Football: Monrovia’s stadium ready; Maranatha, Temple City enjoy a little luck; Any more time changes?

Monrovia athletic director Randy Bell said the school’s new synthetic track will be ready in time for the Wildcats to host Friday`s football game against Gladstone in the first round of the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division playoffs.

The Wildcats (8-2) played their final two home games at neutral sites (Maranatha and San Marino) because the construction company had only a two-week window at the end of October in which to complete the installation.

The game also has been moved up half an hour to a 7 p.m. start.

Perception is reality?

Monrovia pummeled its Rio Hondo League opponents this season by a combined score of 235-17. That has created a perception that the Wildcats might be heading into the playoffs without really having been challenged.

That’s of little concern to Wildcats coach Ryan Maddox, however.

“From our perspective, it doesn`t really matter what other people think,” Maddox said. “We just have to prove to ourselves and win the games in front of us. As far as perception, we can’t control what people may think about us.”

Feeling lucky

Maranatha (7-3) and Temple City (4-6) received a little luck in finishing second in their respective leagues.

Maranatha finished second in the Olympic League, thanks to Village Christian beating Cerritos Valley Christian 56-27 to create a three-way tie for second place behind Whittier Christian. The Minutemen went from possibly missing the playoffs to winning a coin flip and a head-to-head tiebreaker to host La Puente (8-2) on Friday at 7 p.m. in their first Mid-Valley Division playoff appearance.

Cerritos Valley Christian, which beat Maranatha 70-64 in five overtimes, did not make the playoffs after losing the coin flip.

“When we looked at it, to think we could be fourth and completely out of the playoffs to now hosting a game, it’s very exciting for us,” Maranatha athletic director Brian DeHaan said.

Now that it’s in the playoffs, Temple City will show how much it has improved since starting the season 1-4 when it visits Rosemead (7-3).

“No question,” Temple City coach Mike McFarland said. “It’s a great opportunity to gauge our progress.”

As for how things played out in the Rio Hondo League, McFarland sympathizes with South Pasadena. The Tigers finished 6-4 overall and 3-2 in league but missed the playoffs on a coin flip after finishing in a three-way tie with Temple City and La Ca ada.

“It’s an imperfect process,” he said. “We were just very fortunate that things turned our way. There’s no way of making it a fool-proof process. Someone’s always going to get hurt when there’s an odd man out.”

Time changes

Pasadena Poly’s first-round game against Hamilton at South Pasadena has been changed to 7 p.m. on Friday.

Teams with time changes should e-mail

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  • el tigre

    Go Mtown

  • are you kidding me, lucky?

    The Minutemen have nothing to feel lucky about. Remember this was the team that was suppose to be the throw rug for all the Olympic teams to wipe their feet off on the way to battling it out for a League Championship. Heck two of them even had the balls to schedule them as their homecoming games. (Whittier let out a huge sigh of relief as they walked away with a gift and Village is still scratching their heads, as far as Valley well; ask their coach what he thinks.) Bet you wont be seeing those teams making that mistake again next season especially with the team MHS has coming back.
    Listen, Coach Murphy has done an outstanding job over the past 5 years of getting his program to the level that is it. Im sure the whippings that his teams took at the hands of St. Margrets over the years have helped forge them every year but heck give the man credit for staying the course.

    He is not blessed with the student body of most teams in the Mid Valley, certainly size wise. Every team that MHS has faced this season has out-sized them across the board but they still have been able to hang in there and take their best shot. If their defense can play at the same level their offense does, man, they would be unstoppable. But unfortunately, if you look at their starting line ups, I believe 8 players go both ways including special teams. Heck I think their QB even played some Safety in a couple of games for them. But they dont complain, stand around make excuses, they simply go about their business Monday thru Thursday, show up Friday night and play 48 minutes of football.

    They are the most dangerous type of team to be facing in post season play simply because they have nothing to prove (done that already) or nothing to lose (done that as well) but everything to gain by being that Saturday morning wake up call to the team that overlooked them during the week and are now having to show up not to watch film but to turn in their pads.

  • Coach

    Mid-Valley Division
    Top Bracket
    Village Christian 14 at No. 1 Azusa 31
    Azusa’s first test of the year.
    Temple City 38 at Rosemead 42
    Rosemead is strong and TC doesnt belong.
    Bell Gardens 31 at Whittier Christian 42
    Whittier Christian is to big upfront.
    La Canada 0 at No. 4 Covina 45
    La Canada another team that shouldnt be in the mix, their going to get zipped two years in a row. Covina is way to talented.
    Bottom Bracket
    San Dimas 35 at No. 3 Arroyo 38
    Arroyo doesnt care who they play but are going to have their hands full with the returning C.I.F Champs.
    La Puente 0 at Maranatha 42
    LP sorry…not a chance.
    Baldwin Park 28 at Schurr 28 tie (Schurr wins in O.T)
    Cantu comes through!!
    Gladstone 0 at No. 2 Monrovia 55
    Shame on you G-Stone…this is what you reap! A first round exit.

