-sell the revenge angle.

  • How Quickly They Forget

    And who in the world is “SG”?? San Gabriel?? You mean the team that lost to South Pas 22-9?!?

    And Muir??

    And Burbank??

    And finished the season 5-5??

    THAT’S the best team in the Mid-Valley?!?

    Wow. For your sake, I hope you’re joking.

  • I dont know what to say. This is definitely one of the better blogs Ive read. Youre so insightful, have so much real stuff to bring to the table. I hope that more people read this and get what I got from it: chills. Great job and great blog. I cant wait to read more, keep em comin!

  • Tyroni

    HOw Do YOu Keep Saying HOw is monrovia long overdue. You had your chance. Its Colt Time

  • Muir will be 1 and done as usual…
    PLEASE get a new head coach will you!

  • Are you so sure you are going to be in the Finals? Not so Fast!

    Monrovia is taking it one game at a time! We know how looking ahead to Finals can keep from getting there. Everyone knows Monrovia is good. Everyone knows Covina is good. That means absolutely nothing. I hear Covina Roaring about finals game against Monrovia. Both teams could get beat! First Monrovia has been known to give up leads making the game close at the end. Covina has been Behind in most of its Big games and came back to win. If you do not jump on teams early, and continue to play in this matter, you may come up short or get upset..Last time I checked Monrovia is playing Gladstone, and Covina is playing La Canada. If both teams are Victorious, then Monrovia will play BP-Schurr, and covina will play Whittier Christian! If Covina loses to whittier Christian, would that be a upset? I am not sure. It’s one thing to say you are going to be in the Finals, and its another to get there. We Realize that we can lose…But for the teams who think just becuase they beat this team or that team, does not mean you are going to beat a playoff team. That is a huge Fallacy. If our teams meet up in Finals, so be it. As For know our eyes are set on destroying Gladstone.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Philly B,
    Azusa is good but I don’t think they will make the finals. They play in a weak league, which makes them look better than they really are. I don’t think they will get past Covina.

  • Mid valley talk

    Wow…Line play, How about QB play and Defense and everything else? Mid Valley talk. said:
    @Golden Arm, Aztec Pride, Colt 74, Valley Guy and anyon else..

    Golden arm, Great point about offensive and defensive line play. So Far I Have seen several of the Midvalley Powers play. I can say that some teams are going to be tested up front! Azusa’ line may be good, but they have not been tested in Montview. Arroyo’s line has not faced any competition in the Mission Valley. Covina, Monrovia, and San Dimas, BP, Maranatha, and Whittier Christian have face better line play throughout the year. Line play is going to determine how you run the ball.
    Offensive line/Defensive line Ranking
    1. Whittier Christian
    2. Monrovia
    3. Arroyo
    4. Covina
    5. Azusa
    6. village Christian
    7. Baldwin Park
    8. San Dimas
    9. Rosemead

    Now, No one is really talking about the depth at the QB Position in the Mid Valley playoffs. There are several Notable QB’s. QB play is going to make up a huge part of a teams chances this year. The top bracket has 3 The bottom bracket has 6. This is how they rank up.
    Qb Rankings
    1. Bueno(Monrovia)
    2. Livingston(Covina)
    3. Anderson(Whittier Christian)
    4. Elfers(Maranatha)
    5. Rivera(Arroyo)
    6. Cantu(Schurr)
    7. Rodriguez(Baldwin Park)
    8. Watts(San Dimas)
    9. Nunez(Azusa)
    10.Adame(Bell Gardens)

    Defense will get you to the Finals.
    Defensive Rankings
    1. Monrovia
    2. Azusa
    3. Covina
    4. Baldwin Park
    5. San Dimas
    6. Whittier Christian
    7. Arroyo
    8. Schurr
    9. Bell Gardens

    Offensive Rankings
    1. Covina
    2. Monrovia
    3. Arroyo
    4. Azusa
    5. Whittier Christian
    6. San Dimas
    7. Schurr
    8. Maranatha
    9. Baldwin Park
    10.Villiage Christian

    Athletes on Team Ranking
    1. Monrovia
    2. Covina
    3. Baldwin Park
    4. San Dimas
    5. Azusa
    6. Arroyo
    7. Whittier Christian
    8. Schurr
    9. Maranatha
    10.Villiage Christian

    Notable impact players in the Midvalley…


    Livingston, Venegas, Padilla

    Nunez, Ochoa, Nieto

    Whittier Christian
    Anderson, Worthy, Robles

    San Dimas
    Watts, Kolbeck, corona

    Rivera, Miller, Vasquez

    Cantu, GonZales,

    Baldwin park
    Jackson, Crutchfield, Rodriguez

    Bell Gardens

    Village Christian

    Elfers, Jones

    Macias, Fregoso

    I I have some interesting categories….chew on that!

