Press box officials blow it on championshp night

Prep reporters from the Orange County Register should have been treated better at Saturday’s Mid-Valley Division championship between Monrovia and Whittier Christian. According to our very own eyewitnesses working the game, which includes Miguel, officials working the Arcadia High press box demanded that all reporters be out of the press box less than 30 minutes following the game, or roughly 10:30 p.m., which is asking a lot of reporters when it’s a championship that ends at 10:05 with a ceremony on the field that follows. The O.C. reporters were trying to finish their stories when they were asked to pack up and leave. The O.C. reporters asked for a few more minutes but apparently were escorted out, which turned into an ugly scene that required police to be summoned to the press box. Police took statements and no arrests were made, but you will probably hear more about this in the days to come.

Fred’s comment: Something needs to be done for working members of the media who cover championship games that aren’t at big venues like Anaheim. At those events, CIF officials are there and are very kind allowing reporters to finish their stories. That same courtesy needs to be extended to all venues hosting championship games. These are by far the toughest to cover because of late starts, celebration and ceremonies that follow championship events. And when you have out-of-area reporters like the O.C. Register, you need to be gracious hosts, there is nowhere else for them to file their stories but the press area. To rush reporters out less than 30 minutes following a game is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, we should be allowed at least 45 minutes to finish since CIF requires a short “cooling off” period before we start interviews on the field. We’re trying to provide memories in the newspaper that last a lifetime, but apparently those working the games don’t want to allow for few a extra minutes so we can do our job. Totally unacceptable.

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    Some how I’m not shocked by this. Who were the officials who kicked out the reporters in this case? CIF? Sadly it was one of the few games not online for outsiders to follow. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this soon…

  • BigCat

    Since I wasn’t there, I’m just guessing.
    The Monrovia game was supposed to be held at Monrovia. However, the people from La Habra complained and the game was then held at Arcadia. In effect, the Arcadia facility was rented for the game. I strongly suspect that the people who run the Arcadia stadium wanted everyone out, so that they could close up and stop paying their employees.
    If you want extra time, try letting the home school have the game in their stadium.

  • Don

    This is intolerable!

    I say find those miscreants and yank their subscriptions to the Trib, (or the Star News whichever the case might be). The Fourth Estate WILL BE HEARD!!!!

    I can see the headlines now: Reporters Battle Custodians (All in Franklin Gothic Condensed at about 72 pt.)

    Poor ink stained wretches.

  • Anonymous

    Who was the lucky reporter that got Blowed after the game by a press box official?

  • Horrible

    Wow…that is one of the craziest things I’ve heard. Almost as bad as Robledo talking throughout the National Anthem before the West Covina-Bonita game at Walnut on Friday night!!! People these days have no respect anymore!!!

  • This is no excuse Miguel

    Is this your excuse for not having live updates during the game Miguel?

  • Goldenarm

    Year before last the Arcadia “ticket police” went into the stands after kickoff – looking for “felons” who may have arrived early at the game and entered before the ticket sellers got there.
    At least one family was asked to leave. Others began arguing, before it escalated to worse, the security people wisely backed away. It was a bad scene.

  • TheGM

    CIF should send officials to all championship games.To leave it up to the cleanup crew to be the “Pressbox officials” is laughable. Arcadia will always bend over backwards to accomodiate the work press.

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