  • Anonymous

    Top Off and top D in the mid valley…D will win championships…only listing top teams in playoffs

    Passing- 1. Maranatha 2,666 2. Covina 2,548 3. WC 2,301
    4. Schurr 2,277 and Bell Gardens 5. 2,05

    Rushing 1. Village 2,911 2. SD 2,565 3. La Puente 2,528
    4. Monrovia 2,396 5. Rosemead 2,208

    Tackles 1. Covina 900 2. BP 680 3. Arroyo 664
    4. Monrovia 636 5. WC 631

    Sacks 1. Covina 43.5 2. Azusa 42 3. Arroyo 33
    4. SD 28 5. Monrovia 26

    Int – 1. Arroyo 21 2. Covina 19 3. Azusa 18 4. La Canada 15 5. Village Chris 15

  • Goldenarm


    blog editor got me
    think it was my fault used the “S” word
    my bad

  • Goldenarm

    Covina must gang tackle 6 at a time or have Bill Belichek taking stats. 900 tackles to M-towns 600???

    Nice stat gathering Anon, you should pull up and chair and get a name


    since you started the poetry I will lace up my knickers and join in

    your lines:
    “Rosemead is strong
    and Temple City does not belong”….
    unless we block for
    he has got the speed
    to tear up the Mead….
    true, our record is an awful sight
    but crazier things have happened on a Friday night
    If McFarland has a plan
    and the Rams make a stand
    it could be the Rams dance victory
    but should we lose
    we have already been better
    than most a -holes said we would be.


    Revised language

  • Prep Football Fan

    Luck has everything to do with it! That is why Maranatha is where they are today. “When preparation meets opportunity” is the definition of luck that Miguel is talking about. MHS is a special team that works hard that has excellent coaches that get them ready to capitalize on opportunities. Athletes galore not just football players dominate this team. Basketball, Soccer, Track, Baseball and Swimming are all represented on this team. They have had set backs with injuries but always answer the bell. Maranatha played in the Olympic League which arguably is the toughest around. Best of “luck” to all the Olympic League teams.

  • prepfan

    (Sorry to mention anything but football but…) Mayfield fired its volleyball coach last year after 3 CIF championships. Said they wanted to go in a different direction. Poly 3 Mayfield 1 at Mayfield in the semifinals. They got their wish.

  • BigCat

    Right Anon, Covina got 43.5 sacks. An individual can get .5 sacks, a team NOT!

  • tcchamps


    I know of a few teams with half a sack.

  • BigCat

    tcchamps said:
    I know of a few teams with half a sack.

    And a few anonymous posters as well.

  • Apache Joe

    I just got word that UCLA has verbally offered Ellis McCarthy! Congrats to Ellis and hopefully many more offers to come! Great to hear for the SGV!

  • Goldenarm

    Rams need a full sack come Friday.

    Maybe a back-up sack as well for those who leave it all on the field.

  • Realist

    Thats great news Apache Joe. Ellis is a great player and he is going to do big things at the next level. Hopefully he decides to play for the Bruins! 😉

  • tcchamps


    So will Miguel.

  • Big Daddy

    As a devoted Rio fan for 10 years…want to wish the best of luck
    to a great competitor Maranatha. Hope you go all the way. You have improved every year.

  • Big Guy

    You cant really pay too much attention to Miguels picks. He did say, after all, Pasadena has a good team this year. He said they even look like they are loaded this year. Uh yea, right if they were loaded, the Muir is gonna winn State . And we all know that not true, didnt he USE TO BE IMPLOYED BY A MAJOR NEWS PAPER. key word used to be. Wonder what happened.

  • Neat blog layout! Very easy on the eyes.. i like the colors you picked out

  • Mtowner

    Ellis McCarthy will get offers from everyone. He is real big, real fast, and they will make him bigger and Faster. I think he will go to USC. By time he gets there they will be off sanctions. I am happy for the kid. I hope he takes advantage of all his potential. If he works hard we may see him on sunday.

  • el tigre

    All Mtowners, please encourage McCarthy to go to USC, I would like a National Championship.

  • Del

    Big Guy – You should probably proof read your comments before you hit the submit button. “Imployed”? seriously???

  • Bob Anon

    Finally I agree with El Tigre on something!

    I hope McCarthy gets a USC offer. I’m concerned that there won’t be enough scholarships, though. Hopefully the NCAA softens up the scholarship losses.

  • Observantcat

    Hey Miguel, when you say the game has been moved up a half and hour to 7:00 did you mean 7:30?

  • South on the 605

    I come on this blog as the only Norwalk fan. Arcadia hasn’t been to CIF in two years? haha. Weak, but welcome. Listen arcadia, we are going to take what is ours at your home. We will run the double wing to perfection right down your soft defense. It got us to the CIF semi-finals last season and we expect to get to the Finals this season. Arcadia is a doormat as I see it.

  • BigFatFan

    how does McCarthy look in the classroom? I seem to recall that M-town had a pretty darn good running back a couple years ago, but he could not make it to a big time program due to poor grades/test scores.

