All-Rio Hondo League Football: Nick Bueno is MVP.

I’ll post all-league football throughout the week. We start with the Rio Hondo League, which also published in today’s paper. Almont League coming Thursday, followed by Prep League on Friday.

2010 All-League Football
Most Valuable Player:
Nick Bueno, Monrovia, Senior
Offensive Back of the Year: Josh Simangunsong, Temple City, Senior
Offensive Lineman of the Year: Dean Bisterfeldt, Monrovia, Senior
All-Purpose Players of the Year: Sean Courtney, South Pasadena, Senior; Tyler Roach, Temple City, Senior
Linebacker of the Year: Derrick Johnson, Monrovia, Senior
Defensive Linemen of the Year: Ellis McCarthy, Junior, Monrovia
Defensive Backs of the Year: Charlie Cimmarusti, Monrovia, Senior; Michael Arkfeld, La Canada, Senior

WR: Matt Nelson, South Pasadena, Senior
WR: Jay Henderson, Monrovia, Senior
TE: Jay Kolina, La Canada, Senior
OT: Faustino Macatangay, Monrovia, Senior
OT: Alan Felix, San Marino, Senior
OG: Ryan Teegarden, Monrovia, Senior
OG: Brian Wong, Temple City, Junior
C: Michael Lind, South Pasadena, Senior
QB: Conor Bednarski, South Pasadena, Senior
RB: Patrick Martin, South Pasadena, Senior
RB: Christian Blanco, Monrovia, Senior
RB: Daleep Sandhu, La Canada, Senior
K: Nick Palmer, Temple City, Senior

DL: Lorenzo Casas, Monrovia, Junior
DL: Tresjan Simmons, Blair, Senior
DL: Kevin Figueroa, South Pasadena, Senior
DE: Jerome Brown, Monrovia, Senior
DE: Adrian Velasco, Monrovia, Senior
LB: Oliver Campbell, San Marino, Senior
LB: George Frazier, Monrovia, Sophomore
LB: Tim Sanderson, Temple City, Senior
DB: Jay Henderson, Monrovia, Senior
DB: Anthony Craft, Monrovia, Sophomore
DB: Miguel Lagunas, South Pasadena, Junior
DB: Andrew Anda, Temple City, Senior
P: Nick Palmer, Temple City, Senior


WR: Anthony Craft, Monrovia, Sophomore
WR: Manny Vargas, San Marino, Sophomore
TE: Tim Sanderson, Temple City, Senior
OT: Nicholas Sullivan, South Pasadena, Sophomore
OT: Luke Sanborn, La Canada, Senior
OG: Kevin Figueroa, South Pasadena, Senior
OG: Joe Torres, La Canada, Senior
C: Anthony Robles, Blair, Senior
QB: Scott Gray, La Canada, Senior
RB: Michael Harria, Monrovia, Junior
RB: Ryan Wood, San Marino, Sophomore
RB: Luis Lopez, Temple City, Senior
K: Mason Bryant, Monrovia, Sophomore

DL: Olufemi Aaron, Blair, Senior
DL: Lawrence Moreno, South Pasadena, Senior
DL: Austin Busick, Temple City, Senior
DE: Jay Kolina, La Canada, Senior
DE: Emil Leguera, Temple City, Senior
LB: Gus Shettleroe, South Pasadena, Junior
LB: Lucas Gautheir, La Canada, Senior
LB: Carlos Mota, Temple City, Junior
DB: Jeff Baker, La Canada, Senior
DB: Seve Woods, San Marino, Senior
DB: Sean Nang, South Pasadena, Senior
DB: Darren Jenkins, Monrovia, Senior
P: Miguel Lagunas, South Pasadena, Junior

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  • Star News!

    Monrovia should have a lot of players on the all Star News team.

