All Olympic League Football: Trent Washington D-MVP

Note: The Olympic League only selects combined first and second teams.

2010 All-League Football
Offensive MVP:
Stephen Anderson, QB, Sr., Whittier Christian
Defensive MVP: Trent Washington, DL, Sr., Maranatha
Lineman MVP: Jeff Worthy, OL/DL, Sr., Whittier Christian

Kyle Kress, Sr., L.A. Baptist
Lloyd Tunstill, Sr., L.A. Baptist
Andrew Elffers, So., Maranatha
Mark Jebbia, Sr., Maranatha
Joshua Jones, Sr., Maranatha
Jeremy Major, So., Maranatha
RJ Straker, Sr., Maranatha
Trent Washington, Sr., Maranatha
Chris Binford, Sr., Valley Christian
Darrell Bush, Sr., Valley Christian
David Coley, Jr., Valley Christian
Jacob Dupuy, Sr., Valley Christian
James Griffin, Sr., Valley Christian
Trevor Rodriguez, Sr., Valley Christian
Amjed Aboul-Hosn, Jr., Village Christian
Kyle Custer, Sr., Village Christian
Omar Eloustaz, Sr., Village Christian
Tyler McGinnis, Jr., Village Christian
Jay Pyburn, Jr., Village Christian
Stephen Anderson, Sr., Whittier Christian
Grant Escobar, Jr., Whittier Christian
George Flynn, Sr., Whittier Christian
Rudy Robles, Sr., Whittier Christian
Cameron Stanley, Sr., Whittier Christian
Ryan Wallace, Jr., Whittier Christian
Jeff Worthy, Sr., Whittier Christian

Drew Larios, Sr., L.A. Baptist
Josh Nguyen, Jr., L.A. Baptist
Michael Ray, Sr., L.A. Baptist
Isaiah Braithwaite, Sr., Maranatha
Chris Cornell, Sr., Maranatha
Adam Harr, Jr., Maranatha
Matt Marbach, Sr., Maranatha
Darrin Smith, Jr., Maranatha
Omar Younger, So., Maranatha
Lionel Hendrick, Sr., Valley Christian
Anthony Nocera, Jr., Valley Christian
Brad Staal, Sr., Valley Christian
Tim Walton, Sr., Valley Christian
Brandon Williams, Sr., Valley Christian
Ryan Canino, So., Village Christian
Misha Gordon, Jr., Village Christian
Josh Rosales, Sr., Village Christian
Josh Rolls, Jr., Village Christian
Chris Wiegman, Sr., Village Christian
Tyler Appleford, Sr., Whittier Christian
Cody Bronkar, So., Whittier Christian
Tim Nelson, Sr., Whittier Christian
Tim Sanchez, Sr., Whittier Christian
Taylor Smith, Sr., Whittier Christian

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  • uncle pete

    Maybe you should start covering winter sports and let Aram’s blog post the all league stuff….

  • natha11

    finally twash gets the love he deserves! i’m telling you.. mccarthy might have been the one getting all the pub, but trent is definitely on his skill level. plus i get that steve anderson got the heralds to the ship, but elffers had about 250 more passing yards and 6 more td passes while playing in two less games, as a sophomore too. but i guess when the minutemen take the league title and the ship next year, that will be his time.

  • The Monrovia Mid-Valley Division

    @natha 11
    I can’t wait to see Elfers live. He has a shot at breaking some records. However, Monrovia is going to take the ship again and will repeat. We are going to have to get through either Covina or Maranatha in the semis. Just hope you are not in our way come playoff time in ’11. With Both Ellis and Casas coming back on the interior line we will have the best dline in the Midvalley. Well good luck and see you next year.

  • very nice blog, keep it up, will share this to others.

  • Ridiculous

    No way should the D MVP go to a kid, who is a solid player, but was on a defense that gave 70 points in a game and went 2-2 in league. This award should have gone to Worthy or Robles from WC, since Worthy got lineman MVP it should have gone to Robles hands down. He had the stats (147 tackles, 3 ints), his team was undefeated in league and they went to the finals. Washington was a good player, but Robles had a better year on a better team on a better defense. This happened because the other coaches in the Olympic League didn’t want all 3 MVP awards to go to WC players. Guess what, they went 4-0 and the rest of you went 2-2, therefore all of the MVP awards should go to WC players and Gradilla should be coach of the year (I don’t know who won that yet)

  • Poppa K

    Agree with Ridiculous….saw Maranatha twice and I can’t even remember who the kid is. They have a lot of good players and I pick them to far next year but come on, to the victor go the spoils….Worthy or Robles should have won this.

  • I know who the fool is…

    Ridic. and Poppa K.

    So at least we all know who the fools are as you’re contentions that Trent Washington wasn’t deserving of the award but rather Robles is a joke. You might have a case with Worthy; however, I was told Gradilla put up Worthy for Line and not D and the entire Olympic head coaches voted Washington over Robles hands down. No one is saying Robles wasn’t a good LB but his numbers are indicative of Worthy getting double and triple teamed and just being allowed to go in unblocked. Robles didn’t do squat against Village and in fact was abused by their lineman. Maranatha and Valley both exposed his inability to cover in space. Now, I sound like I’m basing the kid and that is not my intention because I’ve seen him play and know the kid is a stud. He plays with emotion, heart, and toughness and was one of the best LB’s in the division. All Olympic coaches agreed though that Washington was by far a more dominant force and the best defensive player in the Olympic league.