  • Realist

    Has anyone seen Norwalk play at all this season?

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    Choke! Choke! Choke! M-O-N-R-O-V-I-A….yeah!!!!

  • yeh yeh yeh is a invisible blogger!

    yeh yeh yeh

    Thanks for your support. What school are you repping? I would like to show you the same support.

    If you can’t step up and reveal your team…Step off

    Everyone else will at least say who they represent!

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    I’m a douche!!! I know! I know! I can’t help it.

  • My one cent….

    Funny how everyone likes to come on here to add their two cents of knowledge regarding every category you can think of, Offense, Defense, what side of the bed you wake up on, which foot you dress first, my rock is bigger than your rock, blah. blah, blah.

    Heres my one centwhy dont we just let the coaches and the teams decide who will be dancing Dec 10. Wont they be the ones who will actually be stepping on the field Friday night to do battle?

    Everyone is beatable; just take a look at the New York Yankees. All the League Championships, winning streaks, all the tradition teams bring with them mean absolutely nothing when the ball is kicked off at 7 PM.

    Hopefully the team we follow all season and would throw ourselves in front of the bus for, will actually show up and play all out football Friday night so that we dont have to come on here on Saturday morning and read how lucky the other team was because our team woke up and played the entire game with a case of the runs

    Sorry that was more like four cents..

  • Blogs are for discussions!

    @ my one cent…

    The purpose of a blog is to discuss our opinions about offense, Defense, who’s good, who’s not, who’s gonna be dancing dec 10th and anything else. Come on now lol. What else should you talk about on the football blog. As long as people are not talking about players personal lives and trashing them, we should be free on here. It’s ok to open up a paper or read a blog that says your team is not good, or a player did not play well, or a coach did not coach well. If its true, then do better. It’s up to the coaches and players to ignore the people like us on the sidelines, and keep on keeping on. People in sports have become so sensitive…geesh!

  • color me bad….

    BAFD: talk about being sensitive…you know what they say about opinions, they are like stink holes, everyones got one..

  • Colt74

    @my one cent:
    If you really feel that way about the blog and what we all talk about…why are you not just sending your team a Hallmark Card and some flowers and avoiding the blog all together?

    Talking stats and records on a football blog? What IS this world coming to!

  • Blogs are for discussion

    colt 74 good one lol,

    It’s all fun on this blog. Its a great atmosphere. It’s a tough world. You must be able to deal with the critics, and not let them bother you. Its called being mentally tough. Now days you can’t say anything without someone crying. All you older people remember” Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. We all understand that words can hurt you if you let them. However, we should always remember its just someone’s oppinion, not law. This blog is for people who want to be here. If you don’t its easy, don’t check the blog. Read the LA Times, OC register, or US today….this blog is for Hardcore SGV football fans! Love us or hate us!

  • I will scratch your eyes out!!!!

    The both of you sound like two chicks on the prowl simply because someone gave a different version of what they thought and that didnt sit well with you. Sorry if they did not meet your criteria for entrance into the Plastics society, you bunch Hardcore SGV football fans.lol

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    Ok I’m willing to do my part to help Monrovia break that 0-9 losing streak. Go to the link below…hurry now, I’d hate to see you guys choke in the first round, especially against Gladstone.




  • Say Hello to Yeh yeh yeh…Monrovia’s#1 fan.

    @yeh yeh yeh,

    thanks for being monrovia’s #1 fan. We love you. keep it coming. We need your support and motivation.

  • Jackie Jefferson

    Gladstone > Monrovia. Monrovia is known to fumble and throw INTs in CIF. It’s a known fact. They can’t weather a storm as well. So, therefore, why are even having this talk about Monrovia. Let’s focus on the real teams in the SGV.