    Coach of the year
    Ryan Maddox

    Nick Bueno

    1st team Offense
    Dean Bisterfeldt OL
    Ryan Teegarden-OL

    All Purpose: Jay Henderson

    1st team Defense
    Derrick Johnson LB

    Ellis McCarthy- DL

    Anthony Craft- DB

    Charlie Cimmarusti-DB

    2nd Team Defense
    George Frazier-LB

    Jerome Brown- DL

  • Anonymous

    lets just put the entire Monrovia team on the All Area team

  • Anonymous

    ellis is over rated… HA HA HA

  • monrovia fan

    If Ellis is overated, then who is better? Thought so. Stop hating on Monrovia.

  • Goldenarm

    Go back 10 years and note when Temple City DID NOT have a lineman of the year or a couple lineman 1st team all league or all-CIF. It just shows how the Ram program has fallen off in terms of playing smashmouth football. We had several 300 pounders this year, but none as effective as 220-240 lb kids of past years who were ferocious come Friday night – that has just got to change for Ram football to become competitive again.

    It seems Bueno, like Rivera of Arroyo, was a 7 year varsity starter. Nick brought honor to the RHL and really evolved as a player, getting better every season. Well deserved MVP. Also like seeing the young running back Wood from San Marino get mentioned, that kid has heart. So Pas is gonna miss Bednarski, who weathered it all and played hard every game.
    TC’s only real hitter on D, Luis Lopez, squeezed in a second team nod at fullback…good deal, Luis could really help a local JC football team if he decides to do so.

  • prime time


  • coach D

    prime time:

    Monrovia will be pretty good on offense next year, but to say that they will be better because they will have a true qb is being ignorant. Bueno, by far was the toughest player to prepare for as a defensive coordinator. He was like another coach out there and was given the green light to improvise. You can’t replace that just like that. It’s alot easier to defend an offense when you can keep the qb from beating you with his legs as well as his arm. Monrovia also has to replace 3 all league offensive linemen, including a 2 year starter at center.

  • RHL Fan (LC)

    No love for LC on here? Kolina and Arkfeld were great athletes, but Torres and Sanborn were both under 200lb and you’re putting them at 2nd team line?! Damn, they’d get smashed if there was a game for the 2nd team. And you missed O’Donnell and Herron, who carried the entire Spartan defense on their back. Worst of all, no Cervenka on here. Easily the best kicker in the RHL, arguably one of the tops in California. His numbers speak for themselves, with over 2,600 yards on only 45 kickoffs! Hopefully the Star News picks up on some of these guys.

  • Really???!!!

    In the words of the immortal Gomer Pyle, “Surprise…Surprise…Surprise!!

  • Monrovia is just getting started

    There is a difference between being a dual threat, QB and a Mobile QB. Next year’s QB for monrovia is not a running qb, but he is mobile, he is a athlete, and has a big arm! Monrovia will be fine. They have a few super athlete players coming back off disciplinary restrictions. Monrovia has tons of speed, coming up from the lower levels. Compared to what everyone else is losing, expect the top four seeds, next year to be,


    Teams to have down years are
    2.San dimas
    3.Whittier Christian

    The one thing that Monrovia has is athletes year in and year out. With great coaching staffs, on the Fresh, JV and Varsity level now, they will be tough to beat. The Daurte Hawks organization will continue to send Mtown talent. We are going to be good for years to come.

    Monrovia has the new stadium,Facilities, and a title now. I see Mtown winning for a long time to come. Don’t be surprised if they Move up into the Pacific league in years to come.

  • Observantcat

    Well Coach D. If you found Bueno hard to figure out, wait until the return of DeShawn Ramirez added to the presence of George Frazier and the 2 back-up RB’s in Harris and Bias. The offense when finally in rythem will create problems for most D coordinators. Frazier has the size and the release of a prototypical QB and the power to move forward on 4th and 1’s. He will have 3 of the toughest recievers at his disposal as well in Craft, Willliams & Bryant. Should be a more explosive style offense.

  • The return of Monrovia

    Monrovia is reloading. If you noticed in the championship game bueno did not have 50 yrds rushing. He was throwing. Monrovia will be just as explosive next year. Just in a different way. You will see the same big play potential Henderson brought, in Craft and Bryant. These were just sophmores and they played a big role in this years run. When Monrovia gets Ramirez back. They will be great. They will be losing some lineman, but they have some big athletic boys coming up. The line will be bigger next year. Monrovia should make another deep run if not win the whole thing.

