Baseball: Did La Salle’s Michael Pedote get robbed of a triple? You be the judge if he touched second base, or not as the umpire ruled Tuesday afternoon vs. Amat.

There were some bizarre plays, from the home plate umpire forgetting the count twice and then when La Salle’s Michael Pedote ruled out at second, negating his triple to deep center after the umpire ruled he did not touch second base.

“Umpire says he missed the base, and that’s his call,” La Salle coach Harry Agajanian. “He was in position so I couldn’t argue with him. I saw some dirt on top of the base, but that could have been from a previous play.”

And here’s the beauty of technology, it’s everywhere these days, including that play in a video below. Make the call.

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  • SoftballMom

    Of course Pedote got robbed….after all, they are playing at Amat’s home field!

  • Witness

    What a terrible call! From the video it appears he caught a corner of the bag while rounding 2nd base. It is awful for an umpire to take a good quality at bat away from the kid. Why would an umpire ever look to make a call like that? Unless the kid blatantly missed the bag it is a non-call at best. Awfully strange call in such a close game!
    Kind of begs the question……

  • i know

    you know what this means, MORE TRANSFERS TO AMAT.

  • Obviously

    Pretty clear the kid and team got jobbed…

  • Really?

    Miguel, Miguel, Miguel,

    There’s a reason we never see videos like the one above on blogs with integrity. I suggest you call your colleagues up to figure it out.

    For starters, you’re throwing the umpire under the rug without fairness to him. Don’t take my word for it.

  • bigfatfan

    high school umps are notorious for falling asleep on the job, not being in the proper position to make a call, and then just flat out blowing a call. the only new thing here is that we have it on video to clearly show the world that the ump blew the call. go to any HS baseball game, you will constantly be frustrated by the poor umping at the game.

  • SGV Baseball

    @softball mom, your way out of line to suggest that Amat plays that kind of ball or that Amat has control of umps. Their is not place for that kind of garbage. The ump clearly missed the call, Amat didnt.
    By the way…Great game guys are warriors.
    Go Amat!

  • Lancers Fan

    Before you start calling for umpires heads and screaming fix or we/he got robbed, etc, etc, Go back and look at the last Amat/La Salle game on video and tell me if Amat’s runner “called Out” at home plate was really – “Out” (he wasn’t, catcher dropped the ball). These things happen and they are part of the game. Put more runs on the board and the point is moot. Great game on Tuesday by both teams! Thanks for a great tuesday afternoon guys, it was fun to watch! Don’t miss the wrap up on Friday. Maybe You(La Salle-Lancers) can shake that Amat Monkey off your backs this Friday? Should be fun.

  • baseball1st

    @Really? You say that Miguel is throwing the umpire under the rug by displaying videos like this one and he should call his colleagues up to figure it out. We’ll I disagree with you on this one, its plays like this that are missed everyday by umpires who can’t stand up to coaches like Andy Nieto and tell them that they are umpiring the game and didn’t see the play and there is no call. I commend Miguel for displaying videos like this one and hope that one day we will be able to use this technology to over rule unsure calls that coaches and umpires really arent sure of. Close games like this one should never be decided by a bad call, its not fair to the players on both teams.

    @Lancer fan; saw the video and your right that was a bad call and the player was safe at the plate however, that game was not as close as this one.

  • SoftballMom

    @SGV Baseball:

    < @softball mom, your way out of line to suggest that Amat plays that kind of ball or that Amat has control of umps. Their is not place for that kind of garbage. The ump clearly missed the call, Amat didnt.>

    Pretty sure I only said La Salle was playing at Amat’s field! Sounds like you have a lot more information about Amat than I do! I think the video speaks for itself…

  • Ese

    That game was exciting, and down to the bottom of the ninth. You know, sometimes you might want to look at major league umpires before you try to persecute the high school umpires.

    There have been many a blunders by major league umps, high school umps give them a break! They are probably finishing their regular job just to get to the game to officiate, that is of course if they are not a retiree.

    I have seen the video, and I believe it is an unfair point of view. There should have been a camera at third base side to give you a 45 degree instead of the 90 degree shot we are looking at. The shot at #20, the runners foot appears to be on the outside of the base, the runner never broke a stride, if the runner hit or touched the base it would have been seen.

