Saturday Final: Monrovia rolls over San Dimas in semifinals of Mid-Valley Division playoffs, advances to 10th finals appearance next week vs. Whitter Chr.

Monrovia 47, San Dimas 14

Monrovia 7 7 21 16 — 47
San Dimas 6 0 8 0 — 14

M: Jay Henderson 9 pass from Nick Bueno (Mason Bryant kick)
SD: Codee Wats 17 run (run failed)
M: Christian Blanco 7 run (Bryant kick)
M: Blanco 6 run (Bryant kick)
SD: Jordan Taylor 2 run (Theo Darlington run)
M: Bueno 9 run (run failed)
M: Bueno 1 run (Bryant kick)
M: Blanco 3 run (Bryant kick)
M: Blanco 7 run (kick failed)
Records: San Dimas 8-5; Monrovia 11-2

SAN DIMAS — Not this time.

That was the emphatic message the Monrovia High School football team sent to San Dimas in a 47-14 victory that lifted the Wildcats into their 10th CIF championship game.

The Wildcats will face Whittier Christian in the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship game next Saturday night.

It was a long time coming for Monrovia (11-2), which was meeting San Dimas (8-5) for the fourth time in 14 months. The Wildcats avenged a 12-7 defeat at the hands of the Saints in last year’s Mid-Valley Division final as well as a 35-34 overtime loss in September, a game in which the Wildcats led 28-7 heading into the fourth quarter.

Next Saturday’s championship game (Monrovia is the designated host team, but the home site is still to be determined) will be a rematch of last year’s semifinals at Monrovia. Whittier Christian defeated Olympic League foe Village Christian 43-42 in overtime on Friday to advance.

Nick Bueno, Christian Blanco and Jay Henderson led the Wildcats. Bueno passed for 204 yards and one touchdown, completing 12 of 22 passes.

Blanco had the game of his life. The senior running back rushed for 178 yards and four touchdowns on 21 carries. Henderson caught eight passes for 157 yards and Luke Williams had four receptions for 54 yards.

“We finished this game,” Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said. “We took advantage of turnovers and our rushing game really took control of the second half. Blanco came up huge.”

There was a telling moment with 1:51 left in the third quarter when San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow and part of his coaching staff were lowered from the scissors lift. Zernickow gave the Saints a small pep talk, but it was too little, too late. When it was over, San Dimas had turned the ball over six times and committed 10 penalties.

“We gave them some early Christmas gifts with all those turnovers and penalties,” Zernickow said, “but they’re

Theo Darlington of San Dimas High School runs for yards during Mid-Valley Division football semifinals game against Monrovia High School at San Dimas High School in San Dimas, December 4, 2010. (Correspondent photo by Larry Goren) really good. We couldn’t block them.”

San Dimas’ Shawn Kennedy passed for 82 yards, but was intercepted twice. Jordan Taylor (46 yards rushing), Codee Watts (70 yards rushing) and Kevin Kolbeck (38 yards receiving) were kept in check by Monrovia.

Neither team capitalized on the first set of turnovers, but Monrovia’s Charlie Cimmarusti intercepted Watts at the Saints’ 40 with 7:18 left in the second quarter. The Wildcats didn’t let this opportunity slip away as Christian Blanco capped a six-play, 40-yard drive with a 7-yard touchdown run to give Monrovia a 14-7 lead with 5:21 left in the half.

On the ensuing kickoff, Kolbeck eluded two tacklers and needed to get past only kicker Mason Bryant for a sure touchdown. Bryant, however, squared up and tackled Kolbeck at the Monrovia 45. San Dimas advanced to the Wildcats’ 26, but an illegal block forced the Saints to punt on fourth-and-17 at the Monrovia 42.

Again in the third quarter, Kolbeck returned a kickoff deep into Monrovia territory and seemingly had an open field before Bryant, the last defender, made the tackle. It wouldn’t be long before the Saints would score to pull within 21-14 in the third quarter. In that drive, Monrovia was penalized on a personal foul and a face mask before Taylor scored from 2 yards out. Theo Darlington ran it in for the two-point conversion.

