Boys Basketball: Duke has the Cameron Crazies, Flintridge Prep has the Rambunctious Rebels.

There’s no other crowd like Flintridge Prep, check that, student section like Flintridge Prep, unless you want to count the Cameron Crazies. If you’ve been to a high school boys basketball game this season, or the last few years for that matter, you’ll notice a boisterous student section sitting, err, standing in the far corner of each section. I went to the Rebels game last week against Pasadena Poly. The entrance was crowded, and soon I realized there was no seating for the late-arriving crowd. In a sense, I’m glad it was so crowded, because to tell you the truth, I was illegally parked outside. I was afraid of getting my car towed, again. Anytime a student section chants “fascism”, “communism” and “Mussolini” you know you have a pretty unique and creative section. If you’ve ever been to a Prep game, you’ll hear another chant: “You can’t do that!”. That’s when the Rebels’ favorite player is fouled intentionally, as is usually the case when there’s a 6-foot-8, 270-pound center ready to go on a fastbreak. At home or on the road, you’ll have a hard time finding a seat in either section, and it’s why, I feel, the Flintridge Prep student section is the best student section in the West San Gabriel Valley. Here are the others:

1. Flintridge Prep: Read above.

2. Maranatha: Jeremy Major, a sophomore guard, alone draws a crowd.

3. Pasadena Poly: Worth the drive just to catch a Poly student drenched with orange paint.

4. La Canada: When they win, they always draw a near-sellout.

5. Pasadena*: The asterisk is there because they usually only draw a crowd when they play Muir.

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  • Audrey


  • Alex

    Poly Panther Student Section is the best!!!!!!!

  • d.rodge

    Prep number 1?!!! Maranatha number 2?!!!! POLY IS EASILY NUMBER 1!!!!!

    Poly puts in way more effort than the Prep fans, with the orange paint, cheers, and organization. Prep is just loud. Noise doesn’t equate a better student section.

    Also, the game that “you went to” was the game that POLY BEAT PREP IN OT!!!! WHY?? BECAUSE OF POLY’S SUPERIOR STUDENT SECTION!

  • Jenna

    ORANGE AND WHITE!! We honestly have the best, most positive, supportive, and LOUD fans around. Anyone can shout Mussolini under the guise of creativity. But to actually have the spirit and love of the community that goes with it? That’s special. And that’s the Panther Student Section.

  • Jack

    dude we killed the rebels, Go Poly!!!

    I believe that we will win….. and still the rebels get numero uno.

    they shouldnt even be ranked on here after that loss to poly the other day


  • Jordan Kutzer


    The Poly Student Section is the most spirited in the SGV. We are organized and love our school. This year we’ve swung momentum for Poly on many occassions. We made a big impact in Girl’s Vball CiF games like against Mayfield in the semifinals. We traveled well to all our fall CiF games even games a few hours away and just last week we helped the boy’s basketball team defeat our rivals in a critical away game. The Poly Student Section makes any gym their own, no matter if it’s Prep or all the way down in Orange County for vball and h20 polo championships. Good talking to you today Miguel, and hope to see you this Spring.

    I Believe That We Will Win!!

  • Catherine

    Prep has no classs!!! are yo kidding me??? Poly rocks!!!
    have you seen preps cheerleaders?!?!?!?!
    also we KILLED PREP IN OT!!!!!!
    also were not just beast in bball but also every other sport UNLIKE prep!!!
    spring season threee teams made it to CIF Finals!!!! volleyball, water polo, and cross country! we also killed prep in football!

  • gopoly

    as a future blue devil, i think that comparing prep students to duke students is completely ridiculous. the cameron crazies, while loud and distracting, understand the concept of class (which prep students clearly don’t). good student sections, like those at poly and duke, focus on cheering for and supporting THEIR TEAMS, unlike the “rambunctious rebels” who spend more time running past the panther section with “poly sucks” signs than supporting their classmates. it is unfair and unnecessary to reward prep students for consistently exhibiting such unsportsmanlike conduct at every poly-prep match up. and please, please, never compare them to dukies again. they don’t deserve it. GO POLY!!!

  • JC




  • Elly

    WE ARE #1! GO POLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elly

    WE ARE #1! GO POLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • they were chanting mussolini, fascism, and communism?

    WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!

    one. we are the panthers. two. a little bit louder. three. we still can’t hear you…WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!

  • Panther fan

    Wow. The reason why there were no seats: WE FILLED UP OVER HALF THE GYM AT THEIR HOME GAME.

