Football: Monrovia should just size up the rings now…

Print the banner, order the hats and shirts and size up the rings.

Monrovia High School will win the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship.

Clean out the trophy case and do away with the nine CIF runner-up plaques.

In the long history of the CIF-Southern Section football playoffs, the Wildcats are the only school to have advanced to nine finals without bringing home a CIF championship.

That ends in three weeks.

Azusa, thanks for coming, but Monrovia will take it from here.

The Wildcats (8-2) will avenge two consecutive losses to San Dimas (6-4) and dethrone the Saints in the semifinals. Azusa (10-0) will be a worthy opponent and, if nothing else, we’ll see a great matchup with a potential shootout.

The taste of a victory for Maranatha (7-3) in the Mid-Valley Division will fuel its drive in 2011 while Covina (9-1) runs into a determined Azusa team in the other semifinal bracket.

The collective talents of Nick Bueno and Ellis McCarthy are enough to give any team the edge. But Monrovia’s supporting cast is what makes them arguably the most dangerous team in the division.

Sophomore George Frazier has the frame (6-2, 200) and pedigree that allows the Wildcats to move pieces within the offense.

Bueno will get his one way or another. He’s passed for 1,258 yards and rushed for 1,226 yards and accounted for 26 touchdowns. Bueno is a defensive coordinator’s nightmare, but when Frazier steps in at quarterback and Bueno moves to slot or tailback, well, that’s just not even fair.

Jay Henderson, Anthony Craft and Luke Williams are playmakers with speed, agility and toughness. Derrin Jenkins has become a show-stopper at cornerback and Derrick Johnson is a punishing linebacker who often directs players to head for the sideline and avoid a bruising collision.

Then there’s Ellis McCarthy. The junior stands an intimidating 6-feet-5 inches and weighs 290 pounds. Opposing teams can double-team and even triple-team the man-child who still has managed to record 11 sacks and counting.

Simply put, no team in the Mid-Valley Division will find a way to contain McCarthy. His pass-rush is textbook, and don’t underestimate his speed. He’s hungry going after the ball and can chase down the run, too.

Monrovia’s relentless pressure establishes the game’s tempo and ultimately its momentum.

Bueno’s ability to balance his arsenal is a huge asset, and he’s proven he can kick it into third gear and run defenses wild with his speed and elusiveness.

Don’t underestimate the pain Monrovia felt losing the way it did to San Dimas in 2009. The Wildcats made a frantic push near the end when rain subsided but to no avail.

The pain followed them through summer ball and into fall camp.

It ends in three weeks.

Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox and his Zen-like approach will make way for elation.

The third-year coach led the Wildcats to the semifinals in his first season and a finals appearance last year.

Is this the year?

It only makes sense.

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  • BigCat

    The ‘Cats have all of the weapons on offense and defense. The only thing that stands in the way of victory is overconfidence. The ‘Cats need to come in hungry.
    GO ‘CATS!

  • Anonymous

    Here come the haters..

  • Monrovia Wildcat Football MOM

    I know the boys are ready and excited to play tonight. Just stay focused and control the ball. All the parents, teachers and the community is behind you. YOU guys can do this.

    GOOD LUCK to all the players and coaches!



  • theRealdeal

    good luck mtown! ppl shouldnt write blogs like this, although morovia is a great team they still have to play the games! just ask the New England Patriots!

  • OG Mr. Monrovia

    Mr. Melendez, I don’t like the articles about how Monrovia should already be sized up with rings. They still have to earn it. We all know they were favorites before and still came up short. Anything can happen in football. Don’t jinx us!

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Geez Miguel!
    Are you putting a target on the Cats on purpose?

    I hope people understand this is your Opinion and does not reflect the Mind-Set of the players/coaches.

    Everyone involved in Monrovia Football realizes that in no way is CIF a done deal, this or any other season.

    Monrovia prepares for one team at a time and knows any team can win that one game regardless of what their record reflects.

    Just like a lot of fans I can see the talent the Cats have and hope they finally get the Championship after all these years but they understand they have to take the Championship nobody’s going to give it away.

  • Philly B.

    Miguel!!!! Please for the love of the football gods, STOP trying to blow up Monrovia’s head!! Remember what happened last year??? All the hype, our blown out of proportion schedule being undefeated….(San Marino did put up a fight that year) and then going all the way to the finals and coming up short!?!?!??! Like true fans, we all know its one game at a time. Yeah with our record and winning the league we do have a bit of a pass 1st round, but the cats are gonna ride on all cylinders tonight against Gladstone, No mercy in the playoffs, if that means run up the score, and nothing but run plays in the 2nd half then so be it!!!! But any plays with G5 frazier at QB and bueno at slot or tailback should not be put on film this week….I think it should of been practiced this week and next assuming we win tonight….LETS GO CATS!! DONT GET THE RING SIZE, GO PUT THE CLETES AND PADS ON AND GIVE TO GLADSTONE! DONT NOT HESITATE, SHOW NO MERCY!