  • Poppa K

    lol…way to call someone a fool on a msg board, nice touch guy. Village – wow, you pick one game were Robles struggled – ask Azusa how good Village is. Cover in space – INT vs. Covina turned the mo in that win. And “i was told Gradilla” yada, yada….wow, you’re such an insider….please. Everyone knows Worthy was deserving for DL and D MVP. The question becomes what do “most” leagues do if there is a disagreement And most leagues defer to the UNDEFEATED team which was WC. For whatever reason it didn’t go that way. Unlike you, I’m not going to call a coach, or anyone else, a name on a msg board just because I disagree with them.


    I know who the fool is… said:

    Robles didn’t do squat against Village and in fact was abused by their lineman

    Don’t know what game you saw, but just for the record, in two games against Village he had a combined 32 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 1 cause fumble. and if you recall he was the won who made the decisive tackle on 4th and 1 to give WC the win in league play. One more thing I forgot to mention in the semi-finals he had two sacks and a cause fumble.

    My son is no joke! Check his stats out on MAXPREPS.

  • Anonymous

    they play defense in the Olympic League? who knew?

  • Norris Bednarz

    I look forward to looking at more of your work.

  • Heralds2010

    I think they are all MVP’s. Robles, Worthy, Stanley, Anderson, Flynn, they are the best. I do Agree that Robles should have got Defensive MVP. Worthy you rocked too, for being injured for 4 games you came back strong like we knew you would. Great job to all of the Heralds who made both 1st and 2nd Team. You guys had a great season and we are proud of all of you!

  • natha11

    ridiculous: let me remind you that the heralds went 1-3 in league in their first year in the mid-valley and 4-6 overall. coach murphy is most deserving of coach of the year considering what he’s done in his first year in the mid-valley with a squad that graduated 17 starters last year. yeah league was 2-2, but the valley game was a toss-up (which we should have won considering the kicker missed 4 field goals in regulation), and if we had simply closed the game against wc, that would have been ours too because we outplayed you for most of that game.

    hahha anonymous.. thats a good one.

  • Why so serious

    Okay i really want to know why this kid deserves D-MVP and don’t be assholes about it just give out honest answers anybody ?

  • Lets Be Real

    First of all, every team Maranatha played game planned around Trenton. He played both ways against teams that had their star players, play only one postion. And he was still able to hold his own against them. If you or any other person had watched him play you would have seen that he was always doubled and tripled teamed every game, and he was still was able to make plays. This is obviously what all the coaches in the Olympic League saw and voted him Defensive MVP. Ofcourse, every team can make a case for any player to be voted for league honors because of stats, but stats are not the determing factor in the voting. If this were the case, then Andrew Elfers should have won Offensive MVP…

  • Old Guy

    Back room deals are always made. Negotiate. Not the best just negotiate.

  • steve-o

    Hey, football is over! Why don’t you guy’s start covering Wrestling, sport of the Greek Gods! And why is there not an All League Section for Equipment Crew personnel!HA HA

  • I dont normally post comments but I would like to add that if you google the subject you will get many different opinions.

  • I dont normally post comments but I would like to add that if you google the subject you will get many different opinions.

  • I have been to your blog before. The more I learn, the more I keep coming back! (;~)

  • I dont normally post comments but I would like to add that if you google the subject you will get many different opinions.

  • Looks like we know…

    Heralds and WC supporters,

    Allow me to apologize as my first submission was not taken kindly. In no way shape or form was I bashing Robles as a player. He is a great player and has many years ahead of him of great ball. Worthy is an excellent player as well and it will be fun watching him on Saturday’s. My issue was the claim that Trent Washington was not due his award, which I take great issue with. If your reasoning for Robles to have gotten the award because his stats are better in every category then please have Stephen Anderson turn over his award as Andrew Elffers was better than him in every single category also. I think that’s flawed logic so don’t support it. This award was voted on by all of the Olympic League coaches so I’m guessing that our outside opinions aren’t as informed as theirs considering they are the ones who faced Trent and Robles and found Trent to be a more dominant force. Watch the films of Trent vs any team and you will be convinced easily.

  • Way to focus and straight to your point, i love it. Keep up the work people. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.

  • I love the way you write and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this yourself or was it done by a professional? I’m very very impressed.


    Congrats Trent! Very well deserved. It was an honor coaching you the past 2 seasons. I wish you luck after high school and GET SOME!

    Coach Alonso
    Maranatha D-Line

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  • Who didnt get picked in the Olympic

    With 40+ All League Picks, who was left out?
    The towel boy? you gonna start naming cheerleaders too?


    Seriously, is this the only sport that has “league” titles? I recall “All Area” for CC, Tennis, Soccer, Swim, H20 Polo, Wrestling etc etc but is Football so girly now that we have to find every reason possible to pat ourselves onto the back?

    I played, I loved it but the narcissism has to stop. There were only 5 teams in the whole dang league, get over yourselves.


    While I am a Heralds fan and do think that all three MVP awards should have gone to our players(but I am biased, I also don’t think that anyone should slam the three deserving young men who received the award or any of the players awarded first and second team. Personally Washington does not stick out in my mind as one of the “big guys” of the teams we played all season. I can say if someone asked me about the CIF finals McCarthy would definitely be a name I remembered. This does not mean he isn’t a good player I just know how talented Robles is and what a good kid he is so that is all I have to compare it to.

    With all this being said, it is kind of disppointing to think that all of the teams in the league are Christian schools and here you all are saying how one guy deserved it more than the other. What’s done is done and his brothers and sisters in Christ we should be supporting them regardless of your feelings surrounding the situation. Congrats to all of you boys and congrats to the Heralds on a great season!!!

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  • Way to focus and straight to your point, i love it. Keep up the work people. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.

  • Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.

  • You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I’ve been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you’re an inspiration to me and i’m sure many others!