The Saints used a squib kick on the ensuing kickoff and it was recovered by Taylor at the Monrovia 35, but the Saints could not capitalize. Facing fourth and long, San Dimas was forced to punt, but a high snap turned the ball over to Monrovia at the San Dimas 41.

Bueno made San Dimas pay when he scored on a 9-yard touchdown run with 5:53 left in the third quarter.

Anthony Kraft intercepted Shawn Kennedy on the ensuing possession to give Monrovia the ball at the San Dimas 25. The Wildcats scored two plays later.

On the ensuing kickoff, Monrovia recovered a San Dimas fumble at the Wildcats’ 45. Bueno connected on a 44-yard pass to Henderson before Bueno capped the drive with a 1-yard run to give Monrovia a 34-14 lead with 5:28 left in the third quarter.

Neither team wasted time finding the end zone in the first quarter.

Monrovia’s Jay Henderson caught a 9-yard touchdown pass from Bueno to cap an 11-play, 83-yard drive with 7:47 left in the first quarter.

San Dimas answered with a seven-play, 80-yard drive that was capped by Watts, who scored from 17 yards out with 5:54 left in the first quarter.

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  • Hoopla

    Lets go Monrovia! The RHL is behind you!

  • el tigre


  • Anonymous

    As much as I love Monrovia new stadium. Please do all your fans a favor and hold the Championship game at PCC or Citrus so ALL us WILDCAT fans can enjoy the game. It’s not always about making $$.

  • Bob Anon

    Congrats Monrovia. Go win it next week.

  • Listerene

    Wow it’s 47-14,
    SD you are a joke! Talk about a mouthy bunch of people. I say that, because last week you talked and talked. u guys are cupcakes!
    You had a great week last week. You haven’t played like that all year? So, i consider it a “one” hit wonder of a week! Of course that’s over a team that has NO backups and was missing 5 or more starting seniors with leadership that play both ways and special teams and putting in sophmores pulled up from JV.
    Then running your mouth about how nobody west of the 605 can ball? Really?
    Then tonight you can’t do crap…. You got slapped in the face!


    I think that’s what the PAPA blogger is trying to say, the ‘aints are a fluke of a team. you beat up on a bashed up, thinned out, small private school with no depth and all their true studs out for the season. a team thats starters play both ways and get no rest… a team that used pulled up jv kids to play you. then you run your mouth every which way about how you guys are “it” and maranatha is a joke!
    well you are more like a lucky team of @hit-
    You got worked hard tonight. i mean like a beat’n prostitute. worked! coach z, you are douche bag and have a bunch of douche bag followers.
    Go monrovia… you guys were awesome and that’s why you will win that ring!

  • Rider

    Fluke? flukes dont make it to semi finals one year after making it all the way the year before. A fluke who beat you last year for CIF and again this season. You can claim you had a couple off games, BUT you could say that about SD for this one. The SD team in the last 8 years has come a long way. They have a good coach who is being looked at to move up into the college ranks. And fyi I never went to SD, but Arroyo who was predicted to go all the way this year. Folks need to be open to the idea, tere is always somebody better out there. The real winners on the field will be the teams who go to the state playoffs. And every player is a winner from what they carry away from the high school football experience, no mater if they won CIF or didnt win a single game all season………….

  • fan

    I’m glad that monrovia didn’t give San Dimas any mercy. Now they know how it feels. San Dimas thought they were hilarious with their on side kicks even though they were winning by a ridiculous amount against Maranatha. You guys talk a lot but couldn’t back it up I guess huh? You know just as good as I do that if Maranatha didn’t have ALL their starters out, it would have resulted in a much different game. Great job Monrovia for showing that “real” football can come from west of the 605. congrats! πŸ™‚

  • Blakefan

    A Joke???? Listerene it is this so called Joke that beat you last year in the finals when it counted!!!!! Also this “joke” you call us did beat Monrovia earlier this year. You still need to win one more game before you are a champion!!!! We have done that already against Monrovia I might add. Look if Monrovia wins the championship great for the school but I would wait to say another team is a joke UNTIL you win the big game like San Dimas did against Monrivia last year. This just makes you no better than us because you are running your mouth also. Keep this in mind if you cannot come up with that last win. Who will be a joke then we will have a championship & ring & you will still have nothing in the but two losses in the finals in the last 2 seasons!!! Good luck to you guys!! You may need it.