    We are the loudest, classiest, most spirited fans you will ever find at a high school game. We swept Prep in their house, that’s gonna tell you something.

    As we get into playoffs, come check out the Panther fans again. Til then, pinkies up and I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!

    Oh. And two words: Michelle Miller.


    our cheers are were awesome,


  • Orange and White

    The Panther crowd gets it done day in and day out! Always supporting our boys (and girls) no matter what sport we are at!

    Its not everyday that a crowd can make the players on the court get goosebumps but we did last week and instilled the confidence we needed to get past prep!

    -one love-

  • Panther Pride

    lolzzzz. This is a joke.

    The Panthers are by far the most spirited team in the region. The love for our school and peers is evident through our enthusiasm at games. Supporting each other is high on our priority.
    We exude classiness by respecting other dance teams while prep students hold up newspapers when our dancers are performing. Poly students are serious about being the best. And we are the best. I am proud to be a Panther.

  • poly

    We are always there supporting our Panthers at every event with face paint and even body suits; and most importantly…WE ARE CLASSY.
    POLY IS #1 without a doubt.

  • Panther Pride

    All I know is clearly prep’s student section did not affect us at all seeing as though we beat them on their home court. If anything the Panther student section definitely got in their players heads and showed way more class. I thought it was a home game for Poly because I couldn’t even hear anything but orange and white showing their pride as loud as they could.

  • I believe that we beat Prep at their home gym. I don’t really know if you can even call it an away game because all I could here the entire time was the Panther student section. Not only do they show class but they also out perform and out cheer every other crowd that has ever showed up when the panthers play. Last I checked it wasn’t the Poly team that cracked when it came down to crunch time but the prep team. Clearly the Prep crowd did not have a significant affect on the performance of the Panther basketball team, but I don’t think I can say the same for the other team.

  • Orange and White

    The fact that Poly was selected third is an an outrage. You obviously went to the wrong Prep game. Had you been at the spectacular that was Poly’s Varsity sweep last weekend, you would have noticed the simple fact that Prep’s rude and reprehensible student “support” was barely seen or heard in comparison with the ever-classy and ever-positive support from the Panthers. Poly turned that game into a home game. There is absolutely no contest.

  • Poly is the Best!

    GOOOO POLY!!!!

  • Griffin

    I have no idea how a crowd that chants “fascism, communism, and mussolini” in order to heckle one of our (POLY) Jewsish players could even be considerd for this comparison. That is soooo far beyond innapropriate its unbelievable. Especially coming from a team whose mascot is a CONFEDERATE rebel. I also heard they hung a pinata of a panther by a NOOSE from the rim before the game and had the principal hit it. (although i didnt see this with my own eyes.) Either way, I am seeing a beyond distrubing trend here…

    Poly has the most class, enthusiasm, and color. GO PANTHERS!!!

  • GO POLY!

    Call me insane, but might I suggest actually watching the Poly-Prep game before writing this joke of a post? Honestly, the game was so crowded because the POLY STUDENT SECTION filled up most of the gym! When you say you were “afraid of getting your car towed again,” did you actually mean that you were afraid of being proven wrong about your obviously biased misconceptions about high school student sections? If you were at the game, you would have noticed something odd about the so called “boisterous student section” of Prep, namely that the only time you could even hear them was when our guys were shooting free throws! And don’t forget, this was at Prep. Their fans (when they aren’t being drowned out by POLY FANS) are obnoxious, rude and downright despicable… How could you even justify chanting “fascicm” and “Mussolini” at one of our Jewish players as creative? It is absolutely abhorrent. Have you ever seen a Prep fan covered in body paint or in a full body jumpsuit? I don’t think so. All you see from them is “POLY SUCKS” banners and newspapers in front of their faces while our spirit squad performs. If you want further proof that POLY has a better student section, just reread all the comments on this post. Every single one is from POLY! So please, next time watch the game and you’ll see that the POLY STUDENT SECTION is classier, louder and has more school spirit.


  • Panthers

    Despite the fact that Poly players are called rude names and the spirit squad is consistently belittle by offensive and degrading comments, I maintain a profound sense of pride for the Poly student section. Perhaps we arent creative, in that we dont cut off the head of a panther stuffed animal and throw it on the court, or that we dont yell AIR BALL to a player who scored more threes than Kenyatta and happens to be at least two feet shorter, or maybe we should write Prep sucks Poly balls like someone did on one of our student section signs, but we dont. We use our presence as a student section to support our friends and to show our pride for their athletic, artistic, and intellectual prowess. We arent juvenile, and we show love for our school even when we lose a game. This has been an unprecedented year for Poly athletics in league and in CIF championships (although for some reason prep boasts on their facebook events that they have some of the best winter sports teamswhich is weird seeing as we swept them in every varsity sport the night of the basketball game) and its been the same for our student section. Despite the fact that we dont get recognized for that, we dont even really need to. We keep it classy and show our support no matter if its boys basketball, girls basketball, boys football or even the smaller sports like tennis and water polo. And if all else fails, we still dont go to school under a freeway.