    The umpire was were he should have been, in position to make sure the runner touched the base, and once again an unfair point of view from the camera, the video shows the rear side of the umpire. We can only speculate as to what he was looking at, but giving the benefit of the doubt that the umpire was in position to make that call.

    When the runner was at third, the plate ump was there in position to make a call if a play was going to be made at third base. The point is that umpires were in position to make the calls, it is a shame for the comments made towards all high school umpires in general.

    I was at this game in the stands, when the plate umpire was giving the count the score board was reading different. For example: one pitch was thrown and the score board read three balls and no strikes! Now who do you believe? Point made, point taken!!

    The major leagues are only using replay for homerun purposes, and you say use it for high school on close plays, are you kidding me! To put a jugdement call on replay and have the call overturned, why even have umpires or officials? This takes the integrity out of baseball in any level.

    I give credit to all umpires and players alike, I wish I could play baseball, but you definitely could not pay me enough to umpire.


  • anonymous

    Are you blind? The ump was looking at the outfield the whole time!

  • anonymous

    go pokie :]

  • Know The Game

    All of these comments are exactly what the game is NOT supposed to be about- the umpire. Yes, Ese, everyone makes mistakes, but if there is reasonable doubt (obviously here) then why ‘invent’ a call? There are some umps that believe they should be the center of attention and go out of their way to do so. Was that the case here? Who knows. Or, was he making up a for couple of calls that didn’t go Amat’s way earlier in the game that Nieto, obviously agitated, argued and clearly said to the same ump, ‘those calls are on you’. Did he feel the need to make amends? Who knows. What is clear is that the play was not clear- and that call at that moment should not have been made. Overlooked is the outstanding pitching performances by BOTH teams and a damn shame that the focus of this game is all about the umpire.

  • baseball1st

    @Ese if you look at the runner, you can see him breaking his stride prior to approaching the bag to adjust his speed, then you can see the decompression that his right back heel is on the bag which is on the front part of the bag towards 3rd base.

    The umpire near 3rd base which is the home plate umpire has no view at all and he’s not even near 3rd base at that point to make a call.

    I am not trying to argue with you on this play and I agree with you that this is a unfair view however, it’s also unfair that there are coaches out there like Nieto who will try to argue every play on the field to take the chance of overruling a play that the umpire may not have seen to use to his advantage, this is unfair to the players who have step up to the plate and has done everything right to compete in this game of baseball and then you have coaches who wants to win so bad that its not about the kids competing and learning that even in a loss you can win, instead they teach the kids all you have to do is argue every play and you have a 50/50 chance getting a call overturned.

    Just let the kids play and they will always respect each other in the years to come. This is their time.

  • bigfatfan

    as fans and parents, we just want the umps to do their job as competently as possible. some of the goofs and gaffs we see at these games on the side of the umps are just sooooo bad. perhaps CIF needs to make sure these guys get better training, and updating on umping techniques.

  • bigyaz

    The only people who think they can make a judgement based on this video are those whose minds are already made up. There is nothing remotely conclusive here.

    The umpire was in position, doing his job, and had a perfect view of the play.

    Most fans are ignorant of baseball rules. I hear them all the time: “It hit home plate, it’s a foul ball!” ” The hands are part of the bat!” “It’s a foul tip; the runner can’t advance!” “He has to pull the bat back when he squares to bunt or it’s a strike!” All wrong, but that doesn’t stop these know-nothings from screaming at the umpires and calling them incompetent.

    Apparently these same people comment on blogs as well.

  • WhiteMamba


    Don’t come on here and start hating on people… The video sums it all up.. THE UMPIRE ISNT EVEN LOOKING AT THE RUNNER!!! His eyes are watching the ball in the outfield… He was in perfect position but his eyes weren’t. Thats a fact. Who are you to come on here and tell people they are wrong when the video clearly shows they are correct… Not only that.. from the video you can’t tell if the runner touches the base. But you can see the umpire not looking and you can see that the runner is within inches from the base (probably closer than that). My point is, if its that close, you can’t make that call. I hate it when umpires feel the need to let their ego control the game.. totally unnecessary.