  • West Covina can not get a big head . When they won C.I.F. in 05 South Hills beat them in the regular season , but West Covina got them in the finals . They have to remember that and not get caught the same way .

  • Anonymous

    Try to read AND comprehend a little better. Clearly, the bloggers below are Maranatha supporters. Monrovia supporters would not attempt to diminish San Dimas’ calliber of play out of our own self interest… I think San Dimas is a great team who got beat tonight by an even better team.

    Go Cats!

    Congratulations Nick, Coach Maddox and the rest of the nucleus. Remember, you’ve got one more to go. Back in ’97 and ’98 we destroyed our Semi-Finals opponents. Stay focused.

    “Don’t mean thing if you aint got that ring.”


  • New York

    Try to read AND comprehend a little better. Clearly, the bloggers below are Maranatha supporters. Monrovia supporters would not attempt to diminish San Dimas’ calliber of play out of our own self interest… I think San Dimas is a great team who got beat tonight by an even better team.

    Go Cats!

    Congratulations Nick, Coach Maddox and the rest of the nucleus. Remember, you’ve got one more to go. Back in ’97 and ’98 we destroyed our Semi-Finals opponents. Stay focused.

    “Don’t mean thing if you aint got that ring.”


  • MonroVian

    Well, well, well now what do we have here! Oh yeah that’s right a 47-14 Va, va VICTORY over the aints…. I didn’t know so many points were aloud on such a small score board? Oh and you guys ruined those pirty black unies due to BLANCO poring his BLANCO yardage all over them leaving skid marks, speaking of Skid Marks what happened to the Dirty Drawls, I mean dozen??????? What exactly were they anyway, you got me…. Na, na, na, na, – Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey Good bye! You don’t want no Green and White…. Congratulations Cats, Blanco, Bueno, Bryant, G5, Bubba, Big Ellis, Everyones, everyones! Church, Taberbakke

  • MonroVian – Tabernacle

    Ha, ha, ha I accidentally, prematurely hit the submit button while miss spelling tabernacle…. LOL….. OK Cats Let’s move on to next week, Whittier Christian is Tough! We have to clean up those penalties, to win the SHIP you have to be perfect…. Congratulations again….

  • Anonymous

    well good luck in the funals when you go for 0 and 10

  • OBservantcat

    Were not going to the funels..thats where you’re going. WERE GOING TO THE FINALS!!
    AND YES IT’S AT MHS. Monrovia played well tonight, they just need to get their rest and realize they are as good as they think they are. Good game Cats.

    Nick is on a whole nuther level!!!!!

  • Shame on the Wildcats

    Monrovia you guys play DIRTY # 53 and # 18 shame on you boys!!!! Whittier Christian be ready for their Dirtyness……maybe you will find out what a champion feels like, just like we did last December when we won the Mid Valley Championship and got our rings cause its an awesome feeling…. and the rings are Beautiful…. maybe another storm will be heading this way..Shame on you # 53 and # the film….shame shame shame!!!!

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    The Wildcats did a Nice job tonight taking advantage of the Saints turnovers. Monrovia came out poised and ready to play and San Dimas never seamed to get on track. Enjoy the victory for a minute because you’re going to have your hands full next week against Whittier Christian. Should be a hell of a shootout!


    Congrats to Coach Minter, AKA “Coaches Corner”

    Coach Alonso

  • anonymous

    Hey shame on you Wildcats….Who’s mom are you?,,,, SD enjoy your 2009 rings,,,,the 2010 rings are in the making and I heard they look just as good or better. Good Luck can do it.

  • 2008

    I played football for Monrovia High School 2004-2008 and graduated in 2008. My last season was also Coach Garrisons last season, so I was never coached by Maddox. My position coach was Michael Minter, I have to say that I just want to say congratulations to the team and to coach Minter for all the success they have had this year and good luck in the Championship. Our school deserves a championship, so bring it home Cats.