  • coach D

    I don’t doubt that Monrovia will be playing for another title next season. I’m just saying that don’t be so quick to under estimate what Bueno brought to the table for you guys. He bailed your team out countless times when the plays broke down. Also, remember that you will have to replace key senior starters, especially on the OLine as well as Henderson and Blanco. And not to mention, probably your best defensive player in Johnson.

  • Red Leader

    Monrovia will be a totally different monster next year, but a monster nonetheless. They’ll have more skill players next year than they did this year. I believe at this point, Ramirez is still not a for sure thing. There’s a younger Bueno in the mix at RB. The key will be to get the linemen on both sides of the ball as many snaps as possible before league starts. As much as I like Frazier, I hope they find another QB. Just my opinion, he’s an outstanding LB and an above average QB. Frazier will be irreplaceable at LB next year, he’s a beast. He has great lateral movement and is quick to the ball. They’re going to need his leadership more on the defensive side of the ball.

    On another note. Congratulations Wildcats!! Awesome end to this season. What can I say about Jay Henderson? He sure picked the perfect night to have the game of his life. To those that said all the other team had to do was contain Bueno and not let him run, turns out you guys didn’t really know what you were talking about. Not too bad for a 5’8″ baseball player. I will miss seeing him in green. Good luck to all the seniors.

  • prime time


  • Wildcat Nation

    Thank You to the Class of 2011:

    Nick Bueno
    Bubba Johnson
    Dean Bisterfeldt
    Jay Henderson
    Charlie Cimmarusti
    Derrin Jenkins
    Charles Jackson
    Kimoni Pollard
    Ryan Teegarden
    John Adams
    Faustino Macatangay
    Evan Sanchez
    Andrew Plasencia
    Cameron Camiotes
    Isayah Daniels
    Jerome Brown
    Cody Casper
    Solomon Ray
    Kenny Machi
    Adrian Velasco
    Julius Jones



  • coach D

    prime time:
    Read my post again. I said that I don’t doubt that they will be playing for another title. And those freshmen linemen are not that big. I’ve seen them up close.

  • Anonymous

    Goldenarm, are you saying Tim Sanderson and Carlos Mota are not hitters on D for Temple City?

  • vikings man

    *sigh* looks like again RHL is giving first and second team off wins because honestly i only remember only 4 good Monrovia guys. and if you line up the stats especially in the dl/de there is some problems

  • Anonymous

    Viking Man. I had to laugh at that one. That Monrovia game you witnessed was a blurr. Remember the score was 42-0 in the 1st quarter. Who impressed you in that amount of time?.. Goo luck Vikings. Hope things get better in 2011

  • Monrovia fight on!

    Coach D, The freshman lineman are about 6’1 to 6’2 but they will grow, and they are all of 230lbs. What people are overlooking, is the “Program” in place. Monrovia has had a good program with great athletes. Now Mtown has a great athletes and the making of a great program in place. Its not how the players come in, but how they leave. With a coach like Maddox, he will be able to sustain his winning at a high level. He will be able to Make good players great and average players good. Craft, Frazier and Bryant are exceptional. All league sophmores. Williams is good too..he may be 6’4 going into next year! We have some Big time freshman skills coming up next year. Jones, “Sam”, Potts(younger brother of a great Monrovia QB) and “White Lightning”, he’s a secret. Bueno did get us out of trouble alot this year, but we did not have a go to running game until Blanco stepped up. Next year we won’t need a QB to do as much. As Long as the program is in place Monrovia will be there. Look at West Covina they did not throw at all. Monrovia will be good like them, with a stable of RB and WR’s. Remember Monrovia had 2 6’2 sophmore LB’s starting. Ellis and Casas are coming back on the interior D Line. Don’t worry about Mtown. We will be fine. They said we would never win it, we Have. Now they are going say..they will never be this great again… Bueno’s gone etc …we will always be good, Now we are on top, we will stay for some time.