    PASADENA HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL IS KING in the area and has been for many years. I would hope that Bulldog fans would react to this by supporting the team more than the given wins against MUIR. I do understand that this is the sport that shows our athletic superiority over them because Football has not been able to do it for years. With the same fervor the Bulldogs should support their team and not because it advances in the playoffs. The team feels the love when the rafters on their respective side is filled to capacity. I still recall the attendance at the Fairfax game that caused the Fairfax administration to stop entry for Bulldog fans because their own fans did not show up to support them. Pasadena plays the powerhouses of this sport, a close matchup against Taft this year, a competitive game against Etiwanda, and being ranked up with the likes of Long Beach Poly and Mater Dei. Other schools could only hope to have a chance to play at this competitive level. BULLDOG NATION, this is a call to you to show your LOVE for the sport that every year makes you PROUD to be a BULLDAWG!!!!

  • Panther Pride

    As a senior at Poly, I am proud that our administrators, teachers and coaches have consistently praised our respectful and positive tone. This article is either a joke, or written by a Prep alum who does not see how disrespectful and frankly rude their “cheering” was during both Poly/Prep match ups. The night before our second game, a few Poly seniors left some panther-themed decorations on the Prep campus–a lighthearted and fun way to continue our rivalry. (Being honest, it looked awesome. And orange.) We continued decorating the next morning, waking up at 5 AM to get to Prep before the students. That’s dedication, not shouting “mussolini” at the opponent’s player. Prep fans, however, responded by decorating Poly students’ cars during the day with signs that included almost profane language… That is no kind of school spirit, it’s just rude.
    Poly fans cheer for OUR players. Shouting “AIRBALL” at our players throughout the game is neither creative (you can hear it at almost any college baskeball game) nor unique.
    Not to mention the fact that we can differentiate between “their” and “there” and “your” and “you’re” when bashing Prep on Facebook.

    Well, to be honest, we don’t spend our time bashing Prep on Facebook, but I’m sure if we did, we’d keep our grammar straight.




  • natha11

    hahahahaha this is hilarious!! poly fans getting all butthurt about this one little article that’s not even talking about their team…. sheeze get a life please

  • Another Poly Fan

    Prep administrators, faculty, parents, alumni, & coaches should be ashamed of their students’ & alum behavior. It’s apalling to read that chanting “fascism”, “communism”, or “Musolini” is considered creative.

  • Grim Reaper

    Our rooting section is better than your rooting section? Our cheerleaders are prettier and peppier than your cheerleaders!

    I think I am going to be sick.. UGGGGHHHHH!

    When does baseball start?

    Help, please!!!

  • Rebel Fan

    All of you Poly fans are ridiculous. Keep on complaining about our lack of class and how rude we are because as a senior at Prep I just want to say we dont care what you think and please feel free to keep on whining, its not going to change the fact that our student section is ranked number 1 and yours is ranked not even number 2, but number 3. I also want to say that our chants of Mussolini, communism, and fascism have never been directed towards a player of a certain race or religion and are in fact only directed at the refs when we dont like a call. Those cheers are used at every game, no matter who is on the court. I would expect Poly fans to be smart enough to understand that. This ranking is not based on the classiest student section or the most polite student section; it is based on the best student section. We cheer for our team and against the opposing team, like any good student section. Im so sorry if our cheers are too inappropriate or offensive for you. Also it was very classy and polite the way you Poly seniors vandalized or decorated, as one of you so conveniently worded it, our campus the night before the games. Although you may not have used profane language in your vandalism you seem to forget that there are people who need to spend their entire morning cleaning up your decorations. I also find it hilarious that all Poly fans seem to forget even though you beat us by 3 in a nail biter at Prep, we beat you with much more ease on your home court. Seeing as Miguel Melendez was at that game too, I would say he has a pretty good idea of which student section is better, and obviously he decided it is ours. We cheer hard and loudly and even though we are not nice to opposing teams or student sections, people like Miguel Melendez apparently dont think we cross the line and non of us at Prep are ashamed of what we do at the games. Poly fans always find a way to complain about something so please continue. Maybe if you guys werent so afraid of being classy and polite youd be ranked a little higher, but unfortunately for you that is not the case. Also the panther piata was hung on the rim by a rope through its back, not a noose. Our headmaster did take a swing at it and it was hilarious. Keep whining about how biased and unfair this article is Poly fans; itll do you a lot of good. Im proud to be Rebel fan and proud to be the number 1 ranked student section.
    GO REBELS!!!