  • Two teams enter….

    Who cares about the past 13 weeks and all the woulda, coulda, shoulda things that did not occur. Its real simple, bottom line the two best teams left standing will be playing for the right to call themselves Mid Valley CIF Champions.

    As an Olympic fan, my loyalty belongs to Whittier Christian and I will be rooting for them to pull out the victory but make no mistake about it, the WC coaches are well aware of the difference maker, aka Nick Bueno that will be waiting for them Saturday night.

    Lets start to talk about the two teams and the match ups that will be facing off against each other on both sides of the ball, should make for great debate and speculation.

    Right now Cal Preps has Monrovia as its projected winner 31-22 so that should be a good starting point of motivation for the Crusaders when they step on the field Monday for that final week of practice.

    Went to both games and both teams seemed to walk away from their victories without any serious injures so hopefully both teams will have all their weapons available so that there is no excuses made about why things didnt go one way or the other for the losing team.

    Congratulation to both Monrovia and Whittier, I hope that we get to witness a game played in a phone booth and after 48 minutes the door slides open and deserving winner steps out.

  • John Wayne

    those of you know that I’m a Maranatha fan… with that said,
    I’m not going to be harsh, but straight forward! Monrovia put it to SD! The next morning after a huge and embarrassing loss to SD last week, I get to read how soft and what a joke our team was, blah blah blah. We got beat out on the field, BADLY!
    It was refreshing to see MHS stomp on SD! To say SD was a great team… no, no, no. Not last night they were not! Just like Maranatha was not a good team last friday. Monrovia came prepared and on FIRE! That is football.
    Congrats once again to Monrovia!!!! It’s really will be a fight next week.
    I have to be honest, I’m looking for a Whittier victory. Go Olympic league…
    Great football all year, Monrovia!

  • BigCat

    It’s time for Wildcat football! The last game is in the past. There’s just one game left. The last game is against a tough opponent that’s gonna come to play football and not try to talk the ‘Cat’s to death.

    It’s time for Wildcat football! Be BIG out there ‘Cats.

  • Philly B.

    1st let me say congrats to san dimas for a good season. If it wasnt for that early season lost the cats may have not been motivated enough to reap havoc on the rest of their schedule. Monrovia fans calm it down a few notches. SD is a good team but got caught up in their own hype and their black jerseys. To ALL the non-believers of the wildcats: colt74, yeh yeh yeh, reaper, WHAT DO U HAVE TO SAY NOW BOUT THEM CATS??? Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say they gon beat them cats? Sorry Saints4real had to do it. U were almost right about the onside except it was saints feeling crazy. GO CATS

  • Gloucestercoach

    Git ir done Monrovia….no more excuses and looking back on the games against Paso Robles. You got your chance so bring it home for the RHL. Congrats to all those M-town fans who have stuck it out for the last decade you guys should hold your chest up high and cheer loud and proud on Friday night. As an South Pas Alum I’m pulling for you.

  • Grim Reaper

    Poster FLUKE below has demonstrated, in his eloquent posting below, that you are better served by not having guys like FLUKE show up and be in the vicinity of your kids at the various sporting events.

    In case you missed it, I quote Fluke:

    well you are more like a lucky team of @hit-
    You got worked hard tonight. i mean like a beat’n prostitute. worked! coach z, you are douche bag and have a bunch of douche bag followers.
    Go monrovia… you guys were awesome and that’s why you will win that ring!

    If this represents even 5% of the Monrovia fan base, I say let them go and play up to achieve greatness in a different league.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only Wildcat fan that thinks MHS Stadium is to small for a CHAMPIONSHIP game.
    There was not enough seating for fans when they had their field dedication/1st home game.
    There will be at least twice as many fans for the CHAMPIONSHIP on a Saturday night with NO RAIN in the forecast.
    Please get a bigger venue, I want to watch the game not stand in line I’m the parking lot.

  • Goldenarm

    From Cimarusti’s interception, to Bubba’s big hits, Bueno’s throws, Henderson’s catches, Frazier’s D, the M-town center who played on one leg, the kicker who ricocheted his kickoff off a Saint and then recovered it himself ….WHAT A WIN IT WAS, and coming against a very, very good San Dimas team.