  • this blog should be wide open

    @ I will scratch your eyes out…

    “Funny how everyone likes to come on here to add their two cents of knowledge regarding every category you can think of, Offense, Defense, what side of the bed you wake up on, which foot you dress first, my rock is bigger than your rock, blah. blah, blah”

    The purpose of this blog is to “to come on here to add their two cents of knowledge regarding every category you can think of, Offense, Defense, what side of the bed you wake up on, which foot you dress first, my rock is bigger than your rock” Along with any other point you want to bring up.

    That’s my point. People come on here telling people what not to talk about. You can talk about anything you want…

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    Did I mention that I’m an A-hole?

  • Realist

    Whats with all the Mo Town haters??? They are a good team this year. They will probably win CIF. I really dont see anyone thats playing at their level right now. Good luck to the Wildcats! Go get your first title, you’ve earned it!

    GO APACHES!!!!

  • We should get in touch. Are you on any social networks? If so, let me know because you know a lot on this topic and I need to learn more.

  • I’ve been all over the internet and haven’t come across an article like this in a while…very well written good job.

  • You know, I’ve never really thought of it that way…excellent explanation.

  • Very good post. The search engines should rank you higher, even though I found you on page 3. Anyways I like it so keep it up.


  • I’ve been all over the internet and haven’t come across an article like this in a while…very well written good job.

  • You know, I’ve never really thought of it that way…excellent explanation.

  • Goldenarm


    what is the source of this BIRD FEEDER type spam postings?

    pretty useless crap, is it malicious or just somebody dickin around?

    It makes it difficult to post back to back when PSN’s protection is solely based on consecutive postings

  • Philly B

    I feel a burning coming along so let me get started from the top

    Jackie Jefferson-So Because Monrovia has thrown INT, and had turnover problems early in the season or in past CIF games, that means to you that Monrovia is not a Real SGV Team??????? Are you kidding me????? Give me a break. When monrovia takes care of business for the majority of the season, the cats take care of business in the first round of the CIF playoffs!!! You will be just like Gladstone, One and Done! I dont expect to hear from you after this weekend.

    yeh yeh yeh-You are a joke only because you wanna talk **** about monrovia, but you dont have a team that your repping, but even if you did, Im sure that the true fans wouldnt even want you hahaha.

    Im glad to see Colts fan on her Representing…Keep it coming…Much respect to Covina….A solid good team, that I’ll have my eye on as the playoffs progress…

    PurdueAlum05-Ohhhhhh I know how weak Azusa’s league is!!!! Their Schedule is weak, and I dont think they’ve been tested all season…I mean Ontario Christian…but they went 3-2 respectively in their league….So I Cant wait for Azusa to be Exposed by either Village Christian who lost to two pretty good programs.

    Are you so sure etc etc.-Monrovia Had been known to give up leads but that hasnt happened as of late. The cats went thru their growing pains with Glendora, South Hills, and San Dimas….The way Monrovia’s defense is playing right now….Why not be excited and think that the cats can go all the way this year. I Mean I know we must beat the defending champs If no else beats the saints with their road. Its just an exciting time as it was last year. For the most part all the teams are pretty good, with the exception of a couple teams with blown out of proportion records (La Puente, Azusa

  • uriah71


  • Monrovia’s ready

    it’s always exciting to be a contender in the playoffs. Monrovia will be rocking and rolling Friday night! We are focused on Gladstone and that’s it. The great thing about a new year, is its a new year. Monrovia has what it takes to go all the way. We schedule a tough preseason, and we saw what we needed to see and corrected what we needed to correct. Don’t sleep on the cats depth, we have at least 2-3 sophomores that would start on any team in the division. Don’t sleep on them. They are going to show you that its just not bueno in Green and white. The D is ready, and expect McCarthy to dominate the line of scrimmage! People don’t know about everyone else because we are somewhat young, but they are going to come thru. We are a balanced team. With a great line…ohhh I am excited all right…Go Mtown!

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  • its ok

    ok people keep looking over Maranatha. Keep looking over the fact that they have the most prolific offense in the division. Keep forgetting that Ls Canadas’ QB was out for 2 weeks after they played MHS. Keep forgetting Mr. Worthey at WC was battered and all he wanted to do after the game was go home and get some rest. Just keep forgetting. Cause im quite sure that at some point during these play-offs, they will remind you!

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