  • Goldenarm

    21-0 end of 1st quarter.
    Final 45-6

  • Grim Reaper

    Ring a ding ding!

    Like I said it is Monrovia’s dream season, all the stars are aligned and Bueno is in the house for his Sr season.
    But, like the dead albatross around the cursed neck the the Ancient Mariner, the ghosts of missed playoff opportunities, seasons past hang heavily around the neck of the Monrovia team.

    Will the Bueno Midas touch bring a championship after long last (note everything he touches turns to gold MVP in RHL baseball, and most likely MVP for RHL football and all CIF), or will the haunted hopes have their unkind way with Bueno?

    But what of it. Why is Monrovia so good.
    Team speed, God only knows why it took them so long to put in a turf field that rewards and enhances this strength.

    Weakness: More off the field, play calling.
    Conditioning? The team has rarely been called on to make a full game effort, given the rout after rout, past years have been a problem here.

    Game plan to play the Cats?
    If you have the team conditioning and depth, run a no huddle quick tempo offense and attempt to tire the the big men out.
    Play contain and make Bueno beat you with his arm and hope you can score at least 21 points. A tall order.
    If you have a grass field stop mowing it now!
    Pray for rain!

    What to study
    The game films from San Dimas, La Canada this year and San Marino last year (for an inspired line play design that effectively neutralized a huge MoTown advantage and nearly resulted in a MoTown loss of the RHL championship).

    Will any of it help? No probably not, they are just too big, too quick, and too talented. This is MoTown’s year, the only way that they lose, is if they beat themselves.

  • DUB C Dad

    Don’t forget Whittier Christian….you got a lucky break last year….good luck Cats


    Jumping the gun a little bit…. dont you think? SD beat you not once but TWICE!!!!! hmmmm you should relax a little before you jinks yourselves!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously the Monrovia High School football team did not post this. If anything, its Melendez that is hyping the team. Don’t run around acting like the cats even for a second believe their name is already on that CIF Championship. They know that they have to play perfect football for 3 more games to succeed. Back to your basement you go.

  • Whoa everybody

    All of you guys, hold your horses. You are looking over so many teams that are good here. Yes I think Monrovia will win next week. How ever San Demas has to play a game and yes whild SD already beat Mtown. They have not beaten Maranatha. Maranatha like SD have played a pretty impressive schedual, and these teams are very evenly matched. It’s not a given that SD will win. I think this game is going to come down to x’es and o’es. And if Maranathas’ defense can stop the big play. Didn’t matter who they played this year from Salisian to L.A. Baptist, they have given up the big play. As far as the Cats’ offense, they only have 1 player, the QB. Talk to the La Canada’s QB to see how much fun he had against that MHS defense. As far as the MHS offense they are tremendously blessed, Joshua Jones, Jeremy Majors, Mark Jebbia. That #1 kid that #5 kid, they are very talented, and you have all of that and i still havent mentioned the QB yet. Eflers, wow, he is fun to watch. If that offensive line can continue to give him time, they will be deadly in the play-offs. IF THAT DEFENSE CAN STOP THE BIG PLAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Philly B

    Whoa Everybody- Ummmmm Yeah I don’t know how much fun La Canada’s qb had, when THEY LOST THE GAME!!!!!! HAHAHAHA How many points did La Canada put up???? Oh yeah 10pts….Sounds like alot of fun!!!!

  • PurdueAlum05

    Don’t jinx M-town Miguel. Being 0-10 in the Championship game is bad enough.

  • Observantcat

    It seems to me that losing a championship game is the gods most awful thing that a team can do in this area. Well when you truly sit down and think about it, would’nt you rather at least make it to a championship game so that you know what it feels like to at least get there? Cat’s will have their chances again and again and if you never win in my lifetime at least I know I’ve got a chance to see you compete. Enjoy your season and good luck. Win one for those who say you should have won them all.

  • way to get it done…

    Did some research on the MHS D that needs to stop the big plays from happening in order to have a shot at moving on. Its very interesting to find out that 7 players go both ways and for 7 of them this is their first time ever playing on a Varsity level. Not too shabby of a job when you think about the lack of experience that takes the field every Friday night and has competed very well..

    Maranatha starting Defense

    #73 NT/OT: Senior 3rd year Varsity
    #71 DT: Senior 1st year Varsity
    #62/#50 DT: Seniors 1st year Varsity
    #9 DE/WR: Senior 3rd year Varsity
    #13/3 DE: Senior/Junior 1st year Varsity
    #53 LB/OT: Senior 2nd year Varsity
    #14 LB: Junior 1st year Varsity
    #4 LB/WR: Soph 1st year Varsity
    #2 DB/WR: Senior 1st year Varsity
    #7 DB/WR: Soph 1st year Varsity
    #17 FS/WR: Senior 3rd year Varsity

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