  • The Rio Hondo selections were unfair to Monrovia. The should have had more players .

    viking man

    It might be time for the RHL, to drop Blair and add a new team, Like Pasadena Poly or something. You all should drop to the lowest division. No Disrespect to the kids at Blair, But you all are only decent every so often. Ok are you talking about the 4 dlineman that nearly shut out the whole Rio Hondo?

    Ellis McCarthy
    69 tackles 11 sacks

    Jerome Brown
    64 tackles 7 sacks

    Lorenzo Casas
    40 tackles 5 sacks

    Adrian Velasco
    40 tackles 3 sacks

    Really you actually could have given the whole monrovia team 1st team on both sides of the ball. 153 -0, who cares what happen in the other rio Hondo games this year. I am not being cocky. The fact Jenkins got second team is a disgrace and slap in the face to Monrovia Fans. Jay Henderson should have been All purpose player of the year alone. Blanco should have been offensive Back of the year. Luke Williams should have been first team WR, he destroyed all people sticking him ask TC. Cimmarusti should not have shared his award. I am sorry what’s up with all this sharing. Head up Each and every Monrovia player outplayed everyone else in league. Besides Monrovia, the rio hondo league was a 3 way tie slop mess. What a disgrace. You only share awards when players are actually equal. Here is the test, not one of these players would the start at Monrovia, If so what position? So if you can’t answer that, then how do they get all league. Some of our kids got screwed. Politics always reigns supreme.

    Well I hope the Rio Hondo is working hard this year to make the games more exciting.

  • mtown alum

    will the schedule look the same for the wildcats? i’m guessing the monrovia-arcadia game will have to be renewed and will be done, then there is the glendora, south hills and paramount games that are probably on contracts.
    hopefully next year the mid valley will be deeper in competition because i’d really like to see this team challenged week in and week out. not saying the mid valley is incapable of doing so but the monrovia program is only going to go forward.

  • Wildcat Man

    Man….. Luke Williams had the best hands in the league! Monrovia has Williams and Craft with a stronger armed George “G5” Frazier…. I don’t even want to count the points…!

    Ellis will dominate in 2011 and probably end up at UCLA along with Williams…. yea… I said it!

    To everybody reading… give MHS credit for blowing anybody they wanted to…. YES… 4,800 people saw the same thing I did last Saturday… A BLOW OUT without even throwing the ball to Craft or Williams… incredible to say the least.

    Wildcats will rule from now on under the leadership of the well coached attitude of Maddox and staff. They prepare like NON OTHER!!!

  • Goldenarm


    Whenever a big impact was heard from the stands this year for TC, # 33 was in the middle of it. Ask the Ram players or opponents who they saw as our biggest hitter. Tim was tremendous all season, making amazing single tackles and high individual effort, but as far as standing up and taking on a ballcarrier , Luis was the man.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Luke Williams. Did he play receiver for MHS, was he a starter. I thought Charles Jackson and Craft were the only receivers at MHS.

  • When will the All Star news team be published in the paper?.

  • Red Leader

    I agree, Luke Williams has the best set of hands out of all the receivers. Always manages to get open.

  • TigerFan

    williams does NOT have the best set of hands in RHL….sorry. if that were true he would have more yards, catches and TDs than the rest of the receivers in the league and he led in none of those categories

  • New York

    Keeping things simple, I say that in this division the combination of McCarthy and Maddox is good for two titles in a similar fashion to Gano getting two at a time with Cody and Harwell, respectively. The ability to always disrupt good offences is HUGE—6’4 295 running like a deer huge.

    Nick did bring a ton of production…ALL over the field. I can’t beleive people continually overlook Nick’s special teams contribution! What a weapon!