    It may have been the best play calling in the history of Monrovia football, at least the recent history anyway. One play was crafted to lead to another and weaknesses were hit with strengths. This was evident in several places, but particularly in the deep/under routes of Henderson and the M-town 3 wideout set. Just plain great football well coached and executed.

    For those who have not seen San Dimas, this is one impressive football program, with an O-line that understands working as one, and a hugely talented runner in Dillon Corona, and a strong supporting cast. Coach Z and his staff have built tremendous fundamentals into the SD kids, and it makes one dream of the day when his own home program can look like that again. This was my first look at SD and damn, they look good.

    That said, it says even more of the Monrovia win, which started with an 80 yard drive and never really looked back, bringing one defensive stop after another, despite being hit with far too many penalties in the process. The Cats just overwhelmed San Dimas with sheer effort.
    What a game.

  • QuietCat


    As much as a bigger venue would be great, I think that if you can give the kids a true HOME game than you have to. In a high profile game like this it can be invaluable to keep their routine the same if possible. PCC wouldn’t be so bad but Citrus just throws to many bad memories that to you or I may not effect us but to a High School kid can play games into their heads. They are trying to get quite a few extra stands at MHS for Sat. The best thing to do is just get their early. Its a Saturday… College is over… go and get an early dinner and enjoy the night. Its gonna be a great game!


  • OneAnnoyedSDFan

    Watts scores the only 2 touchdowns and takes fewer than half of the snaps? We all love Kennedy, but our offense was simply out of sync. Coach Zernickow was stubborn in every way last night.
    News flash: We are not Boise State.
    Congrats to Monrovia. You outplayed and severely out coached us.

  • Move On said

    People, People, People, why are we still talking about SD. They’re DONE! They’re HISTORY! It’s time to move on and concentrate on WC. We need to have our team focused. Congrats to the Coaches and to the players. This was a great game. You all played your hearts out and played as a team. LET’S GET IT DONE!

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    Monrovia played a good game last night…not a great game. I mean, who’s not going to look good when your opponant gives you 6 turnovers so let’s be real! Let’s move on…Monrovia and Whittier Christian will be a great matchup, no doubt! I think the Wildcats have a bit of a size atvantage, with the acception of Bueno…what is that guy about 5’4″? I think I saw him run between a defenders legs last night…any way, I think WC is a more disciplined team. The fact that WC has played a tougher schedule and has been some BIG shot outs, I think Whittier Christian will beat Monrovia.

  • New York

    Not that I want you doing a huge expose on the Cats like you did last year, but it is fascinating to think of various story lines: Each team has a highly recruited Defensive Tackle in Jeff Worth and Ellis McCarthy(not bad for a “lower” division); this season is the third that Bueno and Maddox have been together BUT it will be their 41st game! WOW! Nick has already started 40 (FORTY) games as a varsity QB.

    Nick and Maddox have the equivalent of four varsity seasons under their belts already. Playoff experience is how good programs keep building while the others are watching or playing basketball.

  • Observantcat

    Yeh, yeh, yeh,yeh, NO!
    First let me just say that a team doesn’t just give you 6 turnovers a GOOD defense creates them, and a GREAT TEAM takes advatage of those kind of opportunitys and turns them into point. Second WC did not play a tougher schedule, they played a more balanced schedule but in no way tougher. As far as discipline goes, the better team usually takes control of the game and imposes their own set of rules therefore turning a somewhat simple gameplan into an unreadable script with no main characters. Monroiva’s strongest point has been right there under their nose from the begining and that is to disrupt what other teams think is their strong points and turn them into to garbage.Whittier Christian’s strong point has been to play consistent amongst unconsistant non league teams. The problem with playing Monrovia will be that we have the ahtelets that can change a game plan around in a heartbeat. The toughest thing opposing coaches must decide to do with with Nick is challenge him mentally but so far Nick has only gotten stronger as the season has progressed. I know that Whittier Christian will come out tough like they did last season, but not truy jumping into an all out battle with a real battle tested team like Monrovia will be an uphill battle for them. I’m not going to predict any score once again but I will say that if Monrovia plays D like they have been playing it for the past couple of months, Whittier Christain will have to find other ways to beat this team.

