BHoops: Maranatha wins in a thriller, 54-52; La Salle shocks Paraclete, 66-44; Pasadena loses in second round to Upland, 56-51; I’ll post scores as they come in.




Here’s what you’ll see in Saturday’s paper:
Coverage of Maranatha at Covina; Northview at St. Francis; Pasadena at Upland; and Paraclete at La Salle. Be a pal, post your scores! If you have my cell number, feel free to text me your final score.


Upland 56, Pasadena 51
Segerstrom 53, Keppel 51
La Canada 48, Pacific Hills 38
Orange Lutheran 83, Gabrielino 45
Northview 66, St. Francis 54
La Salle 61, Paraclete 44
Maranatha 54, Covina 52
Flintridge Prep 75, Whitney 46
Blair 73, Crossroads 65
Muir 55, Western Christian 54
Bosco Tech 55, Fairmont Prep 54
Renaissance Academy 56, Mary Star 40
Pasadena Poly 64, Saddleback Valley Christian 61
AGBU/Pasadena 65, Pacific Christian 61
Rio Hondo Prep 70, Rolling Hills Prep 49

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  • Bob Anon

    Best of luck to all local teams. Pacific Hills is much better than their record suggests. Upland will be tough.

  • whats the score

    can someone post the score from muir and phs games tonight?

  • Coach Smalley

    Muir 55 Western Christian 54.
    The Sophomores stepped up big time as Taturs Mayberry had 18 points and 14 rebounds and Jelani Mitchell had 16 points and 5 boards to lead Muir to the Quarter Finals next Tuesday at Muir.

    Justin Knowles hit a buzzer beater with three seconds on the clock and the Mustangs have advanced farther than they have in some time.
    Go Stangs!

    Muir 55 Western Christian 54.

    Kind regards,
    Coach Smalley

  • Tech Support

    And Muir’s opponent will be Bosco Tech as they beat Fairmont Prep by the exact same score 55-54 when Joe Taffola (sp?) put in a layup at the buzzer to win the game. Two area teams in the quarters… you think Miguel might grace us with his presence at the game?

  • Rio Hondo FB FAn

    Amazing again. Rio Hondo football team is on a roll…in Basketball. Go Rio (mostly sophmores)

  • Staci Mitchell

    We have had some decent coverage for John Muir’s Boys BBall team this year, however, I must admit that under the circumstances, I’m disappointed and disgusted at your apparent lack of interest in accomplishments in their recent success.

    Two years ago, Muir’s boys were not even on the radar, last year, they made it to the 1st round of CIF, this year they are on to the 3rd. Why is this not news? Why is the PASADENA Star News giving full color photos on the front page of the Sports section to teams that are not even in ‘Dena (not Maranatha, I’m talking about yesterday 02.17)? I don’t care if it’s not Muir, it could have been PHS, just give the community of Pasadena and the boys and girls who live here their props! As a matter of fact, Muir nor PHS was even mentioned in the CIF results page from 02.17 1st round. SHAMEFUL!
    How do you think it makes our student-athletes feel when they win–especially at this level– go look for a LOCAL paper to read about their success, & find full color pictures of kids who live in the next town! Do you think Temple City or La Canada would do us such a favor!
    There are lots of positive things to report about Muir. Since our leading scorer was suspended our team in no longer newsworthy? We are getting too much negative coverage – keep it balanced Star News and hold to your responsibility as the PASADENA paper to give your residents the coverage we deserve.

    As our boys proceed, I’m looking forward to some clipping opportunities.

    Team Mom

  • Tech Support

    Well the Star News isn’t just a Pasadena paper. But rest assured Muir isn’t the only school not getting coverage. In fact if you play a sport and the ball isn’t oval shaped you pretty much aren’t getting covered to the level that you should be.

    You got two great stories going into Tuesdays game. You’ve got Muir trying to overcome the loss of their leading scorer and advance. You’ve got a Bosco Tech team that went from 4 wins to 20 wins and attempting to reach only their second CIF basketball semifinal ever.

    The story writes itself. Which frankly we should be glad about since it doesn’t appear anybody else is going to write it here.