  • Red Leader

    TigerFan. Actually, you’re wrong. Receiver stats are very deceiving, specially in high school. Having the highest stats as a receiver doesn’t usually mean you’re the best. Most of the time, it means your team was always behind in points and had to air it out a lot in an effort to catch up. Sometimes, it means your team doesn’t have a running game and are forced to throw. In Luke Williams’ case, it was neither of those reasons. He plays receiver on a team that rushed for over 3200 yards and outscored their opponents 513-144. So, there wasn’t really a reason to throw the ball, except for those few times when teams decided to put 8 in the box to stop the run. And look how those games turned out. If you look back at the games, Luke Williams was thrown to mostly on 3rd down situations. If you don’t know what that means, it means he has good hands and the QB trust him. Cause if you’re throwing on 3rd down, you better catch the ball. That’s why as a DC, you always put your best DB on the receiver with the best hands on 3rd down. That’s the tip of the day.

  • Let the truth be told

    Tiger Fan,
    Monrovia was a balanced team. None of the WRs had huge#s but when it counted they could not be stopped. Luke Williams, was a big target. There was not one DB in league who could hold him down. All of the stats other WR’s Had in the Rio Hondo were against each other. Since not one DB or WR could not stop any of the Mtown skills, how can they be perceived as better? In sports, there is no room for making everyone else feel good. Honestly Maddox knows that there were not four better WR in the RHL than Henderson, Williams, Craft, or Bryant. He also knows that there is not four better DB’s than Henderson, Cimmarusti, Craft and Jenkins. They all should have been first team both ways. This is a new trend now days where coaches go into these all league meetings and spread the love etc… too Many “CO” awards, and too many players getting awards for no reason. Every player starting on monrovia’s team outplayed all other players in the league. I was at every game Monrovia played. I did not see any one deserving of all league. For example…Last Year Yortsos deserved 1st team all league. Rocky Moore, deserved all league. Runkle, Hung, Felix,Lo deserved all league. This year you didn’t that type of play from anyone. San Marino took monrovia to the wire last year. To sum it all up, this year you could have very well, given all league first team to every monrovia starter. That’s just the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Alright enough with this give the award to every Monrovia starter crap. Yeah Monrovia had a great team but come on! Every starter? Simongunsong and Martin were both WAY better than any back on your team. Sanderson from TC was a playmaker and deserved 1st Team as both LB and TE in my opinion and Nelson from SP would have also started for Monrovia. Granted M-Town had maybe the best front 7 in the Valley, and all those players were properly recognized, but to say they should give 1st team to every Monrovia starter totally disrespects the talent and hard work of other deserving players in the league.

  • Goldenarm

    One player that locks down a first team spot without questions is Temple City’s punter/placekicker Nick Palmer.
    Nick connected on field goals in the 40-45 yard range several times and was deadly inside the 30. He always came through with a huge punt when the Rams were jammed against there own end zone and kicked with a rotation that kept the ball rolling the “Ram” direction when it impacted the ground. He also intentionally coffin cornered kicks out at the 2 and 5 yard line, the most spectacular one coming against Monrovia right before half at Maranatha.
    Nick also had a set of sure hands and caught a couple TD passes this year. His kicking stills follow that of Drew Tinsley, giving TC 1st team kicking honors 3 consecutive years.

    That said, I don’t think Nick could have made the 2 touchdown saving tackles Mason Bryant made against San Dimas. The Saints had Monrovia’s number on their reverse/fake reverse kickoff return and Bryant was the last man between standing between ballcarrier and a San Dimas 6 twice.

  • Saint4Real

    Mason Bryant is an athlete, Nick Palmer is a KICKER

  • Anonymous

    i was being sarcastic when i said ellis was overrated, hence “HA HA HA”

  • Goldenarm


    Actually no.

    Nick is a multi-sport athlete, who just happens to kick the air out of the ball.

  • BigFatFan

    SP got some nice recognition from the rest of the RHL coaches. nice change from last year’s dismal showing.

    I also like the way the RHL coaching staff did not give boys double awards like what happened in some of the other leagues. for example, Simangongsong got offensive back of the year, but he did not get first team RB. that is a good way to spread the awards around to as many boys as possible.

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  • Philly B.

    LOOK, Can you argue that both the starters on Offense and defense on Monrovia’s squad could have all made 1st team honors??? Yeah you could…because Monrovia ran thru the rio hondo league…HOWEVER I think there was some good players for T.C., SP and also LC, and because of that some of those players should be recognized. Monrovia fans dont be so blind in our teams success to not see talent from the other schools of the RHL.