  • BigMLover

    Grim Reaper…

    Did you purposely ignore FLUKE’s 1st paragraph?

    Obviously, this is a Maranatha supporter… and is in no way a reflection on Monrovia.

  • Grim Reaper

    Big M
    If so, then I apologize, however, whoever Fluke is, I would not want such an outstanding individual hanging around my kids.

  • BigMLover

    Agreed… maybe a Wilson stray on the wrong side of the 605! LOL

  • Anonymous

    bigmlover: fluke doesnt have to be a natha supporter to know their roster situation last week. probably just a saint hater, not a natha fan

  • #18 Uncle!

    #18 plays Dirty? lol hahaha
    San Dimas Fans yall just mad because you guys got Dominated on your own field by Our wildcats and if you want to talk about playing dirty lets talk about all the late Hits San dimas had out of bounds on our cats after the play that werent called lets talk about how ur defensive line stepped on one of our offensive line while he was getting up off the ground lets talk about all the illegal punches yall threw after the play was over…dont talk about dirty especially number #18 Ellis McCarthy becuz he is far from it San Dimas Was the Definition of Dirty Saturday night and yall still got Whooped lol better luck next year SUCKA’S!!!!

  • SFV FAN!

    #18 Uncle!
    How many tackles did #18 make Saturday night? (0) look it up. Had more Personal Fouls than tackles. Should play for the Raiders!!! Plus the refs gave you some free PI’s calls. We might be mad, but we still have your 2009 CIF Championship ring!!Well Billycat uncle, it will be 0-10 come Satyurday night..BTW mix in the spell check before you hit send. See you at Santa Anita Dec 26th.

  • Uncle Who?

    Uncle: You know Monrovia was Dirty!!!! I like how your #53 who was also Dirty isnt on the Roster… but it was a big old deal when someone was punching Bueno and that person from Schurr wasnt on the Roster…. its all good! we have a Ring that WE WON RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER YOU GUYS LAST YEAR !!!! Remeber that UNC??? Hopefully you guys FINALLY will feel what its like to be CHAMPS!!!!!!!! No RAIN this saturday so no EXCUSES!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy that last years ring, this year you showed the pussycats you really were. We will enjoy the 2010 version of that so distant memory.

  • 09 Ring

    Anonymous: PLEASE it’s NOT so distant…. Cause I know you guys haven’t Forgot that feeling leaving Citrus College Dec 12th 09… Im sure its still Very Fresh!!!! All this talk You guys better hope you beat Whittier Saturday!!!!! let’s hope the TENTH time will get you something……

  • anonymous

    The point is this year You’ll be just a spectator watching us do what you guys were truly lucky to do last season in a down pour. Like I said, enjoy the ring and the memorys. San Dimas didn’t come close to defending its gifts this season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 09 Ring

    I dont know if you would call not even close: to a team like SD who came in as a AT LARGE team… and made it to the Semi finals sounds pretty close to me…. Anyways!!! like I said before We will enjoy our FOR SURE RING WE HAVE…. from 09 and you PRAY you get one in 2010!!!!! try and play some clean Football Saturday!!!! dont Choke…. or let the Jinx get to you……

  • M-Town Fan

    San Dimas Lost 47-14 right? lol hahaha better luck next year oh yeah & stay off the Blogs SD Losers!!

  • Rider

    Quote “The point is this year You’ll be just a spectator watching us do what you guys were truly lucky to do last season in a down pour. Like I said, enjoy the ring and the memorys. San Dimas didn’t come close to defending its gifts this season!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I fail to understand why the Monrovians keep bringing up the downpour as why they were defeated. The SD team had to play in the same rain. How is the weather a factor when both teams have to play in it? It is an excuse cause Monrovia couldnt explain letting a 20 point lead get away from them with only minuets left in the game last year. It was cockyness that lost that game. Cockyness may or may not have hurt SD this year. And as many people have pointed out You still havnt won the 2010 ring yet and I do believe the players at WC might disagree with you about it being a done deal. You may have to live with two year old memories…………………