    PASADENA BULLDOGS VS TRABUCCO HILLS Wednesday February 16 7pm @ PHS. The Bulldogs climed to the 6th spot in Division 1AA It’s time to show your LOVE for this years Championship Run. Fill the gym, get loud, ROCK OUR HOUSE! Get Em Dawgs, Get Em Dawgs, Get Em!

  • cd

    While we know for a fact that Poly doesn’t have the #1 fan section in the SGV, we do know that they are the thinnest skinned complainers in the valley. I respect Poly as an athletic opponent, but boy are those parents raising some tiddlywinks over there.


    As a Prep alum I will be the first to say that our student section has not always been ‘polite’. But is a rivalry fueled basketball match the place to be polite? Nah, it’s not. And just letting Poly fans know, the fascism, communism and Mussolini chants have nothing to do with players on the courts. They are directed at the refs. So please don’t bring that up as an example of our rudeness, cause to be honest, there are much better examples. And while some of cheers aren’t unique to Prep, a good deal of them are, and you just jack our cheers most games anyways so that argument is moot. The fact that you guys are so rattled is exactly why we are number 1. And you guys won the internet battle, congratz. Good cyber victory.

  • “Suspend” headmaster for a day

    If a principal at a public school whacked at a pinata displaying violence against an opponent, as a taxpayer I would expect them to be put on leave and investigated whether they should keep their job. No leadership at Flintridge Prep. You can teach what you like at a private school, if my taxpayer money is being used I would expect better behavior.
    Leaving paper and trash is not harmful, although extra work to clean up, which both schools had to do. In high school we’re shocked when some football players made a dummy of an opposing player and threw it on the court before a basketball game. We were offended. We won because we worked smarter and harder than other teams and we certainly didn’t need any dummy to take away from our hard work and sportsmanship.
    Our student fans made signs that were creative, yet were appropriate. In our league the anticipation when going into the gym was what signs said was a big thing. By the way, they were fun, interesting and still allowed to stay on the wall for the game.
    From another school not in Prep and Poly league, so this is a different view, one which expects sportsmanship, fun and good behavior.

  • PrepAlum

    I’m a proud Prep alum and I would like to set the record straight on a few things. First of all, we do love to cheer, and while our recent loss to Poly in overtime was disappointing, we tried not to be rude to our Poly visitors.

    The chant “fascism, communism, Mussolini” is not directed at players on either team — it is a cheer that we use to tell the ref that we’re not happy about a call. I think it’s a great representation of the creativity and intellectualism you find at Prep — even at a sporting event.

    We’re proud of our sportsmanship and supportive of our teams. The players on our boys’ basketball team couldn’t be nicer people and our students, faculty, administration, and alumni are proud to support them.

    Most of us have friends and family that attend or attended Poly, and when the rhetoric has died down, we all respect each other.

  • Orange and White

    ‘rebel fan’…

    Although you make some interesting points I just wanted to say that if you are bringing up “beating the other team by more…” look at last year and see who really takes the crown in this category.

    @Poly: 56-35****************
    @prep: 43-52

    @Poly: 49-57
    @prep: 61-58

    Just take a look at that*** score please šŸ™‚

  • prepfan2

    PrepAlum said: “We’re proud of our sportsmanship” and “we all respect each other.”

    Does that include the entire Flintridge Prep student section turning their back and facing the wall when the Poly cheerleaders did their halftime dance? I understand to some extent the students not seeing a problem with this (they’re kids and thought it was fun and funny), but aren’t there any Flintridge administrators or teachers or parents or alums who watched this and think it’s poor sportsmanship, that it’s disrespectful, and that it reflects badly on the school?

  • cd

    prep fan2,

    I was present for this turn around when the poly cheerleaders were cheering. It was because they had blatently taken step for step the prep cheerleaders dance. The prep admistration has more to worry about then the feelings of a few butt-hurt poly fans. Nothing worth scolding occured, unless you mean the prep section being significantly louder than poly’s

  • Rebel Fan

    Orange and White

    Ok sure you guys outscored us last year but who cares? This is a whole new season and last years scores don’t mean a thing. And for your information our two top scorers other than Yatta Smith were injured that game, but once again last years outcome changes nothing about this year. Unfortunately you guys don’t play in the same division as us so we’ll have to wait till next year for the next showdown.