    Now that being said…as far as what Monrovia will do next year….If the juniors can stay healthy (especially McCarthy) then the sky’s the limit for the Monrovia Wildcats. I see Monrovia running through the league ONCE again (thats getting old, monrovia football just football if possible needs to go to a different league) and they get to the semi’s minimum As far as the schedule goes for next year I’d love to see Monrovia get another crack at Glendora…I just think the cats could beat them. Im sure we’ll have Arcadia again…and we’ll have their number. South Hills should be another good match-up…I would love to see monrovia drop paramount, and pick up either st. francis, west covina, bonita, or Covina. I want Monrovia’s schedule to stay stronger than the rest. Even though Monrovia dominated Whittier Christian, the Olympic League represented the midvalley division well, and showed that their the top league in the division. I hope Maranantha gets some veterans so that they can compete deep in the playoffs.

    And for the person that said Rio Hondo Prep could be monrovia….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS TOO FUNNY TO EVEN COMMENT ON…

  • I saw your blog few times, but now I check it more often, it became even more cool.

  • I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

  • jmcdonough

    west Covina will win another cif ring in basketbal and basebal amat and damin are week this season just like foootbal . wilson administration and all you no good lazy punk ass parents of the lower sgv grab a schuvel and rack let go of that corona and grafitti spray can and get to werk jerk! That goes for you to chopstiks! We have nicer feelds cause we care bout are kids. imm watchin FOOTBAL todat not FUTBOL are you talking bout socer socer is fore pansys not a reel sport. not much of a basketbal guy and basebal is to hard to play becase you hav to be good at everythin plus i could never hit that ball and i was alwys to fat to play
    you can alwys go swimming!

  • Matt

    I have heard, from good sources, that Blair will leave the RHL after next year. I am not sure if that is all sports or just football.

    Two questions.

    Who should replace them?

    Would Monrovia leave as well in order to move up? I have not heard this and am just throwing the question out.

  • Goldenarm


    how is LC looking as far as returnees?

    I thought the Spartans played up/down last season, tough to predict how they would perform…what was your take?

    I did an RHL run down, but somehow it did not make it to post, I used the word arse, maybe that killed it

  • Philly B

    How good are these sources??? I just thought, the RHL because of history was set and was never going to change even though I wanted to. So if Blair leaves the RHL, what league would they end up in???

    I say if monrovia wins two more RHL league championships outright, then its time that they leave the Rio Hondo League!!!!

    Shoot, Put La Salle, Hoover, or Glendale in the Rio Hondo League, and let Monrovia and Temple City go to the Pacific League! Outside of MHS and T.C, in the last decade who has won or shared the league title more than once???

  • footballhead

    theres a typo
    derrin jenkins for monrovia made 1st team defense not 2nd

  • mtown alum

    monrovia’s only lost in league the last 4 years has been to blair in ’07. the maddox era has the rhl taped and measured.

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  • Goldenarm

    Re: TC’s last “good game” against M-town:

    Backus’ last year we played Monrovia very strong, utilizing a relentless physical pounding run game and short pass attack on Monrovia’s home field. We had 13 first half first downs and controlled the tempo of the game.
    Bueno threw 3 passes and at least one landed in TC hands. His running game was nullified by great D and iso from our middle linebacker, Nick Conora.
    Unfortunately Monrovia had the unstoppable Marquise Williams in the backfield and he broke two long runs of 80 plus yds each for TD’s, both followed missed goals by TC.
    We had the ball and a chance to win, driving 70 yds to the M-town 12 yard line, but went home empty as a last chance pass fell incomplete in the end zone.
    It was a great game.
    That year M-town lost to Rosemead in CIF and TC lost to Paraclete, and the Clete beat Rosemead on a frigid night in the desert to win the CIF title.
    We played M-town decent when White was coach, but M-town had more horses and a better plan. Lowden was everywhere early and TC mistakenly abandoned our run game, despite a 43 yd td by Ruckle and big gains by QB Justin Smith. We kept passing 3 and out, a guaranteed path to defeat against M-town.

