Baseball: Arcadia takes risk, wins anyway and will visit San Dimas at 6:45 tonight for Elks Tournament title.

Arcadia (2-1) at San Dimas (3-0), 6:45 p.m.

The game seemingly in hand, Arcadia baseball coach Nick Lemas made the decision to give a few of his pitchers a chance to show their stuff.

It’s an instinct most coaches follow, but one that nearly came back to bite the Apaches, whose four-run lead and chance of a shutout dissipated in the bottom of the sixth inning against Temple City in Tuesday’s semifinals of the Elks Tournament.

“It’s a tough decision sometimes because you have the natural instinct to want to finish a team,” Lemas said. “On the other side, it’s early in the year and you want to see what other guys can do, and it can end up costing you the game.”

Junior pitcher Erik Trask pitched five scoreless innings, gave up one hit and struck out seven before giving way to relievers Trevor Gleason, Nick Sergi and Darren Kerfoot, who closed the game to give the Apaches (2-1) a 4-3 win.

“You try to make good decisions,” Lemas said. “We were lucky we were able to get a couple pitchers, see what they could do in certain situations and still come away with the win.”

As a result, Arcadia moves on to the tournament final against host San Dimas (3-0) tonight at 6:30.

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  • ballcap

    La Salle shut out Temple City today, 6-0.

  • WhiteMamba

    Arcadia won.. 3 2 at San Dimas.

    Now does anybody believe me that the rankings are horrible? I told you all that Arcadia is a better team than Monrovia. Very rarely am I wrong. This just goes to show I know for a fact that Melendez has a crush on Monrovia. Somebody just tell me Im not the only one that sees it.

  • jus sayn

    This week proved alot with regards to strength in area. My opinion on rankings: 1. Arcadia (3-1) 2.La Salle (3-1). Everyone else fall in place at .500 or less

  • brokenarrow

    Haters- bring it! SCOREBOARD. Go Apaches… man I’m glad that dufuss Steve Nebraska is in hybernation with his boy šŸ™‚

  • WhiteMamba


    Ive been telling people since before the season Arcadia should be ranked 1 in the area. But every always shoots down my opinions with stupid rebuttles. I had some genious on here tell me that KJ Edson was the 2nd best pitcher in the area behind Bubba Derby hahahah. KJ didnt pitch well against SD, he only went complete game 2 hitter only allowing 1 earned run. LOL He is easily the best pitcher in the area. The Apaches are going to be a great team this year.

    Where are all the Monrovia fans now???

  • brokenarrow

    …shacked up with Nebraska. Edson has been untouchable the last two months. They just need to produce offense on a consistent basis for all of their arms.

  • Apache Alum

    Wow we Won? did we lose to anyone this season? Were Great! We’re better than I thought we should be ranked nationally. We’re too good for the San Gabriel Valley. Is that enough bragadosious for you WhiteMamba?…if not theres more. I’ll save it until we win the national championship. Oh I forgot we lost to South Pasadena…..shame, shame

  • WhiteMamba

    Apache Alum-

    Did you graduate fromArcadia? You sound really dumb. Not once did I say something that was false..All facts from me. Like Arcadia is the best team in the area. Is that a lie? And that KJ is the best pitcher in the area. Is that the truth? What are you blabbing about. Im an Arcadia alum as well. And it seems to me like you didnt o to Arcadia the way your running your mouth on here. Once again, the stuff I said was true… nothing false. Miguel is still biased.. fact and Arcadia is going to make some noise this year…fact. Enough Said

  • Apache Alum

    Apache alum 85 to be exact. I dont have a problem with you loving Arcadia sports, but you seem to more in love with the fact that they are better than everyone else. I haven’t read anywhere where Monrovia fans have said that they better than anyone else on this or any other baseball blogs. You just sound bitter and slightly touched. The only ones on this blogs seeming to be chest pumping is guys like you. So we beat a San Dimas team by 1 point doesnt makes us champions.

  • NoApachesDown

    White Mamba = fake fan (nobody can be that dumb)

  • just read it

    Man you guys are crazy. The mamab guy didn’t say they were the best. Read what he said again. He simply said they should be ranked ahead of Monrovia….

  • Red Leader

    Hey Mamba, calm down already. I’m starting to think that you’re the same person as the other nut job Realist(who was NOT knowledgeable, he proved it every time he opened his mouth). First, just because it’s your opinion, doesn’t make it a fact. Know and understand that. And I thought you said you weren’t an Arcadia fan? Sure sounds like you are. And if you are such a fan of baseball then you should know that rankings don’t mean anything. It’s where you are at the end of the season that matters. Believe me Monrovia didn’t want to be ranked number one with what they had coming into the season.

    This is my opinion(this is not fact), just my opinion. In the tournament, Arcadia benefited in some untimely errors by their opponents. But errors are part of the game so you accept the outcome. Their pitching is going to have to carry them as it is obvious that the team has little consistent stick they can depend on. I see a lot of one run wins and losses down the road. And if mamba disagrees with me, then he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about(my opinion).

  • WhiteMamba

    How can you possible make the assumption that im a “fake fan?” Can you even define fake fan? I have no idea how a fan of a high school can be fake.

    Red Leader-
    I totally agree. I knew coming into this season Arcadia would not have the most dynamic offense. But I can tell you one thing, the Arcadia pitching staff is very good. And they are very deep. Edson, Trask, and Kerfoot all could be #1 guys on other teams. If the Arcadia offense can put up 3-4 runs a game, Arcadia will be tough to beat. But thats a big if. When the beat SD, the offense looks very good. Everyone was hitting the ball hard. Thats what a coach wants to see.

  • jus sayn

    Enough about Arcadia already. Does anyone know how everyone else is doing in the Elks tournament? I know Pasadena beat El Monte today. Any scores would be nice.

  • brokenarrow

    what a great win last night…too bad the PSN can’t figure out that there is more interest in baseball than what is going on elsewhere, but that’s not a surprise. Fred R works 10x as hard as our boy here so it is what it is. Go apache’s…bombs on to duarte always pick me up…nice work G

  • Long Time Poly Dad

    Poly has had a pretty great tournament. These boys had been playing for 3 weeks when they began this tournament and they went 2-2-1 against some tough teams. We had Arcadia 1-0 into the 6th, tied Monrovia in one of the most thrilling games Poly baseball has had in a while (personally i count it as a win). Won against SP and Sierra Vista, then lost to San Dimas for their second loss. Overall, this team looks more promising than last years in my opinion.

    Brian Holman has had some quality starts against SP and San Dimas. He is so effective and a true craftsman with his pitches. He’s not blowing anybody away, but you never know what he’s throwing and that’s what makes him so good.

    Davey Feess has some potential. He has a nice arsenal, he’s good at pounding the zone and is an efficient worker on the mound. Expecting great things from him.

    Matt Saeta is finding it, but has glimpses of power to all fields. Hunter Merryman has been out sick, but should be fun to watch this season.

    Kutzer is Kutzer. Clearly just starting to ramp up for the season and I can’t wait to see him let it fly as the season progresses. Pitched a 10 K, 0 BB, 1 ER gem at Monrovia and had Arcadia guessing through 5 then started getting squeezed. Would love to see him against Arcadia again towards the end of the season.

    Not deserving of the top rank yet, but I could see them giving Arcadia a run for their money.

  • Steve

    Baseball:Pasadena at La Salle today. DH begins at 12:30