  • Educated Minds

    To Rider and all of SD, in all fairness you do have a point. The reason that most Monrovia fans bring that rain filled night up is because of the arrogance of most of you fans to ignore those factors, Using phrases like we destroyed your team, we are just better than your team, the rain did’nt have anything to to with it and so on. Well look what a perfect night brought about. Everyone has a right to feel high on their team but the SD faithful seem to push that envelope way to far to a point where you injected revenge in the minds of even our most humble fans. Now it’s our turn and the only thing I can say is WE WON! Now we must move on and play another tough, well tough opponent this Saturday and hope we can get a little of that bling. Stay up SD, we’ll see you guys next season and we will be coming with that same swagger that we bought last week.

  • Philly B.

    TO ALL SAN DIMAS FANS: Prior to the match-up, All of us Monrovia Fans had to hear u run your mouths! The game is over your team lost! Stop bringing up the rain Stop bringing up your 2009 rings, Stop bringing up the “jinx”. We dont care! We’re thinking and focusing on WC and thats it! The series between SAINTS N CATS is tied up. We’ll talk bout Saint Football Next Season! Monrovia Fans stop talking about the dominant performance! We had our gloat day saturday. Enough is Enough! San Dimas fans Fade to Black like Azusa and Covina. Thats the Final Burn!

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why they wore the black uniforms again last week. Are they supposed to be cool or something? Whats the point of having school colors?

  • QB1

    Philly B, Anonymous, and M-Town Fan

    You guy’s sure talk a lot of smack! I’m sure none of you ever played the game or even put on a varsity uniform!! So that’s why you come on here talking trash. Listen your new names Waterboy#1, Waterboy#2, and Waterboy#3. Show me your rings. Well Billycats, we should talk again on Sunday Morning when you choke!! 0-10.

  • 3—> movin

    #53 is from the turff

  • 210 East

    Like I said you don’t know Sh%* about football. What the hell kind of question is that. “I don’t understand why they wore the black uniforms” How many uniforms does Oregon wear?

  • mee


  • Philly B

    QB1- Before u call my name out you better check my post 1st! If talkin s*** is rooting for my old alum then u need to go back to the dictionary and double your search! I said theres no reason for SD fans to be discussing the game anymore between da cats n saints anymore! I said monrovia fans like myself need to stop gloating bout beating the saints because its over n down with. I played the game of football. I bleed the trenches. Your QB1? More like QB NONE! Now thats talkin s*** just like u did when u said monrovia will be ringless! Who’s really talkin trash? Fade to black because your comeback wont be good enough. If u say mtown will lose explain why! Do u knw anything about WC? I bet not!

  • QB1

    Philly B,
    Sorry Monrovia Fans, this is just for Waterboy.Hell if a racehorse raced (10) times, he might come in first. I’m not a Monrovia fan or a SD fan. It’s just funny how you talk so much SH%# befor the Championship game last year and September this year, but after the game Philly B (AKA Waterboy was MIA! Now they are back in the Championship and Waterboy is poping off. Don’t worry Waterboy, come Sunday morning, you will be MIA!!again.
    So you played the game of football. Tell one player from Monrovia that went on to a D1 school in the last (10) years? When you lose on Sunday, don’t come on the Blog pointing fingers at the HC.

  • Philly B

    QB1- aka, the bench warmer, When Monrovia would lose, I blog, when Monrovia wins, I would blog, again when I root for my team to win the game, to you thats talkin s***, then fine, IM TALKING MADDDD S***. But On sunday when Monrovia wins, you will be MIA hopefully forever!!!! Uh Oh, I want my team to win, according to QB1 thats talking s*** and popping off!!!! Oh Nooo! Who cares what you think, who cares what you say! I know I don’t because I ride with Monrovia when they win, and win they lose, ask any REGULAR blogger(unlike you) they’ll tell you, Im loyal, and you’re not, because no one knows or cares what team your repping.

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    Philly B
    Waterboy. What time is the tailgate party? I could stop by and we can continue our little chat session before the game. Let me know.

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