  • Orange and White

    Prep Fan 2…

    Our dancers would tear apart preps dancers…

    hands down

    end of story.

  • cd

    If preps fan section was really so offensive, mean spirited, obscence, and rude why have we never heard anything about it before. It is when someone chooses to praise them that you must rip them down. These poly kids and their parents are the reason we now live in a society in which every child at the banquet recieves a trophy. Where there are now many more all league slots so no one feels left out. Our society has become soft. The comments below represent the mindset that just being part of the team is enough to earn you special recognition. If you and your team/fans cannot handle some heckling or noise, i suggest you leave competive sports and join the academic decathalon.

  • Orange and White

    hey ‘cd’…

    the reason why they have more “all league” spots is because our athletes fill up the roster so they need more room for you guys

    for example:

    2010-11 Prep League Football:
    Offense: 4 Poly (including offensive league MVP), 0 Prep
    Defense: 3 Poly, 2 Prep

    2010 Prep League Baseball (Poly League Champs)
    First Team: 5 Poly players (including league MVP), 2 Prep players

    2010-11 Water Polo:
    First Team: 6 Poly (including Pasadena Star News Player of the Year two years running I might add), 0 Prep

    These three sports add up to
    POLY: 18 Prep:4
    I could keep going but I dont have the time…

  • Edward


    Really now! All you need to do is walk into either one of Poly’s two gyms and see the numerous CIF championship banners hanging there. Heck, I dont think there is a bare wall in either gym. Needless to say, there are just as many CIF Academic Championship banners which goes to only one CIF team with the highest combined GPA for a particular sport. In regards to your comment ” I suggest you leave competitive sports and join the academic decathalon”. It appears the students at Poly can and have done both!!

    February 14, 2011 7:21 PM

  • Not Prep or Poly fan

    Principal Pinata…so no one thinks the Prep principal beating a Poly pinata was bad? Let’s put player pinatas or school board member pinatas or teacher pinatas and beat them. Let’s not, because the Prep principal is probably trying to forget it. No role model. Good luck in the playoffs to all the teams. Hey Miguel, why not have an All-Star Cheer game…bring the best cheer fans from Star-News against the best from SGV Tribune and just cheer with no players or referees. Winners get free Jamba Juice to cool their throats.

  • I’d like to point out that Grim Reaper is the only sensible person here. Perhaps we should stop writing articles on fan sections and write about those actually putting in the effort to play the game.

  • no one

    Hey everyone
    Chill out a bit, eh? So what if one student section can be really over the top, but the other student section breaks in and messes up the school a bit before a big game? IT IS JUST HIGHSCHOOL. Let bygones be bygones and dont get wrapped up in the fact that teenagers are acting like teenagers. is it really that big of a deal? I go to SPHS, was at both basketball games, and guess what? It was a ton of fun. The insults, the chants… I had a blast and I wasn’t even rooting for a team. People bashing Prep’s administration, back off. It was an isolated incidence. People hating on Poly, cool your jets. This is just highschool basketball. The entire world isn’t going to end because two private schools acted arrogant (what a shocker!).

  • Prep

    Prep’s lack of class?

    After the game at Poly, Prep students helped clean Poly’s gym (ask Poly’s AD).

    After the game at Prep, ALL the trash was left for Prep students to clean up.

  • O&W

    who cares about a little trash……

    I agree with “no one.” Its just high school kids having a good time.

  • Mike “Ironcock” Litoris

    ITT butt-hurt Poly fans.

  • TG

    so call us “trashy” but we get the team pumped and evidently, it proves effective.
    let’s have a little respect and quit bitching, eh?

    and our headmaster took a swing at the panther head to espouse some school spirit, and it was successful. it was nothing against poly as an academic institution or a competent contender, but rather it fired up the entire student body. We lost that game to Poly that night anyways (in over time with a lucky 3 point shot whereas when Prep won we got it done with a significant margin needless of extra time… but I won’t go there).
    quit complaining, accusing and criticizing, let high schoolers be high schoolers, and lastly let the boys play their game. it’s an exciting thing to watch.
    but lets be real, an entirely unbiased reporter named us the #1 cheering section in the SGV.. argue all you want, but the article was published and the man speaks the truth ;]