    Philly B,
    With the state of our program right now, we would get murdered in the Pac league. I like your 2 year plan though. The RHL may not be helping Monrovia much, but Monrovia is serving to show the AD’s/coaches and Admin of other RHL schools what needs doing, and that they must “up” their efforts.
    As far as Blair, that is a whole nother story.

  • Matt

    Philly B, I was told that by two administrators from seperate RHL schools. My first thought was they could join the league with Marshall. I checked and they are in the same league as Paraclete. I thought if Blair leaves totally you could look at bringing in Hoover and Glendale. If Monrovia moved up, then you would have a new RHL with the same number of teams. I want to stress that I have not heard a word of a Monrovia move.

    Goldenarm, LC has some kids returning, a decent JV team moving up and some huge freshman lineman. That, super glue, duct tape and a lot of hard work will determine what goes on in the fall.

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  • Goldenarm


    I just wish Blair would improve on what they got.

    The Alpha is already bizarre and throwing Blair in there would be another sacrificial lamb for Paraclete to feast on, and they already have Marshall, Kilpatrick and C Chapel to blow out as it is. Weird, but hey, you never know. The Olympic may have been happy to see the Clete leave – but they just don’t fit the Alpha where 70-0 games happen regularly. You don’t see those kind of scores in the Pac or even RHL.

    The best bet would be to see Blair get better and represent. They always have a handful of gifted athletes – but since Tip left, they have just plain sucked.

  • Business, that’s easily defined – it’s other people’s money.

  • I agree with your thoughts here and I really love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future.

  • viking supporter

    @golden arm – tip coached in a diffrent era in the pusd. you will continue to see the decline in wins in the district, because alternative school such as cis,rose city, learning work kids can no longer participate.during that tip season those remarkable kids were not enrolled in blair. Their were a number of other issues on campus, but tip did a GREAT job that year. Pasadena basketball is suffering because of this district policy. What has Tip done at Duarte since leaving Blair ? Diffrence from kids who are not in the school and can show up and play (Marshall) versus the kids on campus..Think about it ? Blair should leave the rio hondo league

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  • Philly B

    If they were to bring hoover and Glendale to replace Monrovia and T.C., I think it would be fair and would have South Pas and LC a chance to be successful…because as long as Maddox is at Monrovia, I just dont see any RHL team knocking off monrovia in an upset! Monrovia may be going for a record in league play when its all said and done. And LC is always competitive BUT they’ll need alot and I mean alot more then a huge freshman lineman, and a decent JV team to even have a shot of beating Monrovia. Im not bragging but it is what it is. AND I want to stress that I really really want Monrovia out of the RHL now!!!!

    Goldenarm- I think you sell TC a lil bit too short. Murdered??? I dont think so, but it would be a challenge, just like it would be a challenge for Monrovia as well. With 3RHL titles, all undefeated, the league is doing far from helping Monrovia when it comes to playing the teams in the Olympic League in the Playoffs. I dont fear the Almont, Valle Vista, Montview league when it comes to who could challenge monrovia. I fear the Olympic because most if not all those schools are private in which they can recruit whoever they want to help their football team. I dont know how much or how soon the other schools can “up” their efforts…and by then I think it will be too late….Blair… I dont know what you can do with them…Shoot, I wouldnt mind going down their and coaching up the off/d-line and show the fundamentals that I was taught at monrovia.

  • Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matt


    I agree with you. The RHL as I see it: Monrovia



    The four schools in the middle are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Goldenarm

    Philly B

    I agree with you for the most part. Part of my reluctance relates to the decline of competitiveness and truly smart, prepared football – all in the wake` of the “new direction” fiasco, which set back TC football 5 years at least.

    For longtime TC followers this era will remain a smudge on a proud program that deserved better leadership and vision.

    It was my hope that TC, once they paid heavy dues, could strive to once again compete with M-town. With what Maddox has brought and where things are headed that may be an unlikely scenario, however having Monrovia to battle with gives the Rams a yardstick and a reason to rise above the ordinary.

    have a great new year

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