Winter previews, preseason top 10 comes next week

Winter coaches: I lost almost all your cell phone numbers in a snafu last spring. If you’d be kind, can you e-mail me your phone number, or text me if you have my newest number, which starts with the number 5. Thanks!

Winter top ten previews for boys and girls basketball and boys and girls soccer will run on consecutive days from Nov. 30 through Dec. 3. Winter sports teams begin playing on Nov. 29. We will run a wrestling preview the following week. TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES: Please email schedules so we can post your schedules on the blog, in the newspaper, update them after each round, and of course so we know which games to cover. You can email them directly to

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    Miguel, i believe both john muir and marshall fundamental should be in your boys soccer top 10.

    Muir brings back All area player victor lugo
    Marshall brings back 8 starters all of which played club soccer this past year. with a new coach comming over from glendale as well.

  • RickP

    Monrovia will be good this year. A bunch of returning seniors and a lot of size.

  • Miguel Melendez

    This is all good stuff. Keep ’em coming.

  • Bob Anon

    Hopefully, LC winter sports as a whole will contend again. I would think girls’ hoops will take a step back this year after losing all the seniors.

    Don’t know what to say about LC boys’ hoops. The Montebello game in early January will be good. Blair is probably my preseason #1 for the RHL. They improved a lot last year. Monrovia is certainly due to be a force.

  • SP Alum

    Monrovia boys has the most athletic and tall kids. They should be the favs; although I thought the same last year and look what happened!

  • spartan

    boys soccer top 10.

    1. la canada
    2. monrovia
    3. st. francis
    4. marshall
    5. muir
    6. maranatha
    7. la salle
    8. arcadia
    9. south pasadena
    10. temple city

  • Mario gomez

    Can you post Loyola of Los Angeles also? After all, many of the Pasadena/LaCanada and SG Valley boys attend there, and we tend to not get representation. We would appreciate it.

  • valley guy

    well why talk about basketball we all know there is no competition when it comes to PASADENA. Basketball is the only sport where the athletes actually stay home and play unlike football and as we all have been seeing the last couple of years that Pasadena has been dominate in Basketball and no area team can even come close to putting up a good game against Pasadena.

  • Miguel Melendez

    While it’s true many local kids attend Loyola, the same can be said about Alemany, Chaminade, etc. If we begin covering Loyola, where does it end? We do, at the very least, try to cover St. Francis-Loyola in soccer. It’s something.

  • HighSchoolSoccer

    Spartan…No Pasadena in your top 10? Really? Okay…We’ll see.

  • PolyCoach

    Miguel, you saw the Poly Boys soccer team last year. Don’t you think we should be considered in the top 10? A lot of the teams listed have great players but who in the West San Gabriel Valley area other than BP, Poly and Mountain View ended up in the division semi-finals? We should at be considered in the top ten don’t you think?

  • tommyANON

    area boys soccer top ten legit!

    1. st. francis
    2. la canada
    3. monrovia
    4. marshall
    5. muir
    6. pasadena
    7. la salle
    8. maranatha
    9. south pasadena
    10. arcadia

  • Congrats, Jimmy, Chad, Rick and the rest of the team and emplyees at HMS, this one of the cleaniest NASCAR Championship races I have ever seen, and the best part of it there were no sore losers, Hamiln and Harvick are true gentlemen.

  • Arcadia Alumni

    Arcadia will never be good with Jason Franz as their coach.

  • Is the holiday season going to affect things at all?

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  • HighSchoolSoccer

    Pasadena starts off with a preseason 2-1 win over Crespi.

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  • High School Sport Lover

    I am an avid high school sports fan. That being said, none of us want to read about Loyola, Alemany, Chaminade or Crespi. These schools recruit and have a huge advantage over the schools where the neighborhood kids take pride in representing their town. Now with that being said, send any of those private schools to the gym northeast of Victory Park and we can all watch the mighty Pasadena Bulldog Basketball team destroy them. Congrats to Coach Tucker for keeping his boys home, and go PHS, make the West SGV proud like you do every year!

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