  • Observantcat

    BFF, Its funny that you mention that, because we sometimes forget that academics plays a huge part in the recruiting plan. From what I know McCarthy is doing fine and is closer to the 3.0 gpa which is well above the requirement at this point. Monrovia has a lot of good Athleletes with high g.p.a’s and the ones who did’nt make that cut are not on the team. We have a few Monsters on campus that didn’t make the final cut even in High School.

  • MoneyTalks

    Ob Cat,

    Saturday I played basketball with the starting monrovia center. He is 6’8 300. Huge. I asked him why he doesn’t play football and he said he hurt his back in freshman ball. Good basketball player though. There are monster at monrovia.

  • theRealdeal

    whats the deal with all the coverage of the midvalley division? yes monrovia looks great and… oh yeah thats about it! Monrovia is the super power in the division with arroyo and azusa… but the south east division is gonna be a struggle to win.
    good luck to all the teams in the playoffs

  • Anonymous

    mccarthy has as much skill if not more than recent sgv recruit golper but not riely

  • anonymous

    Money Talks:

    You’re talking about David P. Yeah, he’s a big kid alright and a pretty good athlete for his size. Played freshman football, but then never came out again. There are a few more massive kids who were 1 and done, including Steve J.(6-4 270), who was the freshman lineman of the year back in 2007-2008.

  • Moneytalks


    How can you compare McCarthy to Golper?? One played LB and the other plays DL? Different body types too. Apples and oranges.

    You are not the sharpest tool in the shed for sure.

  • big guy

    del, which is worse you know what i mean. imployed employed, you understand my thought process. which is what i wanted to get across. thank you

  • curious

    That is and interesting comment ! All those studs at Monrovia and year after year there are no Scholorships. Yes, they win a ton of games but that is all they are know for. Please, someone give me a list of names and where they are currently playing..I am curious and would like Miguel to investigate as to the problem.

  • Goldenarm

    it is surprisingly dead around here……..

    where is the coverage of Pac league teams?
    can arcadia make some serious noise…..

    does Muir have a shot against La Mirada?
    What is Howard’s plan? He better have one,
    because I think La Mirada sees this game as a walk…
    the perfect scenario for a Stang shock the world upset

    Do the Spartans have a prair? Everybody is telling La Canada they should save the gas and stay home. Their opponent is tough and has athletes on defense to break down a strong offense….can Yoder come up with a way to compete?

    The Rams lackluster performance against So Pas was an embarrasing outing for TC. They have been physical only once this year…against Rosemead, and it made the difference, despite the final score. They played tough, tackled with authority and McFarland had them well prepared. Since then Fregoso has gone nuts on the ground, racking up huge rush totals, becoming an MVP candidate in the MVL. Will we get our starting MLB back on defense? Can we rush the passer, will J Simongunsong bust the opening kickoff for 6?? Are Sanderson and Mota going to step up and lead this team???

    Azusa – only 30 points scored on them all year….all year!! Will Village Cristian prove the Aztecs status as kings, but ONLY of the Montview?

    …and the red headed stranger of the Mid-Valley, Maranatha, what are they bringing to the table??

    Will Cimarusti, Frazier, Johnson and some of the lesser known Cats make a pick, a run or a throw that changes the course of CIF history for M-town? Maybe not this week but on Fridays ahead…I can see this happening

    so many stories…but dead quiet…whats up?

  • former ram

    monrovia has a little secret about grades. there is always a star football player or players that seem to be eligible during the season and then ineligible when the season is over. i’m not talking about ellis. but just look at last year when a certain star player was at the continution as soon as the season ended and was some how eligible when the season started.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Former Ram

    Every High School has the same rules regarding academic probation and sports, perhaps you should read them.

    Grades are used from the semester just prior
    to the season and can result in academic probation (or) ineligibilty.

    In additin attending a continuation school does not preclude a student from participating in sports as long as those standards are met.

  • uncle pete

    San Marino Tribune reported today in their paper that Mike Mooney Officially sent his resignation to the San Marino Unified School District. Investigation is still on going.

  • unbiased

    @formerram: That was the monrovia of old.. with maddox at the helm I cant see any of that stuff happening

  • curious

    If that is the case, where are ALL these studs playing ball or attending school ? Maddox has been in the finals 3 yrs in a row and stii, i’ve yet to see a scholorship offer anywhere. josh Lowden, Marquis and this is recent stuff. Stud afater stud and no scholorships ? Something is wrong somewhere..

  • Ex Apache ’00


    You’re an idiot! How many scholarships do you think are out there to be had? How many SGV football players received scholarships last year? Not very many. Just because one is a stud high school player, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna get a ride. Get a clue!!!

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I heard the same about your starting running back last year. They say the only class he went to was football and if not for some teachers taking put on him, he would not have graduated. But being a former Ram I’m sure you knew that.
    Now quit trying to start something that does not exist and get some of your facts correct. This is Maddox 3rd year and has only been to one Championship.

  • Anonymous

    Those 2
    1. let their heads get to big.
    2. got terribly out of shape.
    3. Got scared (especially (lowden), when they went on their college visits and saw what awaited them.

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