Miguel is on vacation, your back-up plan is here

Your prep editor is on vacation this week, but don’t blame him, all of us have to take at set amount of vacation or furlough by the end of March, and it was Miguel’s turn. So, I will do my best to keep up with my blog and this one for the rest of the week, so bare with me. Aram also will help out when he can posting scores and providing updates, so wake-up, it’s Monday morning and I’m ready to go … Really quick, if the FSHA girls soccer team doesn’t win CIF, I’m going to be extremely disappointed, because I think they’re the best team in Southern California, and that was based on what I saw last year … Hey, would love to watch a Maranatha-La Salle boys hoops semifinal, the Minutemen showed me a lot of heart in Friday’s win over Covina. Will have plenty more later…..Let’s start with your playoff schedule…

Hoops note: I forgot how many small schools advance each year, and there are some good ones, Blair at Flint Prep, RH Prep at AGBU, Pasadena Poly at Renaissance and Don Bosco Tech at Muir … BTW, don’t hate us if we can’t cover all of them, we will do the best we can. Aram will be in the office taking calls for games we can’t cover, our way of covering the most that we can with a short staff.
Boys Hoops
Tuesday’s quarterfinals, 7 p.m.
Division 3AA

Bishop Montgomery at La Canada
Division 4A
Buckley at La Salle
Ontario Christian at Maranatha
Division 5AA
Blair at Flintridge Prep
Don Bosco Tech at Muir
Division 5A
Pasadena Poly at Renaissance Academy
Division 6AA
Rio Hondo Prep at AGBU Pasadena

Girls soccer Note: Like I said, FSHA is something special, though I still think the Arcadia teams earlier this decade were just as good if not better, you know the ones with Brittany Klein and Co.. In any case, I’m covering Alverno at San Dimas tomorrow, and Keith Lair will be at Sierra Vista at San Marino.
Girls Soccer
Tuesday’s second round
All games at 3 p.m.

Division 1
Flintridge Sacred Heart at Aliso Niguel
Division 3
Cypress at Flintridge Prep
Division 6
Beaumont at South Pasadena
Sierra Vista at San Marino
Alverno at San Dimas
La Canada at Tahquitz
Division 7
ST. Genevieve at Marshall

Girls hoops note: Would love to see Muir win and face Diamond Ranch from our area on Saturday, provided the Ranch wins also. Keppel, what can you say, they’re always in the mix, and as usual, a handful of small area Pasadena schools are alive in the lower divisions.
Girls Hoops
Wednesday’s quarterfinals
All games at 7 p.m.
Division 2A

Mayfair at Keppel
Division 3AA
Serra at Muir
Division 4A
Duarte at Cerritos Valley Christian
St. Anthony at La Salle
Division 5AA
Flintridge Sacred Heart at St. Bernard
Division 5A
Pasadena Poly at Lifield Christian
Division 6AA
Mesa Grande at Mayfield
AGBU Pasadena at Lone Pine
Rio Hondo Prep at California Lutheran

Boys soccer note: Kind of surprised there are only a handful left this early in the second round. St. Francis is usually always the best, but La Canada from what I hear is the best this year. Lucky for them Mountain View was knocked out of the tournament. In any case, expect the Spartans to go deep, deep in the postseason.
Boys Soccer
Wednesday’s second round
all games at 3 p.m.

Division 1
St. Francis at Ventura
Division 5
Whittier Christian at La Canada
Victor Valley at Monrovia
Division 7
West Shores at Bosco Tech

Note: How silly is it that two San Gabriel Valley based teams have to go to Irvine to play a semifinal at 5 p.m.? They should call CIF and say thanks, but no thanks, we’ll do it right here at PCC where we can play in front of big home crowds, right? Well, I tried anyway. FYI, sorry South Pas, this St. Lucy’s team is gonna roll…
Girls Water Polo
Wednesday’s semifinals
Division 3

St. Lucy’s vs. South Pasadena at William Woollett Aquatic Center, Irvine, 5 p.m.

P.S., see you all on Tuesday, will have more….

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  • Bob Anon

    It’s neat to see Fred back on this blog!

    However, I didn’t care for his diss of LC hoops. They will be lucky to beat a very talented Bishop Montgomery team, but hopefully they can make a run and earn a state playoff berth.

  • SGV Soccer

    Girls Soccer Division 3: Granite Hills at Pasadena Poly @ 3:30 pm

  • Mrs. Mitchell

    No we won’t hate if you can’t cover all of them, but if the paper fails to print the results of all of the reporting schools (especially here in Pasadena šŸ˜‰ and we don’t see hair nor hide of it here on the prep blog – I guarantee you we will.

  • steve

    La Canada Spartans soccer will go far. Would love to see La Canada / Monrovia meet up in the finals.

  • Tech Support

    Why would be mad? With Miguel on vacation we might actually get good coverage for once. Thanks Fred.

  • 81

    Miguel has been in vacation since football season ended.

  • Dad of 3

    Nice sweatshirt, Fred. Go Bruins!!!

  • Mrs. Mitchell

    You guys are all over the place & I know you are doing your jobs. Very well. But sometimes we gotta stand up for our kids in the hood when people/press don’t take notice of the positives and growth. It’s all in the spirit of community. Dena…that is!

  • Tech Support

    I can’t believe it was a coincidence that Miguel went on vacation and the coverage of the playoffs got better right away. I don’t even think (I could be wrong) there were soccer playoff updates before this week. More scores got posted. More games were covered.

    I don’t want Miguel gone as when he does write I like his stuff. I just hope he takes notes on how it was done this week and continues from there.