  • Mrs. Mitchell

    apologize to the Maranatha Family for this post to be here on your page-I mean no disrespect to your win–I love Jeremy Major & wish he and his team the best going forward. But I must respond to Tech Support on his last post.

    This paper is called the Pasadena Star News, it operates out of Pasadena and has the words “Pasadena, CA” at the top of THIS page. I’m not suggesting that the only stories nor news should come from Pasadena, but I AM suggesting that during the first round of the CIF playoffs, it is disrespectful & negligent to the city’s that you carry in your title, the city’s that you house your offices, high school representatives to be excluded & ignored. Furthermore, I’m sure you are aware that Muir has been playing with out their “leading scorer” for the past several games, not to mention many games since pre-season–they have overcome that loss–that is old news. And you are right–no one else is going to write about Muir’s game–my point exactly. We expect our local newspaper to that. Additionally, this is roundball season and the coverage that I was referring to (front page of the sports section 02.17) was two cover stories in that section, plus a color photo, neither of which covered Pasadena schools. Had there not been any stories on b-ball at all, then I wouldn’t been so taken back. But to ignore both PHS and Muir’s win from the night before–not even mentioned in the results column? Huge oversight and disrespectful to the name “PASADENA” Star News.

  • Tech Support

    I have no idea if you felt my post was disrespectful but that was not my intent. I was agreeing with you. This paper/blog does not cover its “area” teams to the level that they should. But just because the word “pasadena” is in the name of the paper doesn’t mean that Muir, PHS, Maranatha, or any other school in the city gets top billing. They have always defined the area as west of the 605 up to Pasadena. You have a beef with them not covering Muir enough, which I agree with. My beef is they don’t cover a number of teams who are doing great things in the playoffs, Muir being just one of them.

  • Mrs. Mitchell

    What is the protocol? Who decides which schools turn it is? These are rhetorical questions, of course, and I’m sure my beef isn’t with you personally (Unless, of course, you decide…then it is) I don’t know who it is as much as I know that it’s seeming to become deliberate indifference on the part of the Pasadena Star News towards the schools that actually are in Pasadena.

    Why don’t Pasadena schools get top billing? I need to do my research on periodicals in the cities and towns in between here and the 605 and see how many times pasadena schools get the front page w/ colored photos of the sports section on the 1st-3rd rounds of CIF playoffs. Or any other time, for that matter. I’ll get back to you.

  • 81

    Mrs. Mitchell, please get a clue! Although it is the Pasadena Star News doesn’t mena it is solely for the benefit of Pasadena only schools. Keep in mind it is a business and they need to sell newspapers to a wider audience then jsut Pasadena. Does the LA Times jsut report on schools in the City of LA? Duh!

  • Mrs. Mitchell

    Are you dense 81!!! Where in my post do I even say that the Pasadena Star News should only report on Pasadena Schools–NOWHERE!!! If you don’t have anything relevant to add to this discussion–stay out of it!

    But since you have butted in;

    Pasadena is a small town, not a large county like Los Angeles. Of which we are a part, in case you didn’t realize. LA Times ran a story on MUIR’S B-ball team pre-season and when the Pasadena Star News read it, they complained because LA times got it and not them–citing Pasadena privilege. So I ask you 81, what do YOU think they meant by that? And when you come with an answer, do you think that should only work one-way?

    Additionally, if you’d read any of what I wrote with an ounce of comprehension, you’d see that I didn’t suggest that & there was much more to it than what you have taken the time to learn before your post.

    Lastly, the community of Pasadena rely on the PASADENA Star News to keep us up to date on the specifics of Pasadena–THEN beyond. I still stand by that and no matter what you nor any of these other journalists say or argue. It’s my opinion. If you can’t understand that, well, duh! to you.

  • 81

    Mrs. Mitchell you indicate that the Star News needs to give top billing to Pasadena schools. My point is why?

    You do realize that LA is also the name of a City not jsut the county?

    You use the Pasadena Star News solely to keep you up to date on the specifics of Pasadena. Oh boy!